A (Non-Snowy) Walk in the Woods

Anytime I feel stressed, I take a walk.


I breathe in the fresh air.


I take in the pretty flowers and bees going about their business.


And suddenly all is well.


Fresh air and a little exercise — cures me every time :)


Yesterday I sat on my floor studying BioChem all day long. I was starting to feel a little bit stir crazy, to say the least.

When I used to work full time, I would ALWAYS take a lunch time walking break. Every single day, no matter what. I always returned to the office feeling refreshed and ready to get back to work. So yesterday I took my own advice and headed out for a late afternoon study break walk :)



I headed to the super cute little trail in the woods near my house. I love it.


I can’t believe the last time I was out on this trail it was all covered in snow! I got some beautiful photos that day. :)

December 2009:


July 2010:


I think I prefer cabins covered in snow with wreaths on them ;)

The walk was JUST what I needed. I will be doing this more often in the next few weeks as my studying continues! My BioChem “Final of Death” is August 6th. I’m taking the course online (worst idea ever), and this is our ONLY grade. Gah. No pressure.


How do you de-stress?

I’m off to my last Microbiology class! Our take home final exams and final papers are due, and I’m giving a presentation on the Plague with my partner (who is awesome — that never happens! Hi Michelle :) ). This class has been a combination of fascinating and terrifying. I sure won’t miss the hour plus commute (each way), nor will I miss learning about all the horrible bacterial infections that are lurking around every corner, but I will miss my new friend and partner Michelle!

Have a great day :)


  1. 1

    This is odd because I had a dream I took a walk last night and it was snowing! The woods are beautiful!

  2. 2

    I have a beautiful park with lots of trails near my office. I have been trying to get myself to go walk one on my break but have not yet! This was a hint of inspiration for me! Great pictures!

  3. 3

    I de-stress with exercise for sure. For a working day, I always make sure to take a lunch break. Whether I just sit outside and eat my lunch, go for a walk, read a book on a bench, bike home to walk my dog, go to the gym, etc a break makes the rest of the day 100x better.

  4. 4

    I de-stress by exercising – gets me out of the house as well. Plus, music playing loudly in your ear while breaking a sweat doesn´t allow you to concentrate on the “stress factor”. :)

  5. 5

    Exercise is definitely the best break, followed by froyo and retail therapy. ;)

    Gorgeous pics! No doubt you got a good sweat sesh in – humidity and heat have indefinitely befriended DC! Gross, but at least the summer gives us photogenic flowers :)

  6. 6

    Beautiful photos! I love getting out and just having a quiet moment to think and enjoy my surroundings.

  7. 7

    Hi Anne! The trails you’re on are always so beautiful. Can you recommend some good ones in the area?? I always stick to the ones close to my house…but they’re very close to the road and a bit more city than scenic…

  8. 9

    That looks like a beautiful trail. I agree that movement is such a good way to get away from it all and destress. I love being able to simply be in the moment.

  9. 10

    just found your blog through the healthy living summit. Took a walk last night through my DC neighborhood to reduce some stress! making a great smoothie also helps lower my blood pressure:)

  10. 11

    walking helps me sooooooo much…either that or sleeping :) i love the little trip you just took us on :)

  11. 12

    Sometimes a little fresh air is just what the body/mind needs ;)

  12. 13

    I could not agree more about the walk for to de-stress. Something about being outside with fresh air and around nature always puts things into perspective for me!

  13. 14

    I think hiking is my favorite way to relieve stress! Nothing is more freeing than spending time in the heart of nature. ;) Good luck with bio-chem! Ugh, does not sound fun! ;(

  14. 15

    How scenic! Those views would immediately de-stress me, too. I usually either take a walk or take a warm shower or bath. Does the trick every time!

  15. 16

    I agree, there is nothing like a walk to release some stress… I also love heading to a park with a good book. Both rejuvinate and refresh me! :)

  16. 17

    lord, i could not imagine taking biochem on line. i have suffered thru undergrad biochem and phd biochem. most wretched class ever. hang in there!!!

  17. 18

    I like to run on trails to de-stress as well or take a yoga class

  18. 19

    Great strategy :) Good luck with Biochem I know you will kick butt!!!

  19. 20

    What a lovely trail — and a great idea. Very nice! And I, too, know you’ll kick butt in biochem!

  20. 21

    Going for a walk is such a healthy way to de-stress. I usually talk to my husband about feeling stressed out and he usually makes me feel better :-) Running is good too!

  21. 22

    Hope you did a good job on your presentation. (I’m sure you did!) Walks are definitely therapeutic. I think just looking at pictures of that trail is therapeutic. It’s beautiful!

  22. 23

    Going for a walk is always a great way to destress!

  23. 24

    My goodness – that trail is simply WONDERFUL!!!! I too have to get out of the office for a walk (or run!) during the day!!!

  24. 25

    Wow that is a beautiful trail. I only go on the WO&D since it the closest to my house. HOwever to destress I do boxing, kickboxing, run, put on a facial mask, watch a good movie, read a book, or phone a good friend.

  25. 26
    Michelle Heikell says:

    Aw, you are so sweet, thank you. I’m going to miss you too :(. We made a great team and our visits were definitely the highlight of my day. I have no doubt that I will see you again some day :). In the meantime, I’m glad I’ll still be able to share in all of your awesome ideas and adventures, and I will think of you every time I eat my Chobani greek yogurt and drink from my travel size, bpa free water bottle (I love that thing). By the way, I personally think we rocked the presentation.
    Best of luck and hugs,

  26. 28

    Wow – what beautiful pictures! It makes me want to walk through the trail near my house right now!

    I actually have a question for you about biochem. I am currently taking my pre-reqs for a MS in Nutrition and I was planning to take the biochem component online – Would you not recommend it? Which school did you take it from? Should I just try to take it in person? (You can answer in an email if you want!) Thanks!

    • 29

      DEFINITELY take it in person if you can. The online course I’m doing isn’t bad or anything, it’s just that BioChem is a really hard class and I do a lot better when I’m actually in person, interacting, asking questions, keeping up with assignments, etc. This online one only has a final exam, no other assignments, so it’s been hard to stay motivated and keep up with it when I’ve had all my other in person classes going on, too.

      Good luck!

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