Pregnancy Q&A: First Trimester

Thank you guys so much for all the congratulations and sweet words yesterday on my pregnancy announcement post! Matt and I are so excited to share in this next phase with you. :) It sounds like many of you had already guessed this news given the lack of Prosecco and race plans on the blog lately! Lol! You guys know me well. :)


I’m so glad you guys know the news now – it will be fun to share updates every so often as things progress! Let me know if there’s anything you are particularly interested in reading more (or less) about. :) For now, though, here’s a little Q&A about how things have been going so far with the first trimester!

How far along are you?

I’ll be 13 weeks tomorrow (Thursday)! :)

What’s the official due date?

November 23 – yes, that would be Thanksgiving Day! Our little turkey!!

Are you showing at all?

YES! I was already showing about a month ago! I have a REALLY short torso, so I think there’s basically nowhere for the baby to go but out. Here’s a picture of me from the track on Tuesday morning – I don’t really look pregnant so much as I just look like I’ve been eating past my fullness cues, but it’s definitely getting obvious, especially by the end of the day when I’m full!

pregnant track workout

I already had to go shopping for some looser work shirts and dresses – I didn’t realize how much of my stuff was really fitted, and it already won’t fit or just isn’t flattering at all. I also bought some maternity pants and shorts (Old Navy and Target FTW) – my old pants still fit for now but the waists are not comfortable, especially when I’m sitting down. I tried the jean band things but I didn’t love them – if my shirt rode up at all it was like “uh, her pants are unbuttoned/unzipped”. Fail.

How did you tell Matt?

I just told went into our room and told him! I found out on a Saturday morning (the day of my friend Sarah’s wedding, actually!)… I had been taking tests for a few days because my period was late, and I felt super bloated and weird but not period bloated and weird, you know? But all the tests kept coming up negative, until I finally read online that taking the tests first thing in the morning can help because your urine is more concentrated (and therefore hormone levels are easier to detect early on). Sure enough, it worked – there was a reeeeeally faint line, but a line! I sat in the bathroom for about 5 minutes by myself processing, and then walked into our bedroom, where Matt was still in bed, and said “So… guess what?” :) (Also, hot tip if you are trying to get pregnant – these bulk pregnancy test strips without the plastic outer are sooo much cheaper than the ones with the plastic casing.)

How did you tell your family?

We told both sets of parents in person with a cute baby card that had a pop up crib in it, and a photo of Zara with a note that said “I’m going to be a big sister!” They are really excited we finally decided to go for it. :)

cat pregnancy announcement

Here are a couple of the outtakes, which we were DYING over – too funny!! Zara looks INSANE!

pregnancy announcement with cat

How have you been feeling? Have you had any aversions or cravings?

Ehhhh… not absolutely terrible but not amazing, either. Weeks 6 to 11 were especially rough on the nausea front. I never actually threw up (I know, lucky), but I had a sort of constant low grade nausea all day, and it always got worse at night. It made it hard to eat dinner because often everything we had on hand to make sounded gross! This is a photo of one night when I texted Matt around 5 that “all I want in life is taco salad – can you pick up the ingredients on your way home?” – and then by the time he got home at 8 I was like “yeah, I now hate taco salad and also anything else savory.” I ended up eating watermelon and chocolate milk for dinner – whatever works, right?!

pregnancy aversions

Seriously though – watermelon and I have been BEST FRIENDS. It’s been one of the only foods (besides dairy – yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese, milk, and I have been BFFs) that has never turned my stomach at all. I’ve also been SO thirsty, so it’s great for that too.


I’ve started feeling a bit better on the food/nausea front the past couple weeks, but it’s day by day – some are better than others – and dinners are still a little tough on some nights. Tasting/small plates places and buffets have been best because I can try different stuff and see what goes down okay! I’ve been lucky that breakfast and lunch have mostly been okay, though, so I’ve tried to get in most of my veggies at lunch time over the past couple months.

Ditto the exhaustion – that’s gotten better the past couple weeks too. There was a few week stretch where I took a long nap every single afternoon and could not make it through a whole workday without one. MAJOR props to those of you working in offices full time while pregnant – I feel so incredibly grateful that I have a flexible schedule and can leave the office early on days I felt especially rough, or go upstairs for a nap on days I work from home.

What prenatal vitamins have you been taking?

I’ve been taking the Garden of Life Organic Prenatal and the Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA (I’m glad I added this because I haven’t been eating much fish lately – haven’t been craving it much)!

How have you been modifying exercise?

I’ve found that exercise has REALLY helped me to feel better physically, mentally, and on the nausea front, so I’ve kept it up, but the caveat is that I have to get a ton of sleep if I’m going to do a morning workout (like at least 9 hours if not more) or else I will feel worse. I ran the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler when I was 7 weeks pregnant, and I was lucky that my friend Kathleen (who knew I was pregnant) was up for running together and we were both comfortable at the same pace.


