Wednesday Randomness: Eats, A PSA, and More

Hi guys! I know I mentioned a new recipe today, but I didn’t end up having a chance to finish it – so I’m checking in today with some randomness instead. :)

1) Riese and I enjoyed this yummy salmon a couple times this week!

It was a simple pan seared salmon with a cucumber, shallot, pepper, and orzo salad dressed lightly with some lemon juice, olive oil, a drizzle of raw honey, and some salt and pepper. 

I made this earlier in the week after Riese was asleep, but Matt has been out of town on a work trip so there were plenty of  leftovers for lunch the next day!

Riese randomly LOVES cucumber. I just cut it into really small pieces for her. 

2) This photo makes me happy. <3 

My mom was taking the picture, so we had all 4 generations together!

Bringing a baby/toddler to a retirement community makes you feel like you have a celebrity with you, BTW. She’s always such a hit!

3) Still obsessed with popcorn topped with nutritional yeast

I’ve been trying to get a lot of work (both work work and around the house work) done in the evenings since Matt has been gone, but I did watch an episode of my latest favorite trashy TV show (“The Bold Type”) the other night while enjoying my popcorn – so good. 

4) Leftover smoked salmon + vegetable egg casserole and banana oatmeal hit the spot for breakfast earlier this week. 

I made the oatmeal on the stovetop since I was making a double batch to share with Riese and added some cottage cheese after it was cooked.

I also stirred in some powdered peanut butter – we randomly had some on hand that I think I got ages ago in a blog package, and I had no idea what to do with it – well, turns out it’s delicious in oatmeal! Try it. I loved how intense the peanut butter flavor was, although I don’t love that the powdered PB is missing the healthy fat!

5) A quick PSA for my breastfeeding/pumping readers – if you’re having trouble with clogged ducts, try taking sunflower lecithin

I mentioned recently that as I’ve been starting to wean Riese I’ve had a couple bouts of clogged ducts – super painful and not fun. It seemed to happen mostly when I’d try to do a workout before nursing Riese first thing in the morning, even though I’m not producing that much milk anymore. 

After some research I discovered that sunflower lecithin can help, and sure enough, problem solved! I’ve been able to go for runs without nursing Riese or pumping first and no more clogged ducts. I’m so grateful I don’t have to worry about pumping anymore if I want to do an early workout before Riese is awake… makes things feel so much easier logistically to be able to just get up and go again!

We are down to nursing twice a day now – first thing (or whenever I get back from a workout), and then when she wakes up from her nap (mid-afternoon). 

My plan is to to fully done by June, because I’ve got some travel starting that month and I don’t want to lug along my pump for the adventures. :)

6) I’m getting really excited to unveil my new blog design for you guys soon! 

I’m done working with the designer and the developer is now working on it. It will probably be a couple more months (or longer) before it’s all ready to be revealed to the world, but I can’t for you guys to see it. 

The recipe page in particular is going to be such a huge upgrade. I’m going to work to get all my recipes tagged/categorized and into a consistent format so that you’ll be able to search them easily – for example you could search “chicken” + “instant pot” + “gluten free” and all the recipes that fit those parameters will come up. I can’t waittttt until it’s ready for action.

And that’s all I have for you today! Have a lovely day, my friends. 

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  1. 1

    I’m so impressed that you are still nursing! Way to go! I am sure it feels amazing to have an end date in sight so you can kind of get your body fully back (as much as you can after having a baby!). I was done pumping in December and it was life changing! Granted, exclusively pumping is way different from breast feeding so it was extra extra liberating for me! Boy did I hate my pump!

    Riese is such a great little eater. We are really struggling with our little guy. He will eat anything and everything at school and they feed him a super healthy menu – lots of lentils, beans, veggies, etc. But at home it’s a whole other story. He is very stubborn and will spit things out if he doesn’t want them. We keep giving him things over and over again in the hopes that he’ll start eating them but haven’t had much luck so far. :/ He still eats pretty healthy, there’s just not a ton of variety to what he eats at home. I’m hoping this is a phase as I do not want a picky eater!

    • 2

      Man I seriously can’t imagine having to exclusively pump – that’s SO hard! Props to you for doing it so long – and yay for being done. :) I think all kids go through picky phases – there are definitely foods Riese tosses to the dog or refuses even after trying them a bunch, so don’t worry! I find she’s most picky at dinnertime and more open to different stuff at lunch, which sounds like may be the case for your little guy too.

