Girl’s Weekend Alert!

Goooooooooooood morning!

I hope you’re all gearing up for a fun Memorial Day weekend! I’m excited because my friend Jessica (remember when I visited her in Washington State back in January?) is here visiting!!


Yay! A bunch of us went out for dinner and drinks last night downtown :) I heart girl’s nights!


It is so great to see Jess again! :) We were roommates here in D.C. in 2007 and 2008 — my college friend Sarah and I were living together and looking for a new roommate and actually found Jessica on Craigslist! Clearly it worked out well ;)

Jess is getting married in October (I’m in the wedding!) and this is essentially her bachelorette weekend. Yay! We have big plans for kayaking, shopping, fun brunches and dinners, drinks on the Georgetown waterfront, and, obviously, seeing Sex and the City 2! Jess actually owns the complete Sex and the City series on DVD, and when she first moved in I’d only seen random episodes on TV. We ended up watching the whole series all the way through together — it took us almost a year and lots of wine ;)

Anyway! I’m heading off to work before the shenanigans this weekend begin. I hit up LA Boxing this morning for an awesome kickboxing class, and then had this delicious breakfast:


Mmmm I love cereal with berries and banana :)


This was Kashi Heart to Heart and Kashi Honey Sunshine mixed together. Yum! (Does anyone else love drinking the leftover milk from the bowl after the cereal is gone?? Heh)

And I just made another delicious 5 minute lunch to bring to work!


On the menu today was a hummus and veggie wrap. I topped an Ezekiel wrap with some hummus, tomato & basil feta, cracked pepper, and fresh basil:


And then added on some veggies for crunch and color — cucumber, tomato, yellow pepper, and avocado!


I topped it all off with a huge handful of spinach :)


All wrapped up in foil (portable AND less messy if you keep it partly wrapped while you eat it!) and ready to go!


I grabbed a kiwi for a sweet ending to the meal:


And then for a snack, I packed some nonfat plain Greek yogurt mixed with 1% whipped cottage cheese, topped with cinnamon…


… with a baggie containing a mix of granola and goji berries to top the yogurt/cottage cheese with!


Yum! :)

Do you have any fun plans this weekend? For a bunch of years in a row, I went to Dewey Beach with a bunch of the girls for Memorial Day weekend. It was SUCH a blast! I’ll definitely have to at least find a pool this weekend ;)

I’m off to work! I’ll leave you with some fun questions, inspired by a Twitter conversation this morning (are you following me?):

  • Aidan or Mr. Big? (I’m Team Aidan, 100%!)
  • Pacey or Dawson? (PACEY!!! So in love, still.)
  • Edward or Jacob? (Jury is still out on this one for me!)

Have a great weekend, and stay tuned for shenanigans! :)


  1. 1

    -Mr. Big (I love Aidan more but not with Carrie)
    -Pacey all the way
    -Haven’t read the books so I’m split. I lean toward Edward because I have a crush on RPatz

  2. 2

    Big!! Aiden never gave Carrie that incredible passion. ;)
    Pacey, definitely.
    Not into the Twilight scene. Have you seen True Blood? You could ask the same question for Bill or Eric. :) Much hotter!

  3. 4

    hope you have a great girls long weekend! I’m from Canada, but have some friends that live in Rockville, and a couple years ago they took us to Dewey Beach for the first time!! it was a weekend to remember thats for sure!! we’re actually going back the end of July, i am so excited.

    mr. big
    team jacob :)

  4. 5

    Team Big!!!!

    Have so much fun with the girls this weekend! I’m going with some friends down to Ocean City, MD. SEACRETS!!!!!

  5. 8

    Great questions!
    – Definitely Big! I’m with Liz in that I love Aidan more…but Carrie clearly doesn’t (or so it would seem…who knows after this movie!).
    – 100% Pacey. Never ever liked Dawson.
    – Jacob. Love Jacob.

    And weekend plans include running a half, laying on the beach, and bbqing. Amazinggg.

  6. 9

    Definitely Team Aiden – but I think “Big” was a better match for Carrie. ;)
    Never watched Dawson’s Creek (I knoooow), and do Not read Twilight (I’m totally stubborn on this).

    Have fun with the gals! Sounds like a jam-packed Awesome weekend!

  7. 10

    Your lunch wrap looks so good! So far I’m shopping, cooking, and planting some potted garden variety this weekend. :)


  8. 11

    Sounds like such a fun weekend!! I wish we (all crazy bloggers) could ALL go to SATC together!
    You know I’m a Pacey girl!!! Joshua Jackson is so hot..even still!
    Big…definintely…him and Carrie belong togehter.
    I haven’t gotten into Twilight so I can’t say on that one, but I’m sure I’d love it if I did.

    I’m adding one more… I loved watching Felicity too!! Ben or Noel?? I was totally for Ben haha!!

  9. 13

    1. I have never seen a full episode of Sex, but I vote Aiden too. Def Pacey! and though I loved the Twilight books, it should be noted I am not 13, and as such refuse to see the movies. Plus I find books I’ve read I don’t like as movies (never went to see The Notebook).

    2. Your Kiwi looks HUGE in your hand.

    3. Delish wrap. I use tinfoil to avoid the mess too.

    • 14

      Hahah I have no shame and totally saw the movies ;) But I agree with you that if I love a book I usually don’t like the movie much! This is the reason I haven’t seen The Time Traveler’s Wife yet!

