Spring Race Plans & Pure Barre Review

Good afternoon!

I started my morning with a great run with a couple grad school friends, as per My Workout Schedule This Week!


We ran 4.42 miles in 40:03. Great run, minus the fact that it was super dark when we started running. Come on, morning sunshine! We miss you!


Speaking of running — I went on a race registration frenzy Tuesday and signed up for not one but TWO races this spring! I was thinking of doing the D.C. National (now Rock ‘n’ Roll) Half Marathon again like last year (LOVED that race!), but then I decided that given this is my last spring in Chapel Hill (tear), I’d rather enjoy some local races instead before we move in May. Plus, races here are a lot cheaper. :)

First up — the Tobacco Road Half Marathon on March 18th!



And second — the Tarheel 10 Miler on April 21st!


I’ve heard a ton of good things about both races and they are kind of considered “must do” local races, so I’m excited. Should be fun! Especially when I have great training buddies — a bunch of friends also signed up for the races, too! Win. I really want to try to break a 1:50 half marathon, so we’ll see how training goes. Maybe the Tobacco Road Half will be the race! (My current PR is 1:51:47 from the DC National Half in March.)

Speaking of workouts — as you guys know, yesterday I tried pure barre for the first time! I bought a local deal thingy for 4 pure barre classes for super cheap, so I was excited to give it a try and went to an hour long class yesterday morning.


The verdict? I liked it, but I didn’t love it. It was a good strength/toning type workout (I definitely had to come out of a few of the poses a couple times because I was dying), and I liked that it worked a lot of muscles I don’t train enough (hip/butt/etc.), but I actually wasn’t sore at all today surprisingly. It kind of reminded me of a standing up Pilates class or something — lots of very small but precise movements. We used weights to do some arm toning at the beginning, too, which I liked. The class didn’t incorporate any cardio, though, and generally I like strength/toning workouts that are super active and include both cardio and strength at the same time — more bang for your buck, plus it keeps me more entertained. Boot camps and HIIT workouts for the win! Anyway — I’m excited to go to the rest of the classes in my deal, but I wouldn’t purchase a pass for the future.

My break between classes is just about over — off I go! Have a great Thursday, friends. :)

What races do you guys have on the docket for this spring? Any specific goals in mind?


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    That was exactly what I commented about Pure Barre in the comments yesterday or whenever you posted about trying it! For my hour’s time, I like to get in more cardio, but it’s a nice way to change it up sometimes. Races sound fun! I cannot believe i’ll have a baby by the time you race the March 18 one.

  2. 3

    I’m the same way–I have to have classes that mix it up and I have to have that cardio in there somewhere, or at least something to get my heart rate going. I’ve been thinking about pure barre, but all the classes near me are expensive or at odd times.

    • 4

      The ones here are crazy expensive too. It’s a good thing I didn’t love it because I wouldn’t have been able to afford the normal pricing, anyway!

  3. 5

    I always feel like straight strength training is kinda a waste. I don’t usually feel tired and I’d rather get a complete workout. Cardio everyday! That’s cool that you found and took advantage of such a deal though. Maybe the classes will grow on you.

  4. 6

    I’ve really wanted to try a “Rock n Roll” race but will probably wait for the Savannah one in the fall since I live in Atl. There are a few races that I’m signed up for that involve running with my dog so that will be fun and interesting.

  5. 8

    I’ve heard a lot of other people have had the same experience with pure barre. Oh well, at least you tried it :D

  6. 9

    those races sound pretty fun! I’m also trying to get in some Chicago races because I think I might move in a year and a half!

  7. 10

    Completely agree. My one Pure Barre class worked my muscles, but I felt like it lasted a hundred years! Contrasted with the first time I went to BodyPump, which I loved from Day One! I guess everyone has their faves :)

  8. 12

    I actually recently purchased Pilates classes through groupon and am excited to give those a shot! I love when local deals are available for work outs you wouldn’t buy full price without knowing if you like it before! Boutique like studios can be so expensive to become a member!

  9. 14

    Nothing in the spring yet, but I do have a half marathon in February that I’ve been training for. Looking to break the 2:10, maaaaybe the 2 hour mark!! :-)

  10. 16

    I’m with you on the Barre Class! I love Pilates, but I need some more action in a fitness class. Even yoga makes me sore sometimes! Glad you tried it though. I don’t think we should judge a class before we try it. You just never know!

  11. 18

    looks like y’all have some new spring training shoes :)

  12. 20

    That’s EXACTLY what I thought about Pure Barre too! Not a BAD use of time, but nothing that I had to get back to. I also thought it would be more dance-inspired.

  13. 22

    I would suggest talking to the instructor before your next pure barre class for tips or to have them correct you during the workout. Usually going a little deeper than you think you can will make it harder and make you sore the next day.

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