Mother’s Day Weekend + Our Puppy is Here!!

Hey friends! I hope you had nice weekends – happy belated Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! :) My brother flew into town for the weekend so we could spend some time celebrating our mom, which was a lot of fun! First order of business: dinner on Friday night! My mom whipped up my Salmon with Lemon Mustard Dill Sauce for us – delicious! Obsessed with the sauce!


On Saturday morning, I was up on the earlier side so I whipped up some oatmeal (my microwave banana oatmeal, but on the stovetop since our microwave is still broken) for my first breakfast before getting things done around the house. Tip: stir some nut butter into it while it’s cooking! Yummy.

stovetop banana oatmeal

A few hours later was breakfast #2: a savory waffle + two fried eggs + avocado + a little wilted spinach + cat hair. ;)

savory waffle eggs

Then I treated myself to a power yoga class! I hit up Mind the Mat in Arlington again – still using up my 4 classes in 4 weeks deal!

Post-yoga I threw together a quick lunch – some canned chicken and rice soup (with extra chicken added – we had a rotisserie chicken on hand to use up) + salad + carrots. Easy and yummy!

easy lunch soup salad

After lunch, my parents and my brother came to pick me up and we all headed out to the Inn at Little Washington! Matt was down in North Carolina for the weekend with his family (his brother graduated with his PhD – congrats Chris!!) so we were doing our own thing this weekend. :) My mom wanted to go to The Inn for mother’s day and we were happy to oblige – I know, twist my arm/rough life!

Here I am with my brother, all dolled up for dinner. Such a treat to have him here visiting.


I didn’t get a ton of photos because I was busy enjoying and I’ve written about the Inn in the past, but it was phenomenal as always, and such a treat to be there! Their truffled popcorn… ahhhh!! I dream of it.

inn at little washington dinner

On Sunday we woke up to gorgeous weather – cool and crisp with sunny skies! My brother and I took advantage with a run on the gorgeous country roads!

washington va running

running near the inn at little washington

We ended up covering a little over 4 miles. Felt great to be out there – this was about as perfect as running weather (and views) get! It was so quiet and peaceful out there.



We all enjoyed breakfast before departing the Inn – they mix their yogurt with a little honey and mascarpone – it’s sooo good! And for my main event I had their trio of mini breakfasts – cottage cheese and blood orange pancakes + oatmeal souffle + scrambled eggs with dill and salmon. Yum!

inn at little washington breakfast

inn at little washington breakfast

They have a farmers market there on Sundays that we swung by on our way out – beautiful veggies!

inn at little washington farmers market

Back in DC, we all unpacked and then hit Sweetgreen for lunch. :)


I spent the rest of the day tidying up the house and relaxing, and then got to bed early because around midnight I knew Matt would be arriving home with our new puppy!!!

I mentioned a few weeks ago that we were adopting a puppy from Asheville that I met and fell in love with during our Asheville weekend trip last month – she was out and about with her foster family when I met her. Matt has wanted to get a dog for ages, so he was fully on board, and since he was down in NC this weekend anyway to attend his brother’s graduation, it was perfect for him to swing by Asheville and pick her up on his way back! The shelter (Brother Wolf Animal Rescue) named her Teri but we have renamed her Ashe, in honor of where we found her. :) She got a little sick in the car at the beginning of the ride but otherwise Matt said it went well – she mostly slept in her crate and they had some fun break adventures, too, since it was a nice day.


I got up when they arrived to help her get settled and we took her for a short midnight walk since she (and Matt!) had been stuck in the car most of the day. Isn’t she cute?! The ears!!


We didn’t get to bed until about 2 and she was up by 6 – oof! This picture cracks me up. Here’s hoping we all get a better night’s rest tonight. :)


We took her for a nice long walk before Matt left for work. :)

ashe the dog

And now she’s sleeping on the couch while I work from home! She was pretty upset when Matt left for work (she got quite attached to him on their long drive and is just getting to know me), but seems to be settling in nicely now. We’re lucky it’s going to be a beautiful week – lots of good walking opportunities! I’m going to work from home most of the week too to help her get settled. And yes, we leave for Iceland (thanks for the great Iceland recs!) on Friday night – bad timing with the puppy but we had to get her this past weekend or never! Lucky for all of us, though, my friend Gretchen has enthusiastically offered to take Ashe while we’re gone. Gretchen has a couple dogs already and loves dogs so I’m sure they will have a great time. I just hope she wants to come back home with us after! :) Thanks again in advance, Gretchen, you rock!

Anyway! Back to work/dog walking. ;) Have a great day guys! And be sure to check in tomorrow – I have a special post for you!

Any tips for getting our new puppy settled/happy in her new home?

