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Hey friends! Another week, another track workout! The forecast for yesterday morning was looking stellar so I decided it would be my track day this week! We had temps in the high 40’s/low 50’s with some nice sunshine and a beautiful sunrise. Perfect running weather!


This week’s workout was the following:

  • Warm up jog (I did 0.5 miles – not included in watch calculations)
  • 1600m (4 laps around the track aka 1 mile) at medium threshold pace (around half marathon race pace)
  • Short rest (1 to 2 minutes)
  • 800m (2 laps, or a half mile) at high threshold pace (between 5k and 10k race pace)
  • Short rest
  • 800m (as before)
  • Short rest
  • 1600m (as before)
  • Cool down jog (I did about 1 mile – not included in watch calculations)

I didn’t feel my absolute speediest out there today but it was still a good one, and I was proud I got out of bed! Even though I do morning workouts often, I still think every day I get up and go do one is a victory. :)

Speaking of – Monday morning’s workout was another early one! Chelsea picked me up at 6:30 and we headed into the city to meet up with Kathleen. Gorgeous sunrise on the way!

sunrise from dc bridge

We decided to try a new-to-us class via ClassPass (<- affiliate link for $30 off) at a gym in Metro Center called Crunch – we hit up their 7 a.m. kettlebell strength class.

crunch fitness metro center review

When we arrived, we were all impressed with how friendly the staff were! The guy at the front desk was really welcoming and showed us around before introducing us to the class instructor, who was also really friendly. That won major points – it’s not always the case that you feel so welcome arriving at a new gym!

As for the class, it was fun! Nice to mix it up and the instructor was encouraging and high energy. Fun to try some new-to-us moves, too! Here’s a reenactment after class of one of the moves we did. :)

crunch fitness kettlebell class

I wish the class were a full hour (it was 45 minutes), though, and it did feel a bit easy compared to the interval boot camp classes (cardio + strength combined) we’re so used to doing together. Guess that means I should choose heavier kettlebells next time!

Anyway – overall it was a fun class and we’d definitely hit this gym up again via ClassPass in the future. It was especially awesome to be at a full service gym (rather than a tiny studio) when it came time to shower and get ready – the locker rooms were really nice and big, and there was no waiting in lines for showers!

What’s that? This is supposed to also be a food blog, not just a fitness blog? Hm, okay. Here’s a picture of our dinner on Monday night – a yummy beef, squash, and bean chili. It was a Sun Basket (<—affiliate link for 3 free meals) meal we took some liberties with – similar to my Butternut Squash Turkey Chili recipe but minus the brown rice. :)

squash beef chili

Also on the food-related front: my buddy Jason from Strength Running shared a great post on fueling for performance on his blog yesterday (it includes one of my favorite post-run breakfast recipes!). Check it out.

AND if you’re looking for a roasted vegetable recipe, a couple of my old favorite recipes recently got refreshed with new photos, so I wanted to re-share them! Garlic Herb Roasted Veggies + Maple Cinnamon Roasted Veggies. Excellent and really versatile side dishes – try them!

roasted veggies two ways

And now, before I go, I wanted to note that this is National Eating Disorder Awareness (NEDA) Week. As a Registered Dietitian who works with clients struggling with varying degrees of disordered eating, I’m very passionate about helping others to improve their relationships with food. If you’d like to get involved in raising awareness of eating disorders, or need help of your own, please check out the NEDA website. <3

Have a great day, my friends!


  1. 1

    I’ve gotten out of the habit of early morning workouts lately, but did one this morning (Barre3), and it felt so good!

  2. 3

    Almost a year ago, I started working out in the morning. I was tired of coming home, working out, eating, then sleeping or not being able to get home in time to workout. So I started the early morning wakeups and love getting my workout in to start the day . However, I do still consider it a victory every time I get up and go.

  3. 5

    Really great post! x
    Izzy |

  4. 6

    I love the garlic herb roasted veggies! Thanks for reposting–definitely going to make these tonight.

  5. 8

    sorry but i definitely lol every time i read “1 mile cool down jog” after a track workout. i know everyone is different… but still xD

  6. 10

    I love hearing about your track workouts! How did you get involved in doing track workouts with a coach? Would love to figure that out for future running purposes :) Thanks!

    • 11

      The track group workout program is through a local running store! :) I found out about it because I was at the track some on my own around the same time and asked who the groups were!

  7. 12

    Your energetic track workouts are really admirable. I love the pic of the dish you posted too. It looks yummy

  8. 14

    I used to LOVE working out in the morning, but now I feel like I get a better workout in during the afternoon. I don’t know what happened!

    • 15

      I think in an ideal world I’d love to work out late morning, like 10 or 11 a.m. – that’s probably my best time energy-wise. But obviously not usually do-able with the work schedule. :)

  9. 16

    I have to tell you that It’s hard to get out of bed in the early morning. Although, I used to love working out everyday.Especially when it’s cold.Btw the dishes looks delicious

  10. 18

    Can you share some of the moves from the kettlebell class? I’m OBSESSED with them!

  11. 20

    That kettlebell class sounds like a whole lot of fun! And I’m always roasting up big pans of veggies for dinner so I’ll have to give those two recipes a try for something different!
    I had a great leg workout yesterday with my PT definitely feeling my hammies and glutes this morning. I think this afternoon’s run might be slow and steady!

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