I did one more longer run (6 miles) the weekend after Cherry Blossom and since then I’ve been doing 4 miles or less, because that’s what feels right.

One of the first things I noticed even before I knew for sure I was pregnant was that I was so out of breath during runs! I definitely slowed my pace down almost right away, and stopped doing any speedwork as soon as I knew I was pregnant. As of a few weeks ago, I’ve been doing mostly walk/run as well, especially on hillier runs, because my heart rate and breathing get too high otherwise. My friend Sokphal has been super nice about making our last couple runs together jog/walks instead of runs – you rock Sokphal!


And my track workouts lately have just been me jogging around the track and then hanging out with people in between sets, because I really miss my track buddies and our weekend long run dates – I can’t keep up with them anymore, sniff!

Boot camps and strength workouts have felt better than cardio in general, though, as has yoga, so I’ve been doing more of that and less of the running. In terms of modifying things, for now I’m just skipping any deep twisting or things that have me lying on my stomach or back for long, and not going too hard on the intensity with the cardio stuff we do. In general, though, the boot camps have felt good!

Exercise is a big stress reducer and happiness booster for me (especially since most of my workouts are social outings as well), so I’m definitely planning to keep it up as long as it feels okay! I had a fun workout this morning with my girls at Urban Athletic Club via ClassPass – you can see my bump a bit here too!

pregnant boot camp

Have you been sleeping okay?

Kind of. I have been going to bed pretty early (8:30 or 9) most nights but I find myself waking up a ton, either to go to the bathroom, or because I can’t fall back asleep. Last night I had to go eat a bowl of cereal at midnight because I was so hungry – I wasn’t feeling my dinner last night and probably didn’t eat as much as I should have. Any tips for sounder sleeping while pregnant? I need to start having a big snack before bed every night, I think!

Wait, didn’t you just get a puppy? A puppy AND a baby?!

Yes, we may be insane. And we’re also planning to adopt my brother’s dog later this summer (he’s headed to grad school in the fall and can’t keep her). So yeah, we entered the year with just a cat and we are planning to end it with a cat, two dogs, and a baby. I figure if we are going to be traveling a lot less and home much more often we might as well go big or go home (or, rather, go big and stay home)… plus I like the idea of our child growing up in a fun, lively household. We’ve also heard 2 dogs is in some ways easier than 1, since they will play together/wear each other out so much. I’m definitely nervous that we are insane/taking on too much, though, so for those of you who got dogs shortly before having a child, I’d love to hear any tips/thoughts/reassurances that this was not the worst idea ever. :)

I’ll share more about how our new puppy Ashe is settling in tomorrow… we’ve had fun playing with her and taking her on outdoor adventures this week, and she’s also a super sweet and snuggly couch buddy. :)


How have you been feeling emotionally?

For the most part, I’ve been feeling really normal – I occasionally tear up at sweet country songs, but have been feeling more or less like myself. Earlier this week was the first time I started to freak out a bit – I think getting the puppy was a very small taste of what things are going to be like soon, as I was stuck at home all day by myself with her (which I don’t do well with anyway… #extrovert) and just started getting scared and overwhelmed by all the big changes we have coming up this year. But, I think I just need to be smart about knowing how to lift my spirits (social stuff, leave the house, etc.) and making sure that I continue to do all that stuff once the baby comes, too. I’m definitely going to join a bunch of local mom groups – it will be fun to find other people who are on the same timeline as I am! And as soon as I can go back to my coworking space (or maybe a closer one to home) I want to do that, too. I definitely want to keep working, if not full time then definitely part time!

And now – any guesses on the sex of the baby?? :) We actually already know – we found out shortly after 10 weeks because insurance mostly covered some extra testing since I’ll be 35 (aka old/higher risk) at time of delivery. If it helps you to better guess, cravings have been: watermelon, fruit, yogurt, cheese/grilled cheese, raw veggies (especially watery ones like green pepper), milk (bonus points if chocolate), BBQ, burgers, fries, and egg sandwiches. :) Aversions have been mostly meat (except the occasional BBQ and burger), savory stuff in the evenings, cooked veggies, anything too spiced/seasoned, etc.

I’ll share the sex tomorrow, along with some eats/exercise for those of you who’d rather I get back to more normal posting. :)

Have a great day guys, and thank you again for joining us on this journey!


  1. 1

    Congratulations! I’ve read your blog forever and so happy for you! I just gave birth in March to my first child, a boy. :) I ran 4 miles the day I went into the hospital to give birth at 39 weeks–I’m sure you will do GREAT! Keeping up with exercising the entire time was key. My delivery was easy (well, as easy as it could be, ha) and recovery went super fast–I was back to running 2 weeks later. Listen to your body and go for it!!

