Golden Tote Fashion Delivery Service Review

Hi friends! Have you heard of Golden Tote? It’s a custom tote bag filled with multiple clothing items that have been personally curated for you. Cool, right?

The team at Golden Tote reached out to me a few weeks ago about doing a review of their service, and with my love for fashion that arrives on my doorstep and doesn’t involve me going to the mall, I was totally on board.


Golden Tote is unique in that it’s part monthly online flash sale, and part surprise. You sign up when you want it – it’s not a subscription service – and you can order more than one tote in a month if you want. Tip: order on the first Monday of the month when the new flash sale launches; they run out of a lot of items/sizes by the end of the month!

There are two tote options:

  • For $49, you receive a tote with 2 to 3 items (up to $200 value). You choose one of the items yourself (from a gallery of options) and the other 1 to 2 are surprises (different from those that were shown to you in the gallery), selected based on the style profile that you fill out.
  • For $149, you receive a tote with 5 to 7 items (up to $600 value). You choose 2 items, the rest are surprises. This is the tote I was offered, and I received 6 items.

Shipping is an additional flat rate of $7.95 for either tote option. If you get more than one tote in a month, make a note in your order alerting them of that so you don’t receive any duplicate surprise items.


My tote is here! (Totally going to re-use this cute tote bag, btw!) Mad clothing folding skills.


In terms of the clothes, I LOVED them! Their team nailed it for me in terms of style. Aren’t the zippers on the green shirt cute? There’s a zipper up the back, too! And loved the biker chic vest (that was one of the items I choose myself).

golden tote review blog post

Matt was making me laugh during our photo shoot. :) Also, clearly I need to iron things. Don’t judge. This sweater was insanely comfortable, and I liked the zipper/bias cut at the top!

golden tote review

I liked the styling card they sent for the 2 items I hand selected for myself, too – wish they included one of these for all the items!


The only problem I had with Golden Tote was sizing – I felt the items ran large, so think about sizing down/paying attention to the sizing chart if you order. I figure baggier stuff is in right now so I’ll either belt the shirts or just roll with it – they aren’t massive, just a bit loose, but still kind of a bummer. One thing to note is that if you don’t like the bag, you can send the whole thing back, but you can’t send back just one or two items or exchange anything – so it’s all or nothing. That said, they do have a Golden Tote Clothing Swap Facebook group (with nearly 3,000 members) dedicated to letting members connect to swap sizes/clothes directly. :) I just joined it!

The only thing that was definitely too big was the dress (the other item I choose myself) – so sad because I loved it!


Thank you to Golden Tote for sponsoring this post and for the opportunity to check them out! I can definitely see myself doing this again on my own dime as a special treat. It would make a great Christmas gift for friends or family, too! :)


  1. 1

    wow, great items!! i love that off white sweater and the lacy black top. do you have a preference between this and stitch fix??

    • 2

      Hmm that’s a tough call. Clothes wise, I thought they were similar. One thing I like better about Stitch Fix is that you can return a couple items (vs. all or none). That said, I like (like another person commented) that you know the price ahead of time with Golden Tote. Especially the $49 option is super affordable, which stich fix isn’t always! One thing I wish they both allowed was size exchanges, though. So… I think a toss up. :)

    • 3

      One other thing that’s cool about golden tote – it’s fun to get to pick one or two of the items, but not all of them!

  2. 4

    I like knowing the max value ahead of time. I’m ‘only’ spending $150 vs falling in love with items at Stitch Fix that I think are too pricey. I’d be really curious to hear about your luck at swapping on the Facebook group!

  3. 6

    This sounds awesome! And I love the sweater and vest :) I just don’t know if I can get hooked on another thing spending money ha!

  4. 7

    Sounds very cool! I love the detail on the bags. Will be interested to hear how it goes with the Facebook group!

  5. 8

    I like seeing all of these online fashion options delivered right to your door popping up everywhere. I don’t particularly like shopping-unless it’s for workout clothes- and it is always fun to be surprised by what the stylist picks. The price of these packages seemed really high at first, but the clothes they sent look very high quality!

  6. 9

    Looks cool! It is interesting to see another company besides Stichfix which is all over blogs that I read. I like that styling card too…reminds me of all the outfits I see on Pinterest and wish I could come up with on my own :)

  7. 11

    ooo its nice to see more brands like Stitch Fix!!

  8. 12

    Check out the trading group on FB. I’ve had good luck selling and trading items that don’t quite fit or work for me on there! I love Golden Tote.

  9. 13

    Hi Anne, I’m visiting after seeing Golden Tote retweet the link to your review. I got the same zip-neck sweater in my Dec. Tote but in grey, and I discovered if you zip it up before you put it on, it’s a soft and loose turtleneck. Give that a try, you might like it (I do! ).

  10. 15

    I actually tried on that cream zipper sweater at a boutique yesterday! I think it was like $50? I loved it too, but sadly the color didn’t work on me. I’m pretty sure it was the exact same sweater!

  11. 16

    Love that sweater!

  12. 17

    Interesting…I just started using Stitch Fix and love it, although it is a bit pricey. This seems like a cheaper service, but the downside is that you have to pay shipping and you can’t send back 1 or 2 items. Do you use stitch fix?

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