Marine Corps Marathon + 10k Bib Giveaway!

Hi friends! I was up early this morning to take advantage of the gorgeous weather. It’s crisp and cool out there – perfect for a run date, or, as I’m currently 28 weeks pregnant, a walking date! :)

sunrise over washington dc

As the weather cools down I know those of you training for fall races will start seeing faster times and more enjoyable runs – you’ve earned it after slogging through the heat and humidity for months!

It’s crazy that last year at this time I was training for the Marine Corps Marathon! (race recap –> Marine Corps Marathon). I wore one of my MCM shirts this morning just for fun – especially since my walk date started right at the MCM finish line, by Iwo Jima in Rosslyn! Long sleeves in August?! Madness!


My buddy Sokphal is training for MCM but was nice enough to dial things down for a walk date this morning. We jogged about 2 blocks before my body was like, “nope, not feeling the running today.” Okay then – back to walking it was! Either way, it was so nice to be out enjoying such a lovely day.



As you guys know, I’m partnering with the Watermelon Board again this year; they are an ongoing sponsor of the Marine Corps Marathon and 10k, and they were originally going to give me and Matt bibs to run the 10k together this year as part of our partnership. I was reeeeally tempted to try to walk the 10k, but seeing how I’ll be 36 weeks pregnant on race day, I know that’s probably a super dumb idea. So, instead, Matt and I decided we should give away our bibs to you guys! Even more exciting is that I also have 2 full marathon bibs to give away. A huge thank you to the Watermelon Board for hooking you guys up with these bibs! If you’re running either of those races this year, be sure to look for the watermelon tent at the finish line – they will be handing out free watermelon again, which is basically the most delicious thing ever right after a run – hydrating, too!


So, to recap:

  • I am giving away 4 bibs – two Marine Corps 10k bibs and two full Marine Corps Marathon bibs – to 4 lucky blog readers!
  • Travel + lodging are not included, and you must obviously be available/able to make it to DC for race day, which is October 22! For once, though, this is open to anyone – you don’t have to live in the U.S. so long as you are willing to pay your way to get here for the race. :)
  • I will randomly select the 4 winners on Tuesday, September 5, and notify them directly via email.

To enter to win, head over to the Watermelon Board’s recipe page, then come back and comment on this blog post letting me know 1) which race you want to win a bib for (10k or full marathon), and 2) which recipe from their website you’d most like to try!

I will leave you with some training-related blog post tips – happy fall running, my friends!


  1. 1

    Ah I’ve always wanted to run this race! I’m intrigued by the watermelon walnut spread, but also love making kimchi out of the rind (my recipe was adapted from the watermelon board’s one). I’ve never run a full marathon (only a half) but this would be a fun challenge, so I think I’m interested in the bib for the full! Do you know if it’s possible to switch to the 10K from the full in case I’m not ready (just in case!)?

    • 2

      I’m not sure about that – if this would be your first full, you will probably want a full 3 months (at least) to train (race day is not too far off!), so I’d probably go for the 10k and then aim for a spring full instead with more lead time! :)

  2. 4

    Watermelon mojito. No shame. And I’d love to do the 10K.

  3. 5
    Lavanya Madhavan says:

    I will definitely try the Watermelon Mojito. I am already registered to run the race but I would love to get a bib for my best running buddy Brenda. She runs all the training runs with me and is pretty well prepared but has been hunting for a bib for a while. Hope you pick us….

  4. 8
    Stephanie K says:

    I would LOVE to run the 10k! I did the full back in 2012 and would love to run it again, but am definitely not prepared for that :)

    The watermelon rind coleslaw seems super intriguing to me so I’d probably try that!

  5. 9

    The Watermelon Pina Colada with Flag Kebobs, of course!
    The 10K would be amazing! :o)

  6. 10

    Hi Anne! I got so excited for this giveaway but realized it is the same weekend as FNCE! It will be my first FNCE and I was wondering if you were planning on attending? Maybe not since it is so close to your due date. Either way thanks for fun giveaways like this!!