  2. 3

    I found lemon drops helped with my nausea. I’m a teacher and when I finally told my students they already guessed it since I was constantly eating lemon drops and saltines 😉 I also had to leave the room quickly and lay down in the horses office. Being pregnant and on your feet all day was rough. When I had my second it was worse. So thankful I get to stay home now.

  3. 7

    Congratulations!! I had similar cravings and aversions and we had a girl. That’s my guess for you too! Can’t wait to find out :)

  4. 8

    I’m a long time reader and offer my heartiest congrats to you and Matt! I’m guessing baby Girl! : )

  5. 9

    Congratulations! I’m a long time reader and excited to follow along on your journey. I’m actually right behind you… I’ll be 13 weeks with my first on Monday, so we’re due right after Thanksgiving!

  6. 11

    Congratulations! I’m 32 weeks now and it took me until 22 weeks to stop feeling nauseous at night. I never threw up either but sometimes I think that is worse! You’ll definitely find what works for you for combating all of the symptoms, but for nausea ginger mints from trader joes and preggo pops from target really helped. My other consistent symptom has been swollen gums – they bleed almost every time I brush my teeth. Random, but not uncommon.
    I have three dogs and I can definitely say two is better than one because they do entertain each other (adding in our third was the same, just with more dog food and vet bills :-) I can’t wait to see the relationship our baby and dogs have as it grows.
    It’s also very surreal to be at the point to be giving any type of “advice” to someone early on. The days feel long, but the weeks go by so quickly! Best wishes for a healthy and comfortable pregnancy.

    • 12

      Best wishes to you, too, and thank you for these tips! That is random about the swollen gums – I haven’t noticed that on my end, but maybe that’s something to look forward to later on, lol!

  7. 13
    Elisa B. says

    Congrats, Anne! So so happy for you two! I’m guessing GIRL! I wanted so much diary with my first (girl). I also ate ALL the saltines when I was nauseous with both pregnancies. And sour candy helps some. And ginger too. I found it best to never get to the point of hunger – so eating lots of little meals and snacks from the moment I woke to right before bed. And even keeping some crackers on my nightstand. It sounds like thing are improving which is a good sign. Best of luck!

    • 14

      Yeah, I think part of the problem is I’m getting too hungry in the afternoons/evenings before dinner which is why I feel worse then… it’s hard though because nothing sounds appealing to eat in the afternoon! Argh. Peanut butter pretzels have been awesome, though!

    • 15
      Elisa B. says


  8. 16

    Congratulations! I think it’s a boy! I had the same type of nausea with both my boys (minor all day but worse in the evening). Food aversions and cravings were different with both of my pregnancies. Keep up the exercise…..if you take a little break it’s really hard to get back into it! (I know this from experience, haha)

  9. 17
    Danielle says

    So funny that our due dates are 1 day apart! Don’t bother with too much warm pregnancy clothing, but end of October you’ll feel like a furnace and won’t need heavy stuff. My daughter was dead set on being a December baby so she held out until 4:38 am on December 1 ;)

  10. 18
    Christina says

    Hi Anne! I’ve been waiting all day for this post :) As I mentioned we’re sort of in the same situation…TTC soonish. I was wondering if you could talk about how long it took you to get pregnant (if you feel comfortable?). I’ve always heard its harder in your 30s but I just have no idea. Another blogger I follow thought the same and they got pregnant on their first month trying! xoxo enjoy these moments!! Love these updates, so exciting!

    • 19

      We were extremely fortunate that it happened quickly for us — I know that’s not always the case, and we were surprised! One thing that helped was I had been using a period tracking app for years so I had solid data on when I was generally ovulating/fertile, so we weren’t going in totally blind on the timing of it all. Wishing you the best!! <3

      • 20
        Christina says

        That’s so great :) thanks for responding!

        • 21
          Briana Lucas says

          I had my first at 32, second at 34 and 3rd at 36. All took 3 months or less to conceive. I think being in your 30’s you’ll be just fine :)

    • 22

      I’m not Anne but I have gotten pregnant easily in my 30s twice (pregnant at age 33 and 35). I definitely have friends that have had an easy time and friends that have had a harder time (at all ages). I just recommend talking to your doctor ASAP if it’s not happening. And definitely track your ovulation BEFORE you start trying so you know what you’re working with when you’re ready. Good luck!

      • 23
        Christina says

        Thank you! I appreciate your feedback!

        • 24

          Only took me 2 months at 36 (first pregnancy), and I wasn’t even tracking anything. I wouldn’t let that “myth” worry you. Good luck!

        • 25

          My first took the longest (was 31), second was instant at age 33 (first ovulation after stopping breastfeeding!), third took just 2 cycles at age 36 (almost 37)! I thought it would take forever (my first did) and was so pleasantly surprised!

