Things I’m Loving Lately (+ a Giveaway!)

Hey guys! It’s almost the weekend – woohoo!! Matt is out of town for work so I’ll be cruising solo this weekend – and besides dinner tonight with the rents and a long run Sunday morning with track buddies, I have zero plans. Weird/awesome! I’m resisting the temptation to book my schedule up with social outings – after a TON of travel lately and things being crazy on the work front I could really use some time to catch up on life and rest – especially since I have another trip coming up next week!

sunset from plane window

Anyway – here are some things I’m loving lately – including an awesome giveaway! :)

1) My Flour Free Breakfast Pancake (<—recipe).

flour free breakfast pancake recipe

I hadn’t made this in awhile due to all my travels – and I’ve been so busy lately that when I have made it I’ve done a quick variation where I just microwave the ingredients together in a bowl. It’s fast and easy but not quite as delicious (or pretty). I topped this morning’s with some yogurt and additional nuts since I was really hungry post-workout! Hit the spot – and I enjoyed it with a side of the Washington Post Sunday Travel section, which is my fave. I loved their “Around the World in 20 Days” article from last weekend – totally want to do something like that someday! Also – does anyone else have Reykjavik, Iceland on their bucket list?

2) Joyful Eating, Nourished Life

The first group for the intuitive and mindful eating group program that Rachael, Alex, and I created launched on Monday! We’re all so excited about it – so far it’s been awesome to see everyone in our private Facebook group already starting to do some great detective work around what drives them to eat (or not eat). I’m really looking forward to helping those in the program learn and grow as they work to improve their relationships with food. Also, just a heads up that if you’re interested we have opened sign ups for the next 6 week session, which will launch on October 10. Sign up here if you’d like to join us! Space is limited.

joyfuleating sidebar graphic

Also – I wanted to give a quick shout out to Alex for her upcoming cookbook release – Fresh Italian Cooking for the New Generation! Long live carbs – it’s all about balance (and adding lots of veggie volume!) and she showcases that beautifully in the cookbook. Give it a look!

fresh italian cooking

3) Our “coffee and tea bar.”

For ages we had our Keurig, our Nespresso machine, our milk frother (best thing ever), AND our hot water kettle (so much faster than a stovetop kettle) on our kitchen counter and it stressed me out because it was SO crowded and didn’t leave us almost any space for food prep. A couple months ago I had the genius idea to move all of the items out into our little breakfast nook instead to make a sort of coffee/tea bar! I even got a picture I took one morning at a coffee shop on my phone turned into a printed canvas to make it look even more inviting. I love how it came out!

coffee shop heart canvas print

Our k-cups, espresso pods, and teabags are all in the cabinet below (where they’ve been all along) so it makes sense to have everything in one place, too!

at home coffee tea bar

4) Organic Valley Half and Half. (sponsored)

Speaking of coffee bars – one thing Matt and I have both been loving lately is Organic Valley’s flavored half and half! I’m normally not a fan of flavored half and half because they have all sorts of junk added to them, but Organic Valley’s is awesome – really high quality ingredient list. To make it they blend organic and fair-trade ingredients with their pasture-raised milk and cream.


The french vanilla is my favorite but the hazelnut flavor is also delicious!

organic valley french vanilla half and half

I like my coffee (and lattes, obviously) super milky but not too sweet so I usually do a mix of Organic Valley’s whole milk or plain half and half + a splash of the vanilla half and half for flavor and sweetness, but Matt likes going all flavored half and half! We pounded through the bottles they sent me a few weeks ago and Matt requested I pick more up at the store ASAP – clearly we had a winner!

If you’re looking for a good laugh, check out this hilarious YouTube video that Organic Valley made – one of their organic dairy farmers, Gerrit van Tol, opened a one-weekend pop up coffee shop in NYC in April that served only organic half & half. Slightly confused customers ordered Organic Valley Half & Half in three sizes – and then visited the condiment bar to add coffee for free. So funny and well done – the farmer’s acting was spot on. :)

Organic Valley sent me a fun “World’s Best Coffee” kit last week and offered to give one away to you guys, too! The kit includes what you see pictured below: three half and halfs (vanilla, hazelnut, and plain), a french press, a small packet of ground coffee, a coffee travel mug, and some coupons.


