This Week’s Dinner Challenge + Workouts

Good morning, friends! It’s weird that it’s already Thursday, huh? Short weeks go by so quickly!

On Tuesday night, which felt like Monday, it was Matt’s night to make dinner per our weekly dinner challenge. (Every Tuesday, we alternate one person being in charge of finding a cool new dinner recipe to try, just to keep things interesting!) He decided to follow a recipe he found online for Chinese Walnut Chicken.


Not the most beautiful meal, but it was seriously delicious! We would definitely make this again. Matt followed the recipe (which is linked to above) more or less but used shallots instead of scallions, and added garlic. He also added some fresh sprouts into the final product.


He said it was pretty easy to make and it was so, so good! Two thumbs up.


Thanks to Matt for the yummy and creative dinner. If you guys want to mix it up, definitely recommend that recipe! It was kind of like cashew chicken, but more interesting. :)

On the workout front this week, on Tuesday morning I got in a nice swim, which felt good for my poor bruised knee. Yesterday morning, I made it to 6 a.m. CrossFit – still really loving the vibe and instructors at the early classes. Here I am working on my Toes to Bar (TTB) skills!


Those things are tough! As for our WOD, we did 2 rounds for time of: 50 wallballs (I used a 12 pound ball) and 25 step ups onto a box. It was tough!

On the running front, I was supposed to get in a run with my friend Sokphal this morning but I unfortunately had to bail – my right knee is feeling pretty tender still from my bike crash on Friday and I figured a day of rest would be a good thing. I’m crossing my fingers big time that it will be okay for next weekend’s Runner’s World Festival!

How have your workouts been this week? Any great ones? And any good meals/new recipes to report? I’ll be back tomorrow to share a quick healthy dinner recipe!

Zara says: have a nice day! Clearly she is. :)


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    That recipe sounds really interesting!

  2. 2

    What are your thoughts on the article making the rounds online this week about the guy who said he did CrossFit and will never go back?

    • 3

      I haven’t seen it! Link?

      • 4
        • 5

          Interesting article! I’ve heard all those things before and I definitely agree with some of them. One thing that’s bad about CrossFit is that it really depends on the quality of the coaches and of the gym management (I guess you can argue that for any exercise class, but CrossFit is clearly more dangerous because of the power lifting). Both of the CrossFit boxes/gyms I’ve gone to have required an extensive 3 month intro class for beginners so they could learn how to do all the power lifting properly, so I’m really surprised that the guy in the article didn’t have to go through that first. But after that, it’s really up to the coaches – but also to individuals to not be dumb about it. In my opinion, if you can’t check your ego, you will likely get injured. There is sometimes pressure to go fast and do more weight and to keep up, but I have no problems saying sorry, I can’t do that much or actually, I’m going to take off these weights and just focus on form (since I have some shoulder/hip mobility issues). I know some people won’t say that though and will just plow through, and it’s certainly a dangerous environment in that case. I’m also against kipping pull ups — if you’re kipping, you’re using momentum to do the movement, which means your arms can’t handle the force, and it’s really easy to get injured. I only do strict pull ups (usually with the help of a band). Bottom line is that to do CrossFit, I think everyone needs to be realistic about their limits and not be embarrassed to dial it back if they need to, and it’s also so important to find a box and coaches that are really hands on and knowledgeable, because that can be hit or miss too. I’ve been liking the morning classes I’ve been going to more because the classes are smaller, the people are more low key/less intensely CrossFit-tastic, and the coaches are more hands on/all about helping you vs. just pushing you to do more than you can handle. So yeah – I’m kind of a realistic CrossFitter, I guess. I like incorporating it because it’s good to mix it up and do something different and focused on strength, but running will always be my true love, and I’m not so into CrossFit that I have trouble dialing it back or taking off weights when everyone else is going heavy. Long winded answer, sorry!

  3. 6

    When Zara sleeps, I think you could shake her like a duster and she wouldn’t surface. :-) Love her little black velvet feet!

  4. 7

    Cashew chicken sounds delicious :P I love stirfries because they’re so easy to make

  5. 8

    Really brilliant kettlebells class on Monday..was sore for two days after it but so worth it, good to feel you’ve pushed yourself outside your comfort zone! Hope your knee gets better soon!!! Must check out that chicken! Love recreating Chinese food at home…so much healthier!

  6. 9
    Roadrunner says

    Great to see you doing shoe laces to the bar. I think that is the best/toughest abdominal exercise ever! Well done!

  7. 10

    That Chinese walnut chicken looks so flavorful! I am trying to push myself to wake up early and workout but I just can’t seem to do it! I guess it doesn’t help that I’m such a night owl and go to bed at odd hours. I did workout at 5am one time (and ONLY one time. lol) and felt great! I need to make it a habit!

  8. 11

    I love swimming and it has been really great on my sore hip. Hope your knee gets better soon and that you are not too worried about getting back on your bike.

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