  11. 26

    We have two dogs and two kids! We got the second dog before our first baby and I will say that the dog seemed like more work, especially in the potty training days! Having a newborn was sort of easier because they are diapered and portable. I also think dogs are great for getting you our of your house, two is better than one, and I assume after the insane toddler days the dogs and the kiddos will be great buddies.
    As long as Ashe is house trained and leash trained by the time the baby comes things will not be too hard. You don’t want to be waking up for both! And, I didn’t, but should have, practiced walking the dogs with the stroller before the baby arrived!
    Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy!

  12. 27

    i’m guessing girl! AHHHHH i’m so excited for you!

  13. 28

    Congratulations! I had a winter baby too last year in the DC area. Not gonna lie, it’s kind of tough with the cold weather! I definitely felt isolated on those windy days when it was just too cold to go outside. But the Breastfeeding Center in DC has a free new moms group that meets on Tuesdays- I found it soooo helpful for getting out of the house, talking to other moms, feeling like I wasn’t alone with my million questions, etc. We also have a dog and a cat and I have loved raising our baby with them- every night before bed we take her to say goodnight to the pets as part of her going to bed routine, and she absolutely loves watching them as they go about their business- the one thing that will ALWAYS make her laugh is our dog doing his tricks. Congrats again, I can’t wait to hear how things go for you!

  14. 29

    Congrats Anne! I’m due 11/19 with my second so I am going to love following along with pregnancy posts. I nodded along with this whole post! My first is a GIRL and this one is a BOY and my pregnancies have been pretty comparable (a little harder this time but I’m attributing that to having to care for a toddler when I don’t feel good!). And I don’t know how you can eat green peppers! That has been a MAJOR aversion for both my pregnancies- I just read the words “green peppers” in the post and shuddered. Pregnancy is SO weird but so amazing too. So many congrats to you and Matt! We’re in this together!

    • 30

      So funny about the green peppers! I definitely have certain foods that if I literally think about them I want to gag. Ahhh! Congrats to you, too!!

  15. 31

    Congratulations! I am a long time reader and very excited for you!! I am due with my first in mid October and also in Arlington, so maybe we will end up in similar local moms groups!

  16. 33

    I’m glad things haven’t been too bad, but even constant low grade nausea and food aversions can wear you down! I had constant nausea almost my whole pregnancy and major food aversions until around 20 wks. I was working at the time as one of two dietitians at a WIC clinic (so short staffed…regularly saw 40-50 clients a day) and the only thing that helped were lifesavers peppermints (they lived up to their name lol). We just had our baby girl last November, so I’m excited to see what you’re having and follow your journey!

    • 34

      Yeah, I know it could be worse, but this is still getting really old – I miss actually enjoying food! I can’t imagine seeing 40-50 clients a day while pregnant… you are superwoman! Congratulations on your new addition!

  17. 35

    Congratulations! I’ve read your blog forever…you and Matt will be great parents. I have twin girls and cut up an entire watermelon every other day the first trimester and guzzled chocolate milk so I’m guessing girl 😉 You are about to enter the second trimester where everything is heavenly…hang in there!!

  18. 37

    Congratulations, Anne! My son was born November 24 of this year, also on Thanksgiving! It’s a sweet time to have a baby because there are so many holidays for family to gather and meet the baby. That can be exhausting as well – make sure you take the time to relax and enjoy your newborn, too!
    If it’s available in your area, I found prenatal yoga and prenatal water aerobics great for meeting women with similar due dates and making mom friends, and mom and baby yoga after the baby arrives! Both of those also felt really good as pregnancy progressed.
    Oh, and the craving that got me through the hot summer — lemonade. Yum!

    • 38

      Oh I completely forgot — When I first learned I was pregnant, I made a ton of your granola bar recipes to stick in the freezer and on hand for when I got hungry. I think I made three different varieties. And then I had SUCH an aversion to any granola bar that I gagged even thinking about granola bars. I couldn’t even say the words! Finally I gave them all away, and I didn’t eat another granola bar until after the baby arrived!

      • 39

        Lol!! So funny! I’ve been like that too – OBSESSED with something for a few days/a week and then hate it later.

    • 40

      I figure it will be perfect like you said since so many family will be around! :) I’ve heard about some prenatal yoga/pilates classes in the area – I’ll have to look into prenatal water aerobics, too, because I would love that! Mmmm lemonade sounds so good right now… I’ve been all about water/juice/all the liquids!

  19. 41

    You are one cute pregnant mama!! Congrats to you guys and your fams! Due to my VAST (ha ha) experience (3 cats), I guess girl!! (B/C you are craving chocolate). Am I right?? Keep us posted

  20. 42

    This is such wonderful news and I love the q&a with yourself. As for getting out of the house, just keep taking Ashe for walks – you will meet so many people who stop you to say hi and it is great for her socialization. Try having her sit for each person and then the petting from others is her treat. How sweet to adopt your brother’s dog and yes, it will help get some of that puppy energy out. Pictures of his pup?

