Seafood Extravaganza & New Balance Running Shorts

Hello from sunny and 70 degree Los Angeles Washington D.C.! Seriously, it is SO freaking nice out here! Check out this forecast for Easter weekend:



I enjoyed the sunshine last night by meeting a fellow blogger, Quinn, for dinner! We went to Mezza Luna, a fun tapas restaurant downtown. We were super excited about the outdoor seating considering the nice weather!


Quinn is pretty much totally awesome :) We had so much fun talking that dinner lasted three and a half hours! I felt like I was meeting up with an old friend. :)

I love eating with other food bloggers because:

a) they don’t think it’s weird when you whip out your camera (and it’s understood that no one touches the food until good photos are taken),


and b) we wanted to order all the same stuff, so we ended up just getting tons of things to share :)

We started with the Bruschetta. I LOVE Bruschetta!


Next up was the Lump Crab & Avocado Martini, which came with basil and diced tomatoes, all tossed in a lemon vinaigrette. Delish!


To get our veggies in, we got the Escalivada Mediterranea, which was grilled eggplant, squash, and roasted peppers.


The waiter also brought us some hummus randomly! Sweet :) We all know I love me some hummus!


We continued the seafood extravaganza as the sun went down (enter flash pictures… noooo!!!!!) with Tuna Tartare, which is sushi grade tuna with a soy vinaigrette — this was awesome minus the onions :)


And finally the Seared Scallops with a roasted corn sauce. I love me some scallops!


What a fun and tasty dinner! Quinn and I discovered we have a ton in common (beyond food blogging and being awesome), including being in the same sorority (we may or may not have busted out the secret handshake… lol) and a shared love for all those old school MTV shows like Singled Out, Loveline, Undressed, etc. Heh! Check out her blog for a full list of all our similarities ;) Also, we just became Facebook friends and discovered that we have some really random friends in common and may have already met each other briefly 5 years ago!! SMALL world, right?!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — I meet the most fun people through blogging :) Can’t wait to play again soon, Quinn!

Today has been spent studying for my Anatomy & Physiology test this afternoon… sigh. It’s SO hard to concentrate when the weather is this nice! I just took a break and went for a sunshine-y 3.5 miler to test out my new New Balance shorts that we were given a couple weeks ago at FitBloggin!


LOVE these! Seriously my new favorite running shorts. My running short pet peeves are when they ride up or are too tight at the waist, and these are perfect on both fronts. Good length, too!


(Disregard the amount of running shoes I own… it’s fine.)

I also love that while they have the standard inside the waistband tiny pocket for keys, they also have a larger (but totally flat and unobtrusive) pocket in the back for ipods, fuel, etc.


I give these shorts two fANNEtastic thumbs up. If you are in the market for new running shorts, I’d definitely recommend these. Thanks again, New Balance!

Back to studying — have a lovely day! How’s the weather where you are??


  1. 1

    I am always in search of good running shorts. I am planning to enjoy the nice weather this weekend and check out the Cherry blossom fest downtown too.

  2. 2

    Yay! Seafood extravaganza! Seriously, it’s a good thing our meet-up is midday next week – optimal sunlight for non-flash photography.

  3. 4

    That avocado and crab martini just sounds amazing!

  4. 5

    Sounds like such a fun meet-up!

    I’m so LOVING this DC weather!!! Enjoy the weekend!

  5. 6

    “(Disregard the amount of running shoes I own… it’s fine.)”

    bahahaha love that.

    And were those taken in the dark with a flash (of the food, obvi)? If so, I would NEVER have known. More of Anne the Extraordinaire!

    • 7

      Hehe the tuna and the scallops were in-the-dark-using-flash-even-though-I-hate-it pictures ;) The others made it in under the (sunset) wire!

  6. 8

    I’m in DC too and its amazing… makes it very hard to stay in my office!! :)

  7. 9

    Quinn is my very most favorite! :) So glad you girls had an awesome evening (and um – I’m just a LITTLE jealous!) ;) By the way – it was great to meet you at Fitbloggin – wish we could have chatted more!

