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Morning friends! We had a fun weekend – the big highlight of which was a Father’s Day brewery outing yesterday!

We went to Vanish Brewery out in the Virginia countryside a couple months ago and Matt has been talking about wanting to go back ever since, so I decided to plan a trip out there with some friends on Sunday to celebrate his first Father’s Day! It was HOT out so we stuck to the shade and the covered areas, but it was really fun. Riese enjoyed herself too – she likes being out and about and in the mix! (We had to give her an outfit change near the end of the adventure, hence the different clothing!)

The only bummer was that I was really excited to have their BBQ again for dinner (we had it last time and it’s SO GOOD), but they were all out by the time we decided to get some. Such a bummer! We settled for sub par pizza instead – boo. Oh well!

Other weekend highlights included a cozy night in on Saturday (yep, more pizza – but this was good pizza!):

couch pizza night

A yummy dinner on the deck on Friday night with my family (we had our usual family fave – steak and taco salad!):

taco salad

I’ve written about taco salad before, but it’s a recipe I used to have all the time as a kid – it’s so good and so 90’s, I love it. It’s greens + grated cheddar + crushed up Frito’s corn chips + kidney beans + tomatoes + Catalina dressing.

steak and taco salad

I also had a great run with friends on Saturday morning – my whole previous marathon training/long run gang got back together for a run for the first time in ages! So fun to catch up with them, especially because it was gorgeous out on Saturday morning – we started early so it was still cool out.

Hello, beautiful Georgetown waterfront!

georgetown waterfront running

5 miles – yay! They went on to do more but this was just right for me – and probably will be for quite awhile! We have a favorite “bridge loop” we do around DC that’s a little over 6 miles that I want to do with them again soon, but I don’t see myself running any farther than that anytime soon. It’s nice to just see running friends again, run whenever I feel like it, and for however long I feel like! I’m sure at some point I’ll get the itch to train more seriously for a race again, but this feels very right for now.

I’ve started bringing snacks with me to eat immediately post-run on my drive home because usually when I get home from runs it’s time to feed Riese, I need to shower, etc, and I found I was getting way too hungry before eating. I brought along a couple of my Oatmeal Banana Coconut Cookies (<- recipe) to snack on on Saturday – hit the spot and tided me over! (Don’t worry, I took this photo before starting the car…!)

oatmeal banana coconut cookies

And then after feeding Riese and showering I had a much more substantial breakfast – two scrambled egg, spinach, cheese, and smoked salmon wraps with berries on the side. Yummy. Plus an unpictured mocha (my fave is to mix half regular whole milk + half chocolate whole milk – perfect amount of sweetness)!

scrambled egg cheese spinach salmon wraps

As for the rest of the weekend, we spent it doing lots of playing, taking some nice long family walks, attending a baby shower, etc!

Have a nice day guys!


  1. 1

    What an awesome weekend, but such a bummer about the barbeque! That taco salad sounds really good! Have a lovely Monday, Anne.

  2. 2

    Aww we missed the outfit change! She’s such a cutie :)

  3. 4

    Sounds like a perfectly nice weekend! :)

  4. 5

    Sounds like a fun weekend! :) I was wondering how y’all are able to take Riese out to social events so much without her getting too fussy? Do y’all follow a nap schedule? Sometimes I feel like I can’t leave the house because I don’t want to mess it up! Thanks in advance!!

    • 6

      We don’t have a nap schedule really – we have a bedtime timeframe (around 7) that we try to stick to but during the day we just wing it. Usually she’ll take a couple short naps during the day either while in the stroller, or being held, or sometimes in the crib. When we go out with her we just go places where it doesn’t matter if she fusses, because she definitely will fuss sometimes! At the brewery she got really fussy at one point, but it was really loud in there anyway so it didn’t matter… I nursed her and she fell asleep in my arms for about 30 minutes and then was fine… and then she got fussy at the very end before we left, so we gave her her evening bottle and then hit the road by 6:30ish so she’d just fall asleep in the car. Other times when we’ve been out if she gets fussy because she’s tired one of us will put her in the carrier and walk around and bounce and she’ll fall asleep in that. Whatever works! I’m sure if we did more of a routine we’d get more consistent and longer naps during the day, but this seems to be working so far. :)

  5. 7

    That is so fun you have such a great group of running friends and beautiful places to run! I know that taco salad all too well growing up at picnics and potlucks! :)

  6. 9
    Elizabeth says

    I love your hat in the top photo! Where did you get it?

    • 10

      I actually don’t remember unfortunately! I’ve had it forever… I think I got it overseas somewhere from a random street vendor. I’m sorry!

  7. 11

    Aww this post was so uplifting. I could just feel the happiness through the screen; so glad you had such an awesome weekend!

  8. 13
    Roadrunner says

    A great set of outings, bravo! And great to see you up the mileage, despite the heat. Well done!

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