Watch out… I’ll kick your butt.

I had another great personal training session this morning at LA Boxing! I’m loving this opportunity to switch up my workouts in such a fun way.


Unlike last week’s session, which was centered around more traditional conditioning, this morning’s workout was based on learning how to FIGHT! Well, defend myself, anyway :)

It was a great workout! Instead of working with the bags like we do during the kickboxing classes, this time I actually got to punch and kick my trainer, Jerome! 


It’s definitely more fun to kick another person than a bag ;)

We did a bunch of different drills. The first one involved a jab with the left hand, a cross punch with the right hand, and then a front kick with each leg.


We also did a bunch of punching only drills — both for speed/endurance, and for power/strength. It’s crazy how fast your arms get tired!


Next, we worked on maintaining your guard even when your opponent has the more dominant position.


I worked on holding my position and punching the area in front of me, pretending it was a person.


Whew! This is hard work!


Lastly, we worked with the bag a bit — again, learning how to keep up your guard and working on arm strength and speed. This position is called the full mount, for obvious reasons.


Roarrrrrr don’t mess with me!! ;)


Jerome wants to work more on self defense techniques and sparring in future sessions — I’m excited! I love that LA Boxing’s personal training is more than just weights and machines. 


I left feeling sweaty and accomplished, and came home to run a quick 3 hilly training miles in my neighborhood before diving into breakfast!

In other fitness news, Tina and Kate are hosting a fun blogger movement called “Yoga Pose May”! Ya’ll know that it took me awhile to get into yoga (check out my post about how I went from hating to loving yoga), but now I think it’s great. Yoga is such a smart thing to do to keep your body (and mind!) strong and stretched. As someone who has always been VERY inflexible (even when I did gymnastics back in the day!), yoga has been really great in helping me to at least be able to touch my toes ;)

Anyway! Today is my Yoga Pose May day and my assigned yoga pose is The Camel. This is actually a really hard pose for me — my body always feels really tight and my back and legs are not at all interested in stretching all pretty and straight like they’re supposed to!


Ideally, I should be shifted forward so my thighs are in more of a straight up and down line. Something to work towards, right? :) Check out my girl Gracie’s post this morning — she was assigned Camel pose as well and has a cute video and written instructions for how to do it! Plus, her form is better than mine ;) (p.s. Why is this pose called The Camel?? I can’t figure it out.)


  1. Have you ever taken a self defense class? Hopefully we’ll never have to use what we learn, but it’s smart to be prepared!
  2. What’s your favorite yoga pose? Mine is Triangle pose. It feels so amazing on my tight runner’s hips :)

Have a great day!


  1. 1

    Wow, I wish I lived close to that gym. It looks like so much fun, hard work and smart. Never hurts how to throw a good punch, if you need to defend yourself.

    Those punches where you are sitting in a V look brutal, but think of how awesome your abs are going to look.

    I’ve never taken a self defense class but have done many aerobics classes where they incorporate punches kicks and all that goodness.

    I love yoga. I have many new favourite poses I am working on, including peacock and the headstand (with a spotter). For relaxation, I might have to say pigeon pose.

  2. 2

    Wow Anne! You seriously look hardcore during your personal training session! I’d be scared if I got you mad! :)

    I actually like the Camel pose.. I get a little nervous once I’m in it just because I feel like I could break, but I love the way that it stretches me out.

  3. 3

    i’ve taken a couple of self-defense classes, and loved them! they are definitely empowering. i really like camel pose, but thankfully it just feels really good. i also love warrior 1 & 2 because they make me feel strong :)

  4. 4

    I’m with ya…camel pose is not easy! I could only hold it for about 20 seconds. But your form looks good to me!! The stretching must’ve felt good after you’re kick-butt (literally) boxing workout :)

  5. 5

    I can NOT do the camel pose- my back rebels completely, not interested in being bendy! My fave pose is the one where you go up on your toes and then squat (while still standing on your toes) – I have NO idea what it’s called, and it’s hard to balance, but i like the challenge. :)

  6. 6

    I am loving your LA Boxing recaps. I was really sad to find out we don’t have one here in Idaho, but I was stoked to find that we do have a fighting fit gym that just opened. It supposedly has lots of punching bags and seems similar to your gym. I’m hoping, because kickboxing has become one of my favorite workouts. And to add in actually punching the bag, I can’t wait! I’m supposed to check it out tonight and have a one week pass. Yay!

  7. 8

    I love the LA boxing recaps as well! I’m so happy that I joined. I’ve been mixing up the instructors and classes I go to. I’ve tried the kickboxing, boxing (so tough!), and MMA workouts and they are all amazing.

    I love how all the instructors are all a bit different and constantly change it up. That way I never get bored. The hour flies by, and recently so have my pant size (down; woo hoo). Gotta love that, especially when it’s fun.

    Hope to run into you again soon at class :)

  8. 10

    I feel like I probably should take a self defense course at some point, but have never actually bothered to just do it. Maybe one day….
    Favorite yoga pose? That’s a toughie. I think it’s a tie between pigeon for its hip-opening loveliness and tree for its ability to make me feel strong and centered!

  9. 11

    That looks so fun and challenging!

    I agree with you about triangle pose, too! Feels soooo good!

  10. 12

    I have mentioned it on Twitter before, but camel really makes me emotional! Do you experience the same thing?

    Love this boxing photos. You make me want to go box!

    • 13

      Camel pose definitely brings out emotion! Especially since the only times I’ve done it have been in hot, sweaty bikram yoga classes. I think it’s the nature of the pose – your body and heart are pushed out and wide open to the world!

      • 14

        Camel is definitely a heart opening pose! I love it though because I feel like weve been told that backbends are dangerous our whole lives so I like to prove everyone wrong!

  11. 15

    I’m so excited to hear you love the LA Boxing classes! I joined right before Fitbloggin’ (ironic they were there!) and have been loving it ever since.
    Can’t wait to hear if you spar. :-)

  12. 16

    What an awesome workout! I’m impressed. Nothing’s like cross training either. Well done!

  13. 17

    Hi Anne P, nice to meet you (in the blogging world)
    Great Camel Pose!
    Funny that you should post about boxing, one of my roommates has been trying to talk me into going with him, but I’ve been unreasonably resistant…

    What’s your next race? I’m much more a runner than a yoga-master! :)

    • 18

      You should try boxing! It’s fun :)

      I’m definitely more of a runner as well – I’m doing the Annapolis half marathon on June 6! How about you?

  14. 19

    sparring/boxing are my favorite!!! you are gonna love it! =)

  15. 20

    What an awesome workout!!!! So empowering….love it!

  16. 21

    Kickboxing seems intense. Weird question…who is taking the pictures of you? Haha, that was the first thing I thought.

    Love that yoga pose!! :)

    • 22

      Haha I always wonder about stuff like that too :) One of the other staff members there takes the pics for us! She’s been deemed our official photographer ;)

  17. 23

    I love the sun salutations! I did a Body Flow class this morning and they are always my favorite. I like the tree poses a lot too. And the meditation flat on your back at the end ;)


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