    • 11

      Sadly I will have to miss FNCE this year since it’s too close to go time – bummer! Have fun! :) Next year’s is in DC, though, so I’ll for sure be at that one!

  7. 12

    The watermelon mojito is calling my name! I would love to run the marathon this year! Such a fun and inspiring race

  8. 13
    Rose Kaplan, RD, LD says:

    Hi Anne! Watermelon poke sounds so good! I’d want a full marathon bib if I won. Already training for a full the weekend after so adjusting my training schedule would be easy enough 😊

  9. 14

    I would love to try the Mozzarella Sandwiches, which would be a neat way to pack kids’ lunches this year. I would love to run the full marathon. I keep trying to get in via lottery and keep losing! Thanks for the opportunity!

  10. 15

    I’m a new mom of two, so watermelon mojito sounds like heaven (and I see other commenters agree)! And running the 10K is probably my best bet, given postpartum recovery, although I do love MCM, too! Wishing you all the best in your pregnancy, Anne!

  11. 17
    Deb McClure says:

    Who’s kidding who, lol! I’m making the watermelon mojitos! Who would have thought watermelon? Also was intrigued by the rock lobster tacos… so I shared them both to my Facebook. I’m thinking if there is one more warm summer day left these recipes demand a party on the deck! :)
    I’m training for my first marathon in January 2018 and have put a lot of hot sweaty summer miles in but I’d be happy for the 10k bib!
    Thanks Anne for a great post! I’ll keep reading!

  12. 18

    The MCM is one of the best marathons I’ve ever run and I’d love to snag a bib to run it again this year! And the watermelon poke bowl from their website?! Looks to die for!!

  13. 19
    Mary Rose says:

    Definitely think a watermelon mojito would go perfectly with the watermelon jerk tacos! I’m so, so so tempted to say I’d love a bib for the full, but I’ll play it safe and go for the 10k. D.C. is my former stomping ground (Go Hoyas!) and I’d love to run back through!

  14. 20

    Watermelon Poke Bowl! And I would love a 10k bib. MCM was my first marathon, so it will forever hold a special place.

  15. 21
    Charlotte says:

    Watermelon Poke Bowl sounds amazing!!

    I would love to run the full (already training for another full this fall) or the 10K would be a fun race too!!

  16. 22

    I loved that they had rind recipes – I have no problem using up watermelon but I feel like there’s better things to do with rind than just throw it away. I’m really gonna try the rind pickles or the rind relish, i’ve been really digging sweet pickle relish on my burgers and I think the watermelon rind would be a good substitute, super creative – wouldn’t have even thought about making my relish with rind.

    I”m interested in either bib, I’m in half marathon shape right now and have a good base so the marathon would be definitely doable. I’ve loved your recaps of the race in the past (the 10k for sure) so either bib would be grand, but leaning toward the full marathon right now.

  17. 23

    Hi Anne! I’d love to run the MCM 10k again – I ran it last year and just missed my PR so I want revenge! Also, it’s my birthday weekend this year!

    I could really go to a Watermelon Mojito right now, but maybe I should be good and go with the Watermelon-Infused water instead! ;)

  18. 24

    I’d love to run the MCM 10k! I’ve cheered the runners on for many years but have never participated in either race. As for the recipe, there are so many that I would love to try, but the leader is definitely the Jamaican Rock Lobster Tacos.

  19. 25

    I’d love either the lobster or fish tacos!! Big fan of tacos. Adding watermelon would be a yummy twist. I’m hauling a watermelon around in my car currently. Tacos may be on the menu this weekend!

    I love to win the 10k bib. I’m running NYC marathon in November. I may be run crazy, but not crazy enough to do back to back marathons. ;)

  20. 26

    Gorgeous photo!! :D

  21. 27

    I would like to enter for a 10k bib and those pork and watermelon kabobs look delish!

  22. 28
    Melissa B says:


    I would LOVE to run the 10K! How awesome would that be?
    That watermelon mojito is calling my name.

  23. 29

    I’d like to try the pulled pork BBQ and watermelon sauce. What a fun create and I bet really yummy idea. I’d love a bib for the 10K.

