Summer Shape Up Week 1 Meal Plan + Grocery Lists

Welcome to week 1 of the Summer Shape Up, which begins on Monday, June 16, 2014! (Looking for the home base Summer Shape Up page? Click here – it has the answers to any questions you might have about the challenge and links to all the weekly content, too!)

As you know, my friend Gina and I have partnered up to bring you this fun healthy living 4 week challenge to inspire you to kick off the year on the right foot in terms of fitness and nutrition. Gina is a personal trainer, so on her site, you’ll find the weekly workouts for the challenge, including videos. Here on mine, I’ll be sharing the weekly nutrition-focused content, which will feature quick and easy recipe ideas for your meals and snacks.


We’d love to hear how you guys are doing with this challenge! If you share updates or photos on social media, please include #SummerShapeUp and, if you have space, tag both myself (@fANNEtasticfood) and Gina (@fitnessista) so we can see! :)

Before I get into the plan, please remember that everyone’s nutrition needs are different and will vary based on activity level, age, gender, height/weight, and more. I am a Registered Dietitian, but this meal plan is not meant to be a substitute for personalized nutrition plans or nutrition counseling (like I provide in my AnneTheRD private practice). Above all, use this as a guide, not a concrete plan, and change it as you see fit based on your own hunger levels, preferences, and dietary needs. I’m not including specific quantities/portion sizes because of this – try to eat intuitively and listen to your body. This guide may be too much food for some of you and too little for others. If you’re getting full, save the rest for later. If the meal or snack wasn’t enough, don’t second guess yourself – listen to your body and have something else. If you’re really hungry and try to deny it, it will only lead to overdoing it later or feeling like crap. Honor your hunger, my friends. And same with the other end of the spectrum – stay mindful during your meals, and stop as soon as you start to get full. If you’re distracted, it’s a lot easier to overeat. Your body knows what to do if you just listen to it! Sound good?

A note on drinks: I didn’t include drinks in this guide, but aim to limit sugar-sweetened beverages. If you’re currently having a lot of sugar-sweetened beverages (soda, sweet tea, sweet flavored water, etc.), try to cut back by 1 or 2 drinks per week until it becomes an occasional treat vs. a daily habit. Focus on drinking lots of water, some unsweetened tea/coffee (if you’re into it), and the occasional wine or beer, if you like. Regarding dessert, it’s not included in the plan for simplicity’s sake, but indulgence in moderation is certainly part of a healthy relationship with food. The key is to view dessert as an occasional treat vs. letting it become an everyday habit. If you really want something, by all means allow yourself to have it and really savor it. There’s no point in feeling guilty – eating perfectly 100% of the time isn’t realistic or healthy. Just make sure that when you do indulge, it’s worth it. Choose the real thing, not a diet imitation; stay mindful and stop when you are satisfied.


During the Winter Shape Up earlier this year, a bunch of you requested that the meal plans be in a printable format, so that’s what we did this year! To download the week 1 meal plan, please click here. If you have any problems with it or see any errors, please let me know! It also includes grocery lists (including vegan and gluten free variations) and some easy snack ideas. A big thank you to my dietetic intern Jackie for her assistance in putting together these meal plans and grocery lists!

For snacks, choose a variety each day based on hunger levels. Some days you might need a snack or even two or three, while other days you might not need one at all. Focus on how you feel. Hunger levels change daily based on activity and a host of other factors, so don’t expect to feel the same every day. For snacks, just like meals, focus on a good mix of carbs, protein, and healthy fat to keep you satisfied. There are some general really easy and quick snack ideas in the PDF, and here are some make-ahead recipes to try out:

summer shape up 2014 sponsors

Please say a big thank you to our Summer Shape Up sponsors!

Sabra | Sizzlefish | Cherry Marketing Institute | White Plum | Reebok | Chex

This week’s featured sponsor is Sizzlefish! If you haven’t heard of Sizzlefish before, it’s an online home delivery company that ships you pre-portioned (in exact USDA recommended 4-oz servings), high quality seafood. The fish is shipped flash-frozen and arrives packed in dry ice. I love this because you can just throw it straight into the freezer, and then take it out to thaw whenever you’re ready to use it!