If you celebrated Mother’s Day, what did you do?


  1. 1
    Charlsie N says

    Something that can be comforting to dogs is to take an old piece of clothing of yours and put it in their crate. Since she’s already attached to Matt you could put something of his in that will bring her comfort.

    • 2

      That’s a great idea – thank you!

    • 3
      Lisa Foster says

      Yes, that’s what I was going to suggest! A piece of clothing that you have worn with your scent is comforting. This works well for leaving them in a crate, or if they ever have to stay over at the vet. I do recommend crate training, my dogs love their crates, and it gives you piece of mind that they are safe if you have to leave them for a while, especially with a pup that might chew on things. Congrats to both of you, the puppy is so darling!

  2. 5

    Your puppy is adorable! She seems just precious. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to be with my mom or MIL this weekend, but since we’re expecting a baby in August we got to celebrate my almost-first mothers day! A few weeks ago I got to be with my mom, though, and we went to the yummiest french bakery for a nice slow breakfast and I gave her a canvas tote from The Shine Project which she totally loves!

  3. 7

    We rescued 2 puppies at separate times last year and the advice I wish I had listened to more was provide structure. A daily routine, be consistent with boundaries, and use the crate. It makes for a much happier puppy much quicker!

    • 8

      I’m definitely trying to figure out how much structure is good vs. too much right now! The foster family already has her overnight crate trained (awesome), and she likes her crate, so I’m going to experiment with how often to put her in it during the day when we’re not actively hanging out. Any tips are welcome!

  4. 9

    Congrats on the new puppy! That is awesome that you adopted a dog in need of a home:) If she gets stressed during the day give her one of Matt’s sweatshirts to cuddle up to. That should help to comfort her!

  5. 11
    Jennifer says

    My dog gets really car sick. If yours continues to have any issues, ask the vet for some medicine. We got our dog Cerenia and she has never been sick after taking one.

    Tips for settling in: It will take the pup sometime to settle in, so don’t worry too much if she seems a little uneasy for a bit. I recommend getting her on a food/bathroom schedule, not introducing her to too many new people at first, and making a little spot that’s hers (either a crate or a bed or something similar). If she has any separation anxiety or you want to keep her busy, stuff a Kong with peanut butter or kibble or something else; freezing it will make it take longer for her to finish it.

    • 12

      We’ll ask the vet about that – thank you! Hoping it was just a random thing with all the chaos yesterday – and she also had a shot at the vet so that may have been part of it. We have some Kongs already – great tip to freeze it!

  6. 13

    How is she doing with your cat? I want a dog so bad but I’m worried it will ruin our cats life! haha

    • 14

      So far actually much better than expected! It helps big time that she’s not a chaser – so she was curious about Zara, but didn’t try to chase her if she ran away, which is huge. I’m feeling hopeful it will be okay!

  7. 15

    Ashe is sooo adorable!!! Can’t wait to meet her!

  8. 17

    I second Charlsie’s suggestion above! Especially so she can have it while she’s at Gretchen’s house. I’m looking forward to watching you guys navigate puppyhood (I simultaneously miss and don’t miss those days myself!). Spoiler alert: I’m not sure you’ll get a full night’s rest in a long time!

    • 18

      Lol yep, goodbye sleep! Although she’s actually pretty well overnight crate trained already via the foster family, which is amazing!

  9. 19

    What a lovely weekend of food! Congrats on the puppy–shes so cute!

  10. 20

    congrats on the dog!!!!! she looks adorable.

    also that breakfast trio looks amazing

  11. 21

    Welcome to dog mama-land! It is so much fun! The Kong: The only toy/treat dispenser a puppy cannot destroy, no matter how strong a chewer they are. Also helps with separation, gives them something to focus on while you are leaving the house. Nylabones: won’t hurt their tummies and longer lasting. Outward Hound Fun Feeder Bowl: for meal times if she is a fast eater (slows them down to help with digestion and use their brain!). Costco dog beds: cheap and good quality for the money! Petsafe Gentle Leader Head Collar—a dream for walking any pup that is easily distracted or tugs! (Oh , and make sure she doesn’t get a hold of any kind of sugarless chewing gum…xylitol is very poisonous, we learned the hard way when our lab had her tummy pumped!) For training tips, love Victoria Stilwell, she is so kind and her on-line training videos work! Have a blast with your new baby!

    • 22

      Ooo this is amazing, thank you for all these tips!! I’m definitely going to check out the feeder bowl – she eats SO QUICKLY!