  24. 30

    All of the recipes look good and are so creative! I think the watermelon poke tempts me most because I’ve seen this idea floating on other blogs and I have yet to try it! (I’d love to run the 10K.) Wait…I just saw their recipe for watermelon Benedict. Can I change my answer?!

  25. 31

    That first photo is amazing!

  26. 33

    I’d love to run the MCM 10k! Especially now that the weather here in D.C. is becoming bearable again :)

    The Watermelon Oatmeal Smoothie would be a great breakfast (or post-run treat). Thanks, Anne!

  27. 34
    Brittany Resmann says:

    The watermelon mojito for sure! I live in Orlando and summer seems to never end. This looks so refreshing.

    I would love to run the marathon! I am actually helping a friend who is recovering from an injury by running all her long runs with her for Chicago. I am marathon ready without a marathon to run!

  28. 35

    1) Bib for Marine Corps Marathon- I missed the sign up this year and I’m already in full training mode for something this fall :)
    2) Watermelon Infused Water –> what better way to hydrate after a long run!

  29. 36

    I would love to run the 10k!! My BFF lives in NoVa, and it would be such a fun way to visit her and experience DC. Thanks for being so generous in giving your bibs away. ❤️
    And those lobster rock watermelon tacos look legit!

  30. 37

    I would love to run the 10k! Not quite trained to run a full at this time but working on setting a new 10k PR. I would be interested in trying the Chipotle Maple Citrics Watermelon Wings. I’ve never experimented with savory watermelon recipes before.

  31. 38

    Both the watermelon rind stir fry (especially since trying your watermelon rind recipe) and the monitor sound delicious! 10K for me since I’m not marathon ready this year.

  32. 39
    Ashley Selvey says:

    I would love to win a bib for the full marathon! That would be a dream come true!
    The watermelon rind stir fry and watermelon poke recipes look amazing! I will be making these this weekend with the giant watermelon I just purchased! Yum!

  33. 40

    I would love one of the 10k bibs! It was my first race ever, and I’ll be running my first half marathon the week before :)

    I’m really into poke bowls right now so the watermelon poke bowl looks scrumptious!

  34. 41

    I would love to win a bib to the 10k race! That watermelon poke bowl is calling my name!! Looks sooo yummy!!

  35. 42

    I would LOVE to win a marathon race bib!! Omg, that would be amazing. I love DC, and need another reason to come for a visit this fall ;). And I’d like to try watermelon poke, sounds yummy!

  36. 43
    Kara Morgenstern says:

    I would love to win the 10k race bib! perfect fall race. Watermelon rind stir fry sounds so interesting.

  37. 44

    Watermelon Mojito all the way for this girl! I would love to win the bib for the 10k. We have family in the outlying DC area, so I wouldn’t even need to book a hotel. In January of this year, I had a pretty major knee surgery. My recovery included strict non weight bearing for 8 weeks, followed by another 3 months of non-impact (including running- sad face!) activities and lots of rehab. I returned to running in early July and just worked my way back up to 3 full miles without walk breaks. The 10k would be the PERFECT motivating race to train for this fall! Crossing my fingers!!

  38. 45

    I really really really want to do the 10k! I just texted my friends to see who is game :)
    But a watermelon bib would be even better!
    I have a grill that I like to experiment on, so I’d try the Pork and Watermelon Kebobs. I also LOVE Panera’s Watermelon & Feta salad. Try it!

  39. 46
    Laurel E. says:

    Pork & Watermelon Kebobs and zip would like to win a bib for the marathon. Thanks!

  40. 47

    Watermelon Margarita for sure! I had a watermelon jalapeño version when I was on vacation in Charlotte, NC a few weeks ago (at a super cute restaurant called the Summit Room) and it was SO good I’m thinking about making one at home this weekend.

    I’d love to run the MCM 10k – October is the best time of year for running in DC, although this August has been equally awesome – cool and no humidity is not the DC I know, but I’m not complaining!

  41. 48
    Elaine Martin says:

    I would love to run the 10k! I live in DC and have always wanted to run it :)
    The watermelon poke bowl sounds amazing–I have never thought of putting watermelon in poke!