Sizzlefish was started by a fellow runner, Rob, who said he came up with the idea while out on a training run, since omega 3 fatty acids (which fish are a rich source of) are so beneficial to athletes. Rob said they’ve been careful to choose the best suppliers in terms of not only fish quality but sustainability, too, which I love.

sizzlefish logo

For this giveaway, Sizzlefish has offered to ship 2 lucky winners their Wild Ocean Blend. Yum! Comment below up to once per day with how thing are going for you during the challenge and each comment will count as an entry! I’ll randomly select a winner after the week is over (Sunday night/Monday morning) and notify them directly by email. Good luck, and thank you for participating in the Summer Shape Up!

p.s. Sizzlefish can be found on Twitter @sizzlefishfit – please say thank you to them for being this week’s #SummerShapeUp sponsor and providing the giveaway! :)


  1. 1

    Very excited for this Shape Up!

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    can’t wait! :)

  3. 3

    Let’s start shaping up! I’m ready…

  4. 4

    so excited to get started!!

  5. 5
    Cindy Childers says

    Can’t wait to try this Anne! Doing the Shape UP program for the first time. I’m a mom of 3 living in NYC. Quick question, for the meal plan…are there supposed to be recipe links to the different menu items/meals or how do we find the recipes? Are they all on your website. My apologies if I missed the instructions somewhere. Thanks, Cindy

    • 6

      Thanks for joining in! The recipes are all linked to in the meal plan – just click on their names! :)

      • 7
        Cindy Childers says

        Oh Sorry Anne! I had initially put the curser over the recipe name and since it didn’t turn into an arrow like links usually do, I didn’t think it was a proper link. Silly me. I should have double clicked anyway. Sorry ! :-)

  6. 9

    Cannot wait to try the Summer Shape Up!

  7. 10
    Mary Beth says

    Just made my 3 meals for tomorrow! Prepped and ready to go!

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    Whitney W says

    Excited to try the meal plan!

  9. 12

    This all sounds great. Thanks so much for doing this!

  10. 13

    I’m in!

  11. 14

    So excited, started the day off with eggs!

  12. 15

    Today is the day! Cheers to making healthier choices!

  13. 16
    Christina says

    So excited! Love the PDF format

  14. 17

    Thanks for the hard work putting this together! Loved it in the Winter and cant wait for the fun this round. :)

  15. 18

    So excited for the challenge!

  16. 19

    So excited that you have GF alternatives!

  17. 20

    Thank you for the GF options!

  18. 21

    I’m so excited to start this year’s Summer Shape Up! And even more stoked that my boyfriend and I will be doing it together! Hopefully these meals can help introduce him to yummy dishes that aren’t named Pizza ;)

  19. 23

    Yay! I can’t wait to try these snacks.

  20. 24

    Love the meal ideas from this. Today is overnight oats for breakfast, lunch is packed for class – salad with pesto tofu and Japanese potato wedges and tomatoes, dinner will probably be the egg muffins with quinoa since I have to make them for the morning :) snacks are trail mix and fruit

  21. 25

    Yay! So excited to start this!!! I have been an avid watcher of the shape ups and am excited to join in on the fun this time! :)

  22. 26

    I didnt have time to bake yesterday to make the baked oatmeal so I swapped out the smoothie for wednesday for today! I will be prepping tonight!

  23. 27

    Excited to getstarted. Food prep tonight.

  24. 28

    I love the new format and the great meal ideals this week. I’m excited to use the shopping lists next week.. I didn’t realize those were coming :)

  25. 29
    Amy Ramos says

    I am going to making the Mexican Lasagna for dinner tonight!

  26. 30

    I’m so happy to find your blog through summer shape-up. Healthy deviled eggs?! You’re speaking my language :)

  27. 31
    Megan Stanchik says

    Those carrot cake muffins are the best! I’m still making them after you suggested the for the Winter Shape up. Love when food doesn’t taste boring.

  28. 32

    Awesome, looking forward to some new recipe ideas. In a bit of a non-healthy eating rut, but glad for the opportunity to get back into eating better! Thanks!

  29. 33
    Jennifer Lattin says

    Mmmm. Would love me some SizzleFish!!!

  30. 34

    Hi Anne. Thank you for another wonderful menu. Your corn flake chicken tenders are a go to in our house!
    I headed to costco over the weekend and stocked up on some healthy staples.
    Today I had a green smoothie for breakfast, Turkey burger and grape leaves for lunch and I’m thinking Salmon or supper. Good Start to a great challenge.