I busted out the french press last weekend when my friends Lauren and Libby were here staying with us and Lauren liked the flavored half and half so much she bought herself some immediately after getting home – love it! Enter below to win and try some yourself. :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway


5) Sweaty friend workouts.

I was traveling from Monday to Wednesday this week (here’s what I was up to – full recap coming in a couple weeks!) and I didn’t make it to my track group yesterday because it was pouring, so I was really in the mood for a sweat this morning. I met friends Kathleen and Chelsea for a little Urban Athletic Club action via ClassPass! It was awesome and a great boot camp workout as always! We’re really liking Romain’s classes lately – he’s energetic and upbeat and a great positive motivator. Also – still so proud of Kathleen for continuing to crush the workouts during her pregnancy! AND – I’m super excited because Chelsea and her fiance just bought a house in Arlington and are moving in a week – so pumped she’ll be close by again!


Lots of meetings and items on the to do list today – better get back to it! Have a great day and an even better weekend, my friends. :)

I’ll leave you with some links/info from around the web!

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  1. 1

    Hazelnut is always my fave!

  2. 2

    Like you, I usually try to avoid flavored creamers but these seem like a great option! I’d love to try the French Vanilla :) I too would love to visit Iceland but sadly my husband hates the cold. I may have to go with a girlfriend! It looks spectacular.

  3. 3
    Charlotte says

    Hazelnut definitely!

  4. 4
    Jennifer Lattin says

    Oh, I would love to win this! My French press coffee maker recently broke and have yet to replace it. This would be perfect. Plus, I don’t think I have ever tried Organic Valley products but have been hearing more about the recently.

  5. 5

    I was on a weird pumpkin pancake kick this week! Also cauliflower chicken egg fried “rice” AWESOMENESS!

  6. 6
    Meredith says

    mmm sounds delish! I love mixing Hazlenut and French Vanilla flavored coffee as a special road trip treat :)

  7. 7

    Funny video! I’d love to try the vanilla!

  8. 8
    Michelle says

    I am super excited to try the flavored half and half!!

  9. 9

    I loved the irony of the video. And vanilla half and half!

  10. 10

    Love flavored creamers! I am a vanilla girl!

  11. 11

    such a french press fan. love making my coffee in it on slow weekend mornings.

  12. 12

    Love the clean ingredients list!! I always go for vanilla.

  13. 13
    colleenmarie says

    cute video, I like the french vanilla

  14. 14

    I would love to try the French vanilla flavor!

  15. 15
    Sarah in WI says

    Funny!! That farmer is good in front of the camera.
    I’d try French Vanilla.

  16. 16

    I love the “coffee bar” video. I am glad that the grass tastes grassy. French Vanilla tends to be the flavor I always come back to.

  17. 17

    great video – I’d try the hazelnut.

  18. 18

    always a hazelnut girl

  19. 19

    Love the video! The hazelnut looks fantastic!

  20. 20
    Jane Lennox says

    French vanilla would be my favorite.

  21. 21

    I would love to try the vanilla half and half. I love flavored creamers but the ingredient list is scary! I’m at the Organic Valley website now to see what store near me have it!

  22. 23
    Christina says

    I would love to try their French Vanilla flavor. Also, Reykjavik has been on my bucket list for awhile.

  23. 24

    Love the coffee (ahem, half and half) shop in the video! I would try the french vanilla. I wish companies made caramel or cinnamon flavors!

  24. 25

    Coffee on the side…I love it! Vanilla creamer probably, but my kids all tell me vanilla is boring :)

  25. 26
    Michelle G says

    Cannot live without coffee :) would love to try the vanilla

  26. 27

    I actually kind of really like that concept….I think it could sell

  27. 28
    Shoshana says

    “I just saw a girl carrying a ukelele” HAHA. My husband and I recently made the switch to buying organic half and half so this is a great giveaway for us!!

