Happy 2nd Birthday, fANNEtastic food!

Hello friends — today is my 2 year blogging anniversary! Just popping in quickly to say thank you all so much for reading and contributing to fANNEtastic food. It’s been a fun two years. Here’s to many more. :)

In honor of 2 years of blogging, here are a few questions for you guys:

1) When did you start reading my blog? Have any of you guys been here since the very beginning?

2) How did you first find my blog?


3) What keeps you coming back? Anything you’d like to see more or less of? Or something I’ve never blogged about you’d be interested in?

Enjoy your Sundays! I just went on a nice bike ride with Matt and now he’s off to watch football and I’m off to the ballet with the girls. Pumped. :)

I’ll be back tomorrow with a fun giveaway and recap of my brunch party!


  1. 1

    Hi Anne!

    Congrats on 2 years of Fannetastic Food blog! I ran across your blog when I was looking for a recipe… can’t recall what it was… about a year ago or so. I love your blog because it’s informative, funny and relatable to almost anyone’s life. Of course, I love the recipes as well- just made a batch of the fresh cranberry walnut pumpkin bread and I love the 5 minute no back granola. I love how the recipes are so easy to make yet so healthy at the same time. And I like how you are adventurous and try new things too. All in all, keep it up! Am loving it! :)

  2. 2

    1) A year ago, maybe a year and a half?
    2) On a Google Search, probably looking for a recipe. I “stayed for the fun” :D.
    3) I love the 5-Minute Lunches, but I’d like to see more of those and some more recipes for meal muffins- like some with enough nutritional value to BE the basis of a breakfast, lunch, or even a dinner. Like meatloaf muffins, but thinking outside the bun a little bit more.

    Keep up the blogging!

  3. 4

    Happy ANNEversay :)

  4. 7

    1. I think I’ve been reading your blog for about a year and a half maybe? I started reading healthy living blogs about 2 years ago and I found yours a few months later.
    2. I don’t really remember, but I believe I found it through either Caitlin HTP’s blog, or Jenna’s Eat Live Run Blog.
    3. Similar to you, I’m in my final year of returning to school to become a dietitian (I’m in Halifax, NS), so it’s always funny to see that we’re often studying the name things and doing the same type of labs (I love biochem as much as you do). But I think it would have to be your recipes that keep me coming back to the blog. Everything I’ve tried has been fannetastic (heh, heh), and I love the 5 minute granola bars!

    Keep up the awesome blogging! :)

  5. 9

    I’ve been a reader since the very beginning! It’s been wonderful to see your blog grow up :) So fancy now! Love it all!! Congratulations on your success! :)

  6. 10

    HappyHappy!! I honestly love your blog the way it is! Can’t wait for your giveaway :)

  7. 11

    I started reading around the time of HLS 2010, and I’m pretty sure I found you through Heather and Julie since you were on the panel with them. I love your mix of food posts and other posts about activities that you do. I really love the posts that include forms of exercise that are kind of non traditional, like hiking, playing sports, etc.

    Happy Day! :)

  8. 12

    I honestly can not remember how or why I started reading but I know that I am so glad I did. It turned into a wonderful friendship. :) Happy Anniversary Anne!

  9. 14

    I had just gotten my office set up in our new home and was fooling around on the internet and Googled different words looking for healthy food blogs and up came fannetastic food. That was, evidently, right when you started and I have been hooked ever since. Happy Fannetastic Anneversary.

  10. 15

    1) When did you start reading my blog? Uhh… A really long time ago.

    2) How did you first find my blog? Who can remember?

    3) What keeps you coming back? Your awesomeness, duh.

  11. 17

    I would say I have been reading your blog for a little over a year. I believe I came across your blog after the first Healthy Living Summit though I’m not exactly sure how. I keep coming back because I love your quick healthy recipes. Also you have a great positive energy. Happy Anniversary! Here’s to many more.

  12. 18

    Happy ANNEversary, Anne!!!!!

  13. 19

    1) When did you start reading my blog? Have any of you guys been here since the very beginning? I started reading the day you were studying for your orgo test! Ketones

  14. 21

    I thiiink I first found your blog through Eat, Live, Run whenever you visited Jenna in CA- which, as I just realized when I went through your travel page to figure out when that was, was maybe just a few months after you started blogging..?