  31. 35

    I loved all of your recipes for the Winter Shape Up, so I’m excited to try some more!

  32. 36

    So excited to get started with the Summer Shape-up!! Time to get back on track for summer!!

  33. 37

    Couldn’t be more excited for the Summer Shape-up especially since I’ve been in a bit of a rut with cooking. Looking forward to the results.

  34. 38

    Excited to try some new healthy recipe ideas!!

  35. 39

    First time I’m trying a shape up. I loved the meal plan – especially since I could print it!

  36. 40
    Jennifer says

    Woohoo! I have been looking forward to today! Started the day off with veggie eggs (mushrooms & spinach), avocado slices, and cantaloupe. Lunch = kale salad. Dinner is still up in the air :) Still using some of your recipes from Winter Shape Up and can’t wait for new healthy food motivations. Thank you for offering this for free just for the love of it! Yeah for you and Gina

  37. 41

    So excited to get started with the meal plans and Holy Goodness, that fish looks amazing!

  38. 42

    oooou excited about the sizzlefish giveaway! clearly –> had your Mexican Shrimp salad fo rlunch, having tilapia fish tacos for dinner, and having salmon for supper tomorrow… :P

  39. 43

    Excited to try a shape up for the first time! Thanks!

  40. 44

    Coconut Raspberry Chia Pops? Yes please!
    Excited for Summer Shape Up and some new recipe ideas! Thank you :)

  41. 45

    I swizzled around the schedule a little bit based on what we have in stock at home and made the egg muffins yesterday. This morning I grabbed 2 and had them for breakfast with a few strawberries and hot water w/lemon. SO DELICIOUS! On top of being super yummy and healthy, they did a great job of filling me up for the entire morning, which is no small feat for me. The husband took 3 to work after trying a piece of mine and getting super jealous. :)

  42. 46
    Katie H. says

    My goal is to have fish once a week, but around where I live the fish options at the stores are not that great. Would love to try this out!

  43. 47

    Excited to work towards clean and healthy livin’!

  44. 48

    This couldn’t have come at a better time for me! Just moved into a new apartment and have been out of a routine for the past couple weeks. Trying to get back on track and so happy there’s some structure around this :)

  45. 49

    Baked oatmeal was great. My toddler gobbled it down as well which makes it even better. Surprised at how much sugar was used. Might try it again wihout the sugar and more banana.

  46. 50

    Super excited for summer shape up! Sickness derailed me from participating in the winter, but I made a big batch of the kale salad and am pumped for 4 weeks of healthy eating!

  47. 51

    So excited to get started :)

  48. 52
    Charlotte says

    I love seeing the new meal plan and looking forward to some new great healthily recipes!

  49. 53

    Super excited for this Summer Shape up! I already did the first workout today. I had the day off from work and figured I’d get started now! I’m really looking forward to trying new recipes and new workout. I’ve been in a rut lately and this is just the thing I needed!

  50. 54
    Stephanie D says

    Looking forward to getting back in the workout/eating groove after being thrown off by moving!! So. Much. Takeout.

  51. 55

    So excited for this summer shape up! The meals all sound so good.

  52. 56

    Great menu, thanks!

  53. 57

    Thank you for the meal plan! We are so excited to try it out and I’ve shared it with family, hoping they will get on board!

  54. 58
    Catherine P. says

    I am very excited. Started my week with a trip to the beach.

  55. 59

    I’ve been wanting to switch up my snacks! Thanks!

  56. 60

    Some great sounding recipes!

  57. 61
    Dana Butler says

    After watching a few of these shape ups go by, im so excited to join in this time! Time to get on it :)

  58. 62
    Ashley V says

    I don’t really know how it happened (since you gave plenty of warnings!), but this week’s plan sneaked up on me! I’ll be playing a little bit of catch up (even though it’s only day 1).

  59. 63

    My husband reminded me to bring my “prop” (water bottle) to work today and my girls made scrambled egg muffins for the family! Whole family on board!!! ♥

  60. 64

    I packed my lunch for work today, and instead of eating bowls and bowls of cereal for dinner, I roasted some veggies and salmon! Feels good to be back on track.