      • 3

        Thanks for the encouragement, Anne! I am sure the time of day/his exhaustion level does not help things. He barely naps at daycare (he’s the best eater and worst sleeper in his class) so he’s super tired at dinner. He will eat the strangest things, like he loves these organic chipotle black bean burgers that we buy at the grocery store. I wouldn’t think he’d like them but he will goggle them up. But I tried giving him pieces of my hamburger and he spit them out. Such an odd duck!!

    • 5
      TrackBuddy says

      I have TWO picky eaters – 8.5 and 4.5. They both eat healthy food, just limited variety. But here’s the great part – the 8 y/o has really started to expand her palette in the last 1-2 years. Fish, eggplant, beans, etc. The 4 y/o is still a work in progress, but my big accomplishment this year has been getting her to eat apples (no, seriously, the kid wouldn’t even eat apples before this). As with many kid challenges, I think gentle persistence eventually pays off…just sometimes takes years instead of months. So good luck and DON’T feel bad about it, they’ll all turn out just fine. :-) :-)

      • 6

        Thank you for this comment! It’s helpful to get encouraging support from other moms who’ve been there! Our little guy is only 14 months and he is SO stubborn. He will spit things out if he doesn’t want to eat them so there is no forcing him to eat anything… I keep telling myself that just because he won’t eat green beans now doesn’t mean he’ll never eat them ;)

  2. 7

    I second the sunflower lecithin! I started taking it after I got mastitis when my son was 5 weeks, and thankfully I haven’t had any other issues since then 4 months later!

    • 8

      Awesome! I def wanted to share in hopes of saving a blog reader from dealing with clogged ducts or mastitis… so not cool!

    • 9

      How much do you take to prevent them? My little guy is going to be 2 months on Wednesday. I have had two clogged ducts since he was born. I just finished breastfeeding my one year old the beginning of July and then I found out I was pregnant in the middle of July! I wish I would have known about this then because by the end of that year I had some really bad clogs that lasted over 24 hours. I was terrified I would get mastitis!

      • 10

        Yikes, sorry to hear you were dealing with that! I just take the recommended dose once per day and that does the trick for me.

  3. 11
    Jane Lennox says

    Loved the 3 generation picture! My sister is in a short term care facility due to a serious fall and when we take her dog to visit her he is a greeted eagerly by everyone.

  4. 13

    I LOVE the bold type! Sutton is my favorite, but I’m really enjoying Jane’s journey with egg freezing!

    • 14

      It’s soooo good right?! Super entertaining and fun to watch but I feel like they also cover a lot of big issues with nice messaging/positive themes going on as well. :)

  5. 15

    I like to mix PB powder with plain yogurt and use it as a fruit (mostly nice tart apples) dip. A great afternoon snack!

  6. 17

    There is a company that sells supplements for all things breast feeding including clogged ducts. It is Legendairy Milk.

    • 18

      Oh nice! The supplement I’m taking now is working just fine, but I’ll keep that company in mind for the future – thanks for the tip!

  7. 19
    Roadrunner says

    What a great photo of the women in your family! Very nice!

  8. 20

    The photo with your grandmother is lovely!! Enjoy every minute, so special!

  9. 21

    dumb question for you – (from a non-blogger). why does it take so long to redesign a blog? I mean – i have no idea what it actually entails – i just think “put a new banner, update the layout, add a few sidebars, a pretty picture, etc” – so – tell me. what am i not thinking about? (this is not a mean comment, i just have absolutely no idea!)

    • 22

      Haha good question! Part of it is waiting for the designer and developer to have time to focus on your project (they are all always overbooked). With the designer, that actual process only took about 3 weeks of back and forth with her putting together mock ups of the new look and some new functionality, etc. But I had to wait 3 months to even get in with her in the first place! And now the developer has had my design files for the past month but hasn’t had time to get to them yet since he’s finishing up another website. Not sure how long it will take once he actually gets going… but there’s a ton of back up logistics. If you use a theme that is already preset, it’s super easy to redesign a website – you just pop in your info and that’s that! But with a more personalized design there’s a lot of coding and back end stuff that has to be done, and for my site in particular we have to painstakingly re-categorize, tag, and transfer every recipe on my website (300+ I think) into a new format so that it will all be searchable. So… lots more behind the scenes than you’d think. :) Good question!!

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