11 Miles & New Balance GPS Watch Giveaway!

Hello and happy Friday! Today is a happy day because:

1) I am officially on “spring break” from grad school! I’ll be spending the break in DC with Matt looking for apartments (we move back in 2 months — gah!) and getting wedding stuff done instead of partying on a tropical island, but I’m still excited for a breather, especially after 2 back to back exams yesterday.

2) I ran 11 miles this morning!


Normally I do my long training runs over the weekend, but my running buddy Elle was heading out of town today for break, and I knew I’d rather do the run with her early than tomorrow on my own. So this morning it was!

We met bright and early at her place and set off for an epic journey through Durham, Chapel Hill, Carrboro, and back.


Right from the start, I knew it was going to be a good run. My legs felt good, I felt fresh mentally (running is such a mental game), and Elle and I were both chatty. The scenery was also entertaining and the miles started flying by.


Around mile 6, I ate this HammerGel — and I also carried my CamelBak as usual for water.


I love Hammer Gel, but I was not a fan of this flavor. Blech. It was another freebie from a race packet… I need to go buy more of the espresso flavor, my favorite.

We did an out and back run, which I love for mental game, because then I can think: “Oh, all we have to do is run 5.5 miles, and then turn around!” Makes it sound way more manageable than 11, or whatever my final distance is. Before I knew it, we were done! Success.



  • Mile 1: 9:01
  • Mile 2: 8:52
  • Mile 3: 9:35 (this whole mile was a steep hill — at least it wasn’t at the end!)
  • Mile 4: 9:04
  • Mile 5: 8:54
  • Mile 6: 9:01
  • Mile 7: 9:14
  • Mile 8: 8:53
  • Mile 9: 8:41 (downhill! so glorious)
  • Mile 10: 8:52
  • Mile 11: 8:52

Hooray! Total distance: 11 miles. Total time: 1:38:59. Average pace: 9:00 min/miles. AWESOME run — it was hilly and hard but the miles flew by. A big change from last week’s 10 miler!


The run was also fun because I had some new gear to test out. While in the middle of studying on Wednesday, I heard a knock at the door, and was excited to find a fun package from New Balance! As I announced awhile ago, I’m running the Reach the Beach Relay race in May with a bunch of other bloggers, and New Balance is our sponsor. They sent all of us on the team some fun new running gear and accessories to enjoy as we continue our training!


I was especially excited about what the gear came in — a duffel bag! Every time I go on an overnight trip, I think to myself “Anne, you need to buy a duffel bag.” And then I promptly forget. I’m so glad to finally have one. :)

As for the gear itself, a couple of things I was most excited for include these socks (which I love — I had a pair already from a past blog conference):


I wore them on my run this morning. :) I love how they have “L” and “R” socks!


(I totally just had to check this picture to make sure I had them on the right feet. Lol.)

I also was in love with this cute running jacket they sent:


Which I tried out this morning as well — HUGE fan. It passed my biggest test, which is that it didn’t ride up at all around the waist! Super comfy for all 11 miles. Plus it has cool little hand warmers you can flip over your fingers so you don’t need to wear gloves! And the underneath was hot pink. :)


Another thing they sent was this awesome hat — which at first glance looks normal…


And then you discover it has LED lights in the brim for running in the dark! How cool is that?!


That will be SO perfect for our relay race when we’ll all be running overnight!

Anyway! Another thing included in the package was a new GPS watch.


I was tempted to try the new watch, but as you guys know, I already have a GPS watch (my trusty Garmin), so I figured it would be more fun to share the New Balance love and give this GPS watch to one of you to enjoy. :) It looks pretty sweet!


For more details/product info on the watch, check out this link. I’ll select one random commenter to receive the watch and will mail it off for you to enjoy! All I ask is that whoever wins puts it to good use. :)

Here’s how to enter to win the GPS watch — each option is an additional entry!

  1. Leave a comment telling me why you want this GPS watch.
  2. Follow me on twitter if you aren’t already, then tweet about this contest (include a link to this post and @fannetasticfood). Leave another comment telling me you tweeted.
  3. If you have a blog, mention and link back to this contest in one of your posts, and then leave another comment letting me know you blogged about it.
  4. Mention and link back to this contest on Facebook, then leave another comment telling me you Facebooked it. Please make sure you have “liked” fANNEtastic food on Facebook, too!

Be sure to post a separate comment for each entry option you do.

U.S. residents only, please. Good luck! I’ll announce the winner on Tuesday (March 6).

ALSO — for those of you that want to stock up on some New Balance gear or shoes, I have a coupon code for you all good for 15% off and free shipping at It is valid from now until March 10, 2012. Code: NBRTB12ETB487. Enjoy :)


  1. 1

    Awesome that you would think to share the watch, Anne! Thanks so much. I’d love to win it b/c I’ve never run with a Garmin before and am super interested as to how it might change my running! …great work on 11 strong miles too!

  2. 2
    Valerie says:

    What a great giveaway! It so happens that on March 18th I’ve registered myself for my first ever 5k! It’s only the beginning. I got bit by the running bug back in November of 2011 and I’m in the beginning phases of training for my first half marathon in October of 2012. Talk about a major leap–from my first 5k to my first half-marathon all within one year! Would love the GPS watch to help with my training. Right now I rely on trail markers. But trail running gets old after awhile and I’ll need to invest in a GPS watch sooner than later to make my runs more interesting!

  3. 4

    I would LOVE this watch. I’m tired of using to track my miles and my roommate’s garmin has been put away … I think she caught on that I was using it more than her… oops!!

  4. 5

    Doh! …not a US resident – my parents are! – but I live in Canada. Sorry! Should have looked before I entered – I was just so excited. ;) All the same, great work on the miles and fun giveaway – I’ll spread the word for you!

  5. 8

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this watch because I am currently training for my first FULL marathon! I do not have a GPS watch or system at all. I have currently been just using my treadmill due to weather and when I like to run! :-)

  6. 9

    I would love a GPS watch! I need to improve my speed while training for my first marathon in May.

  7. 10

    I am a fairly new beginner runner and I so badly want to buy a GPS watch – but they don’t come cheap :)
    Great 11 miler… love how you said running is a mental game.. I soo agree!

  8. 11

    I would love to try a GPS watch! I’ve been thinking about buying one for quite some time now, but they are pricey!

  9. 12

    I would love to win the watch because I’ve been considering buying a Garmin for a while but haven’t saved up the money yet to do so! Great giveaway and I love the blog!

  10. 14

    I need this to get off of the treadmill and out in the real world running more often! Plus, I want to do longer runs and right now, the GPS on my iPhone only gives me 13 miles before I become powerless.

  11. 15

    Glad to find you on twitter – @RunningMom6

  12. 16

    I tweeted your giveaway.

  13. 17

    Thanks for sharing, I would love the GPS, because it is such a pain in the butt to have to carry my old iPhone 3G around for the GPS on runs when I don’t have a jacket or pockets :-)


  14. 18

    I’d like to win because I don’t have a GPS watch! Simple as that!

  15. 19

    Ahhh I just ran 11.5 miles last saturday, accidentally. My goal was to run 10 or 10.5 miles, but my old 3G Iphone apparently hates me and wanted me dead so the RunKeeper app was lagging and low-and-behold I ended up running circles until I though I had gotten to 10 miles.
    It wasn’t til later that I mapped it and realized that my Iphone was lying to me.

    All that to say, I NEED THIS GPS watch! haha

    Ps. I play that mental game the whole time, that along with good music and a good ocean breeze on a warm day is what gets me through the long runs.