  61. 65
    Elizabeth says

    Tried the chicken curry tonight – had to switch things up due to my work schedule – and it was delish! Even the BF liked it. Having the leftovers over a bed of greens tomorrow for some extra veggie punch!

  62. 66

    Looking forward to joining a shape up from the beginning! Thanks for your expertise!

  63. 67

    I’m excited for summer shape up! I’m looking forward to all the healthy eats and workouts, its so encouraging!!!

  64. 68

    I just joined the FB group and I’m pumped for this challenge!

  65. 69

    Thanks for the meal plan! I am a new mom and so appreciate someone else doing the thinking and planning for me! Todays meals were great and I have a ton of leftovers for the freezer!

  66. 70
    Jenny V. says

    Look forward to trying new recipes! Thanks!

  67. 71

    I love that you and Gina have paired up again!

  68. 72

    I can’t wait to try the Raspberry Coconut Chia Ice Pops, they look divine!

  69. 73

    I’m so excited to see the Almond Crusted Tilapia on the meal plan! It has become a staple in my home..we try to have fish once a week and it’s in the rotation! I’m also excited to try the Coconut Curry. I’ve been wanting to try making curry, and this looks easy!

  70. 74

    Planning to stir fry some green beans and shrimp with garlic to go with brown rice tonight… It’s not on the recipe list but I figure it’s reasonably healthy, and I had a bag of fresh green beans I need to use up from last week!

  71. 75

    Breakfast: protein smoothie.

  72. 76

    Thank you for giving the GF ideas for the recipes!!!

  73. 77

    I switched it up and made a the banana spinach smoothie! Was too humid to turn oven on to bake last night. I also made a pan of no bake Almond Joy granola bars from Oh She Glows! Drinking lots of water on this 90 degree day!

  74. 78

    This is my second shape up, thanks for the inspiration!!

  75. 79

    did the workout and modified version of the meal plan yesterday! feeling good and excited for the rest of the week!

  76. 80

    Summer Shape UP had a HOT start for me here in GA

  77. 81

    Mexican Lasagna was great last night! Love that there is enough leftovers for dinner tonight.

  78. 82

    Loved the egg muffins! Yum! So easy and convenient! :)

  79. 83

    Going well so far. Always love it.

  80. 84

    Mexican lasagna is made and ready to bake for dinner tonight!!

  81. 85

    Made the Mexican Lasagna last night swapping the pepper for fire roasted corn. Can’t wait to take for lunch at work.

  82. 86

    Loving the Baked Oatmeal! Thanks, Anne!

  83. 87

    Thank you for this, Anne! This helps so much. I’m super excited to start the summer shape up!

  84. 88

    So far so good! It’s so much easier to eat healthy in the summer when fresh produce abounds. I can’t wait to make those almond balls, they seem like a perfect treat!

  85. 89
    Amber Schumann says

    Baked Oatmeal for breakfast this morning!! Made it last night after I put the little one to bed, and I will freeze individual portions. So perfect for my insanely busy life!! Thanks Anne!

  86. 90

    The baked oatmeal and Mexican lasagna are both delicious! I am dairy sensitive so, in the lasagna, I replaced the sour cream/yogurt with mashed avocado and left out the cheese and it was really good! The baked oatmeal was SO easy to make and is really moist. I used coconut oil (melted) and almond milk as my dairy replacement and I can’t imagine it tasting any better. Off to a great start!

  87. 91

    leftover fish tacos for lunch! and perfect microwave oatmeal for breakfast (like pretty much every day)

  88. 92

    Getting ready for tomato basil soup with fresh basil from my friend’s garden :)

  89. 93

    I have never liked salad unfortunately so I will be sticking to leftovers for lunch. (They always taste better the next day!) Going to hit up Trader Joe’s tonight for the ingredients for Tilapia!

  90. 94

    Today has been going well for me. I’ve had some trouble with things turning out as they should because I’m trying to do it vegan and gluten free, which for me was kinda confusing when I was trying to figure out what to buy when grocery shopping. So, I didn’t have some items needed but I improvised by switching some of the meals around. Now I”m off to the grocery store to pick up the stuff I missed! What’s great about this is I’m cooking a bunch of different meals, (something I never did before – I lived off of frozen Annie’s Bowls and clif bars) so after all this is over I’m gonna be able to get much more creative with what I eat!