  28. 29

    Hahah! I’d try hazelnut.

  29. 30

    I love French Vanilla flavoring!

    And speaking of Iceland, my grandmother (who’s 85 mind you) is traveling there at the end of July with a friend from church. I’m a bit jealous! :-)

  30. 32

    Oh my gosh, I busted out laughing when he said “I just saw a girl with a ukulele”
    HAHA!! Seriously the best commercial I’ve seen in a while :)
    That French Vanilla flavor sounds heavenly! And thanks for including my link!! xxxo

  31. 34

    Funny! Hazelnut sounds delicious!

  32. 35

    That video was hilarious! The “ukulele” part was the funniest!

    The french vanilla flavor sounds awesome!

  33. 36

    haha! I’d try the french vanilla

  34. 37

    That video was so funny! And honestly, I think they’re onto something ;)

    My favorite flavor is French vanilla!

  35. 38

    hazelnut, yum!

  36. 39

    Anything coffee related, I’m in … or really, let’s be honest. Anything that makes coffee not taste like coffee is what I’m all about ;-)

  37. 40
    Elizabeth says

    Can’t wait to try that creamer!

  38. 41

    french vanilla – can’t go wrong :)

  39. 42
    Annmarie says

    I’m totally going to start asking baristas to put milk/creamer in my coffee by using the phrase “lotta.” I’ve also been hit and miss with flavored creamers–would love to give the hazelnut Organic Valley a try!

  40. 43

    Hi Anne, I love your blog but this is my first time commenting! (Coffee is an excellent motivator!) I usually avoid creamers too but when I’m looking for a treat I love hazelnut flavor in my coffee.

  41. 45

    I’m a plain creamer type of girl.

  42. 46
    Jessica D says

    I usually go for plain, but I’d love to try the hazelnut!

  43. 47

    Clever and hilarious commercial! Love how he chews on the grass. I’d mix vanilla and hazelnut (vanilla nut!!). :D

  44. 48

    I love our french press!! I drink mine black but the wife does enjoy adding in some sort of milk/creamer. :)

  45. 49
    Vicky N. says

    Awesome giveaway! The ukulele was cute. I don’t usually do flavored creamer for the same reasons you mentioned, so I’d love to try this French vanilla!

  46. 50

    Hmm…I don’t think I can choose. Hazelnut and vanilla FTW!

  47. 51

    I love coffee creamers, hazelnut is always a good flavor!

  48. 52

    Hilarious! I’d love to try the French Vanilla!

  49. 53
    Carolsue says

    Funny video! I like French Vanilla
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  50. 54

    Oh golly, I would love this!!! I’ve been wanting a french press for ages, and the coffee thermos looks perfect for commuting!! Thank you! <3

  51. 55

    Such a great video! I love a flavored coffee creamer but have been staying away lately to avoid the sketchy ingredient list. I’d love to try their hazelnut flavor!

  52. 56

    I usually drink coffee black, but it’s fun to add in a few extras!

  53. 57

    I’m always a fan of french vanilla!

  54. 58

    This is such a good recipe for a flour less pancake. I cannot wait to try it. Got the eggs and the bananas.

  55. 60

    haha funny! I would go with vanilla likely.

  56. 61

    French Vanilla!

  57. 62
    Elisabeth says

    I’m totally a hazelnut coffee girl!

  58. 63

    I’m totally a fan of French Vanilla. That video was a hoot. But I honestly don’t think I could enjoy my coffee without my milk. I haven’t purchased Organic Valley milk before. But I definitely think it is going to be on my list from now on. Because I want my coffee to come from the “best coffee shop in america”!

  59. 65

    My husband and I use that exact same Organic Valley half & half carton! :) I haven’t seen the flavored ones yet. I know we both would like to try them. Hazelnut is my husband’s favorite flavoring, and I love vanilla!

  60. 66

    I enjoyed that video. His discussion of the logo was great. I also laughed when he milked the cow right into his coffee mug.