  16. 21

    I would LOVE to win this watch to give to my mom for her birthday. She is turning 60 this year and running in her first 1/2 marathon!

  17. 23

    I follow you on twitter! @katieheddleston

  18. 24

    I liked you on fb – Life as a Running Mom

  19. 25

    And I just twitter about it!! Check your mentions from @katieheddleston :)

  20. 26
    Alyssa D says:

    I would love this watch for several reasons. I run in college at Lehigh University and when I run I don’t know how fast I’m always going. I’m coming back from a compartment syndrome surgery on my lower legs, so I’m a little behind the rest of the team. I like to keep track of my pace – but I’m also a college student with no money to spend on a sweet GPS watch! This would be an awesome addition to my running attire, and it would be an awfully helpful one as well.

  21. 29

    Tweeted the giveaway!

  22. 30

    I would absolutely LOVE to have this watch. So far I’ve run 2 full marathons and one half marathon, all with out a GPS watch (which made training/working on pace/keeping track of miles very tricky!). I am in grad school (about to graduate) and I find so much inspiration from your blog to continue running and living and healthy lifestyle!

  23. 32
    Michelle says:

    I would love this watch because it’d be a lot easier to look at my distance/time than my iPod strapped to my arm!

  24. 33
    melissa says:

    I’d love to win this watch because I’m in desparate need of something other than the GPS on my iPhone for marathon training. Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  25. 34

    This watch would be awesome because my Garmin has been wonky recently!

  26. 35

    facebooked you! :)

  27. 36

    I’d love to upgrade from my years old Garmin.

  28. 37

    I want this because Garmin’s suck! Haha ;)

  29. 38

    Tweeted. @runschicago

  30. 39

    I have wanted a gps watch forever and would love to win!

  31. 40


  32. 41

    Shared on FB.

  33. 42
    Rachel C says:

    That is so sweet of you to share your gear. I do not own a GPS watch, so I think it would be fun, plus I am a newbie to this whole running thing, maybe it would motivate me more. ;) Thanks. Happy spring break!

  34. 43
    Hannah Webb says:

    That’s way cool that you are doing a giveaway for this watch. My husband and I actually just decided to start training for a small triathlon, and this watch would be really helpful.

  35. 44

    I tweeted!

  36. 45

    Would love this! I’m having a baby sometime in the next 6 weeks and after that I can’t wait to get back to running so it would be awesome to track my progress especially since I haven’t been running for so long :)

  37. 46
    Amanda B. says:

    So need this for my husband!! He is too cheap to buy one and won’t let me either. :-P I need to get him one of those running hats too – what a great idea! Yay NB!

  38. 47
    Hannah Webb says:

    I tweeted it!

  39. 48

    I currently use the Nike+ for my iPod, and while it’s done a decent job for the last two years, I think it’s time to upgrade; I just can’t pull the trigger on a Garmin when I have something that was a third of the price still in fine working condition…

  40. 49

    I’d love to use the calorie counter feature – my heart rate monitor watch is AWFUL!

  41. 50
    Hannah Webb says:

    I facebooked it!

  42. 51

    cool giveaway! I’d love to be able to better track my mileage, usually I just estimate

  43. 52

    I would love this watch because my Polar one is on its last legs!

  44. 53

    I would love this because my current exercise watch does not track mileage. Thanks for writing such a motivational blog Anne!

  45. 55

    I’ve going back and forth about getting a GPS watch, this seems like a great option.

  46. 56

    Twitter entry too!

  47. 57
    Colette says:

    I love to run outside, but have NO idea how far or fast I go…winning this would be such a motivation to work harder and improve my outdoor runs!

  48. 58

    I would love to win this watch because I have been using my phone as a GPS, and it has been finicky on my runs!

  49. 59
    margaret says:

    man, new balance is awesome, what great stuff, the top, the hat is so cool, and the watch, watch out garmin. I would love this watch, first off, it’s small and not super bulky, and I would love to track my workouts to keep me motivated, great giveaway

  50. 60
    Colette says:


  51. 61
    Lara F. says:

    I would love to win this watch. I am training for a half marathon, and I love running outside and would like to track all my stats (distance, pace, calories) while I do so. :)

  52. 62

    Ahh aren’t unexpected presents in the mail the best?! I always carry my phone in my hand while running outside so that I can use my Nike gps app so I can track how far and fast I’m running. This watch would make a hands-free run more enjoyable.

  53. 63
    Colette says:

    Shared and liked on Facebook!

  54. 64
    Vanessa says:

    I’d love to have this watch as I start running outside more often in the spring!!

  55. 65

    Sweet run & Sweet gear! I’m totally jealous of the jacket w/ hand warmers!

    I’d love the GPS to use during my bicycle rides!

  56. 66
    Jessica says:

    I’d love this watch because I mostly run on the treadmill but am starting to run outside. I think knowing the stats would help to keep pushing myself!

  57. 67
    Mallory says:

    I am desperately trying to get off the treadmill and run more outside, but I find I constantly under estimate my pace and end up burned out before my run is complete. I am training for my first half marathon this summer and would love a GPS to help me train!

  58. 68

    This is such a great giveaway! I have been looking into purchasing a gps running watch for some time now! I would love to win the new balance one! I currently have the nike+ running watch and it works well but It is time for an upgrade!

  59. 69

    I would love to win the GPS watch! I’ve been going back and forth trying to figure out if I want to sink a couple hundred dollars into a GPS watch and so far I have chickened out. I currently use my cell phone but a watch would be way more convenient!

  60. 70

    I already use a heart rate monitor in spinning class, and it provides excellent motivation. Having the additional aspect of distance would impact me the same way when I take running from the treadmill to the outdoors.

  61. 71

    i’m just starting to run further distances- ran 4 miles this morning for the 2nd time ever- and would love this to track how consistant i am with my pace and see the calories burned!

  62. 72

    I would love to start running with a GPS outdoors. Right now, I basically estimate all of my miles, which is not very accurate when training. Thanks for the giveaway, I would put it to great use!

  63. 73


  64. 74
    Dynamics says:

    I would love a GPS watch. So much useful info to help with training and goals.

  65. 75

    11 miles?! You are my hero. I’m a baby runner and I started out doing 3 miles/day but I just did 5 miles (never thought that was even possible) and my average was about 9:00/mile. It was glorious. It’s amazing as to how much you can do when you put your mind to it.

    I would love this GPS watch because as great as the iPhone is, it’s not as accurate and it’s a bit of a nuisance to hold!

    Thanks for the chance to win this awesome giveaway! :)

    • 76

      That’s so awesome – congrats on your first 5 miles! I remember the first time I ran 5 (it was a 5 mile turkey trot) – such a cool feeling. :)

  66. 77

    I’d love to try this watch because, as a BRAND NEW runner (in the Durham area!) I’m actually a little intimidated by running outside and not knowing my distance related to my time….

  67. 78

    I have never used one, but have been researching them for a while now. I am SO indecisive. If I were to win this one, it would make my decision much easier. :)

  68. 79

    I loved seeing all the gear you received from New Balance! That watch is awesome! I have been on the search from a GPS watch recently because with warmer weather coming I want to get back outside to run. New found motivation seeing your New Balance gear.

  69. 80

    Love your blog Anne, it is very inspiring and fun to read. Good luck with all the wedding stuff.
    My boyfriend and I will be running our first marathon this year and would love to get this watch.

  70. 82

    I’ve been longing for a GPS watch for the past year, but it’s out of the budget for quite awhile. I MOST want a GPS watch so I can know how far I run on unmarked trails!