    I keep coming back because your recipes always look good (I’ve only had a chance to try a couple, though) and because you always seem to be getting into lots of adventures. I like adventures. :)

  15. 24

    Congrats on 2 years! I actually just stumbled upon your blog a couple months ago. I follow a couple other healthy living blogs and I don’t remember how, but somehow I ended up at yours (which I am so thankful I did!). I have really enjoyed reading your blog and love all your great recipes. I am trying the “Cheesy” Coconut Sautéed Chickpeas and Kale tonight! I am so jealous you are living in Chapel Hill. I did an internship at UNC hospital this spring and absolutely loved it there. I am from Ohio, but I moved down to NC a couple months ago, but I live about 40 min from Chapel Hill. I ran the Carroboro 10k yesterday and that was the first time I’ve been back to that are since my internship. I miss it there so much! So enjoy Chapel Hill for me and keep posting pics of the town for me so I can at least I can pretend I am there!

  16. 26

    happy blog birthday! I found you today!I found you through’s recipes. I’ve read through a lot of your recipes and stories and the one thing I wish is that you would post nutritional info. I am a new diabetic and it would help me so much. thanks

    • 27

      Hey Lani! Posting the nutritional info for my recipes is something I really wish I could do, but unfortunately with grad school I’m just too busy. :( I’m so sorry. Some of the recipes do include nutritional info, but only because readers have calculated it for me – so, if you calculate any of them for me, please let me know so I can add it into the posts!

    • 28

      Hi Lani – Find yourself a good diabetic RD. I did and it made all the difference in the world. I went to a pharmacy that had one on staff. They gave us a good tool to refer to at
      Hope this helps.

  17. 29

    I learned of your blog through Fitness Magazine when they featured your blog on it. I enjoy your recipes and your balanced approach to living a healthy lifestyle.

  18. 30

    Hi Anne,

    Happy anniversary.

    1. Don’t know how long, but I remember it was the last days at your former job (before starting your degree).
    2. Because of your 5 minutes lunch (there was a link over at Fitsugar, I think… or DailySpark, maybe)
    3. Your efforts to stay healthy are inspiring yet ‘achievable’ – e.g., you don’t give up meat entirely, even though you often eat / publish recipes that are vegetarian or vegan. The same with fitness – it’s not all about the long runs or early work-outs. Another example is your recent blog post about feeling a bit down – I mean, we all have days like that! It makes me fell I can be healthy, active, too…

    I particularly liked a post you had about how you started running (can’t remember the title) and another one about how you try to walk or cycle when you visit a new place. I like your salads. I also admire your commitment to the blog – it can’t be easy blogging daily, on top of everything else you do (I hardly manage to find the time to blog once a week!).

    Thank you for sharing your adventures with us these 2 years.

  19. 32

    Hi, I’ve been reading your blog for the past year or so all the way from Africa where I’m originally from. I have been hooked ever since not only because of your fun personality but also for your easy and quick recipes. Truth is I can’t remember how I found your blog but I’m so glad I did.
    I have been committed to healthy living for at least two years now and I have found your blog very resourceful especially because trying to live a healthy life in Africa can be challenging and isolating. Most people find my lifestyle of regular exercising and healthy eating a bit crazy
    Today is actually the first time I ever made a comment on a blog. So, here is to you and your blog. felicitations et bon courage!!! (I’m a French speaker BTW)

    • 33

      Merci beaucoup for commenting! :) So fun to hear from someone reading from so far away. Keep up the healthy lifestyle – good for you for sticking with it even though it’s not the norm there! Bonne chance!

  20. 34

    Aww…HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your blog! That is so great! I love your blog for its upbeat nature and I feel like I can relate with so much. And it’s very inspirational (i.e., motivational!) Keep it up!! :D

  21. 35

    Ohmygoodness! You’ve only been blogging for 2 years? I thought you’d been blogging for a LOT longer than that.
    1) I have been reading your blog for about a 1 1/2 years.
    2) I first got interested in food blogs when I stumbled upon “Eating Bird Food” while looking up a recipe on Google. You were the second blog I started reading – not sure if she linked to you or I just happened to find you.
    3) I like hearing about your running/training…and your thrown-together lunches. Hehe…

  22. 36

    Happy 2 years! I actually only recently stumbled upon your blog about a month ago when my friend recommended yours to me. So glad I started reading it, definitely like what I’ve seen in only a month’s time! :)

  23. 37

    Yay Anne! I love reading your blog! I would say that I only started this summer, but what keeps bringing me back is your down-to-earthness and sweetness!!! Congrats! :)

  24. 38

    I love your blog, Anne! I’ve had some great contributions to parties from this blog. :)

    I’ve been reading for maybe 6 months now? I know I started when you guest posted on Carrots N Cake.

    I love the recipes – that’s definitely one of the big things that keeps me coming back – and I love your posts about your tri training, too.