  8. 11

    We’re having the same weather up here in Philly and sitting inside is torture. All of my friends that live in Arlington are going to HH at Carpool today and i’m so jealous.

  9. 13

    What beautiful weather! Love the shorts!

  10. 14

    those shorts are so cute! glad you found some good ones…and your dinner looks fabulous!

  11. 15

    I’m glad you liked Mezza Luna! I actually bought a Groupon for there a couple months ago and haven’t gotten around to using it yet! You made me really excited for it and I’ll have to give it a try!

    • 16

      Quinn actually had a Groupon to use there but when we tried to use it at the end, they said it wasn’t valid since we were sitting outside!! So be sure to ask first :) Lame!

  12. 17

    What a fun blogger meet-up! I love the “no one touched the food until pictures are taken” – hehe, so true. My hubby is TRAINED on that one!

  13. 18

    Hey Anne,
    I just discovered your blog via Quinn’s blog. I love it!

    Do you find that having your mp3 player in a back pocket better for running? I’m having issues with my arm band!

    • 19

      Welcome to the blog! :)

      I actually don’t run with an ipod usually since I like to just tune in to the outdoors, but at the gym I use one. I have a little ipod shuffle so I just clamp it onto the waist of my shorts. I think an arm one would seriously annoy me! Try the shuffle, they are super lightweight and great for exercise :)

  14. 20

    Looks like such a fun dinner! And I’m also glad to hear you liked the Fitbloggin’ running shorts – that seems to be the general concensus and I can’t wait to try them out this weekend! Yay for 70 degree weather!

  15. 21

    Im obsessed with Tuna Tartare! AHhHh! I need some right now!

  16. 22

    great shorts review. the first time i saw them they didn’t seem that great to me, but you pointed out a lot of great features. too funny about the running shoes- just a little while ago i brought my wet shoes in from inside and shook my head at the three pairs i have in rotation. i don’t feel as bad now!

  17. 23

    What a great dinner with a wonderful new friend! :) I adore Tapas. So much fun to have little glorious bites of such amazingly decadent food.

    Cute shorts! :) Having a good pair of shorts to run in is so important. Nothing is worse than a wedgie mid run! :(

    Glad you are having a great week in the beautiful weather.

  18. 24

    Wow, way jealous of your weather! I’m hoping the warm sunshine will pop out here soon so I can wear shorts on my runs too =]

  19. 25

    Wonderful update, tremendous weather, and most enjoyable to read! Awesome, indeed…

  20. 26

    Wow that meal sounds amazing!! Especially the crab martini, yum!

  21. 27

    I wanted to pop up and say (not only does that meal look AMAZING! but) I’m finally starting to get back into running for the season TODAY! And now that I’ve told you I’m actually going to stick to it and not bail like I have been the last few days. IT’S HAPPENING! Haha. Thanks lady!

  22. 29

    Ok, you dinner makes my mouth water! It is supper nice here too :) Oh and…I looove those shorts too, aren’t they the best?

  23. 30
    Katherine says

    Love the tapas! Yum!
    So jealous : )

  24. 31

    Oh those tapas all look so delicious! Thanks for the shorts review, I’ve been looking for new ones as more glorious weather rolls in- enjoy your weekend weather!

  25. 32

    I’m on my way to a beach right now in the sunny LA weather! Ps I was wondering if you got free hummus because they thought you were food critics with you taking food photos. Hehe.

    • 33

      SO jealous!!! I wish I were there with you guys :)

      Haha and I don’t know about the hummus! Definitely a possibility. We were pretty obviously taking a billion photos of all our food, haha.

  26. 34

    LOVE the New Balance shorts! But yours are pink = cuter!

    It looks like you an Quinn had a great time, and the food looks phenom. I’ve seriously got to get down to D.C. one of these days!

  27. 35

    Random acts of hummus?! I love it!!!

    NYC is dreamy and warm, too. Have a great weekend, Anne :)

  28. 37

    I’ll have to check out those running shorts. I cannot find a pair that don’t ride up on me.

    Looks like a fun evening. I totally forgot about that show Undressed, but I used to watch it too.

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