Recipe Roundup!

Just a quick note to say I got my recipe page all updated! Here’s a little roundup of the new pages I created for my recent recipes:


Chocolate Coconut Almond Balls



Creamy Tomato Basil Soup (made with yogurt!)



Figgy Apricot Spelt Bread (vegan)



Lemony Spinach Quinoa Bean Salad



Smoked Salmon & Vegetable Egg Casserole



And my latest recipe:

Healthy Chicken Enchiladas (gluten-free and made with yogurt!)


Enjoy :)

Catch you guys in the a.m. with a post about barefoot running! I’m excited to hear your thoughts…


  1. 1

    Gonna have to make a few of these ;)

  2. 2

    Can you put something on these about the “healthfulness” of the various recipes? You’ve learned so much about that this past year, I suspect, that it would be helpful to have your assessment of the merits of the various concoctions! (And if you get into barefoot running, you ought to read the book about the tribe in Mexico whose members ran incredible distances that way…)

    • 3

      I did read that book! It’s awesome – talked about it in the post. I would love to be able to include nutritional stats with my recipes but I just don’t have time to calculate it with school/internship/blogging. I’m sorry!

  3. 4


  4. 5

    Oh yum! Where should I start? :D

    Can’t wait to hear all about barefoot running! I saw a couple guys running completely barefoot during my last half marathon, and wanted to chat them up about it. Unfortunately, they were much too fast and I never got the chance. ;)

  5. 6

    You are really getting into the tweaking of your blog. I love your updates and your blog is really easy to read. I have been reading other blogs lately and some of them are a little overwhelming and confusing as to where to go to get information. Anne, you are an asset to the blogisphere. (I have never used the word blogisphere before so am unsure as to the spelling). Haha

    • 7

      Thanks, Renie :) If you ever have any suggestions for easy read-ability, just let me know!

      • 8

        I just saw them on line at REI. Do they run true to size or do you half to go up a size? I wear 7/1. Thanks

        • 9

          I would go smaller than normal – I usually wear a 7 in running shoes and boots and bought these in a size 6, since you wear them without socks or anything. I also usually wear a size 6 in dress up shoes/open toe shoes. I hope that helps!

  6. 10

    I love homemade tomato soup! No Campbells, please! And it gets even better when yogurt is added.

  7. 11

    I have all of those bookmarked!!

  8. 12

    Yum! I sent my sister your enchilada recipe yesterday. Chicken enchiladas used to be her staple dish, but she stopped making them after she figured out she had a gluten sensitivity. She’s excited to add them back to her regular cooking schedule. Thanks for the recipe!

  9. 14

    mmm those balls look awesome!

  10. 15

    I am obsessed with tomato basil soup. I used to get the Cosi one all the time until I read a “Eat This, Not That” article on it! Oops! This one looks great.

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