    I’m guessing you are having a girl. And please post whatever it is you would like to post.

    • 43

      Oh two things I forgot to mention with Ashe – Christmas Tree Shop is great for poop bags and toys (if Ashe isn’t a toy killer) and if she does not like walking in the rain try a raincoat. I always need to put a raincoat on mine to get him to walk.

      • 44

        My brother actually said he has a raincoat for his dog! Helps so she’s not soaked and getting the whole house wet when she comes back, too. :)

    • 45

      It’s amazing how much friendlier people are when you have a dog with you – we’ve already met a bunch of people! I’ll definitely share some pics of my brother’s dog soon – she’s a Corgi Lab mix! Like a lab but with little legs – so cute.

  21. 46

    RE: Sleeping better– Get a snoogle! Best $45 I’ve ever spent. Worth every penny.

    Link to Amazon:

    This experience with food aversions and such will be great “research” for working with pregnant clients!

    • 47

      So true – I’ve been thinking that already! Will be helpful to be able to relate to pregnant clients – and soon to moms, too!

    • 48
      Megan B. says

      I TOTALLY second the snoogle suggestion – used it with both of my pregnancies. It was a lifesaver!

  22. 49

    Congrats to you guys! My oldest daughter was born on Thanksgiving day, 11/25 is her bday. I wish you the best of luck and I’m guessing girl. I’ve had 3 and your “symptoms” are similar.

  23. 51

    Congrats!! I carried pretzels with me everywhere. I was like you. Always a lingering nauseousness but not actually getting sick. Also, ginger candies. I eventually tried the unisom(half a pill)/vitamin b6 combo…that helped. It made me sleepy for a bit about 30 minutes after taking it but that was it and it eased the nausea. good luck!

  24. 53

    Congratulations!!! :) I am so happy for you guys!! We only have 2 dogs (7 months and 2 1/2 years) that are SUPER high energy, so I can’t imagine how much liveliness and fun will be going on around your house but I love it!! Can’t wait to follow along with your journey :)

  25. 54

    Congratulations!!! I’m a long time reader and so happy for you guys. I’m pregnant, too with our first! I’m 1 week ahead of you- due Nov 15! It will be fun to follow along :)

  26. 56

    My daughter was born in November and will be two years older than your little one! For better sleep: I learned to keep crackers to snack on right by my bed so I could eat some when I woke up without getting out of bed. I remember many nights snacking in the dark and sensing my dog right next to me hoping to share (of course I did). I learned that after waking up hungry and being so nauseous by the time I got downstairs I had to lay on the couch to recover. And some people don’t like taking medicine while pregnant, but doctors say Unisom is okay to take while pregnant and it was the only thing that helped me sleep. If I forgot to take it, I would have a horrible night’s sleep.

    And to introduce our baby to our dog (who wasn’t a puppy), we never brought anything home from the hospital or anything like that. We just brought the baby home and were like this is your new sister! After being super excited for about 2 minutes thinking the baby was a new toy of some sort, she pretty much didn’t care. We made sure to take her out on a walk every day, etc. so she wouldn’t feel left out or too big of a shift in the schedule.

    And randomly Arby’s roast beef sandwiches saved me anytime I felt nauseous. I also never threw up but would feel on the verge so many times. My husband would buy me Arby’s and I’d be better in minutes!

    • 57

      That’s so random about the Arby’s sandwiches, lol! I need to look into Unisom – I think that might be a good idea!!

  27. 58

    I’m guessing a girl too! Your symptoms are exactly as mine!!!

  28. 59

    I know you’re not delivering at Fairfax, but I would bet that your hospital has some sort of new moms group. I went to the Fairfax one and it was so helpful just to be around a lot of new moms with babies the same age as A. It was the first place I breastfed out of the house because I knew no one would judge and the majority were struggling with similar issues as I was. I’m also part of a group on Facebook called Fairfax New Moms, that offers a ton of advice and has outings and things. I’m sure there’s one for your area also! I had the same aversions as you (meat, yuck!), but definitely craved carbs!! Xxx!

  29. 61

    We picked up our puppy when I was 12 weeks pregnant and she was about 8 months old when we brought our son home. It went perfectly! She was passed the biting everything/everyone stage and we made sure to put her through puppy classes beforehand. Watching them grow up together was amazing! Better to have the puppy learn how to be with the baby from a young age. Congrats!

