Dickinson Alumni Weekend & Thoughts on Indulgence

Hi friends! I hope you all had wonderful weekends. I spent the weekend in Pennsylvania at Dickinson College for their alumni weekend – it was my 10 year reunion! I can’t believe it’s been that long.


I had such a fun time being back on campus, taking a trip down memory lane, and seeing my college friends. The campus was looking lovely, too – we had absolutely perfect weather. (Also, hi to longtime blog reader Kim who works at Dickinson – loved meeting you!)


Here are a bunch of us outside our freshman dorm, Davidson. Meeeeeeemories! (Missing from this photo are Sarah and Lisa!)


On Saturday morning, I was excited to see on the agenda that my friend and 2004 classmate Camille was teaching a yoga class out on the main quad! Matt opted out and went for a run, but a few of the girls and I headed over to get our namaste on.

dickinson alumni weekend yoga

For my Baltimore friends, Camille teaches at Charm City Yoga – check her out! Loved the class – beautiful morning for it. I’m in the green tank in the middle in the picture below, which was pilfered from Dickinson’s Instagram page. ;)


We grabbed lunch on Saturday at one of my old favorites – Back Door Café. Their tuna sandwich rocks (plus a side house Greek salad).

back door cafe carlisle

For dessert, we all walked over to Massey’s, another old favorite. :)


The rest of the day involved a beer tasting:


And then lots more socializing, dinner at Market Cross Pub, and more beer, not gonna lie. :)

Now that the weather is nice and summer BBQs and travel are in full swing, I’ve been talking more to my AnneTheRD clients about not beating yourself up for indulgence – but at the same time, making sure that when you do indulge it’s a “worth it” situation. Sure, I eat healthy most of the time, because it’s what makes me feel good, but not always – what would life be without a little spontaneity (and ice cream)? I’m sure reading my blog and knowing I’m a dietitian you might think I eat healthy all the time, but that’s definitely not true. The rest of Saturday involved a whole lot of beer and a burger and fries for dinner. And you know what? I don’t regret it at all. It was totally worth it and I had a blast! A lot of my clients struggle with feeling like they are failures or like they’ve totally ruined everything if they have an evening or a day with more indulgences than usual. That can often lead into either overdoing it even more since they feel like it’s all or nothing, then feeling really overfull or sick, or into restricting later (and then often overdoing it again, continuing the cycle). My point here is: do not feel bad for indulging if you have decided it’s worth it. Before you indulge, stop and think: is this a worth it situation? Will this experience be enhanced by whatever indulgence I’m considering? Do I really want it or am I just having it because everyone else is/it’s there? If you do decide it’s worth the indulgence, then by all means enjoy it. Part of being a healthy eater is not ALWAYS being healthy – there’s no reason to feel guilty. Just enjoy the experience, stop before you are too full, then move on. I’m not a perfect eater and you don’t need to be, either! Okay, stepping off my soapbox. :)


What was the last thing you indulged in that was totally worth it?

Speaking of healthy living – the Summer Shape Up launched today! If you’re participating, don’t forget to check in daily over on the week 1 meal plan page and on Gina’s week 1 workout page to be entered for the sponsor prizes. I tried out the week 1 workout this morning and it was awesome!


  1. 1

    I treated myself to some full fat fresh from the farm chocolate milk from Maple View Creamery in Chapel Hill last week and it was sooooo good!

  2. 3

    Where are those awesome yoga pants you’re wearing from?

  3. 5

    last thing I indulged in was a delicious kona coffee ice cream sandwich — local from the farmer’s market!

  4. 6

    I indulged in some delicious cheese and wine this weekend. Oh wait, that’s every weekend. :)

  5. 8

    Anne – where are your crops that you did yoga in from?? They are so fun!

    My last big indulgence was on Mapleton’s Organic Soft Serve Yogurt from my favourite ice cream vendor in Stratford. Vanilla sprinkled with oreo “dust” – so good and so worth it!

  6. 10

    Thanks for mentioning me in your blog today Anne! You made my day AGAIN! :)

  7. 12

    Looks like a wonderful weekend to me, and i LOVE frozen custard! I am afraid I indulge on things quite a bit, but I feel like I earn it with the amount of miles I do….get away with it while I can. I would have to say the last BIG one was a candy bar crunch soft serve with snickers, heath, butterfinger, and kit kat on Saturday. SO good, and you bet I ate the entire thing :D

  8. 13

    Ah Market Cross Pub!! Did you go to Fast Eddie’s for a $5 pitcher too? :-) I feel like the campus looks sooooo different now….so modern.

  9. 15

    My sister went to law school at Dickinson! Carlisle is such a cute, little town. We always walk over to Massey’s when we go back too. That and Leo’s ice cream is a must have!

  10. 16

    Oh I wish I knew you were coming to Carlisle!!! I live 2 blocks away from DC :(

  11. 17

    Too funny! When this post popped up in my reader I thought “oh no- Feedly is all messed up again and they’re posting things under the wrong blog names!” Had no idea you went to Dickinson! I graduated from there class of 2000 and my college roomie still lives on campus- her hubby (class of 2002) works in Res Life! Looks like it was a great weekend!