  42. 49
    Sarah Aboukhater says:

    The recipe I’d like to try is the Watermelon Poke Bowl and I would love to run the Marine Corps Marathon! I am local so travel isn’t an issue.

  43. 50

    I would love to run the 10k! And the watermelon poke bowl looks awesome!

  44. 51

    This is great! I’d love to do the MCM 10k. I have a goal of 8 races for the year and that would fill the last slot! I love any races that are in the fall, and a special bonus if they are in DC. :)

    I’m interested in the watermelon rind pickles! I had them at a restaurant once and have been obsessed ever since.

  45. 52

    10k. I ran the full 3 years ago and loooved the experience!

    Give me all the Jamaican rock lobster tacos!!

  46. 53

    Watermelon poke bowl& Id love to do the full marathon! I’m sad I missed the registration process this year!

  47. 54

    I’ve lived near DC for most of my life and in the last decade of my running career, I’ve never done the 10k or full! I’m doing a half on in early October so the 10k bib would be awesome! I feel like I need to enjoy the watermelon mojito before summer is gone! :)

  48. 55

    That watermelon mojito is life! I have been binging on those since summer is quickly coming to an end. Hmm I have done MCM 6 times but have never done the 10k. I’ll pick the 10k since it’s something I wouldn’t normally select on my own.

  49. 56

    Ohh the shrimp pics de gallo said so good.

    I love the MCM marathon! It’s a honor to run with the marines!

  50. 57

    I’d love a chance to run the marathon! The watermelon mojito looks so good!

  51. 58

    10k and watermelon walnut spread!!

  52. 59
    Merideth Stabilito says:

    I would love to run the 10K. It would be my first race back since completing my first marathon last fall. I have been looking for a race to reignite my love of running and a weekend in DC would definitely do it! I would also love to try my hand at making the Flank Steak with Watermelon Bourbon Glaze! Sounds yummy

  53. 60

    I would love to do the MCM 10k – my sister and I always run together and we haven’t done a race in over a year. She would kill me if we actually managed to win and it happened to be for the full hahahaha!!! And obviously I’d want to try the watermelon mojito ;)

  54. 61

    No doubt, the watermelon cheesecake milkshake looks devine! And I’d run either race! The marine corps races have been on my bucket list for quite a while!!

  55. 62

    Oh my goodness! My first marathon was the Marine Corps marathon, and it is my favorite marathon, too. I would love to win an entry to either the marathon OR the 10k!

    So, I looked at allllll the recipes, but my favorite thing is when watermelon is paired with something savory. So I’d say my favorite recipe to try would be the fish tacos with watermelon and radish slaw. Yum!

  56. 63
    Becca kazal says:

    The watermelon pork kebobs look really good! I would be interested in the 10k for my husband or I.

  57. 64
    Jessica D says:

    Watermelon tzakini sounds super interesting! I’d love to do the 10k :)

  58. 65

    I am local and would love to run the 10K!

    I would like to try the watermelon berry popsicles:

  59. 66

    I would love to run the 10k!

    The watermelon cranberry pork chops look delicious and unique!

  60. 67

    Hi! Ran the Marine Corps Marathon in 2013 and would love to do it again…almost as much as I’d like to try the watermelon mojito!

  61. 68

    10k please! Thanks for doing this! I’d love to try the watermelon infused water. I’ve used cucumbers, lemons and limes, but never watermelon. It looks wonderful.

  62. 69
    Stephanie L. says:

    Watermelon Pineapple Salsa please :) (as I sit eating a bowl of watermelon)! I’ll take my chances for the marathon bib!

  63. 70

    I am in the Navy, currently stationed on a USMC base, and feel so lucky to be able to work with Marines every day. I’ve always wanted to run the MCM (maybe someday!), but would love to participate in the 10k this year!

    Also, I’m a huge watermelon lover, and think the idea of using the entire thing sounds awesome… so I’d love to try the recipe for Watermelon Rind Pickles! Intriguing!

