Easter Weekend: Running + Brunching

Hi friends – I hope you had a great weekend, and a lovely Easter, for those who celebrate it!

Here are some of the highlights from our weekend. 

1) A spring-y run date. 

All the flowers out right now are so gorgeous!

spring running DC

My friend Grace and I met up and did 5 miles along the Mt Vernon Trail – it feels good to be able to comfortably do that distance again!

gw parkway trail running

Grace and I want to sign up for a spring race to train for together… do you guys know of any local 10 milers (or around that distance) happening in mid May or early June, before it gets too hot?

We aren’t ready for a half marathon, but want something a little longer than a 10k… too bad we didn’t get it together in time for the GW Parkway Classic next weekend! Oh well. 

2) Easter brunch with my family. 

I love an excuse to put Riese in a cute dress. :)

My mom made a delicious brunch for everyone featuring some of my blog recipes: Smoked Salmon and Vegetable Egg Casserole + Fruit Salad with Honey Lime Yogurt Dressing. Plus bacon and some blueberry muffins!

There was a little Easter egg “hunt” for Riese around the living room, too, with a basket for her to put her eggs in. :)

Freyja the dog came with us to brunch and got into the Easter spirit as well… for 5 seconds before she wanted this thing off of her. 

3) More brunch! 

This one was on Saturday – I met friends Kathleen and Sarah for brunch at St. Anselm in Union Market in DC.

We got a ton of stuff and shared it all and everything was amazing: monkey bread + deviled eggs + biscuits with pimento cheese + a mushroom omelette + a delicious spring salad with beans and artichoke hearts. 

4) One more meal out!

This time with Matt and Riese to get BBQ on Sunday night. It was nice out so we wanted to sit outside, and the fridge was looking pretty bare! 

Rocklands BBQ hit the spot. 

rocklands bbq

We did eat at home this weekend as well, although it was mostly leftovers or random throw together meals so not super photo worthy!

Here’s one picture I did get of a meal at home though – this was Saturday night’s dinner. Dim lighting, but you get the idea!

It was some microwave-wilted baby spinach with a quinoa and veggie salad (a frozen one from Whole Foods I believe), plus Wegmans BBQ chicken that we defrosted and then threw into the oven (you can read about it in this post from awhile ago). 

And that’s about it for our weekend!

The non-highlight from the weekend was doing lots of packing and work around the house. We are under contract on a new home (moving to Del Ray in Alexandria!)… lots to do before we move!

I hope you guys had a nice weekend – catch you back here on Wednesday with a new recipe. 


  1. 1

    Congratulations on your new home. :-) Riese and Freya are adorable. :-)

    We made the Veggie-Packed Sheet Pan Breakfast Hash and it was a HUGE hit. Thank you so much for the wonderful yummy easy recipe. I had leftovers for breakfast this morning and it was awesome cold.

    Have a wonderful week.

  2. 3
    Roadrunner says

    Impressive to see you back to running five miles. Well done! And love the photos of Eastery Riese and your dog!

  3. 4

    That is exciting that you are moving!! We have been looking for a house for 1.5 years now! It feels like we will never find a house. Bleh. We are really specific about what we want, though, and are targeting a fairly small area of Minneapolis so that’s why it’s taking so long. Our current house is fine for right now so we can be patient but if/when baby #2 is on the way, we are going really have to hope that we find something (or consider buying a place that needs some updates – right now we are trying to avoid a renovation project). I hope your current home sells fast or has already sold!

    Your Easter weekend looked wonderful! Ours was great, too. We spent lots of time outdoors as it was beautiful outside! Finally! We sure wait long for spring in Minnesota but when it arrives, EVERYONE is outside! The biking/running paths in our area were super busy this weekend and there were lots of people at the park!

    • 5

      Thanks Lisa!! We were looking for quite awhile too – nice to have the luxury of taking our time! I hope you find something perfect soon! Love that spring has arrived for you, too – we have been spending practically all day every day outside lately and it’s been awesome!

  4. 6

    Yay, Del Ray! It was the perfect neighborhood for us for our time in DC. Great access to the running trails and my absolute favorite and #1 “missed thing” — Swing’s Coffee. I hope you guys love it there.

  5. 10
    Catherine says

    Congratulations on your new house! I live near Del Ray, in north Old Town. You’ll love the running options. And also Junction bakery :)

    • 11

      Yay! Thanks! :) What are your favorite running spots? I already love the Mt Vernon Trail of course, but curious what other gems there are in that area!

      • 12

        The Potomac Yard trail is great for shorter runs – out and back I think it’s a little until 3 miles, with fitness equipment along the way. I also love running to Jones Point, which you can connect to the Mt Vernon trail. And from Del Ray you can easily get to the Four Mile Run trail, too. Lots of options! Pacers on King St does several (free) weekly runs, though I’ve never participated.

  6. 14

    The Baltimore 10 miler is June 1st – not DC but also not too far!

  7. 15

    Congrats on the new house! We live behind the starting line for the Del Ray Turkey Trot and right on the Potomac Yards Trail that another reader mentioned. It’s great because it connects to Mt Vernon Trail (or Four Mile) so I use it for everything from 3-20 mile runs and just add on as needed. You guys are going to love it here, as I’m sure you know :)

  8. 17
    Christina Carrigan says

    Wait what? Long time reader… I lived in Latvia from 2016-2018 and your blog was like visiting a friend each time you posted. I live in Rosemont, just across the street fromDel Ray and run that section of the trail all of the time. Maybe I will bump into you and totally embarrass myself and say hi! Congratulations!!! 😁

  9. 19

    I recently relocated to Arlington and have two children. We are currently looking to buy (we are in a rental now), and have been focusing on Arlington, so I am interested in why you are choosing to move out. Navigating a new housing market is tricky, so I would love any thoughts.

    • 20

      We love Del Ray area of Alexandria because of the walkability… there’s a cute main street with all sorts of great local restaurants and coffee shops etc. That’s the main thing we’re going for – that, and it seems there are tons of families with little kids in that area as well. Arlington is great, too, though – so many parks, great schools, etc. You can’t go wrong either way. :) We were super torn on Alexandria vs. Arlington but have been in Arlington for ages so just want to mix it up!

  10. 21

    Awww! Cute family photo for Easter :) Glad you guys had a nice weekend!

  11. 22
    Paige o says

    I heard the Baltimore 10 miler is June 1st that’s Theon,y upcoming race I know of. My family and I live in Fort Belvoir we have yet to explore del day but it’s on our list before we move again. I’ve only run the mount Vernon trail as well but that’s because it’s hard to navigate naps with a 9 month old.

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