Rainy Weekend

Hi guys! We had a really rainy weekend over here, and unfortunately Matt and Riese both came down with bad colds, so we didn’t do a whole lot! I did get out for a nice outing on Saturday morning, though – my brother’s girlfriend was in town and she loves yoga and brunch as much as I do, so we had a fun girl date. We went to a 9 a.m. yoga class so I had breakfast beforehand first thing when I got up with Riese – decided on my old fave microwave banana oatmeal topped with some cottage cheese, strawberries, and sprouted pumpkin seeds.


The yoga class was great – stretching felt amazing, as always! For post-yoga brunch, we tried a new to me place called Tupelo Honey in Arlington. It’s a southern-ish place and their brunch was legit. You guys know how much I love biscuits and theirs were so good – loved the blueberry spread, too – not too sweet! We got two entrees and shared them because we couldn’t decide what to get – the Heuvos Rancheros and the Southern Shakshuka (those are goat cheese grits – yum).

tupelo honey arlington brunch review

Great company and food! :)

tupelo honey arlington

As for the rest of the weekend, it was basically spent on the couch snuggling with Riese (and watching the Olympics – good timing to have something fun to watch on TV… my fave is the ice skating). Poor little love… I felt so sad for her with her stuffed up nose! Matt became a master at using the NoseFrida… any other tips for helping a baby with a cold besides that?

baby snuggles

In addition to the ice cream you can see me enjoying the above photo, I also ate some veggies, don’t worry – here was a pre-dinner snack on Saturday – some hummus, crackers, and veggies (enjoyed with one hand while baby cuddling):

pre dinner snacks hummus veg crackers

We took a break from the baby snuggles to have some pho on Saturday night:


The rest of the weekend we mostly just ate leftovers and random throw together meals. Some avocado toast did make an appearance, though – still obsessed. (Here are my best avocado toast recipes.)

avocado toast

Backing up to last week, I had a fun new fitness adventure I wanted to share – I tried Barre3! I’m not the hugest barre fan (I just find it kind of boring, even though it’s hard/a good workout), but I’ve heard great things about Barre3 and it’s definitely a postpartum-friendly workout since it’s low impact, so when a new mom friend from my PACE group messaged me that she was going to check out a class I decided to join her.

barre3 clarendon va

Barre3 is opening a new studio in Arlington and they are doing free classes on Tues/Thurs evenings right now to promote it – the classes are in a big empty warehouse space (not their studio), hence the weird background! The class was good – still not my favorite form of working out, but it felt good to move. SO many squats!! Our legs were smoked.

barre3 clarendon preview

I’m hoping the weather clears up later today so I can get in a walk – it’s warm but rainy out. My last good walk was on Friday, and I’m missing the fresh air! My buddy Heather and I took advantage of the warmer temps on Friday and got out for an afternoon walk before the rain… loved catching up with her.

new mom walk

Our walk was after doing lunch at her place with a couple other mom friends… so helpful to have others also going through this new motherhood thing at the same time!

And speaking of motherhood, our new nanny starts tomorrow! Hopefully, anyway. ;) (If you missed it, our original nanny bailed on us the night before she was supposed to start… it was not cool.) She’s just working two days this week (Tues/Thurs) and will start the new full time schedule (36 hours a week, Wednesdays off – she has another family that day and it’s perfect because I wanted one full day with Riese all to myself) next week. I’m glad we have this week to ease in… it’s hard to let someone else care for Riese that’s not family, but, it has to happen, so I better get used to it!

Have a nice day guys! I’ll be back tomorrow with another easy recipe – this one is a great make-ahead lunch salad that involves soft boiled eggs, which are my new favorite thing. So much more delicious than hard boiled and just as portable!

p.s. Facebook tells me that on this day 5 years ago I passed the national exam to officially become a Registered Dietitian! Fun to take a walk down memory lane and re-read my blog post from that day… here it is: 3.5 Years in the Making.


  1. 1

    My little one has been struggling with some congestion and the NoseFrida hasn’t done much good (plus he hates it). My mom suggested taking him into the bathroom while I take a super hot shower and make a kind of steam room for him. It’s helped so much and I love how gentle it is (versus attacking his nose with a sucker, drops, and wipes)! It might be worth trying with Riese. Hope she and Matt feel better soon!