  64. 71
    Rebecca Arline says:

    Hi! I ran the Marine Corp half in May and it is my favorite race ever! I would love to run the full after my experience in May and this would be my first full marathon! I think the watermelon infused water would be a great treat during training😊

  65. 73

    I’d love to run the 10k! MCM was my first and only marathon to date in 2015 then I got pregnant and I’m not ready for another yet. The watermelon and scallop kabobs look great!

  66. 74
    Kelly Dooley says:

    I’d love to run the 10k! I live in DC and have never run this race. I just bought a watermelon for our Labor Day cookout, and plan to use it to make the Watermelon Mojito recipe from the Watermelon Board’s website!!

  67. 75
    Matthew B says:

    I would love to get a chance to run the MCM this fall. A 26.2 mile tour of DC on foot sounds wonderful.
    It will probably be even better if I can celebrate afterwards with those Breakfast Push Pops…definitely a recipe I’d like to try.

  68. 76
    Kimberly Tucker says:

    I just visited your Site for the first time and plan To spend more time on it.. the Watermelon poke sidedish made me stop in my thoughts to check out the ingrediants.. OMG.. can not wait to try it!
    I am excited for the opportunity to WIN MY WAY INTO THE MCM!! I been training for half all year.. I think I could pull off a Marathon!! So that’s what I’m gunning for! It be my first and just knowing it’s the MCM… means that much more to me.. for I would run it in honor of a great marine who lost his life this year.. 22 is an ugly number and that’s all I can say about thst.. thank you for my Oppurtunity ..i been trying to find away into this race all year since they put it out there..

  69. 77

    This is such a cool idea. I gotta go big! Full Marathon. I love the idea of using watermelon in kababs. My dog and I love eating watermelon after runs.

  70. 78
    Sunita Arora says:

    This is just so great! I have two kids under 4 and I would love to try the kids watermelon sandwich cookies. They look DELICIOUS and great for picky eaters. I would love to win a bib for the 10K. I am finally getting back into running after having two kids and this would be a great way to jump start things for me :).

  71. 79

    10k. I’ve been spending the past couple of months recovering from a stress fracture, and this race is the perfect motivation to keep getting stronger and faster!

    I would love to try the watermelon oatmeal smoothie!

  72. 80

    The jamaican rock lobster tacos because TACOS. I’d wanna do the 10K bc who got time for a marathon when your busy eating tacos, amiright??

  73. 82

    Watermelon mojito!! And i think I’ll go for the marathon!!

  74. 83
    Leah Sorensen says:

    I’m an officer in the Marine Corps, and I’d love to do the MCM 10k! And that Watermelon Infused Water looks like a great post-run cool down drink!

  75. 85
    Angela Chong says:

    Refreshing watermelon mojito sounds perfect especially after a good long run. I’d love to run either distance with my boyfriend. It will be his birthday the week before so, MCM would be a great surprise 😊

  76. 86

    I’d like to do the 10k with my girlfriend and try the watermelon pork kebobs.

  77. 87

    The tomatillo and watermelon salsa sounds refreshing. I’d like to try making it to bring to work.

    I’d like to enter for the 10k. Thanks for running this contest!

  78. 88

    Hi Anne! I found your blog while training for this years 2017 rock n roll half in D.C. While I didnt have it in me to race another half I’ve been looking for another race this fall and
    1) the mcm 10k sounds perfect!
    2) as sushi’s number one fan that watermelon poke bowl would be delicious

  79. 92

    Jamaican rock lobster tacos! I would love to do the 10k

  80. 93

    Hey Anne, I want to try the Jamaican tacos, they look amazing. I’d love to be entered for the 10k. I used to live in D.C. amd love it there. My sis lives in Forest Hills. Longtime reader here, really enjoy your blog.

  81. 95

    Hi Anne! Thank you so much for offering this giveaway! I would love to run the 10k this year. I’ve kind of been sidelined by tendonitis in training for a half so unfortunately it’s not not my year for a full. Also, the watermelon feta bruschetta looks delicious! I’ve even got all the ingredients at home! MMMM!

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