    • 62

      We just signed up for puppy classes starting in 2 weeks! And yay, this makes me feel better – glad it worked out well for you guys! :)

  30. 63

    Anne, Congratulations once again!! Your first trimester sounds a lot like how mine was…Cheez-it, oh how you got me through some rough times! That’s basically all I ate – the extra toasty is esp delish! And those 2 vitamins are what I took as well. I’m so excited to follow along your pregnancy journey!

  31. 65

    Congrats again! I am glad the nausea was not too bad. I had a snoogle that I would sleep with, and it was amazing, especially in the second half of the pregnancy. My husband didn’t love it, (it takes up a lot of space in bed), but it really made a huge difference for me.

  32. 67
    Sherilyn says

    Congrats!! I had very very similar cravings and symptoms in my first trimester so I guess you’re having a girl! Basically the only thing that helped my “low grade nausea” was to eat constantly!

    Sleeping was difficult for basically the entire pregnancy. Whether you’re up needing to pee in the first and third trimester, or dealing with sciatica in the third tri, or need to sleep in a different position…it just stinks. Even now, I don’t sleep as soundly as I used to.

    So happy for you both! I can’t wait to hear more details as your pregnancy progresses.

    • 68

      Yeah, I need to just start forcing myself to eat more often I think even though I don’t feel like eating b/c everything sounds gross… it just gets worse if I wait too long and get too hungry!

  33. 69

    Congratulations Anne and Matt! It’s awesome that you’ve been able to keep running. And even more so that watermelon was so readily available when you needed it! I was super sick with both my pregnancies, and I actually lost weight during my first trimester with my son. I found that I could keep down smoothies with Greek yogurt, almond milk, baby spinach, and whatever fruit I had lying around. I hope you continue to feel good! I’m sure you’re not there yet yet, but I highly recommend the Thule Urban Glide jogging stroller! The Bob is also great, but the Thule is a little bit lighter and a little more narrow.

    • 70

      YES I love smoothies right now. And that’s a great tip for the jogging stroller – the Bob seems awesome but so massive!

  34. 71

    Congratulations! How exciting :) My husband and I got a golden retriever puppy when I was in my first trimester, too. It’ll be great! I had pretty extreme nausea/vomiting so seeing/smelling our dog would make me go throw up immediately sometimes, but that was the only drawback. She has done great with the baby, and our little girl LOVES the dog. She lights up any time our dog comes into the room. That’s been the biggest positive.

    • 72

      Yay, that makes me happy to hear. :) Also – picking up dog poop when pregnant… yeah, I was definitely gagging this morning. Such a strong sense of smell – ahh!

  35. 73

    I’m guessing girl :) And get a maternity pillow. I waited too long. I have the snooggle and it’s great! Also, you’re days of sleeping through the night are gone for at least a year :) I woke up 2 times a night to pee pregnant. It’s good practice for baby though :)

  36. 75

    Congratulations!! How exciting!
    Your cravings sound like mine and I have a girl, so that’s my guess. I could eat fruit, cheese and peanut butter all day and Starburst or dry cereal for the nausea, but no chicken (or very little meat) for 9 months and that’s my go to protein!
    I wasn’t a runner when I was pregnant (13 years ago), but walked a lot the last trimester and that helped me feel better.
    I hope you feel better every day and have an easy pregnancy. Our pediatrician is at Virginia Hospital- Arlington, if you need referrals.
    I can’t wait to follow along with your pregnancy!!

  37. 77

    TWO DOGS! I will be no help with a baby, but I can dogsit whenever you want :)

  38. 79

    So special that Thanksgiving is the due date! I am guessing a baby boy :) I love reading pregnancy / baby updates, and look forward to more :)

  39. 80

    I’m guessing girl! Everyone is totally different, but I felt the same way with exercise with my girl! With my boy, I felt great running all the way up until his birth! Either way- yayy for a happy, healthy baby! Congrats!!

  40. 81
    Jamie Miles says

    Your going to be a great mommy!

  41. 82

    Congratulations to you both! I love that you’re adding more fur-babies too. I grew up with fur-siblings, and I think it taught me so much. I also seriously laughed out loud at those outtakes of Zara – hilarious and adorable!

    • 83

      Aren’t they amazing?! Lol! We were dying. And we were thinking the same thing – having animals around will teach some responsibility, and also that it’s not just all about them :)

  42. 84

    Congratulations! I am excited to read your updates. I am due Thanksgiving weekend!

  43. 86

    Congratulations! I am just a few weeks ahead of you and your symptoms sound identical to mine, down to the cravings/nausea patterns so I am very curious to know boy or girl. I won’t find out until my 20 week anatomy scan, but I would guess it’s the same! At 12 weeks my nausea became hit or miss like yours, and this week, finally, at 16 weeks, it is basically gone, so hopefully you will have full relief soon too.