    I’d love to try the French Vanilla. You can’t go wrong with vanilla!

  61. 67

    french vanilla!

  62. 68

    Yum! I’d go with hazelnut flavored in my coffee :)

  63. 69

    Love the French vanilla!

  64. 70

    I love organic valley. Their butter is amazing. A bunch of my friends work at the hdq!

  65. 72

    I am a French Vanilla kind of gal.

  66. 73

    Yesss I created a coffee bar years ago and love it! I put a book shelve over the “bar” and placed my cookbooks there. Looks greats!

  67. 75

    French vanilla

  68. 76

    “Hey Molly, you gonna make me a good cup of coffee?” haha I thought the video was very creative and funny. I’m sure the French vanilla and hazelnut are delicious. A friend has a French press and the coffee is fantastic!

  69. 77

    Definitely want to try those creamers!

  70. 78

    That video was too cute/funny. Is really like to try the French Vanilla. I haven’t seen it at my regular grocery store, but I’ll be keeping an eye out for it!

  71. 79

    I’m always weirded out by odd ingredient lists, but I’d like to look into the Organic Valley creamer.

  72. 80

    funny! i’d love to try the vanilla!

  73. 81

    love to try the French vanilla flavor!

  74. 82

    I’d try the French Vanilla :)

  75. 83

    I LOVE hazelnut. Thanks so much for the giveaway.

  76. 84
    Tiffany Banks says

    Funny video!! I LOVED it!! I would love to try the hazelnut or french vanilla!

  77. 85
    Jennifer says

    Love the video, and my favorite flavor is French Vanilla

  78. 86
    Lauren K says

    Yum! So glad you introduced me to this creamer, its a new favorite for me :)

  79. 88

    haha the video was hilarious! And I’d have to go with hazelnut or vanilla :)

  80. 89

    Love flavored coffee creamer! Some are so disappointing though…the flavor sounds super yummy but then when I try it, it doesn’t taste anything like the advertised flavor – boo! I want to try the Organic Valley French vanilla.

  81. 91
    Angela Saver says

    I loved the YouTube video & the farmer was awesome! I would love to try the Hazelnut most of all! Thanks for an AWESOME giveaway!

  82. 92

    How cute is that video, I love when the farmer is talking to the cows. I wonder if that is real (is he a real person or an actor I wonder). I don’t see the flavors listed, but I would like the Plain Organic Valley Half & Half. I don’t like the sugar that they add (even organic ones, why the sugar – why?) to the Flavored Half & Half.

  83. 94
    Jennifer L says

    Oh, man, I could really use that coffee kit! I’m moving into a new place with a new roommate and neither of us own a coffee maker! I could actually die. I watched the video, and I liked the farmer trying to be hip. The beginning about the small cute storefront and the logos were great.

  84. 95
    Susan Christy says

    I want to try the FrenchVanilla.

  85. 96

    french vanilla

  86. 97
    Michelle B says

    Cute video! I think French vanilla sounds amazing!

  87. 98


  88. 99

    Loved it! I would love to try the hazelnut.

  89. 100

    Hazelnut! After doing Whole30, I’m much more aware of ingredient lists so I’ll have to check out this brand!

  90. 101
    Danielle says

    Vanilla for me!

  91. 102

    Very cute. Hazelnut would be my #1.

  92. 103

    Hazelnut; made me giggle!

  93. 104

    Such a cute little video! Even the customers at the shop were confused hehe. I would love to try the hazelnut flavor!

  94. 105

    I feel like I’d love mostly plain with a splash of vanilla!

  95. 106

    Cute commercial! I would try hazelnut. Thanks for the giveaway!

  96. 107
    jessica jam says

    Very cute commercial! Funny! I would like to try the hazelnut!

  97. 108
    Roadrunner says

    Plain vanilla!

  98. 109

    I’d love to try the French vanilla! Love your idea for a coffee nook!

  99. 110

    Love your coffee nook – what a great idea!

  100. 111

    Ha, that video is great. Funny idea! I would love to try their hazelnut!