  25. 39

    I think I started reading your blog a year or two ago, and I likely found it through a mention on Tina, Meghann, or Caitlin’s blog. And I come back because your posts are so real and you come across as just the sweetheart you are! And because I LOVE all your recipes:)

  26. 40

    Your blog really is fANNEtastic :) I only started coming here about a month ago, but I love it! A friend of mine had written in her status that she made cranberry, peanut butter, quinoa bars, which I thought sounded fabulous. She referred me here and I’ve made quite a few of your other recipes. I’m in love with the cranberry, peanut butter, quinoa bars and the zesty lemon zucchini muffins. Keep it up!! And congrats on two years :)

  27. 41

    I actually started reading because my friend Tamsin (the one that ran with us last summer, with the cool glasses) read your blog and thought I would like it–I think this was right after the Army Ten-Miler that we both did!

    I thought you were cool, but two years later, I’m happy to call you a friend and have all sorts of ridiculous memories. Mostly including bananas. I think the thing I like most about your blog (and you) is how upbeat it is.

    What do I think you need more of on your blog? Trips to NYC.

    • 42

      I DEFINITELY need more trips to NYC on my blog. So sad that we didn’t know each other back in January 2009 – the last time I went to NYC!

      p.s. I miss your bananas.

  28. 43

    I started reading your blog this past spring for the recipes and really did “stay for the fun”. I have been on a weight loss journey since last November and so far have shed 65 pounds. You inspired me to start running this summer and I will be running my first 5K at the end of this month. Thanks bunches!!

  29. 45

    Yeah girl!! I am loving your blog – very ‘real’ and light-hearted. Congrats on two years, keep it up!

  30. 46

    Happy 2nd Birthday to your wonderful blog! :) I’d say I started reading sometime in the spring of this year and I don’t really remember how I found it! I love the healthy recipes you come up with and just reading about all of the random happenings in your life!

  31. 47

    Hi Anne,

    I probably found your blog about 6 months ago, from reading a comment you had on someone else’s blog–probably ‘Carrots and Cake’. I like the recipes, and your committment to wellness in general. I guess I would like to see more tips in general. Thanks!

  32. 49

    I have been reading your blog a couple of months – was reading other healthy living blogs and found yours – keep coming back for your interesting recipes. Have always experimented with food and enjoy new ideas.

  33. 50

    1) Started reading your blog about a year ago, haven’t missed a post since :)
    2) I was researching what it was like to be a dietician, I’ve always been interested in health and wellness and plan to go back to school soon!
    3) I love how real you are, you’re not afraid to let complete strangers into your life. It’s nice to see that we all aren’t perfect! And the delicious recipes!
    Keep up the good work! Can’t wait to see were life takes you.

  34. 51

    Happy Anniversary! I started reading your blog a few months ago when I found it through another healthy living blog that I read and I’ve read everyday since.

    Your freshness keeps me coming back – a wide variety of posts. I love that.

  35. 52

    Happy Birthday/versary! I just discovered your blog (apparently, I’ve been hiding under a rock) and I love that you are healthy – but not afraid to live it up and have fun. Life is meant to be lived!!

  36. 53

    Happy Blogiversary! I found your blog through a link from another blog on your 5 minute granola bars. So I guess that means I have been reading for quite awhile (1.5 years maybe?). I keep reading your blog because you have a fun personality that shines through your posts. And you have great recipes and tips. Congrats on the 2 years, and here’s to 2 more! :)

  37. 54

    Hi Anne!! Happy Anniversary and congrats on 2 years!

    I started reading your awesome blog just about a year ago. I had emailed you about the UNE biochem class (…still trying to block out the memories of that course!) and after your very helpful reply, you started appearing on my gchat list. I saw the link to your blog in your status there and the rest is history!

    I originally enjoyed reading your posts because I can relate to a lot of what you’re going through in terms of being in school and going through the process of becoming an RD. But I keep coming back because you’re always so positive and upbeat, you post great recipes and you emphasize the importance of fitness as part of a healthy lifestyle. Thanks for sharing everything that you do and keep up the great work!

  38. 56
    Allison W says:

    I believe I found your blog through Carrots n Cake. I kept reading because you lived in NC and I was looking to relocate there at the time. I just moved to Raleigh this past week and I look forward to checking out some of the places you’ve been to on your blog!

  39. 57

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO fANNEtastic food!!!! I started reading your blog at the beginning of this past summer when I found it through the Chapel Hill Magazine randomly. I followed it originally for the recipes, but once I realized you post interesting things about CH and running, and I became a fANNE :)

  40. 59

    Happy Anniversary!

    1. I found your blog when I was searching for a spelt muffin recipe. I think it was an apple cinnamon muffin recipe – which I made – and it turned out amazingly well.

    2. I think that was in the spring, about 6 month ago.

    3. I was instantly attracted to all the pictures you put up and the recipes definitely beckoned me. However, I love how active you are and it inspires me to keep active myself. You definitely have a lot on the go and it’s fun to be apart of it, in my own way. :)

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