Sweaty Workout + Good Eats

Good morning guys! I’m working from home today and feeling more caught up on work and life than I was yesterday! I ended up working downtown until almost 8 last night and it felt good to get some things crossed off the to do list and not feel so behind anymore. Cheers to continuing this productive week!

I was up early this morning for a fun workout date as usual with my girl Chelsea. It was a lucky day when we met at a blog event – having someone to meet for early workouts is the best motivation. :)

next phase studio

We hit up Next Phase Studio in Arlington for their circuit workout via ClassPass (<- affiliate link for $40 off), and it ended up just being the two of us there today! Sweet, private workout! We were led in a few great circuits that included lots of TRX strength moves and weights, too. It was a good one! The class is 50 minutes long which includes a short stretch at the end, so we decided to cool down with a stroll instead of more indoor stretching since it was so nice outside. We hit up Bayou Bakery nearby for lattes and then enjoyed chatting and the weather for about 15 minutes! Such a nice treat because usually we have to rush to say goodbye right after our workouts are over. (Also, her fun nails make me want to paint mine!)


I made a microwave version of my flour free breakfast pancake (<- recipe) when I got home, but with rolled oats instead of ground flaxseed just to mix it up. It made it chewy in a good way – I’ll have to do this again!


flour free breakfast pancake

Topped with cottage cheese, some more raw rolled oats for chew, and berries.

flour free breakfast pancake

I’m just about ready for a mid-morning snack now – I’ll probably have one of my recent faves, which is toast with nut butter, plain Greek yogurt, and fruit. It sounds weird with the yogurt in the mix but it tastes really good and the yogurt makes it much more filling!

toast with nut butter yogurt fruit

Back to work. Have a good one my friends!

What’s your favorite snack lately?


  1. 1

    I definitely want to try this recipe out after my workout routine! Thanks for the share, keep up the posts!

  2. 2

    I actually think that toast combo sounds really good! I’ve been so into bagels/toasts lately. I must try!

  3. 3

    Great recipe! I will have to try out. I love substituting oats with almond meal for things like that to make it a grain free breakfast! You should try it out sometime!

  4. 4

    I’ve us Greek yogurt on toast it’s pretty good!!!! Some days you just got to work late I think when you work for yourself there is a constant pull in both ways should you work harder or stop working so hard all the time? Some Days you just got to blitz through your to do list!!!!

  5. 6

    Fresh watermelon, cherries and grapes are my heaven lately. Though I have to portion wisely otherwise I will eat way too much of it and that does not feel good.

    And so you know you are not alone – I woke up at 5:30AM for my workout and there was my dog having none of it. He wanted to go for a walk and that was that, so even the older ones have their own mind.

  6. 7
    TrackBuddy says:

    Missed you at the track today – what a fabulous morning! Fun with a mix of 1600’s & 800s :-)

  7. 9

    Sounds like a great start to the day, hope you have a good one!

  8. 10

    I’ve been killing some cut up peppers with hummus! I don’t even really like raw peppers, but they just taste so good loaded with hummus! I wish I had an early morning workout partner!

  9. 12

    I love our morning classes too! Coffee was extra fun today! :)

  10. 14

    I’ve been wanting to try Next Phase- def will check it out soon. Have you tried the Xtend Barre in the neighborhood? They have a nice variety of classes, not just barre.

  11. 16

    One of my fave toasts is the one you shared like two years ago, which is peanut butter, greek yogurt, and sliced banana on top. BEST!
    Ah Chelsea’s nails made me long for painted nails myself; time to make an appointment ;)

  12. 18

    Ah I love your blog! So glad I found it. I love TRX and can’t wait to get back to it once my foot heals (I broke it a few weeks ago :( ). Those oats also look amazing. My favorite snack lately has been cherries! <3

  13. 20

    i LOVE nut butter and greek yogurt combo…eat it nearly daily. so good! and hella lots of protein. *pumps*

  14. 21
    Roadrunner says:

    Impressive to see you continue to do serious workouts!

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