Things I’m Loving Lately

Hey friends! Popping in with some Friday faves/things I’m loving lately.

Play along in the comments – what are you loving lately?

1) Muffins! 

My mom made us a batch of my old pumpkin blueberry muffins (old photos but yummy recipe) recently and we have all been enjoying them.

I like them topped with almond butter and with eggs and more fruit on the side. 

pumpkin blueberry muffins

Riese likes them straight up. :)

2) Al fresco snacks. (Thank you to The North American Meat Institute, a contractor to the Beef Checkoff, for sponsoring this section of the blog post!)

When the weather gets warm, one of our favorite things to do is enjoy appetizers (and a cold beverage) outside.

In the summer, Matt and I pretty much always keep the fridge and pantry stocked with the basics (cheese, cured meat, crackers, sliced veggies and fruit, etc.) in case the opportunity presents itself to host friends or family for snacks + drinks. 

One very important thing I learned from Matt and his dad is that any respectable appetizer spread is not complete without cured meats. ;)

Yep, this dietitian enjoys processed/prepared beef products, no shame! There’s room in a healthy, regular eating pattern for all your favorite foods – the key is just to enjoy them mindfully, and to savor them with foods that include complementary nutrients.

Since prepared beef products provide primarily protein and some fat, you’ll want to enjoy them with some fiber/carbs, like veggies, crackers, fruit, etc. By the way – did you know that the iron and zinc in meats, including processed beef products, are more bioavailable to the body than those derived from vegetarian sources? (source)

appetizer spread with cured meat cheese veggies crackers fruit

Prepared beef products are also a favorite of ours when we’re out hiking, because most prepared meats are already pre-cooked (and some are shelf stable, too, at least until their packaging is opened). Our faves? Summer sausage, salami, and pepperoni. Oh and beef jerky! So convenient for the trails – I always keep jerky in my trail backpack. 

What are your favorite ways to enjoy prepared beef products?

3) Our tiny barista. 

My parents have a fancy coffeemaker at their place with all sorts of fun buttons, sounds, milk frothing, etc., and Riese is OBSESSED with it.

Anytime anyone makes coffee she has to help, and then watches very intently while the action goes down.

4) The book Cribsheet

I really liked Emily Oster’s previous book “Expecting Better” when I was pregnant, so when I saw she had come out with a new book on the first couple years, I was excited to read it!

I’m finding it really interesting – great to see a practical, non-judgmental, evidence-based guide that rounds up the research in the main areas of parenting confusion. 

cribsheet book review

5) Matt and I are off to my 15 year (whoa) undergraduate reunion this weekend at Dickinson College! 

I’m excited to see some old friends, wander around the beautiful campus, and visit a few old favorite haunts! Matt didn’t go to Dickinson, but his best friend from childhood/high school (who is the reason we met) did, so he’s as excited to go as I am!

We’re just going for Saturday night; Riese is staying home with the grandparents. 

We haven’t been back since my 10 year reunion, I don’t think… I feel like maybe we stopped by on our way somewhere a few years ago but can’t remember or find it on the blog. Either way, it has been awhile!


10 year reunion flash back

Have a great weekend — I will leave you with some things I enjoyed/found useful from around the web recently:

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  1. 1

    Have fun at your college reunion! It’s been 16 years since I graduated. I haven’t been back for a reunion, though!

    Riese’s hair is so cute! Looks like she has some natural curl. We have a toe head blondie, too. He doesn’t have much hair, though, but more comes in every month. I have a feeling it will darken as my husband started off blond and then it turned to light brown when he was 3. But I love his blond hair with his blue eyes so I hope I’m wrong and it stays blond!

    I love cured meats, too. We tend to snack on them in the summer with cheese, crackers and olives. I love snacky meals like that! Summer sausage is my favorite.

    • 2

      Ooo yes forgot about olives – they are a big fave of ours on appetizer plates, too! And I’m obsessed with Riese’s curls and never want to cut her hair. :)

  2. 3

    Got to love cured meats while living in Europe – so many amazing choices!

  3. 5
    Roadrunner says

    I am loving photos of your little barista! And walking our dog while listening to Guy Raz’ “How I Built This.” Truly enjoyable…

  4. 7

    Good times at the 10 year! Seems like ages ago!
    Love that Riese is into the coffee machine ;) buttons!!

  5. 8

    So many happy things here! Love your snacking board & how fun to have your college reunion coming up!


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