Motorless Treadmills, Awesome Weather, and the Best Dessert

You guys. 

The weather this week – so amazing!

I’ve spent as much time as possible outside – either working outside on my work days, or spending lots of time at the playground while with Riese!

Sidenote – BABY JEANS. Omg. Obsessed.

I have just two food highlights to share with you from the week, because as usual I’ve been doing a lot of my basic staples (avocado toast, grain salad bowls, brown rice and black bean bowls with rotisserie chicken, etc. etc.) that weren’t really worth capturing!

First up – we had tofu for the first time in ages! 

This was a simple stir fry (check out my fave healthy stir fry recipes for ideas) with tofu, red pepper, grated carrots (added at the very last minute so they stayed mostly crisp) and mushrooms. Served atop rice! 

I need to remember to buy tofu more often – it was nice to mix it up from the usual chicken or shrimp stir fry meals!

My second big food highlight from the week was dinner at Momofuku with some girlfriends on Wednesday night! 

This Hamachi Crudo (with citrus-y calamansi, crunchy fennel, and crispy puffed quinoa) was one of my fave courses of the night (we shared everything) – SO delicious.

momofuku dc

I didn’t get a photo but the dessert we had was one of the most amazing I’ve ever had – if you ever go to Momofuku, skip the overly sweet Milk Bar desserts and instead get the Coconut Panna Cotta.

It was soooo good – lots of great texture variety (some crunch, some smooth, some icy) and flavor variety (tart citrus, crunchy toasted coconut, creamy panna cotta). 

In other news, this week I tried a motorless manual treadmill for the first time ever!

Have you guys ever tried one before? 

It was one of the stations in a boot camp class I go to a lot with the girls (E60 in Rosslyn). They just switched out their normal treadmills for these ones!

motorless manual treadmill

It was SO HARD – you literally power it yourself so doing what normally felt like a slower jog type pace on the treadmill felt pretty challenging. I felt like it was nicer on the knees/joints though – a little softer? And nice that it was quiet, too! 

Other fitness of the week included a couple early morning yoga classes, and one short jog with the dog. 

Matt, Riese, and I are heading to Philadelphia this weekend to visit one of my best friends from college and her family – should be really fun! I’ll be back on Monday with a recap.

Have a great weekend, my friends – I’ll leave you with a few posts of interest from my blog + around the web:


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    You’re telling people to skip the crack pie???? 😂 No way. Dear other readers: Please get the crack pie and thank me later!

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    Roadrunner says

    Great to see that spring may actually arrive. Glad you have been making the most of it!

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