    For sleeping I got the snoogle, and while it’s comfy, I find I feel very trapped/confined in it when I wake up in the middle of the night, so I ditched it last week and my sleep has remained the same so I’m not sure it helped any. Someone else mentioned it, but Unisom is generally okayed by doctors and I took that plus B6 for nausea early on (a common nausea fighting combo) and found that it really helps my sleep also; I can tell when I don’t take it. Not sure either of those tidbits will help you, but I thought I would share just in case.

    Reading other blogger pregnancy updates have been some of the best/most relatable resources, especially in the early weeks, so I can’t wait to hear more! Best wishes to you!

    • 87

      Thank you Alix! Congratulations to you too! I’m hoping my nausea is fully gone soon too – not the most fun part of this for sure!

  44. 88

    Congratulations Anne. Wonderful news. I know you and Matt will be great parents.💝

  45. 89

    Congratulations! I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time, and was quite helpful with tips and running routes when we moved to Arlington last May! I joined a great Mom group that is also a workout group, Stroller Strong Moms DC. It’s a great HIIT workout, lots of running outings (we do training for Ragnar, Army 10 miler, etc). I’m in due with my 2nd in two weeks and continue to workout 4-5 days a week with them. First workout is free, you can check them out before you have a baby too but it’s awesome to have the ability to workout with your kiddos there but the community of women are amazing!

    • 90

      Oo awesome, I will have to check that out! Thank you for the recs – definitely want to keep the fitness in my life once the baby comes! :)

  46. 91

    It sounds like maybe you were trying? So if you were trying my guess is boy. My friends say the closer you are to ovulation when you conceive the more likely you are to have a boy. NO idea if there is merit to that, but one of my friends is a PA and has two boys. Something about how fast boy sperm swim or something? I think that’s what gave it away for me, all the working from home!

  47. 93

    So exciting!! You sound a lot like I was on the exercise front…I was/am now a regular runner, but it was just never comfortable for some reason when I was pregnant! But I loved working with my trainer, strength training, lower impact cardio, yoga…quick tip – learn to love the exercise ball! It’s an AWESOME tool for modifying workouts as you get further along :) And eat lots of starches, especially at breakfast…that always helped with my also mild nausea. Congrats – enjoy this time!!

  48. 95

    I’m a long time reader, but never a commenter. However, I just had to comment on this post, because I wanted to wish you congratulations! Also, I am super excited because I am also pregnant and due two days after you (Nov 25th)! So I’m thrilled to be able to follow along on your journey with you and compare notes….I already know for sure that you are showing WAY more than I am! I’m jealous because I want a cute little bump like yours. :) I live in the DC area so maybe we’ll bump into each other one day and compare bumps in person! Best of luck to you in your pregnancy, and congrats again!

    • 96

      Oh that’s awesome!! Congratulations to you too! And yeah, my friends are all like um, you are showing so obviously already so early! World’s shortest torso, seriously. Nowhere to go but out! I hope to see you around DC!

  49. 97

    Congratulations! We also got a puppy when I was about as far along as you are, and let me tell you….it was great practice for getting up in the middle of the night :) Plus, the dog grows up with the baby!

  50. 99

    I’m going to guess girl :) Congratulations! What an exciting time! And wow, 2 dogs and a baby :)

  51. 100

    You are definitely not crazy having two dogs, a cat, and a baby – that’s exactly the household I was born into! My parents had two German Shepherds and a gorgeous Burmese cat and they acted as my bodyguards, playmates, and teachers as I was growing up. The cat even inspired me to start crawling because I wanted to grab his tail (he never scratched me either miraculously). What a gorgeous family you are going to grow for yourself. I’m glad you’ve been able to listen to your body and what it needs while you grow this little person. You’re making a human! That’s so amazing!

  52. 102

    Also dairy OBSESSED! Cheese, yogurt, all of it :) I’m also guessing girl though I will say my girl and boy pregnancies were very similar :)

  53. 103

    As a humane society director, I think it is easier for families to adopt before having a baby rather than with a toddler. It gives the dog a chance to acclimate slowly while the baby is non-mobile and let’s your child grow up interacting with the dog. Thanks for adopting!

  54. 105

    . Congrats! That was my due date last Nov. ended up going to the 27th. he’s 5 1/2 months now. And I think you’re having a boy!

  55. 107
    Courtney says

    Congratulations! I was pregnant last summer in North Carolina where we had a record number of days over 90*…it was was HOT! I consumed soooo muwatermelon that I was convinced I would give birth to a watermelon colored child :) I was also never super hungry, but woke up almost every night and needed a snack-cereal was my go to as well. I ran up until almost 8 months, and actually ran 1/2 mile the day I gave birth to escape a rain storm! I’m excited to follow along with your journey, thank you for sharing :)

  56. 109
    Kristina says

    Congratulations Anne (and Matt)! I have been reading your blog for a really long time and am excited for you both. My husband and I are still waiting on kids/thinking it out so I will be excited to hear about your adventures with baby!