    And it’d be nice to know my pace along the way…I spend so much time doing math in my head trying to figure out my pace. It’s one way to pass the time on a long run :)

  71. 83

    Nice swag! I’d love the GPS watch because I’m having my first baby in about 6 weeks and will need something to help me get back in running shape! :)

  72. 84
    Danielle J says:

    I’m training for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer so I’d LOVE to know how many mileds I’m logging in each time!

  73. 85

    Facebooked it!

  74. 86

    Also, I’d love the watch because I’ve always been a casual runner but want to start training for races this year!

  75. 87

    I use my phone to track my mileage and speed – I would love to have something more light weight!

  76. 88

    I’m training for my first half-marathon. I’ve been looking into a GPS watch for awhile now, but I haven’t been able to bite the bullet and buy one!

  77. 89
    Kimberly says:

    Great giveaway. I would love to have the GPS watch because I have been wanting to get one but it is too expensive right now.

  78. 90
    Molly L. says:

    Wow- thanks for sharing this GPS! I am getting back into running and gearing up to train for a 1/2 marathon so this would be a VERY welcome way to prepare!!!

  79. 91

    I have always wanted a GPS watch, but have been too cheap to buy one! I use the nike+ for ipod, but I don’t think that is accurate- or so I’ve heard. I am pregnant now and post-pregnancy I plan to run to get back in shape. It would be a great motivator for me to have this GPS watch! Thanks!

  80. 92

    I’m training for my first 10 miler, and it’d be great to have the watch to make it easier to track my running!

  81. 93

    OMG NO WAY ANNE! Montana Huckleberry is my hands down fave Hammer Gel! haha. so funny how tastes differ greatly for race fuel!! :D


    I would LOVE this GPS watch bc I have a Garmin but it is not a GPS enabled one (it has the foot pod, etc) and after running Princess Half this weekend, I saw that it was really off! it would be great to have a back up device like this.

    I am training to BQ this year and need all the help I can get :)

  82. 95

    I tweeted your giveaway here:!/krissymmurphy/status/175663926153986050
    Of course i follow you :)

  83. 96

    I’m going to have to get that jacket! I absolutely hate it when tops ride up too!

    I would love to win the GPS watch because I have been using Map My Run, and there are dead spots in the area we live in, so it’s never really that accurate :/

  84. 97

    I’m about to buy a Garmin and came across your giveaway! I’d love to win this watch… I didn’t even know NB made GPS watches. I track everything – walking miles and running miles… Getting sick of map my run, so it’s time for a GPS watch!!

  85. 98

    I mentioned this giveaway in my blog entry today:

  86. 99

    I posted the link on FB and I like your page!

  87. 100

    Great giveaway! I want the watch so my iPhone can stay safely at home when it’s raining out.

  88. 101

    I would love this watch so I could gift to my mom! She bought me a Garmin for Christmas but has yet to get a GPS watch for her runs!

  89. 102
    Jessica says:

    Haha we were JUST talking about this! I so need and very much want a GPS watch. Perhaps it will give me that extra boost I need to sign up for another race. I hope it has that beep function we were talking about too. Fun package by the way, I love New Balance shoes and I should venture out into the other gear as well.

  90. 103

    I follow you on Twitter (@coach_karenw) and tweeted about the giveaway! I love the Chapel Hill area… Hope to live there one day!

  91. 104

    I like you on FB and posted a link to your giveaway. Thanks again!
    Coach Karen

  92. 105
    Kaitlin says:

    With the warmer weather coming, I am hoping to do a lot more running outside. A new GPS watch would be just the motivation I need!

  93. 106

    I’m training for the Indianapolis mini marathon and now that the weather’s been great, I want to start training outside instead of on the treadmill. This would be so helpful! :)

  94. 107

    I’m using running to keep myself sane during my final semesters at business school. Living in a rural area, I would love to be able to see how far I’ve run since I can’t count by using city blocks!

  95. 108

    I want to win because I don’t think the Android app I use on my phone is very accurate! :)

  96. 109

    Hi! I am a blog finatic and am so excited to find another blog to follow! I would like the GPS watch for my sister (Krissy) who’s watch is going crazy. :) She’s such a great person and definitely deserves a new watch for her running!

  97. 110

    I would LOVE a watch. Just because I don’t have one, and I would love to try it out!

  98. 111
    Lindsay says:

    I have been wanting a GPS watch for years but never committed to one due to costs! Would be very useful in my outdoor NYC runs.

  99. 112
  100. 113
    Marchello Chimenti says:

    I would love the GPS watch because:

    – i want to be cool like Anne (and would be if I had that GPS watch)
    – i want to be a moving New Balance billboard when I train (already got the shoes & shirt)
    – Just signed up for the Tough Mudder race in CO, and I need all the help I can get!!

    Keep up the awesome blog and have an amazing upcoming wedding!


    Shared on FB

  101. 116
  102. 117

    I need a watch, soooo bad. My polar is ready to die…..:)

  103. 118

    I also mentioned your giveaway on my facebook (and liked your page!):

  104. 119
    Christina says:

    I would love to win this watch for my boyfriend! He is getting in to running and has mentioned on a couple of occassions how cool my Garmin is.

  105. 120

    Thanks for sharing! I could use a GPS watch for training for my first marathon, and I love New Balance! I’m on a team doing the Reach the Beach also!

  106. 122


  107. 123

    This watch would be amazing for my trail runs since I like to try new turns every time I go!

  108. 124

    Shared on facebook!

  109. 125

    Waiting until closer to my half before getting a watch ($) as my phone isn’t going to last for the race, but would be fun to have one to try sooner for training =)!

  110. 126

    The battery of my current GPS is not hold its charges too well. I need a replacement soon! Thanks for hosting this, Anne.

  111. 127
    Jessica Bender says:

    Hey Anne! I would love to win a GPS watch. I injured my foot and have been having to rest for the past month. I was so disappointed to not be able to train for my next race, never realized how much I love to run until I am told not to! The watch would come in handy to help me regain my speed and distance without over-doing it and getting injured again!

  112. 129

    i want to start running and knowing where i’m going :)

  113. 130

    I have one of these watches, so don’t enter me…but Ashley and I may or may not have met up for a run this morning. Wearing the same exact top. (The one you’re wearing.) Wasn’t awkward at all…

    • 131

      Hahaha that’s AMAZING. Was it the same color?! And next time all of us get together, we clearly should wear the same outfit. Down to the shoes and socks.

  114. 132

    I am now following you on twitter!

  115. 133

    I really would like this watch….I often run while at work, an impromptu thing many times and have nothing to track my distance/speed, which is very important since the mid-day runs are usually speed training oriented!

  116. 134

    blogged about it!

  117. 135

    twitted! :)

  118. 136

    Anne, I’ve been a reader for a few months now but this is my first time commenting, and I was actually just looking at running watches—I’m heading into the peace corps in Rwanda, and I want to start to get into running marathons! I’d love to win this one!

  119. 137

    Wow – awesome giveaway! My garmin is on it’s last legs, sometimes it just won’t turn on anymore, or it turns itself off in the middle of a run. I really need a new one!!

  120. 138

    Hi Anne – I would love a GPS watch. My wedding is this August and in preparation I’ve signed up for two half marathons (NYC in March and Boston’s Run to Remember in May). Having a watch means i can do more beach and trail runs vs staying on the road to map my run distance. Good luck with your training!

  121. 139

    I also tweeted about it!

  122. 140
    Mary Beth says:

    I’ve been looking in to GPS watches for a while and was going to wait to ask for one for my birthday in August, but I would love to win one so I can use it in the warm spring weather!

