Gettin’ Outta Dodge!!

We got let out of work early, I’ve come home and packed my bags, and now I’m fleeing the scene! It’s bit of a race against time… it’s really starting to come down out there!


I’m heading a few miles down the road to crash with friends so I’m not snowed in alone all weekend! There are plans for happy hour tonight within walking distance from all their places… although we may still be snowed in at the bar, if the 80 thousand feet of predicted snow really comes.

Wish me luck!!!! I’m packing lots of snow playing clothes, and, obviously, lots of healthy snacks ;)


Stay tuned for snowmageddon shenanigans!!


  1. 1

    I ran down to my parent’s house because they will feed me (and do my laundry). Plus they have sleds and hills :)

    Where did you get the barney butter???? I haven’t been able to find it anywhere in DC. Or did you get it online?

    Have fun at happy hour! NBC has a list of open bars in DC…

    The Barney Butter packets are actually randomly left over from the Healthy Living Summit! I think you can order them online, though :) They are so handy!! -Anne

  2. 2

    wow, that’s so crazy it’s supposed to snow so much this weekend! hope you guys are OK and have a wonderful time :)

  3. 3

    I am ditto-ing Sarah’s question — where do you get those Barney Butter packets? DO you order them online? Nashville seems to be BB-less, and I am going on vacation soon and would love some to travel with.

  4. 4

    i am sure your snowy weekend is going to be full of interesting and memorable stories! how fun to be spending it with friends! can’t wait to hear stories!

  5. 5

    Anne- Love your blog – it’s so much fun! Can’t wait to hear about theD
    DC happy hour (in snowmaggedon!)…

  6. 6

    i am so jealous.
    i lived in DC for the last two years and have moved to Detroit (where i’m from). we haven’t got much snow at all this year which is very odd for Detroit. I wish i had snow to help get me out of work every once in awhile. oh well. have fun and drink some hot cocoa to stay warm. yum!

    may i ask what neighborhood of DC you live? i was in friendship heights.

    I’m in Arlington :) -Anne

  7. 7

    snow snow glorious snow. can I come play?

    Get your butt to DC, missy!! -Anne

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