    I just made the Mexican Lasagna, but without the cheese the top layer of tortillas curled up into little bowls. I think it awesome that that happened, I think I’m gonna scoop the filling into the bowls and have little Mexican Bowls :)

  91. 95

    What a cool program i would love to try the fish!

  92. 96
    Sassypants says

    Day 1 was total success. All the meals were super tasty, and surprisingly, I had zero cravings for something sweet. That is saying A LOT coming from someone who always has dessert after both lunch and dinner. Hoping the rest of the shape-up goes as well!

  93. 98

    I can’t wait to get to the grocery store!

  94. 99

    Had the banana oatmeal this morning then the egg muffins for lunch with Brussel sprouts, carrots and hummus. Snack was trail mix

  95. 100

    Day two is going well. I tend to eat a lot of the same things through out the week… saves me from cooking every day and I don’t mind the same thing a few days in a row. So more green smoothies, turkey burgers, and Asian salmon.

  96. 101
    Katie H. says

    Day 2 is going strong. Right now I’m making a chicken, broccoli and noodle casserole.

  97. 102

    Today was my rest day and by BUTT IS BURNING from workout 1! Success.

  98. 104
    Michallynn says

    Had the tropical smoothie + pb toast for breakfast today (my day 1 of the ssu). It was soo good!

  99. 105
    Ashley V says

    Thanks so much for making a pdf of the plan. It’s easier for me to keep on file to reference. Week 1 looks like a great opener!

  100. 106

    Loving all the meal ideas! the scrambled egg muffins were delicious. I didn’t have flour on hand so I used oats instead- turned out great!

  101. 107
    Elizabeth says

    Just finished the creamy garlic pasta with peas! So amazing I can’t wait to have leftovers! I halved the recipe and it was enough for my bf to have two servings at dinner and for me to have some at lunch tomorrow :)

  102. 108

    I’m so excited to try the deviled eggs! I’m also working hard to eat more fresh produce this week.

  103. 109

    Haven’t been able to make any of the yummy looking recipes here yet, but I am just finishing a bowl full of cranberry, almond, and chicken salad as a post workout snack. :)

  104. 110

    Tried the Mexican lasagna today. Delicious!

  105. 111

    LOVED the baked oatmeal today! Is it really only four portions per recipe? I ate a fourth of it today and it was a TON of oatmeal.

    • 112

      Listen to your body – serving sizes aren’t set in stone at all. If you’re getting full, by all means stop and save the rest for later!

  106. 113

    Today’s going to be a bit of a struggle because I’ve got a packed schedule and I haven’t prepped snacks or meals ahead of time. Hoping to make healthy choices as much as possible!

  107. 114

    Good food day today!! And drank a lot of water!! I am not following the meal plan exactly, but it is giving me some good ideas for variety.

  108. 115

    So excited to be part of this program! You and Gina are too kind to be offering this again. Love you ladies!!!

  109. 116

    loving the meals so far (: thanks!

  110. 117

    ABSOLUTELY LOVE SizzleFish! Would love to win this!

  111. 118

    Thanks for the meal plans! Makes it so easy!

  112. 119
    Lauren S says

    Tuesday was a great day with healthy eating. I was more mindful of snacking and chose raw almonds and cashews over a Clif bar for a “cleaner” snack.

  113. 120

    Loved the smoothie this morning! Added fresh papaya to mine to aid in digestion!

  114. 121

    I had a 5 minute granola bar on the way to the gym this morning! And a green smoothie after :)

  115. 122

    Mexican Lasagna delish! leftovers for lunch today

  116. 123

    Delish egg muffins for breakfast! I did tomato/basil/mozzarella/artichoke. I love making these because then I have easy snacks/breakfast ready for days!

    Mexican lasagna tonight!

  117. 124

    I am totally sore from workout 1 yesterday, but I am proud for eating healthy alllll day! Started today out with a whole grain english muffin, scrambled egg, and cheese sandwich.

  118. 125

    So far I’ve made your Mexican lasagna and the Creamy Tomato Basil Soup, and both have been awesome! Healthy eating and so, so good. Still have leftover of both and will be enjoying them again today. Thanks again, Anne and Gina!

  119. 126
    Allison D. says

    love the egg/banana/flax pancake. A staple at my house.