  123. 141

    Thanks for the giveaway! I have been looking into purchasing a Garmin for about a year now and I haven’t yet pulled the trigger because the trusty 305 is just so darn expensive now! I would love to win this watch so I can finally track my runs without having to manually track on

  124. 142
    Doreen G. says:

    I love to win this watch, it would really encourage me to step up my running. I utilize a Timex Ironman watch but it’s pretty much only good for timing/splits…I have to already know the distance. It’s great for telling time and date, of course! ;) My 8 year old son is getting into running now and I’ll be this would be pretty cool for him too. He’s running in his 3rd 5K tomorrow! Sadly, I have to work. :( We’ve run the other 2 together. (He beat me bad on the 2nd one!)

  125. 144

    I’m terrible at running outside. Mainly because it is such a pain to figure out a route with the right mileage. I’d like to do a loop but if I get anywhere close to my house, I’d cut the run short. I’ve been wanting a GPS watch to help motivate me to run outside as it would help me prepare so much for races. Plus I think it would really motivate me during races!

  126. 145

    I’m planning on running a marathon this summer (my second but my first was 6 years ago!) and this just might be the motivation I need!

  127. 146

    i would love this gps watch. I always run on the treadmill and this would give me the means to run outside!! I usually like treadmill running but now that the weather is getting warmer I think itd be nice to have this

    great run btw! you rock!

  128. 147

    It would be nice to know how fast I’m bicycling. I have an old school palm treo so I don’t have gps or cool apps on my phone.

  129. 148

    I tweeted!

  130. 149
    Doreen G. says:

    I followed, then tweeted!

  131. 150

    Awesome giveaway! Im pretty sure after 5 years of stealing my husbands garmin (thourhg 4 marathons and countless halves) he would appreciate it if I just got one of my own :-P

  132. 151

    Oh man!! What a great giveaway! I’d love to use this watch on some of my training runs – running the Georgia 1/2 on March 18th with some other FFAs!!
    (p.s. I went to college at UNC, so I know where all of those pics were taken!! Love Chapel Hill!)

  133. 153

    I would love this GPS… mine is so old this would be a great replacement

  134. 154

    I like you on Facebook

  135. 155

    I tweeted!

  136. 156

    Would be nice to have this to see how the mileage and the speed of my running!

  137. 157

    I’ve always wanted a Garmin but haven’t been ready to fork over the $$$ – I’d love to try this!

  138. 158

    I have wanted a Garmin for years but have never invested in one. I am a new Mom and new gear is the motivation I need to get out and run after some long days!

    Thanks for giving it to one of your readers!

  139. 159
    Lindsey says:

    I would love the watch because I’m going to sign up for my first half soon!

  140. 160
    Holly S. says:

    I’d love to win the watch because I trying to convince myself to try outside running! I worked my way up to 4 miles on the treadmill but have been hesitant to take it outside. The GPS watch would definitely make things easier!

  141. 161

    I’m training for my first 10 miler and this would be so helpful! :-)

  142. 162

    I’ve always wanted one but can’t fit it in the budget right now! I’d love to be the lucky winner and use it on my runs!

  143. 163

    I would love to have a GPS watch so then I wouldn’t have to hop on my computer after my runs, all sweaty and gross, trying to map my run on I love the website, but it would be so nice to just look down at my wrist and know the exact amount I have run!

    I have also been thinking about buying a watch so then I could use the timer and watch part in spin class. We spin according to rpms and I can never see the clock all the way across the room!

  144. 164

    Hi Anne, Congrats on getting those two exams behind you. I’m sure you did great on them! I like how we think alike on the mental game when running. I do the same thing to make the distance sound shorter. And it works so well!

    I plan to do my first run ever the beginning of July. It’s the Crazy Pancreas race. The parents of a toddler who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 2 put on the race to raise money for JDF.

    I’m doing for that reason and because my husband was diagnosed himself at the age of 8. Plus, participating in a run event is on my bucket list. At 47 yrs old (2 weeks shy of my 48th birthday) your never too old to start something new. Right??? I’ll certainly give your watch a good home!

  145. 166

    I so need a GPS watch so I dont have to lug my phone on my arm for my runs. My right arm is going to grow huge while my left will stay tiny!

  146. 167
    Cellabella says:

    Woohoo on your 11 miles!! I love the new running jacket, especially the sleeves. And thanks for the awesome giveaway. It’d be wonderful to win the watch because I’ve been running in the mornings but haven’t been able to track my mileage. I’d also like to do some speedwork so the watch would hopefully keep me motivated too!

  147. 168

    I’m training for my first 1/2 marathon in April…the More/Fitness Magazine’s Women’s 1/2 in NYC! The watch would be awesome to use on my training runs. Thanks for the giveaway!

  148. 169

    I also faebooked about this contest!

  149. 170
    Laura Walls says:

    Hi Anne! I’ve love to run with a New Balance GPS watch because, as you may know, I’m a nearly exclusive trail runner and have NO IDEA how far I run each day/week. This is particularly interesting as I’m running my first marathon in a month. The watch would be SUPER helpful on my (hopefully) 22 miler this weekend :)

  150. 171

    I just started running last summer and would love to track my mileage. Thanks for the opportunity.

  151. 172

    I’m not entirely satisfied with my Nike chip system…so I’d like to try this and see how it differs!

  152. 173

    I just moved to a big city and love to explore by running! It would be awesome to know how far I end up covering!

  153. 174

    It was be nice to have the watch to accurately track my mileage and pace. I think it would really help with training!

  154. 175
    Kelly R says:

    I just purchased a Garmin GPS watch. I would like to win this to give to a good friend of mine who has been helping with my running, and is patient and runs slowly with me, despite her speedy ability. Her GPS watch was unfortunately eaten by her dogs, so if I win, I’d like to pass this on to her as a huge thank you!

  155. 177
    Kathleen says:

    I just tweeted about this contest. I found your blog via Kath’s from KERF and have started following it this week. Thanks for all of the awesome inspiring stories about fitness and healthy cooking! I just recently have embarked on an endeavor to lose 50 lbs and have started walking to run around my neighborhood. A GPS watch would be awesome to help with this so I can track my times and miles. Handy devices always help with motivation and inspiration as well! Thanks again for being such a great example in your blog, I’m glad I found it!

    • 178

      Welcome to the blog, Kathleen! Good for you for starting on your own healthy journey – that’s awesome. You can do this! :)

  156. 179
    Kathleen says:

    Just posted to Facebook about the contest too!

  157. 180

    I would be so happy to have this watch to track my distance and calories when I run! I’m a new runner — after years of telling myself that I “couldn’t” I started telling myself “I can!”

  158. 182

    I have a Garmin GPS watch but would love to win this to give to my brother. We just started training together for a half marathon with Team in Training for LLS and he has told me that he wants one. It would be a great surprise to give it to him and definitely a valuable tool for our half marathon training. (it’s his first one!)

  159. 183

    I would love to have the watch! I always want to run outside more, but I’m always frustrated by not knowing my stats like I do on a treadmill. This would really help me do that!

  160. 184

    I would love to win the GPS watch to track my miles and pace. I switched from swimming to running 2 years ago and am addicted. I have completed 2 half marathons and it is my goal to complete a full marathon. The watch would help in my training and make me the happiest girl in the world! (:

  161. 185
    Laurel C says:

    I think I’m about the last runner to get a GPS watch. All of my friends have their Garmins or their other fancy watches, and I have one of those $10 Walmart cheap ones! I really want to be able to see exactly how far I run, especially because the park that I run in isn’t able to be “mapped” on MapMyRun lol

  162. 186
    Laurel C says:
  163. 187

    I’d love the watch since my Garmin is near the end of its life!