  12. 18

    I had no idea colleges had reunions – I thought that only happened for high school. Is it an American thing (I’m Canadian), or is it just your college that does that? Was the reunion for everyone who graduated in your year or just for your major/program?

    • 19

      Canadian colleges don’t do reunions?! Yeah, must be an American thing – all colleges do that here as far as I know! The reunion was open to all alumni, but the majority of people that come are people that are a specific time out of college that’s more significant — e.g. 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, etc.

    • 20

      I am from Canada and I know that my University does reunions! Maybe depends on the school? :)

  13. 21
    Elizabeth says

    A buttermilk old fashioned donut and hard cider apple fritter from Blue Star donuts both before and after the Portland Rock’N Roll half. I swear it made me run faster.

  14. 23

    This weekend I indulged at my friend’s graduation party. All my girlfriends from undergrad were there, and some of them I haven’t seen in a really long time! There was plenty of alcohol at the party and the dinner was catered from a delicious Italian place in NY. I could have easily skipped out on some of the indulgences, but I decided I didn’t want to! I had a great time enjoying the party with my friends, and I am totally ok with that :)

  15. 24

    Yesterday, my husband and I celebrated our first anniversary. Breakfast, lunch and even dinner were all relatively healthy, but for dessert I indulged in our wedding cake replica. That caramel goodness was definitely worth it.

    I’m all for indulging every now and then. I eat healthy most of the time because it makes my body feel better than filling up on junk. I totally believe in the 80/20 rule, and would go nuts without it. :)

  16. 26

    Looks like you had a great time! The last thing I indulged in was a peanut butter chocolate cupcake. That’s definitely not something I have everyday. It was so good!!

  17. 27

    Last week on vacation I definitely had more pina coladas than I’d like to admit and I don’t even want to see the nutrition profile on one of those!

  18. 29

    A fancy pants meal out is always worth it, occasionally a few too many drinks and of cream!

  19. 30

    Anne, it’s so funny you were at Dickinson this past weekend! This coming weekend I’m going to Chambersburg, PA with my parents. LONG story short, we go there every year, do the same stuff, and I love it, lol. We always see signs for Carlisle, PA, especially when we head to the Totem Pole Playhouse. :) It looks like you had a great time! Thanks so much also for the bit about indulgences and self forgiveness. <3 When I'm in Chambersburg I definitely eat out of my norm, but it's because the food is so delicious and going to the spots with my parents brings about all the warm fuzzies. :)

  20. 32
    Alexis Teevens says

    I went to Franklin & Marshall, so I guess we’re kind of rivals! But it’s nice to see some pictures from those PA liberal arts schools. I miss mine!!

  21. 34

    I love everything about the last paragraph of this post! Thanks for standing on your soapbox.

  22. 35

    Massey’s has the BEST ice cream! Glad you got to to enjoy it while you were in town :)

  23. 36

    I love Camille ‘ s classes. What a small world and great combo your blog and her classes make!

  24. 38

    I am from Carlisle! I love Massey’s!! And I love and totally agree with what you said about indulgences.

  25. 39

    I think it is so great that you are ok with indulging sometimes- so many people aren’t! I make sure that if I am indulging it is reallyyyy worth it. I also try to indulge on quality ingredients…so even if I am having cookies they are fresh made.

  26. 41
    Roadrunner says

    Glad to see you had such a great time! Great memories, clearly. And good philosophy, too!

  27. 42

    last indulgence was our family fathers day BBQ. I am in PA as well and the weather was amazing. Pulled Pork, potato salad and beers. It was so good and so worth it. Back on track Monday morning though. Life would be so boring without those fun get togethers, meals and drinks.

  28. 44

    Absolutely! They key is not to skip the impulse candy bar (unless that’s what you really want) and wait for something REALLY good, on Father’s Day we had peanut butter pie which was amazing! Great post you are an inspiration to everyone including RDs!

  29. 45

    Beautiful campus! I may have to indulge more because I can’t think of anything in particular. I think if I were to think about it, I had my favorite wine over the weekend.

  30. 46

    After camping this weekend (and s’mores every night), my hubby and I stopped at The Parlour in Durham, NC on our way home & I got the BEST ice cream sandwich with their homemade cookies & ice cream. All balanced by long walks each day and swims in the lake!

  31. 48

    Last indulgence…my son’s 3rd birthday cake. It was from scratch, and our whole family – hubby and I, the birthday boy and his 3 older brothers and sister – inhaled it.

    I completely agree about indulging, and I try to teach my kids that they should strive to eat healthy foods most of the time but have treats now and then. I used to be a Weight Watchers leader, and I told my members that the special anniversary or birthday dinners did not make them overweight, it was all the days they over-ate in between.

  32. 49

    I forgot you went to Dickinson! I grew up close by and now my sister lives in Carlisle. I’m visiting for the week. It’s always weird for me to see familiar locations pop up in my blog feed haha.


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