  57. 111

    I’m guessing girl. With my first, I craved fruit salad and my stomach turned with meat and poultry. Also, some nausea but no morning sickness. So I’m thinking girl. Also, we waited until the kids were 13
    And 14 before getting a puppy (he’s 8 months old now). I think the puppy was more challenging than the babies! Ha!

    • 112

      Lol some people have said that – nice that you can leave a puppy at home alone, but they are definitely high maintenance too!

  58. 113

    I took the unisom/B6 combo and it really helped me sleep in the beginning of this pregnancy! I probably stopped taking it around 14/16 weeks when I was less nauseous in the mornings and able to sleep better (yay second trimester). I would try it!

  59. 115

    I read this while giving my second baby a feeding in the middle of the night. Congratulations from a fellow “elderly” mother! My mantra lately has been “embrace the chaos.” I also wanted to let you know I used your peanut butter power cookies for lactation support! Thank you for sharing and good luck!

    • 116

      I love the “embrace the chaos” – that’s going to be key! Congratulations on your second – and so glad you found my PB power cookies helpful! :)

  60. 117

    Ahh now I’m dying to know the sex!!! :D Need to start picking out French baby clothes ;)
    also wow about the puppy + zara +freya now?? heh.. get ready ;) go big or go home indeed!
    Do you guys have a good local dog park- kind of like a mom group for dog moms! :)

  61. 119

    Also I agree with the others about puppy + baby! I had a 1 yr old puppy as my BFF when I was born, great playmate and protector, and bonus, no allergies to anything because you are exposed early ;)

  62. 121

    I have one of each gender. Your cravings sound like what I had with my daughter so I guess girl!

  63. 122

    Congrats to you! Glad you’re not doing too badly after the first trimester. I’m 30 weeks pregnant right now, and my first trimester was similar–lots of nausea for 5/6 weeks, but never throwing up, just constant low-grade nausea that made it impossible to eat normally. I also was surprised at how tired I was… I actually took naps on my lunch break at work a couple of times!!! Luckily my workplace has lots of empty meeting rooms with no windows :)

    Good luck with keeping up with the exercise–it’s been the number one thing keeping me feeling good throughout this pregnancy!

  64. 124

    Congrats!!! I’m so so excited for you! I hope you continue to feel a bit better as you enter closer to the 2nd trimester. All I could eat for 4 months was gluten free bagels with vegan cream cheese, rice noodles with soy sauce, toast, and bbq chips. Somehow I made it through! hahahaha

  65. 125

    Congrats! I’ve been following your blog for a while. I’m 26 weeks pregnant with our second girl :) we have a 15 month old. I look forward to your nutrition advice for pregnancy and postpartum!

  66. 127

    Congratulations on your upcoming bundle of joy!

    I don’t have any human kiddos but I do have two pups, so I wanted to reply to your puppy question. I got my super energetic pup(a hunting dog) a year before my boyfriend got his pup(another hunting dog), which he claimed would be super easy and the pups would tire out.

    Well… that’s only partially true. They do play together a lot and that does help tire them out to a certain extent but with such energetic breeds, like herding and sporting dogs, it’s not nearly enough to just let them run in the backyard.

    They can become incredibly destructive if they’re not taken out for walks at least twice a day. Walking them together was a learning process for all of us. I then started riding my bike with them, which was also something we all had to learn. Unfortunately we ended up crashing once when Puppy 2 decided a bird was more exciting than our ride and took off! I really would recommend training them to walk together well on a leash(without any pulling!) way before the baby arrives. Our dogs are 2 and 1 and we are still working on it.

    Also make sure you dog proof your yard. Having one dog run out is terrifying but having two is somehow worse, especially when you only find one and can’t find the other. Our dogs have gotten out three times, twice they’ve decided to split up and it’s very scary to only see one of your pups. Thankfully a ditch around our yard, some partially buried chicken wire and pavers have stopped the escapes.

    We purposefully got a male and a female(both are fixed) because we heard that behavioral issues tend to pup up more in homes with the same gender pups. This has been reiterated by two vets, the breeders and the trainers. If you start seeing the older pup trying to be overly dominant or any other issues like that call a trainer ASAP. It’s better to fix it before adding another big change once the baby is born.

    I love our two pups and I wouldn’t change my decision if I had to. But it is -a lot- more work to have two dogs. It does mean more snuggles and kisses but also more walks, more food, more trips to the vet, more Heartguard, more baths, more grooming and more money to spend when you go out of town.

  67. 129
    Roadrunner says

    Congrats again — and thanks for capturing and sharing your reflections. I’m sure they’ll be very useful to others in the years ahead! Good luck — and hope you are enjoying your trip!

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