  12. 23

    I found your blog recently while searching for reviews of the Pittsburgh Half Marathon (which I just ran) and the Richmond Marathon (which will be my first full in the fall!) — and I love it! I grew up in Pittsburgh and live in NC, so I’m familiar with lots of places that you blog about. My husband and I went to the Inn two years ago, and I’d love to go back. What a treat. Congratulations on the puppy – she’s adorable.

    • 24

      Oh how fun! Thanks for reading – congrats on the Pittsburgh Half and good luck with Richmond – it’s such a great race!!

  13. 25

    Yay, rescue puppies are the best. I would say to help with a new home keep a routine. Keep it consistent – on the furniture, off the furniture, walking routine for times of day, etc. When I leave the house I did the same thing every time – make him sit in the crate, put it in the treat and then walk out saying the same thing. Lots of praise for going potty outside. Even if Ashe is housebroken it is good to reinforce it. Good food – I like the limited ingredient ones make a world of difference. I say the food is similar to having mcdonalds everyday vs a good nutritious lunch – a world of difference for dogs too. Also, note that 50% of dogs are allergic to chicken so if Ashe starts scratching or getting ear infections or behaves weirdly try switching food. If she eats too quickly get a slow feeder bowl. Keep Ashe learning as well – sit and stay, shake, paw, lie down – are all great. For treats I usually give mine a small piece of apple, blueberry, etc. No onions, tomatoes, garlic, grapes, or chocolate – very poisonous. If Ashe is food motivated keep your eyes to the ground – you wouldn’t believe the amount of bones (very harmful), food, and crap a dog can pick up. However, the best thing I have bought are baby hypoallergenic unscented wipes (you don’t need specific dog ones just make sure hypoallergenc) to always rub down the paws after coming in from the house. Helps keep the dirt and dust out but also allergens.

    But most of all just enjoy having her. Relish the puppy kisses and snuggles.

    • 26

      Thank you so much Beth! Definitely all about the quality food – we do the same for our cat! :) These tips are really helpful!

  14. 27

    Yay for your puppy finally arriving! And I love the name.

    That Mother’s Day breakfast looks absolutely delicious.

  15. 28

    Congrats on the new puppy! What a cutie. It takes a little time to get them comfortable in their new home. Hope it goes as smoothly as possible. Looks like a fun weekend!

  16. 29

    She’s gorgeous! Welcome home Ashe! We love our rescue pup, Penny :)
    My one piece of advice is to wear her out as much as you can before you leave the house! A tired dog is one that doesn’t get into too much mischief ;) plus, all that walking and playing is great bonding time. I love my morning walks with Penny and they set us both up for a great day :)

  17. 31

    Enjoy getting to know your new doggy! I love her name and the reason behind it, it’s perfect!

  18. 32

    Your meal at the Inn looked so good! Congrats on your new pup! She’s super cute and almost looks like she has a little corgi in her! For settling in, I agree with everyone who said to come up with a schedule. And it’s great she’s already crate-trained! I heard dogs can consider the crate their safe space and really love being in there. We taught Bailey to go in the crate when we said, “Crate!” That was useful when we needed him to get in there. I second the reader who said to get a Kong. Bailey has powerful chompers, but the Kong has stayed strong for many years. One of the best things we did was teach Bailey to get on his bed when we had meals. He eventually learned when we said “It’s dinner time!” to go get on his bed. But it also could have worked to train him to get in his crate at this time. This is great for us, but especially if we’re entertaining. Enjoy your new puppy! :)

    • 33

      We were thinking she might have some corgi, too – she looks a bit like my brother’s dog! These are great tips, thank you! Question — how do you clean a Kong? Can it go in the dishwasher or do you just hand wash and get in as best you can? Hers has gotten a little gross already!

  19. 34

    Yay for having a puppy! I would say the biggest thing that helped us when we got our pup was to create an area that was just for her. In our situation it was her crate. That way she knew she had a place to go if she felt overwhelmed but also gave her a place to be 100% comfortable. So many good tips in the comments! Also, I would say wearing her mind out as well. Some dogs do really well with exercise but ours just gets more energy after going for walks or to the dog park. What wears her out is teaching/doing tricks, playing hide and go seek or having her “find” treats all over the house. Good luck with her!

    • 35

      Thanks Ashley! Ours seems to do well with exercise which is good news for us, since we do too! But we are signed up for some puppy training classes starting in a couple weeks so we’ll see how she likes that, too!

  20. 36

    I love it!! Too cute! Those ears!
    Can’t wait to meet her! :D

  21. 37

    Yay puppy!! We are always here if you need a dog sitter too! :)

  22. 39

    How old is she? and what does Zara think?!?!

    • 40

      She’s about 5 months! Zara is cautiously curious so far… I’ll share more tomorrow on the blog about how their interactions have been so far! :)


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