  120. 127

    sounds like a great plan! i just had raspberry and cashew overnight oats for breakfast :)

  121. 128

    I had roasted broccoli with lunch today! A major improvement in my recent lunch eats!

  122. 129

    had a veggie egg white scramble for breakfast, avocado toast, and a salad with 1/2 a chicken breast for lunch! still full

  123. 130
    Katie H. says

    I’m eating an egg white, steamed broccoli, ham, & spinach English muffin sandwich with carrot sticks and a peach. Proud of this lunch!

  124. 131

    I ended up waking up sick in the middle of the night :/ so I haven’t really eaten anything today but some spoonfuls of pb and a little bit of potatoes but even that made my stomach hurt

  125. 132
    Sassypants says

    Today I’ve had the tropical smoothie (no time for pb toast) for breakfast, tuna salad on whole wheat pita for lunch, with an apple and Kind bar for snacks. Yum. Looking forward for the chicken curry tonight!

  126. 133

    Leftover eggs muffins made a great snack today! Having a detailed meal plan is really helping me stay on track! Thank you!

  127. 134

    Made the curry chicken tonight and I liked the heat from the curry but I was missing the salt. It was bland without it so I got out the shaker and it was better. Loved the bok choy and the sauce!

  128. 135

    I love coconut curry so I loved tonights dinner! Thanks for all the great meal ideas!

  129. 136

    Today’s a weird day for eating because I’m fasting til dinner time. Planning to stay hydrated with lots of water, then do a light, healthy dinner later.

  130. 137

    enjoying the meal plan (:

  131. 138

    homemade bread toasted, avocado black beans and salsa for breakfast!

  132. 139

    Made curry chicken last night. Leftovers for lunch.

  133. 140

    Made homemade bread this week (less likely to overeat something that takes so long to make!) and looking forward to making those carrot cake muffins this weekend!

  134. 141

    Leftover egg muffins for breakfast – they’re so good!! Excited for curry with shrimp tonight :-)

  135. 142

    i’ve been eating great this week! i’ve got my eye on the easy coconut curry recipe :)

  136. 143

    I made a version of your no bake PB granola bars and just noshed on one before a lunch-time workout. So peanut butter-y and delicious.

  137. 144

    Checking in for day 4 of meals! Enjoyed some zucchini “noodles” last night w/ veggies and fresh basil. Loving savory breakfasts, today had eggs w/ spinach and goat cheese and a banana. Excited for tonight’s dinner menu = your curry. Have a great day and thank you!

  138. 145

    Just picked up some tilapia at Whole Foods to make almond crusted tilapia tonight!

  139. 146
    Allison D. says

    Enjoying your home made snacks!

  140. 147
    Samantha says

    Kale salad with chicken & peppers. I love kale salads since tossing the dressing with the kale in the morning makes packing my lunch easier, and tastier.

  141. 148

    Loved the banana and spinach smoothie, keeping things simple after getting sock yesterday

  142. 149

    Snackin’ on some deviled eggs today! :)

  143. 150

    Just found your shape-up plan and can’t wait to start it!! Always need ideas for healthy snacks (as I just ate 2 of Trader Joe’s dark chocolate & peanut butter cups lol)
    and looking forward to trying your healthy recipes!

  144. 151

    I did my hills and second round of the Week 1 Workout today. I also tried to Tropical smoothie with my homemade yogurt!

  145. 152
    Katie H. says

    Finally cooking up some fresh asparagus I got at our local farmers market!

  146. 153
    Lindsay Haney says

    I had the kale chickpea salad tonight. So good! I had never “massaged” kale before, but was pleasantly surprised. Also. Bonus points for giving my husband a chance to make countless jokes about being indecent with vegetables. 5/5; would massage again.

  147. 155

    Loved how quick the oatmeal was to make this morning. Delicious!

  148. 156
    Ashley V says

    I’m still slacking on my meal planning…I just get stuck in a rut these days, but you have given great options!

  149. 157

    Week 1 is going well. Mindful eating. Made some date energy balls for snacks (gave one to my daughter last night after her soccer game and today she sent me a text at work asking if she could have another one for a treat after lunch!) Love the feeling of passing on a healthy lifestyle!

  150. 158

    Finished off the last of my baked oatmeal this morning. So good! Loved it, but looking forward to trying some new eats!

