Surprise Snow

We woke up to some surprise snow on Saturday morning!

Perfect morning for an early hot yoga class followed by pancakes. 

I topped my pancake with extra blueberries, plain Greek yogurt for protein, and some pecans for fat so that they didn’t leave me hungry again a minute later! 

I took Riese off to a fun playdate mid morning on Saturday, and then we came home to eat lunch with Matt. On the menu: grilled cheese and split pea + ham soup (from the farmer’s market that morning). 

Gross rainy/snowy day called for muffins – these were Simple Mills pumpkin muffins made with milk + topped with pumpkin seeds. 

We all needed to get out of the house on Saturday night so our friend Shane joined us for dinner at Del Ray Pizzeria. 

We started with some deviled eggs + salad…

del ray pizzeria

And then moved on to pizza (for them – I wasn’t in the mood for it) + pasta (for me) – a yummy fettuccine with pesto, mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, and chicken.

Plus some broccoli on the side for me + Riese to share. 

del ray pizzeria dinner

Sunday morning the sun was back out – yay!

I celebrated by taking Riese and Freyja for a nice walk. Please note the trash bag Riese is sitting on because we forgot to bring our stroller up onto the porch and it got all snowy/wet the day before… this happens way too often…

When we got back, Matt had bacon in the oven and our friends Lily and James and their toddler and Heather and Mike and their toddler were just arriving for a fun brunch potluck/playdate!

We had a serious feast! Matt and I contributed salad, a veggie + egg scramble, and bacon to the mix, and the others brought the oatmeal bake (similar to my Simple Baked Oatmeal Recipe), pumpkin muffins, cookies, and fruit! 

The food was great and so was the company. I had a little of everything (the oatmeal bake is hiding under the salad)!

We always have a blast with this crew – the kids have as much fun as the adults do! :) 

After our friends headed out and we got Riese down for her nap (thankfully – the day before she refused to nap gahhh), I went off to meet my friend Kathleen for a run!

It was REALLY windy – we did an out and back and when we turned back OMG that wind made running so hard! I think the pace for the second half of our run was about a minute slower per mile than the first!

We made it 7 miles, though, which is exciting – starting to steadily build up that distance in preparation for the DC Rock n Roll half marathon in late March!

I’ve only run the 7 mile distance a couple of times since Riese was born, so this felt big – and what felt even bigger is that I didn’t feel super banged up after. It’s nice to feel like my endurance is returning!

I don’t usually run in the afternoon and was missing my usual post-run latte, but I knew caffeine that late in the day was a bad idea (#old)… plus I was hungry so instead I tucked in to my leftover chicken pasta from the night before (it was a massive serving so I had a ton to bring home). 

I was hungry again around 7 thanks to the early dinner but didn’t want anything else savory, so I had a bowl of cereal with some fruit and nuts for a nightcap. 

I’m writing this post on Sunday night because Matt and I are taking the day off work tomorrow for the MLK holiday, and my office is right next to Riese’s bedroom so I’m enjoying listening to her singing herself to sleep while I type! She’s really into singing nowadays… it’s so cute. 

I hope you all had a nice weekend!

Important question: when it comes to brunch, do you go sweet or savory? I always like a mix, but if I had to choose, I’d be team savory all the way. 


  1. 1

    What a fun weekend! You guys are so good about getting together with friends! I feel like it takes so much planning for our group of friends to get together! We had several social plans this weekend but they were planned weeks (or over a month!) in advance. We had a couple over for cards on Saturday night and then on Sunday we had a bunch of my husband’s high school friends over for brunch to send a couple off on their honeymoon. I made a yummy (but not healthy!) egg bake with tator tots, sausage and bacon. There were 5 kids at the brunch so I went the less healthy route as I figured there was a better chance they would eat something without veggies. Everyone brought something to share so it was an easy meal to host. I’m definitely team savory and so is my husband. I like sweet things, but it’s hard to find good sweet things that are GF (like cinnamon rolls and such). But savory stuff is easier to pull off GF since it’s usually naturally GF and doesn’t require modifications.

    We also got snow on Friday, but it was quite a bit – over 6″. We got more on Saturday and Sunday, too. So it is very wintery here (and pretty cold this morning!).

  2. 3

    Team savory for brunch, but I have to say that the pancakes with pecans are looks really good. Congrats on your 7 miler!

  3. 5

    Aww, love the singing!

  4. 7
    Roadrunner says

    What a great, varied, and fun weekend, indeed! Very enjoyable to read about it! Well done, in particular, on getting in the 7-mile run in the blustery conditions. And good to hear that you are feeling good after longer runs.
    And, for me? Savory, too! Hope you enjoyed a great MLK Day!

  5. 8

    I like to get something savory and sub the toast for a pancake. Although, we recently started going to a place that does a chile relleno and eggs with beans and potatoes. It’s my new favorite brunch and is so good (and filling), I don’t need anything sweet.

  6. 10

    I am on board with “Team Savory” every time as brunch can be so flavorful. My weekend was great as the NFL football championship games were an excuse to cook for family and friends. We did a brunch with leftovers to create a dish cooked in a cast-iron skillet of pulled pork, chopped bacon; pickled homemade jalapeno mac & cheese baked on my egg/smoker (used apple wood for the smoke). Grilled turkey burgers topped with sunny side up or fried hard eggs on whole-wheat buns and I cured a citrus salmon sliced thin for cream cheese and bagels. Several of my neighbors brought over dishes as well and we had a fabulous savory flavored weekend!

    Way to go on your 7 miler and keep at it!

  7. 12
    Marta white says

    Aww what songs does Riese sing ? I couldn’t see Riese’s little face but one of the pictures showed her serving/passing out the food , my grandson would do that for us when we went to Mexican restaurants that had table-side guacamole . Now he’s 10 ! He’s still a great help! I say invite the kids to get involved. Thanks Again Anne for sharing your family with us all each week. I enjoy your running updates, I am a runner/walker. I have had a hip replacement. BUT I WILL RETURN!! I do miss it , I only power walk right now. I keep on moving!

    • 13

      Good for you for still getting out there! And thank you for reading. :) Riese’s favorite song is “twinkle twinkle little star” but she also sings the ABC song to herself a lot… plus some songs from the music class we went to for awhile!

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