Scrambled Egg Muffins

This recipe got a photo makeover! Check it out on the new recipe page here.

Well, it’s official. Everything is better in muffin form:

Scrambled Egg Muffins

Yes. Savory muffin success!


These are easy, healthy, and incredibly delicious. I think I need to have a brunch party just so I can make these for everyone! They would be great for a quick on the go breakfast or packable lunch, too.


Scrambled Egg Muffins

Find the recipe on the updated recipe page (with new pictures!) here.











Are you drooling yet? 


‘Cause I am.


I had a couple for dinner last night along with a big salad. Dessert? I think you can probably guess.

Banana Spelt Muffins

I know. I have a problem ;)

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p.p.s. Guess who I met for lunch today? Emily from The Front Burner!


She’s moving to DC in a month and is up here with her husband looking for housing. We were chatting via Twitter, discovered that I was heading out to run errands in the same area of Virginia she was looking to explore… and an impromptu lunch date was born. Emily is really cool and it was fun showing her around the area — so sad she’s moving here just as I’m leaving! We got frozen yogurt for dessert — loving the new place Red Mango that has opened up in Clarendon! And yes… I went there yesterday, too. ;)

So anyway, I should probably rename this blog “Muffins and FroYo” huh? Hehe


  1. 1

    OH I am all over this. Especially with some added bacon.

  2. 3

    um, i am totally drooling…did you even have to ask? ;)

  3. 4

    Anne – You just saved my life. I’m having a brunch on sunday and these are PERFECT!!!! Yum, maybe I’ll make them, take pics and send them your way ;) You should do a post about your followers trying your recipes and the way they make your recipes their own with a twist :) Thanks again!!!

  4. 6

    Those look good!

  5. 7

    This is perfect timing! We’re having out of town guests this weekend! Guess what I’m whipping up for breakfast! Can’t wait :)

  6. 8

    DROOL! These look some simple and divine. The simple things in life, I tell ya. :)

  7. 9

    Those look amazing! And so great for a big group or a quick grab&go breakfast. Thanks for sharing :)

  8. 10

    Those savory muffins look AWESOME! Must try soon. How exciting for Emily! I saw you guys tweeting and jumped in to give her my 2 cents having recently moved to Arlington! =)

  9. 11

    Anne – these look great! I have all these ingredients at home so may try these tonight for dinner! I wonder if they would freeze well?

  10. 13

    These look SO good. I’ve made them before and can’t wait to do it again. I forgot about them..yummmm. Can’t wait to meet you + Emily at HLS! =)

  11. 14

    Those look extremely delicious and i love them because they are great for portion control.

  12. 15

    These muffins look WONDERFUL! They would be a great ‘party food’ for a party or event!!

  13. 16

    I can’t believe I didn’t know about the new red mango! Glad I checked in and thanks for letting me know :) FYI – There is a self serve froyo place in Tyson’s which is pretty inexpensive too.

  14. 17

    Ooh: very similar but also a bit different… try Heidi’s Cottage Cheese Muffins ( I’m all over portable protein, and they’re TOO DIE FOR!

    Or, instead of adding bacon *to* the recipe, you can put a slice of ham into the cup (like a cupcake paper) and bake the egg muffin into it… oh, the possibilities!

  15. 19

    Those look yummy! I’ve made something similar, but it didn’t call for flour- I think that’s a strange ingredient in a recipe like this. But I love all the veggies!

  16. 21
    Irene (Renie) Penn says

    Oh Honey, these look heavenly, I am going to make these tomorrow.
    I have already checked my diabetic manual and one of these would be legal. I can freeze the rest and eat 1 for breakfast the rest ofth week.
    You’ve got your starch, veggies, cheese(fat) protein your milk. Maaaaaaavalus.
    I’m drooling.

  17. 22

    Yum yum! I want to have all my friends over for brunch right now!!

  18. 23

    Those muffins look awesome! I might have to tinker around with a GF version of those. Delish!!

  19. 24

    What a great idea! These are like little mini fritattas. We have monthly meetings in our department at work and each time someone brings breakfast. Now I have the perfect thing to bring next time! :)

  20. 25

    PLEASE keep the muffin recipes coming!! I’m a fellow addict :)

  21. 26

    Such a creative muffin idea!! Looks amazing, will definitely be trying these out!

  22. 27

    Anne you may have solved my breakfast egg phobia problem. I hate the consistency of eggs, except when they are in a quiche and this looks much easier! Now that I’m getting up at 6am for work every morning these will be huge breakfast save!

  23. 28

    This is sooo going to be my contribution at my friend’s annual Gasparilla party in January!! Of course, I’ll have to make a batch now to make sure :) Have you been in Tampa to experience Gasparilla? Craziness!

  24. 30

    Drool? I need a bib!!!! Oh, my those look fantastic!

  25. 31

    I love making egg muffins! I use the jumbo muffin tins so I have a big egg muffin, then I cut it up, put it on some bread, sprinkle some cheese on it, toast it in the toaster oven, and have the BEST EGG SANDWICH EVER! Try it, girl :)

  26. 33

    OMG those look beautiful! They would be perfect for a brunch, I love all of the colors. :)

  27. 34

    What a great idea! Now added on my “have to try” list

  28. 35

    Those look awesome! Your muffins clearly are a hit! Well done –

  29. 36

    BEST RECIPE IDEA EVER! I’ve been making muffins up a storm ever since I received my Magic Bullet and these look like a soon to me “Bullet Creation”! Love your blog, read it all the time!

  30. 38

    9 eggs?! Whew. The only recipe i know of that uses more than that is Angel Food cake (10+ egg Whites). You should probably keep you own Hen on deck if you bake that stuff from scratch.

    Red Mango?? I want some! Date? Please. ;)

  31. 39

    WOW! Those muffins look amazing!!! They would definitely be perfect for a brunch or quick breakfast! Although in general I think a good muffin is appropriate anytime! :P

  32. 40

    Gee, I wish we had had this recipe when I hosted a 50 person farewell breakfast last weekend. I might even try these for breakfast on the run (not your kind of run!)…good protein.

  33. 42

    Anne – We are making your muffins this AM for sunday breakfast. I will let you know how they turn out!

  34. 44

    We have 6 laying hens & I’m always looking for ways to use the eggs. This looks delicious. I’m going to try them this weekend & freeze a few-if I have any left-to see how that works. Anyone tried that?

  35. 46

    What a fantastic idea. I’m trying this tomorrow.

  36. 47

    Yummo, breakfast here I come! How many do you think I can eat without breaking my weightloss program? They look so good im at the who cares about weightloss point, lol.

  37. 49

    Amazing recipe! We made these about a month ago (subbed the cheddar with feta and upped the basil ante a little) and *wowza*… so simple but super delicious! We plan to host a brunch party and double the batch :)

  38. 52

    These look fabulous!!!

  39. 53

    Made these tonight and they are sooooo yummy!!!

  40. 55

    These look delicious! Was wondering if you could substitute regular whole wheat flour in for the spelt flour?


  41. 57

    These look Wonderful….I think I have most ingredients to make…..will try! :)

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