  164. 188
    Brittani says:

    I just ran my third half marathon last weekend and I am running my fourth in 3 weeks and I really want to beat my time! This watch would be perfect to time my training runs! :)

  165. 189

    I started a walking/running program this year and have actually stuck with it so far. I’ve been considering this kind of gadget to keep up the motivation and work towards my goals!

  166. 190

    I have a garmin, but I would love to win this for my best friend who started running. She is doing so well, I think this would give her a push to go longer and faster.

  167. 191

    Ah I have LONG been wanting a GPS watch! I really want one for jogging along Lakeshore Drive here in Chicago :) I’m sick of relying on google maps once I get home!

  168. 192

    Also I started following you on Twitter and tweeted about your giveaway :)

  169. 193

    New gadgets or clothing always get me more excited to run – I have a feeling I’d get a ton of use out of the watch!

  170. 194

    I have been wanting a gps watch for a long time to use on my runs.

  171. 195

    I would LOVE to win this!! I’m a fairly new runner, and I’m training for my first 5k! I run outside in the mornings around my neighborhood and town. This would help so much! :)

  172. 196

    I’d love to win the New Balance GPS watch because I’ve been wanting one forever – I really want to be able to track my distance and speed when I train outside!

  173. 197

    Tweeted the giveaway!! :)

  174. 198

    I “facebooked” the giveaway!! :)

  175. 199

    I mentioned and linked your giveaway in my blog!! :)

  176. 200
    Natalie says:

    I want to start training for a half marathon this summer, and this watch would be perfect for that!

  177. 201

    I would love to win the watch, I used to have one but unfortunately during a move it got lost, and I could not find it. Cried for days :( Love your blog, love your stories, hope all your wedding planning is coming along great!

  178. 203
    sarah r says:

    I would give the watch to my husband. He was just talking about getting on this morning!

  179. 204
    @digitalgirl717 (Stacy) says:

    I tweeted your giveaway


    facebooked it too…

    I love your posts.. that jacket and hat are totally sweet. I have a garmin, but my neighbor has started to run with me and she doesnt have one.. so If I win it… its going her way. She can’t afford one being a single mom.

  180. 206

    I’d love this watch because I’m training for my first half-marathon and without any kind of device like this! I’m also a poor college student who can’t afford one on my own right now, haha.

  181. 207
    Caitlin says:

    I would love one for training for my second marathon!

  182. 208
    Veronica K says:

    That’s super generous of you to have a giveaway!

    I’d love to win it. I’m trying to get back into running, and it would be handy!

  183. 209
    adriane says:

    2 weeks ago, while out on my first ever 7 mile run, we got lost and ended up running from Adams Morgan in DC to MARYLAND. A total trek of over 14 miles. Needless to say, the watch is needed :)

  184. 211

    I’d love to win this watch- it’d be so helpful in training for my first half-marathon I hope to run this year!

  185. 212

    I’ve been dying for one of these! I suck at keeping track of speeds/distances (the Nike+ iPod app is just ok), and would love to have something other than a treadmill that will help me with this. Currently training for the Tarheel 10miler, so I would definitely use it!

  186. 214


  187. 215


  188. 216
    Natalie M. says:

    I’m a newbie to running. I need all the help I can get!!! (Plus, I have no money to buy one!)

  189. 217

    I would love the watch because I’m trying to work on my speed and distance outside, but never know how fast or how far I’m running!

  190. 218

    I’d love the watch because I’m starting up training for my second race and I’d love to be able to work on speed distance accurately. As a broke college student, I can’t afford a nice watch to use.

  191. 219
  192. 220

    Posted on Facebook :)

  193. 221

    I just started running more seriously and ran my first half-marathon in November. It was so much fun and I hope to do it again. I’d love to keep better track of my runs, especially how fast my miles are. So I would LOVE to win this watch, it’d be extremely awesome to have!

  194. 222

    I’d love to try a GPS watch – I have to map out my runs beforehand to plan my mileage. This would be awesome!

  195. 223

    I would love to win this watch. It would be wonderful to be able to track my distance and time when I run.

  196. 224

    My Garmin is losing battery power quickly and I need a new GPS watch!!!

  197. 225

    I tweeted (@tonee78)

  198. 226

    Posted on my Facebook page (Running, Loving, Living)

  199. 227
    Julie F says:

    I have been looking at the garmin watches, i totally want one!!

  200. 228

    I’ve also been looking at getting a Garmin for marathon & half marathon training. This would be awesome.

  201. 229

    Am now following you on Twitter & linked back to this post. Thanks!

  202. 230

    That is so awesome of you to giveaway one of your New Balance items! I would love this because it’s getting a little tricky to balance holding the dog leash and checking my mileage on my phone!

  203. 231
    Alyssa B says:

    I would love to get this watch because I just started running, and need a little extra motivation. :) I am a college student who is starting to fit more working out in to my schedule! I have never ran more than 2 miles, and I just signed up for my first 5K this summer (The Color Run). It would be awesome to have a way to track how far I can run to give me the confidence to keep going!

  204. 233

    Ive started running on days that I don’t do yoga, and I am loving it. This watch would help me track my progress!

  205. 234

    I’d love to have a watch to give me some clue as to how far I run on a daily basis. I estimate my pace, but really have no idea. I think this would motivate me to go faster!

  206. 235

    This is such a great giveaway! I just started running and I would love to have the watch to help me track my distance and time.

  207. 236

    easy to run unplanned routes!!!

  208. 237

    I would love to win this gps watch because I never know how far I’ve gone when I run!

  209. 238

    My current GPS watch is a few years old and took a major beating in a bike wreck last year. I could definitely use a new one!

  210. 239
    biancajo says:

    Congrats on your upcoming move to DC! I hope you like it here. I love early runs from my apartment to the monument and back, and have found it’s a great way to start the morning. While we’re talking about my running, I’d really love to have this New Balance GPS watch to help me expand my runs and get a little more variety with the sites in DC. I’ve invested in other gadgets and shoes for that purpose, but haven’t been totally happy with any of them.

  211. 240
    Kim Oldenburgh says:

    I’d love to win this GPS. I run solo on dirt roads all the time and I think having the GPS would help me increase my mileage and speed as well as keep me honest!

  212. 241
    Kim Oldenburgh says:

    I liked you on FB and shared the contest.

  213. 242
    TiffanyS says:

    I love that jacket! This is a great giveway. I would love to win this to track my routes around town that I can’t take my car on (like through the park)!

  214. 243

    Love the jacket! I would love the watch-have wanted one for a while but can never justify the cost! I think it would really help with training!

  215. 244

    i would LOVE this GPS watch to help me train for my half marathon which i’m starting in just a couple weeks!

  216. 245

    i twitter follow you and tweeted!

  217. 246

    i posted the giveaway on facebook!

  218. 247

    Hey Anne!
    I love your name and your blog! I recently lost 40 pounds and want to get into running. I would love this watch to help me track and train for my ultimate goal: a half marathon!

  219. 249

    I would like to win this watch because I am training for my first half marathon, and I do not have a GPS device. I use my iPhone, which is wildly inaccurate!

  220. 250

    I Would love a way to track my distance when I ru

  221. 251

    I have always wanted a gps watch!

  222. 252
    Erika S. says:

    I have been dying for a gps watch to help with my training! What a great giveaway!

  223. 253

    i have been training for a half and then will be training for a full marathon so this watch would be a fabulous training accessory!!

  224. 254

    i now follow you on twitter!

  225. 255

    Love the new jacket. Anything that involves handwarmers automatically makes me a fan. I am training for a 1/2 marathon and haven’t a clue what to look for in a quality GPS watch, so it would be great to win a high quality one.