      Haha and regarding the kiwi – random fact – I have really small hands and feet :) The kiwi is normal sized, lol. I wear like a size 6 or 6.5 shoe and my hands are really little!

  10. 15
    Larissa H says

    my boyfriend has a house in rehoboth so we are headed to there/dewy for the weekend :)

    definatly Mr. Big!

  11. 16

    Your breakfast is so patriotic!! haha I am all for Aiden, PACEY omg I was in love!!!, and I honestly can’t decide between Edward and Jacob. Such a hard choice!! For Bella I guess Edward, I’ll take Jacob. ;-) I’m 25, I feel creepy…

  12. 18

    I can only reply to Team Aiden. I dont know much about the others. :( The Twilight thing just makes me feel old and dirty to pick a team and I am only 28!! lol

  13. 19

    1. Aiden. No question. (Big sucks)
    2. PACEY. He is my forever boyfriend. No one will top Pacey. ;)
    3. Neither. I pick Eric from True Blood!

  14. 22

    PACEY…literally love of my life and Joshua Jackson will never be any other character in his career… Sorry, buddy. *swoon*…you struck a chord bringing up Pacey Witter! Love it!

    Aiden…umm, obviously…he is the definition of “MAN” in my head…that makes sense to me but probably to no one else, he makes furniture, wants to take care of Carrie, is chivalrous, and loves his dog

    Edward is better for Bella, Jacob reminds me of a baby

  15. 23

    No question, PACEY.
    Hands down.
    And beats Aiden, Big and the twilight boys

  16. 24

    Your lunch looks delicious! I wrote it all down to try. When you buy tortillas, do you freeze them and take one out? Or do you end up using them all before they go bad? For bread products, I always feel like a lot will get wasted.

    • 25

      I definitely freeze tortillas and bread products I won’t eat up quickly enough (e.g. english muffins, etc.). Things I eat a lot – like pitas – I will just refrigerate! I never leave my bread out of the fridge.

  17. 26

    your breakfast looks so fresh! i love your pictures.

    mr. big for sure.
    i still have a crush on pacey :)
    i haven’t seen twilight (am i the only one??)

  18. 27

    Team Aiden all the way! Your food looks super yummy today!

  19. 28

    not sure about the first ones, but I’m team Jacob all the way!

  20. 29

    -I feel Carrie is supposed to be with Big, even if he’s a tool half the time. I haven’s seen SATC 2 yet, but hope to soon.
    -I say Dawson, but I think James VanDerbeek was cuter in Varsity Blues with the dark hair.
    -Definitely Edward!!!

    Also, Anne, were you at Matchbox in DC in the first two pictures with your girls?? That’s like my FAVORITE DC restaurant. I LOVE their pizza and sliders! I lived in DC/VA area for 6 years and that’s one of the restaurants I miss the most. I used to work like a block from there. I also loved Fado and Rosa Mexicana. That’s a great block of restaurants :)

  21. 31

    I’m happy to say I probably couldn’t recognize most of those names

  22. 32

    Girls’ nights out are so much fun! And I love banana + berries on my cereal as well! I definitely think Aidan > Big

  23. 33

    team aiden…but only if he’s coming home with me!

  24. 34

    Big, Pacey, Edward (for Bella that is. Jacob is way hotter though). Hmmmmmm. I’m kind of noticing a pattern here…

  25. 36

    You always put such good combinations together for meals!
    Aidan – for me; Big for Carrie :0)
    PACEY all. the. way. Dawson is a whiny brat.
    Edward. No contest. Minus the abs.

  26. 37

    None of the above?!?!! ;) whoever the hot russian was at the end of sex and the city (played by my first childhood crush, mikhail baryshnikov) gets my vote.

  27. 38

    Hey! Girls Nights are super fun! I want to host one soon and seeing your photos reminded me! :-)
    Amazing food photos!!
    I am running a half-marathon this weekend- the first of the season! I am looking forward to it!
    I am going with Mr. Big because he bought her that amazing apartment in NYC with the walk-in closet haha I haven’t seen the new movie yet!

  28. 39

    This weekend I’m going to visit my family. We’re having a barbecue on Sunday night, and on Saturday I’m planning to meet up with friends for a walk on the beach and ice cream, and dinner out. Yay for long weekends!

  29. 40

    1. Aiden
    2. Dawson
    3. I’m not a big Twilighter, but Ill go with Edward.

  30. 41
    Irene Penn (Renie) says

    Hi Anne
    I was surfing the internet the other day and came upon your website.
    I love it and you have a wonderful personality. I am trying some of your recipes and they are terrific. I don’t know whether you have 65 year olds that correspond with you or not but you do know. I am retired and have diabetes under control, thank God. I am unable to run but I have started walking and building up to one hour per day. It has really done wonders for my diabtes. I am so thankful that I found you.Keep up the good work. Renie

    • 42

      Hi Renie! Thanks for the sweet comment and welcome to the blog! :) That’s so great that you’re managing your diabetes with walking. Walking is one of my favorite ways to exercise – such a nice, lower impact way to get some fresh air and exercise. Keep it up!

  31. 43

    So, how’s the weekend going? Good shenanigans with the girls!?


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