Hey friends! Matt and I kicked off our weekend on Friday our usual fave way – with nachos + happy hour at Screwtop in Clarendon. 

Riese was a bittttt of a hot mess so we didn’t have a long, leisurely happy hour, but it was still a lot of fun. :) I love our Friday tradition!

We spent the rest of the night on the couch watching the new season of Stranger Things – who else is into that show? Sooo good! 

On Saturday, we took a morning walk with the dog and then I threw together a mediterranean quinoa salad (basically my Mediterranean Bulgur Salad but with quinoa instead) and brought it with us as we headed out to see our friends Kathleen and Zach!

They have a 6 week old and we were excited to finally make it over to meet her – and Riese had the BEST time playing with Van, their almost 3 year old!

mediterranean quinoa salad

I figured a light and healthy lunch would be welcomed because I remember us doing a lot of takeout and heavier casseroles when Riese was born, and I was right – it was a hit, and there was enough to leave them with some leftovers for the week, too!

We got back in time for Riese to take a super long nap – I guess playing with the big kid wore her out! – and then in the late afternoon we headed to our pool to meet our friends Jackie and Aaron. They have a 1 year old so we kicked it at the baby pool and enjoyed some adult beverages and got dinner from the snack bar. Their blackened salmon BLT wrap is legit! 

blackened salmon blt wrap

We always have a blast with Jackie and Aaron – good to see them as it had been awhile!

As for Sunday morning, I was up and out early to meet my friend Sokphal for a run!

It was hottttttttttt even at 7:30 a.m., but it felt good to get some movement in and thankfully Sokphal was cool with some walking breaks. ;)

I’m loving summer adventures, but can’t wait for cooler weather for running!

dc runner

3.36 miles – apologies to my readers who appreciate round number mileage stats. ;)

When I got home, Matt and I threw a fruit plate together and then headed over to my running buddy Diane’s place – she was hosting a group of us for brunch. Fun!

The fruit plate was a hit – as was the appetizer pizza they put out! I was rungry!

Diane and her husband Drew have 2 girls – I think about 5 and 7 years old – and they were super cute with Riese. Shortly after we arrived they all disappeared upstairs; when Matt and I went up to see what was going on they had Riese in their bathroom on a stepstool and were washing her hands for her. She was obsessed with them! Too cute. 

Riese loved their piano, too. :) We want to get one for our new house – Matt likes playing and I hope Riese will, too!

Yummy brunch post-playtime:

When we got home, we got Riese down for her nap and I ran out to do some errands while Matt did some packing and things around the house.

Post-nap, we headed to the pool again, this time to meet our friends Heather and Mike and their little one who is Riese’s age! It was quite the social weekend. :)

We decided to wait and have dinner at home this time, so we stuck with watermelon + drinks at the pool, and then after getting Riese cleaned up and to bed Matt fired up the grill for us. 

We made one of our usual faves – grilled chicken, baked beans, and veggies (this is a belated photo once one of the chicken breasts and one of the veggie packs was already taken off). 

The little foil pack is the veggies – I sliced up some zucchini and Matt packed them in foil packets with a little butter and minced garlic, then tossed them on the grill. Fun way to cook them and super low maintenance, too! He said he learned that tip on some of his camping trips.

Yum, yum!

cooking veggies in foil packs on the grill

Plus baked beans – just canned ones that were heated up on the grill in a cast iron skillet. Delicious and simple summery meal!

chicken and baked beans on grill

We have lots of baked beans leftover so I’m looking forward to channeling the British this week and eating them on toast for breakfast. :)

I hope you guys had a great weekend, too! 

Anyone else grill out? What did you make? (Psst: if you want some ideas, check out my Healthy Grilling Dinner Recipe ideas blog post!)


  1. 1

    Sounds like a fun weekend! What time do you put Riese to bed? Our baby is a few weeks younger, but I feel like her bedtimes are getting later/it is taking longer and longer to put her to sleep at night. I wish we could put her to bed and then have our dinner, but these days, that would mean eating past 9, which is way too late for us!

    • 2

      Riese has just started pushing things later and taking longer to get ready to go down, too… her bedtime was 7 p.m. until a week or so ago; now it’s been closer to 7:30 or even 8 some nights. I think last night when we grilled after it was 7:30, so that gave us enough time and neither of us was starved, but we may have to start trying to do family dinners vs. separate dinners. It’s hard though because even though Riese goes to bed later, she still gets really hungry and wants to eat around 5:30 (despite having a massive snack around 3/3:30 or whenever she’s up from her nap).

  2. 3
    TrackBuddy says

    What a fun brunch! The girls loved playing with Riese – they’re already asking when she’s coming back.

    And a quick public service announcement on these festive summer runs – once I started drinking 2-3 28 oz bottles of water immediately post-workout, I stopped getting dehydration headaches in the afternoon. Who knew!? :-)

    • 4

      Haha that’s smart! I’m always sooooo thirsty the rest of the day after a summer run so I know I’m probably not taking in enough… I’ll try to just pound a ton all at once post-run next time vs. spreading it out throughout the day! Thanks again for having us Sunday – so fun!

  3. 5

    You could also add those baked beans to a jacket potato (aka a baked potato)!!

  4. 7

    Grill whole heads of romaine. We tie it together. Season romaine, red onion sliced in half, tomatoes cut in half. All seasoned with olive oil, salt and pepper.
    Grill til romaine starts to blacken. Chop it all up. A little Italian dressing. Delicious. It totally changes the taste of the romaine. And grilled vegetables are the best!

  5. 9
    Roadrunner says

    I continue to be impressed by all the activities that you manage to pack into a weekend, Anne. Kudos to you and Matt and your little person!

  6. 10

    We absolutely LOVE Stranger Things!! I cried during the last episode, but it was really excellent. I love how much you all were able to include in your weekend fun, and your grilled chicken meal sounds absolutely perfect! We need to make this asap. :)

  7. 11

    We watched Stranger Things, too but I kind of got freaked out by that gooey blog thing and had a hard time watching scenes with it. Ha. We watched the last episode last Friday but had just gotten back from looking at a house and had a big disagreement about whether to make an offer/whether we needed to adjust our search area so I was in the worst mood so decided to assemble a water table we had purchased. It ended up being SO MUCH WORK that I really didn’t catch any of what happened so I just had my husband tell me what happened at the end. Ha.

    You guys packed a lot of fun into your weekend. It’s nice that you have so many friends with kids! My husband’s group of friends have kids similar ages but we have the hardest time getting together with them since everyone is so dang busy, especially since one of the dads is a golf pro so summers are his busiest season. My college friends have kids but they are all in school and sooo much older than Paul. I joined a mom group after Paul was born but we are not all in the same area so it can be tough to coordinate get togethers. But I do have a pretty good core group of mom friends and I think as the kids get a bit older and more set on their nap times, it will be easier to get together.

    • 12

      It’s hard how busy everyone is nowadays – not easy to coordinate schedules for sure! I hope you guys came to a consensus about the house that you both feel good about. :)

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