  226. 256
    Charlotte says:

    I would love to win this watch because I had a baby last year, and running has helped me rediscover myself. This watch would help me get to the next level in my own personal goals. Thank you!

  227. 257
    Dominique says:

    the gps watch would be great for my nine year old daughter Gabrielle. She is running her first 5k in May!!!

  228. 259

    I am currently training for my first half marathon and my husband told me no more investments in running gear that is expensive until I show my six months of commitment! This would justspeed up my process and allow me to get something else for my commitment! I’ve always wanted one a nd Iwouldnt have to use my phone to track my mileage anymore!

  229. 260

    I would like to win because I don’t have a watch like this – I use my phone app to track runs but I can’t check it regularly so I would LOVE this watch!

  230. 261
    Ashley Y says:

    I would love this watch. I moved from DC last year to PA. In DC it was fairly easy to map my runs and their distance through After I moved, the site became less useful because the streets here are less well marked and harder to map out ahead of time online.

  231. 262

    I would love to win the watch because I’ve ran a couple half marathons and am now looking to get I think it would really help what I’m doing!

  232. 263
    Danielle says:

    I’ve been using to track my mileage, but I’d love to try a fancy watch that can also show my pace! Thanks for the giveaway!

  233. 264

    I’ve finally started running with a GPS and mileage timer on my iphone using a couple of different apps. However, its not the most convenient running with your iphone in the middle of winter in MN, not to mention, potentially ruining my phone…so therefore I would love the GPS watch from New Balance for more than one purpose – to get rid of the iphone and really start to challenge myself on those runs that I haven’t been, but could. thanks Anne!

  234. 265

    I would love the watch for pacing. I know my pace varies so much during my runs.

  235. 266

    I follow you on Twitter!

  236. 267

    And I blogged about it!

  237. 268
    Rachel @ Healthy Teacher says:

    I want it to use in conjunction with the livefit program.

  238. 269

    I’d love to win this for my boyfriend who lives in Hawaii!

  239. 270

    follow you on twitter!

  240. 271

    tweeted! @Squigglemefloey

  241. 272

    My Garmin 305 isn’t working (sticky buttons!) but I’ve been suffering with it because I can’t bear to run without it. I’ve been trying to figure out whether to replace it or send it for repair. I’d love to try out the NB watch! Thanks for sharing your cool loot!

  242. 273

    Oh wow this is fantastic! I would love this GPS to enhance my training for my upcoming half-marathon in May, Boston’s Run To Remember! I have never used one of these watches before, but I always hear great things about them, and how they help me out so much

  243. 274

    I already follow you on Twitter and I tweeted :)

  244. 275
    Rachel A says:

    I’d love the gps watch. I’ve only been running for a year, and I’m starting to run longer runs (6 miles). I want to run a half-marathon this fall, and it would be so helpful to have a running watch to help me when training.

  245. 276

    I run about three times a week and am training for a few races this coming summer. I don’t have any sort of GPS watch but have been looking into buying one…I’m really crossing my fingers!

  246. 277

    just tweeted about the giveaway! (@Danica_ipnp)

  247. 278
    Allison says:

    The GPS watch would be so great! Just last Sunday I ran my first half-marathon and am hooked! However, I’m moving this weekend to new state and have no idea where I will run there. At home I know all the routes, but I’ll have to start exploring soon!

  248. 279

    I want to give my husband a GPS watch for his birthday. He is training for a big race in May and takes it very seriously. I am proud of him for taking up running at age 50+

  249. 280

    i would love this watch because currently I can only monitor my heart rate and time. I would love to know how far I am going when I’m outside! Especially since I’m training for a half marathon.

  250. 281

    A GPS watch would help me in my marathon training to achieve my goal of qualifying for Boston this year.

  251. 282

    I love new running gadgets and gear…keeps me motivated and excited to run! I’d love to have a GPS watch!

  252. 283

    I would love a GPS watch! I just started running seriously–even joined a running group, so I it would be helpful to track my progress! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  253. 284

    I’ve always wanted one of the GPS watches. I’ve never tried one while I run, but I think it would help keep me motivated!!

  254. 285

    I recently fell in love with running and have a list of gear that I’d eventually like to have. A GPS watch is definitely on that list, but I’ve been holding off on getting one because they are too pricey for me right now. Winning this would be AWESOME! Thanks for the opportunity! And have a good spring break!

  255. 286

    Great giveaway!! I don’t have a running watch at all, and would really love one to keep up with my milage and to add it to my gear! :)

  256. 287

    I have never owned a GPS watch, I’ve always used google maps! Having a GPS watch would be so convenient to track my miles as I train for my second half marathon in May. Thank you for this opportunity, Anne!

  257. 288

    I have been looking a lot of different gps watches lately, what a fun giveaway! Being able to track distance and time is so convienient and really helps training.

  258. 289

    I liked your facebook page!

  259. 290

    Just tweeted about the contest as well!

  260. 291

    I would love this watch because my Garmin is slowly dying and I have the RTB and a few 1/2s and 2 fulls to train for this year!

  261. 292

    I’ve never had a GPS watch, bit I think it would be helpful in my fitness journey!

  262. 293
    Shannon West says:

    I would love that watch because I’m going to be starting a couch to 5k program soon!

  263. 294
  264. 295

    I would love a GPS watch so I don’t have to carry my bulky iPhone on my runs!

  265. 296

    Posted on runningwiththegirls fb page!

    and that NB jacket is fabulous!

  266. 297
    Michelle C. says:

    I’d love to win the watch because I am currently training for my first marathon and it would be great to make sure I’m running the correct number of miles

  267. 298

    I could really use this gps watch! I have been in the market for one for a while now… training for races without one is tough!

  268. 299
  269. 300

    I linked to you on Facebook, too!

  270. 301
    Stephanie L. says:

    I would love a GPS watch. I always guess my mileage or use, it would be so cool to be able to track my distance while running. Love the Jacket!!!!

  271. 302

    I’d love this watch! I have the Nike+ app and sensor, but I sometimes wonder how accurate it is… my stride changes depending on how I’m feeling in the run too, which I think affects the overall distance it tells me I’ve run. A GPS watch would remedy that! :)

  272. 303

    How nice of you to host this giveaway! I take my energetic dog on wogs all over our island. I always try different street combos to change the scenery, but am never quite sure how far we went. This watch would be a nice way to tell! Have a great spring break.

  273. 304

    I’d love to win the watch for my husband, who has recently gotten back into running!

  274. 305

    Ahh! What a great giveaway! Thank you! I’m currently using the old school garmin, and I am definitely in need of a replacement. The satellite takes forever to get signal and my screen is a little funky.

  275. 306

    would love to win this – i’m trying to get into running after taking a long leave!

  276. 307

    I would love this GPS. I carry my Smartphone with me on my runs and use an app for GPS, so this would be much more handy!

  277. 308
    Adventurer says:

    I want that watch because I don’t have a GPS watch that works! Looks awesome… Thx!

  278. 309

    I would love to win this watch first because I don’t own one, but most importantly because I want to start running and this will be most useful in gauging my distance and time. Thanks for the giveaway!

  279. 310
  280. 311

    I would love to win this watch and use it with my training for longer runs

  281. 312
    Debra T. says:

    I want a GPS because I just created a chapter of “Moms RUN This Town” and would like to pick a starting point and then we could just run wherever and for as long as we want but being sure of how far we had gone. :)

  282. 313
    Jessica T says:

    I’ve been searching at a bunch of sports/running stores and online for a good sports watch. I’ve heard such great things about GPS watches, but haven’t been able to decide on which one. Winning this watch would be the perfect end to my indecisiveness and I will finally be able to be more precise in training!!