  101. 112
    Tammy shelton says

    French Vanilla Half & Half is my new favorite.

  102. 113
    margaret says

    french vanilla for the win. i’ve tried creamers in the past, like peppermint, and the ingredients are always wanky. i appreciate something simple

  103. 114

    I love your coffee bar idea, the cute video & flavored coffee creamer! I have no doubts the French Vanilla would be delicious. I’m definitely putting this brand on my to-try list!

  104. 115

    The barista is funny. I would try the french vanilla.

  105. 116

    I love flavored coffee cream but recently gave it up due to all of the extra stuff it in. Very excited to try this!

  106. 117

    Funny video! The hazelnut sounds delicious!

  107. 118

    Hi Anne,
    I usually drink my coffee plain, but after reading your blog on all this flavors, would love to try it and even better to win it.. hazelnut and vanilla sounds yummy…

  108. 119

    Vanilla all the way! yum!

  109. 120

    Vanilla all the way, but I am always open to new flavors.

  110. 121

    Thanks for the blog . The hazelnut sounds delicious!

  111. 122

    Definitely vanilla!!

  112. 123

    Your coffee and tea bar looks so cute! We have limited space in our kitchen, so we have something similar and I love it! :)

  113. 124

    Haha, funny video! Would love to try the hazelnut!

  114. 125

    Organic Valley’s headquarters is a couple miles from my hometown – I love their products and they treat their employees wonderfully!!! We also have a coffee bar set-up in our dining room and LOVE it! Less cluttered countertops for the win!

  115. 127

    I loved the sizes – little bit and lotta, hilarious! I’d love the hazelnut flavor – yum!

  116. 128
    Beth Kinney says

    So funny! And I choose hazelnut

  117. 129

    I LOVE that coffee bar idea! I am planning to do the same in my house! Although, I’m still in between whether I want it to be a coffee bar or an adult beverage bar. ;)

  118. 131

    I have been wanting to try these creamers, my hubby is a coffee creamer fanatic!

  119. 132
    Christian H says

    Hazelnut is my favorite flavor to add to coffee! I’d love to try Organic Valley’s version!

  120. 133

    I am a big fan of the french vanilla! And side note, I love spotting your Starbucks mugs from different locations! I have been collecting those several years and love taking a small journey down memory lane with each morning cup of coffee!

  121. 135
    Courtney says

    I would love to try hazelnut! I like my lattes milky too but not sweet as well, so hazelnut would be nice to add some flavor.

  122. 136
    Michelle F says

    I love hazelnut!

  123. 137
    Kristina N. says

    I don’t usually use flavored creamers, but would love to try the hazelnut!

  124. 138

    “Modern logo with arrows” – ha! Such a cute video! I would love to try the french vanilla.

  125. 139

    I love all Organic Valley products! I would have to alternate between French vanilla and hazelnut. So good!

  126. 140

    French vanilla definitely! I love that NC mug :)

  127. 141

    I would love to try the hazelnut!

  128. 142
    Amy Seifert says

    I was just professing my love for half and half to a complete stranger at the grocery store yesterday :)

  129. 143
    Amy Seifert says

    That was cute! I usually like plain half and half because I think other flavors taste “fake”. I’m interested in how the French Vanilla tastes.

  130. 144

    Coffee culture is so different in Australia. I find the flavoured coffee / creamer in Canada & the US interesting but definitely not my thing.

  131. 145
    Annamarie says

    I love the video, I think it’s funny that the half and half is the highlight not the coffee. I use organic valley half and half it’s made from grass fed cows and that’s important to me. I think I would choose plain half and half.

  132. 146

    I would so love to win this! Both hazelnut and french vanilla sound amazing.

  133. 147

    These look yummy! I’m with you, I like whole milk with a splash of flavor, my choice would be Hazelnut!

  134. 148

    Funny video

    Hazelnut mixed
    With Vanilla

  135. 149

    Your coffee and tea bar looks so adorable! We have restricted space in our kitchen, so we have something comparable and I adore it! :)

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