  2. 3

    Tupelo Honey is SO good! Their biscuits with the blueberry jam are my favorite

  3. 4

    Oh no, poor Riese! It is so, so hard to see your babies sick, especially when they are so little! I remember when my daughter was that age the worst part was sleep. We would have her sleep a little elevated (like in a Rock n Play or putting a blanket under one end of her crib mattress), using the Nose Frieda, and just like you – lots of cuddles! Honestly, when they’re sick I think that’s the best thing other than treating the symptoms, they really just want extra love and physical contact! The other thing we did was extra nursing. As long as I was holding her all the time anyway, I would offer to nurse more often than normal to help her stay hydrated. And she usually wanted to nurse more often when she was sick because I don’t think she could take in as much in one feed as usual because of the congestion – hard to nurse and breath at the same time! Keep up the snuggles, you’re doing great, Mama!

  4. 6

    If you’re not already using the saline spray with the NoseFrida, I definitely recommend that. FridaBaby even sells one to go along with it. Also, I always heard bringing them into the bathroom (like in her Rock N Play or on her Boppy Lounger) while you take a hot steamy shower can help open up those nasal passages. Or I guess you could just sit with her in the bathroom while the shower runs, too, if she’s too fussy. Feel better baby girl!!! And can’t wait to hear all about how your new nanny works out! And also see you in like, a couple hours. Hahahaha.

    • 7

      +1 to hot steamy showers! And we always did humidifiers in the room at night, same idea. Good luck, hope they feel better soon!

    • 8

      Definitely getting on the saline spray train. Good to see you today – thank you again for letting us borrow the baby scale! xo

  5. 9

    Sick babies (and kids, for that matter) are the worst! I always feel so helpless when they’re sick. Do you have a humidifier? We’ve been using a cold air one (apparently this is better, per the doctor). I also find that warm baths help to open up their little noses. Also, sleeping elevated – whether on you, in the rock & play, or in a swing.

  6. 11

    happy RD-iversary!! thats so exciting.
    hope Riese & Matt are feeling better!

  7. 12

    Cold mist humidifier in her room can help too. It’s so tough when they are little. And yes saline is a must but also they act like you are torturing them, harder on you than her though :) Hope all are well soon!

  8. 13

    With a baby that young you need to make sure to call your pediatrician. RSV can be very serious in babies under 6 months.

  9. 15

    We have Tupelo Honey here in Nashville too – sooooo good! Congrats on your RD-exam anniversary! I’m a mid-thirties student going back to school to be an RD. I had my first anatomy and physiology (my science in many, many years and my first “real” science ever!) exam last week and couldn’t help but think ahead to when I’ll have to take my RD exam.

  10. 17

    Tupelo Honey!!! They started in Asheville and I knew they had expanded but I had no idea they were up there! Very cool. I can’t believe you took the exam 5 years ago…I remember the blog posts back from when you were in school!

  11. 19

    Steam up the bathroom as others have suggested and nurse her in the hot steam. Helps to clear up those nasal passages! Humidifier by the bed is helpful too.

  12. 20
    Laura Swanson says:

    Riese is so cute and looking so big already! I love baby snuggles! Our daughter wasn’t much of a snuggler after the first few months so I secretly love her sick baby snuggles. My husband jokes that I have a sick mind because I’m so happy to snuggle when she’s sick! haha

  13. 21

    Hope the little miss feels better soon (and Matt), sick babies are so sad. I found that steam could help, either with the humidifier, or a steamy bathroom.

  14. 22

    Saline spray is good for little stuffy noses. The drugstore usually sells one in a baby size dispenser. Feel better sweet baby!

  15. 24

    Happy RD anniversary! I’m so sorry to hear Matt & Riese are sick – so hope they’re well soon! I LOVE Barre3. It’s one of the styles of movement that my body enjoys. 🙂 I love Tupelo Honey, & this reminds me I need to go again soon! Hope you have a great start to your week!

  16. 25

    We have Tupelo Honey here in charlotte, love their biscuits! Hope Riese feels better!

  17. 26

    Our pediatrician gave us a little dropper vial with a saline mixture, it included a recipe of boiling 8 Oz of water and dissolving 1/4tsp of salt in it and let cool. I just lay my baby in his back and do a half a dropper full of the mixture in each nostril. He just lets it roll down his throat or sometimes he sneezes it out but it helps so much and you can make your own :). My baby was only 3 months old when he got his first cold and it was rough but we got through it.

  18. 27
    Roadrunner says:

    How did you find/link up with the folks in your new mommy group? Nice to see that activity and its value. Hope the little one and Matt are better!

  19. 29
    Kristen Lively says:

    Blog famous! 🙌🏻

  20. 31

    when i visited my brother/his girlfriend this summer they took me to tupelo honey…very good! hope the little one (and big one) are feeling better!

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