  283. 314

    I would love to win this! I want a gps watch for when I run outside. Very important for pacing.

  284. 315
    Debra T. says:

    Posted on my personal FB and my page. (

  285. 316

    I would love to win so that I could add more variety to my walks everyday and still know I was getting my distance. Seeing my pace would also help make sure I was getting a good workout.

  286. 317

    I would love the GPS watch because i just got into running and buying one isn’t realistic b/c all my goes to saving for grad school!

  287. 318
    kirsten says:

    I would love to win this watch to give to my husband. He is training for a tough mudder (12mi race) and I think it would really help him meet his goal :)

  288. 319

    I would love it because I don’t currently run, but would love to start, and I do walk and having a gadget just makes everything more fun, no? :)

  289. 320

    I follow you on Twitter :)

  290. 321

    I usually run inside since I find it SO hard to pace myself running outdoors. This would totally solve that problem and let me escape from treadmill boredom! :)

  291. 322

    i would loveeee to win this watch because i always like to know my pace :)

  292. 323

    follow you on twitter and tweeted!

  293. 324

    Oh what a great giveaway! Because I follow your blog and see the watch you wear, I check these watches out every I go – I would LOVE to add this to my running wardrobe! They are a bit too expensive for us right now (we are trying to adopt!) However, they are SO neat!

  294. 325

    I’m training for a half marathon in May and I would love to be able to track my pace during my outdoor runs!

  295. 326

    Just tweeted about this awesome giveaway!

  296. 327
    BillieJean says:

    GREAT job on the 11 miles! I haven’t reached that far, but I will get there! What an awesome giveaway, too… I could really use the watch because, as of now, I use my Nike +, and while it does well at time, it’s always off on distance and I have to “calibrate” it when I get back home. So that means going online, measuring, then fixing the distance. It would also be great to know my splits. In the end, I get an over all time, and I have no idea if I ran one mile faster than the last :(

  297. 328
    BillieJean says:

    Following you and Tweeted!

  298. 329
    BillieJean says:

    Like you on Facebook and shared the link! :)

  299. 330

    I have absolutely been DYING for a running watch and love everything New Balance! I’ve had a love/hate relationship with running my whole life, but running outside in the spring and fall is one of my favorite things to do. This running watch would be amazing to have and help me train for my first race!

  300. 331

    Ive always wished for a GPS watch, but they are just so pricey! Love your blog & photos of your watch after your runs! :)

  301. 332

    ahhhh! gps watch!!!! Now I can’t decide if I want this one or the soleus! (If I had a million dollars, I’d get the garmin 610!)

  302. 333
    Rachel R says:

    I have been wanting a GPS watch forever! I am currently training for the NYC Half-Marathon on March 18th and raising money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. My father is currently battling ALS (Lou Gehirg’s Disease) and I am running this race and raising money in his honor. A GPS watch will be a lifesaver and huge help for all of my future runs.

    I love your blog by the way and am also currently working toward my RD :)


  303. 335

    I’m new to running so this GPS watch would be perfect for me!

  304. 336
    Rachel R says:

    Just tweeted! (@rerothman)

  305. 337

    I have yet to solve my Garmin issues so maybe the New Balance watch is the perfect solution!!!

  306. 338
    Katrina says:

    I would love to win this watch because I want to run outside but it is hard to gauge my pace and I always end up running too fast and burning out in the end! I also would love to know what distances I run outside too!

  307. 339

    I’d love a new GPS to use for training for my next half marathon (in May).

  308. 340
    Samantha says:


    I love your blog and look forward to the email everyday! I am always so inspired by your run times. I recently decided to start working on my distance and speed and the GPS function on the watch would be great.

    Enjoy your spring break!


  309. 342

    I would love this watch to step up my training for summer races!

  310. 343

    The GPS watch would help with my half marathon training.

  311. 344
    Suzanne says:

    I’m training for a half marathon so this watch would be great!

  312. 345
    Carolyn C. says:

    I would love to try this watch. I have never run with a GPS watch, so I think it would really help. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  313. 346
    Carolyn C. says:

    I liked you on Facebook. Thanks again!

  314. 347

    I would love the watch-I have a Polar that I really liked using but it no longer works.

  315. 348
    meredith says:

    I would love to win this so i could pace myself and run better

  316. 349
    meredith says:

    I liked fANNEtastic food on Facebook

  317. 350
    meredith says:

    I follow you on facebook @mermont84

  318. 352
    meredith says:
  319. 353

    I just started running again after an injury and I feel like I’m starting all over! Was thinking of getting a watch like this to keep me on track instead of going out there randomly lol! btw, love your blog and totally relate to all the grad school stuff!

  320. 355

    I’d LOVE to win that watch because I just signed up for my first race ever and I think it would help me take my training up to the next level! I can’t afford a gym membership or any fancy gear, and I haven’t been paying attention to my pace at all…

  321. 356
    Allison W says:

    I’m just starting out with running and I keep thinking a GPS watch would motivate me!

  322. 357

    Cute gear indeed! I’ve been coveting a GPS watch since I trained for my 1st 1/2 marathon, the Chicago Rock n Roll Marathon, last summer. I’m starting training for my second 1/2 and I would LOVE the watch to help me track my runs and progress. :)

  323. 361

    Following on twitter, linked back and @fannetastic food. AND it was my FIRST tweet ever… even though I’ve been on twitter for months.

  324. 362

    Just tweeted

  325. 363

    I would love to win the GPS watch. I have been eyeing it since you first got it. As you know, Anne, I started walking in 2010 and am up to 5 miles per day and sometimes I actually run a lap or two. Not bad for a senior citizen. It would be fun to see what extra I can do to improve.

  326. 364

    I would love to win this watch because I have recently started running and am currently training for a half marathon. I am working on pacing myself so a watch that told me how fast I am running would be awesome.

  327. 365

    I have an 8 year old with Autism…..Running, at times, has been my salvation. For the past couple years I have put it on the back burner and directing more of my energies towards my sons GREAT progress! I’ve recently been getting back into it and loving again what I missed. A Garmin GPS would be a GREAT new tool to motivate and help me to train for a race….most likely a half marathon! I hope you’ll consider me. Regardless, who ever it goes to will have a lot of fun with the tool it provides:)

  328. 366
    Lauren G says:

    I am going to be running my second half marathon this summer with the goal to finish in sub 2 hours. I only need to shave 2 minutes 20 seconds from my first half finishing time and this watch would be great for training! I have to use my finances bulking men’s Garmin and this watch looks like a much smaller fit.

    Congrats on moving back to DC!

  329. 367
    Katie D. says:

    I’d love this watch because I’m a New Balance shoe girl and don’t have a GPS running watch! It seems like a natural fit :)

  330. 368
    Skydiver says:

    Looks like a super device!

  331. 369

    I would love this GPS watch since my polar just stopped working.

  332. 370

    I signed up for my first half! It’s coming up in May and a GPS watch would be a huge help with the training runs!!

  333. 371

    I’d love the watch for tracking my runs as i train for a 15k and a ragnar relay!

  334. 372

    I’d love to use that to lose the 30lbs I still need to lose since giving birth to my first child a month ago. Hoping to get the go-ahead to start running again soon!

  335. 373

    I have a Garmin but I’ve been looking to replace it since I’ve been having so much trouble with it lately!!

  336. 374

    Id love to win because I’d love a GPS watch and just can’t ever fit it into the family budget. Thanks!!

  337. 375

    Alright, I blogged about your giveaway now feel free to pick me! :-)

  338. 376

    I want this watch b/c it looks cool and would prob help me be better about running longer

  339. 377

    I follow you on twitter @patis2000

  340. 378
  341. 379
  342. 380
    Stephanie M says:

    I just stumbled across your blog from a recipe link on MaraNatha’s Facebook Page. The Almond Butter Breakfast Bars look delicious! Anyway, I’m just getting into running (using CoolRunning’s Couch-to-5K training schedule) and keep thinking I want to spend $$ on a GPS or HRM watch but just can’t do it yet. I plopped money down on a good pair of running shoes and some gear so I won’t freeze. I hate being cold and I just don’t want an excuse to stop. I’m turning 40 in a year and a half and am determined to finally be in shape, be at a good, healthy weight (goal is to lose 40-50 pounds), and eat well by then! I’ve been focusing on changing how our family eats for about a year now and we’re huge steps ahead of where we were a year ago. Now we’re working on starting to be more active. Next weekend we’ve planned our first family hike. A GPS watch would really help in the hiking department, too! Thanks for sharing the love!

    • 381

      Hey Stephanie – good for you for getting on track for a healthy lifestyle – and for including your family, too! Keep it up! :)

      • 382
        Stephanie M says:

        Hi Anne! Just wanted you to know that I made both the Almond Butter Breakfast Bars that were featured on Maranatha Butters FB page and the Peanut Butter Banana Bread (with 1/4 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips added in). The kids and I all loved them! Just a note to share: I thought the oats on top looked pretty, but my 3 and 5YOs avoided the tops of the breads because of the oats. Don’t know why, but they didn’t care for the pretty tops. Still, two great additions to our baked treats list! Thanks!

  343. 384

    Oh how I’d love the NB GPS watch! I’m super competitive with myself, so with all the features I feel like I’d run further and faster! As a poor college student I don’t think I’d ever get one for myself, so winning one would be awesome!

  344. 385

    I follow you on Twitter and tweeted about your giveaway.

  345. 386

    I linked to your giveaway on my blog – it’s on the sidebar (my apologies if this comment posted twice. I put in a url link and it didn’t show up, so I’m thinking it got spam protected.)

  346. 387
    Claire P. says:

    I would love to have my own GPS watch so I don’t have to keep borrowing my husband’s!!!

  347. 388

    I would love to try the NB GPS watch! I have been on the lookout for one recently but have yet to commit and buy one! Thanks for the giveaway!

  348. 389
    Stephanie says:

    I’d love to win since I don’t have a GPS watch! I’d be great for my runs!

  349. 390
    Stephanie says:

    I would love to win! I’d be great to use on my runs since right now I don’t have a GPS watch!

  350. 391

    I have a Garmin, but I could totally use a backup!

  351. 392

    I follow you on Twitter!

  352. 393
  353. 394

    I liked you on FB and posted your giveaway!

  354. 395

    As a new runner trying to get into the routine of running on a regular basis, this watch would be a big help! I’ve been looking for GPS watches, but I’m not sure what features I need!

  355. 396

    And I’m following you on twitter!

  356. 397

    I would love to win this watch to help keep better track of my distance and time on my runs!

  357. 398

    i’ve been training for a half and it would help to spend less time planning my runs online!

  358. 399

    i follow you on twitter

  359. 400
    Katie M. says:

    I’d love this! I caught the running bug last year doing Couch 2 5K! This would be an excellent tool but something I could never afford.

  360. 401

    I want to win this because I’m training for a half marathon and this would definitely come in handy!

  361. 402

    I follow you on Twitter and tweeted about the giveaway (@missymusings)

  362. 403
    shari s. says:

    I would love to have this watch so that I can stop stealing my hubbys!!

  363. 404

    What a fun giveaway! I need to get back into running, and this would be the PERFECT motivation! :-)

  364. 405

    Tweeted the contest!

  365. 406

    I would love the New Balance GPS watch because my Garmin that a friend gave me as a birthday present last year has died and we cannot find the charger (super bummed). I’ve realized that the GPS watches are so much more accurate than the GPS on my iPhone, which makes training a hassle at times.

  366. 407

    I have been following you for a while now and tweeted about the contest! (@MLArszman)

  367. 408
    Desiree says:

    I would use the watch to help get back into running after having my baby in May. It would be great motivation!

  368. 409
    Desiree says:

    I would use the watch to help get back into running after I have my baby in May. It would be great motivation!

  369. 410

    I’m new to running and would love this to help me improve!

  370. 411
    Courtney C. says:

    I want this watch because one of my new year’s resolutions is to get fit and I don’t have one at all. Usually I just google map my route and that’s how I determine the distance I ran. But this watch would be great to have!

  371. 412

    I would love that watch! I’m really new to running (I’ve only run one race, a 5k, but I ran the entire time and was so proud of myself!) so this would be great for me to continue my running journey :)

  372. 413

    I’ve always wanted a GPS watch but they have always been quite expensive! I think this would really help me become a stronger runner!

  373. 414
    Tia pike says:

    So, this watch would mean no more driving my car around to measure a run and see how far i went!! Its been on my wish list for a while, but stuff always come up doesnt t? Sick cat…tree on the fence…roof leak…Thank goodness for running

  374. 415
    Rachael says:

    I am in the midst of training for my first half marathon, and this gps watch would be so very helpful on my long runs!!

  375. 416
    Lori Z. says:

    I want this watch because it seems my trusty old Garmin has bit the dust. It seems the buttons are having trouble making a connection and it takes forever to turn on, reset, start/stop… :(

  376. 417

    Hope it is not too late to enter! I have never tried a GPS running watch but have wanted to for the longest time!!! I mentioned you (and this contest) on my latest blog post!

  377. 418

    I’d love to win the watch. I don’t own a watch and would love to have better tracking of my activity.

  378. 419
    Margaret M says:

    Hi Anne, I’m a fairly new runner and I’m looking forward to developing my skills over the coming spring and summer. I would love to have a GPS watch to track my progress.

  379. 420
    meredith says:

    I have been looking for a good GPS watch especially one that can help me figure out my pace!

  380. 421

    I started running last year, and since then I’ve consistently been able to pile on miles, but they are SO SLOW! I’ll sometimes hop on the treadmill to run just so I can see/set my pace. I’ve really needed a GPS watch like a Garmin or New Balance so that I can see my pace as I’m running, and use it to help me speed things up! I definitely need a tool like this if I want to progress.

  381. 422

    Wonderful giveaway! I am not as much of a distance runner these days, sticking mostly to 5-10k distances. Over the past year I have been trying to find the gumption to invest in a nice watch, hoping I become more adventurous on my runs and become a trailblazer. Plus, I can join the cool kid club of the local running group and have my watch join the chorus.

  382. 423

    I have never had a GPS watch so I would love to try one to see how I am doing . :)

  383. 424

    I love to run outside, but like to know the distance I’ve covered–this watch would be a great solution! :)

  384. 425

    Super giveaway! I would love to know my pace and distance round the hood! I’ve only been running a few short years after losing 117lbs and adopting a new healthy lifestyle! This would sure help me improve my race times I’m sure! Thanks much!

  385. 426

    Liked your page and linked you to my page on FB! Thanks again!

  386. 427
    Tiffiny Duke says:

    Right now I have to carry my phone, Garmin, pepper spray and my iPod. To much and all I know is how far and fast I went! This watch would eliminate some of my stress and give me more information!

  387. 428
    Tiffiny Duke says:
  388. 429
    Tiffiny Duke says:

    Liked on Facebook and shared link: tiffinyberryduke

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