  151. 159
    Christina C says

    2 great salads today!

  152. 160

    Leftover Mexican lasagna followed by some bing cherries for dinner tonight. Looking forward to trying the tuna salad tomorrow.

  153. 161

    chipolte salad for dinner!!!!! my favorite since I realized they have brown rice (:

  154. 162
    Allison D. says

    Salmon, green beans, and sweet potatoes here tonight

  155. 163

    Fridays are my cheat days, so being mostly healthy (eggs for breakfast, chicken/rice/ salad for dinner) but had some baklava cheesecake (not as delicious as I thought it was going to be, unfortunately) earlier!

  156. 164
    Samantha says

    Despite eating clean meals all day, I went overboard on the sweets- a cupcake, a cookie, AND girl scout cookies. And every bite was amazing :)

  157. 165

    Stomach is feeling a little upset today so I’m trying out some new organic soups. I hope they’re good!

  158. 166

    Almond crusted Tilapia was was fantastic!! Smoothie with kale apple almond milk and dates! for breakfast today!

  159. 167

    Making the tomato soup for lunch. Smells amazing!

  160. 168
    Amber Schumann says

    Baked oatmeal for breakfast!

  161. 169

    i’ve had lots of delicious and healthy eats this week! my favorite meal was the grilled scallops and quinoa i made for dinner last night. =)

  162. 170

    My whole family enjoyed the crusted tilapia last night :)

  163. 171

    yum added 2 tsp unsweetened cocoa powder to my perfect microwave oatmeal this morning!

  164. 172
    Sassypants says

    Got home late last night from my softball game, so had to improvise on dinner. Veggie burger patty on 12 grain bread with sliced avocado & dijon mustard. So good! Tonight I’ll be making the tilapia.

  165. 173
    Katie H. says

    Making a nice cold smoothie after the WO1 + HIIT!

  166. 174

    Still bringing the mexican lasagna in for lunch at work. I’m loving my leftovers, but any suggestions for breaking up the meal plan for a single lady like myself? I halved the recipe, but I still have so much food. Thanks!

  167. 176

    Love the Mexican lasagna and the grain salads!

  168. 177

    I’m loving the summer shape up!

  169. 178

    Almost through all my veggies going to need more! I love big salads

  170. 179
    Ashley V says

    I was a little light on veggies today, but I’ll have to make up for it tomorrow! I did have a fully vegetarian day, though. I like to have those once or twice a week.

  171. 180

    I wasn’t prepared this week so I’ve mostly been doing my own meals (green smoothies every day), watching portions, and writing everything down, but I plan to follow a the vegan plan next week since I am vegetarian and have been having problems with dairy lately.

  172. 181

    Finishing up leftovers of chicken and rice and salad today. And I’ve been eating a million clementines every day…why are they so delicious?!?!

  173. 182

    Looking forward to making healthy choices when we go out for Mexican tonight :)

  174. 183

    Fulfilling oatmeal for breakfast!

  175. 184

    Great smoothie after body pump and HIIT this morning. “HIITing” the lake for some boating this afternoon! Looking forward to week 2!

  176. 185

    Big chopped salad prepped for dinner with enough to bring for lunch tomorrow to work!

  177. 186

    Super hot again today! Took banana mocha chia seed pudding to the pool with me post run

  178. 187
    Ashley V says

    I’ve had a very active weekend, and I’m ready to eat anything and everything that’s not nailed down! Trying to make sure I make smart choices without going overboard. I hope to pay closer attention to next week’s plan than I did to this week’s.

  179. 188

    Just had roasted kale chips, strawberries, grapes and crackers and peanut butter for dinner. I wasn’t too hungry after eating some tortilla chips and fruit salad and a bbq anniversary party. I have to say I enjoyed a small piece of peanut butter fudge there too.

  180. 189
    Sassypants says

    Went to a bridal shower brunch today. My plate was pretty healthy, but ended up eating 1/2 piece of cheesecake at the end. Got back on track for dinner and made Greek Quinoa Salad. SO good!

  181. 190

    the taco salad was so good tonight!! Made the quinoa in the rice cooker while I was napping this afternoon – winner winner :-)

  182. 191

    Chipotle tonight but I got the salad bowl, no rice!

  183. 192

    Cleaning up leftovers from the week today!

  184. 193

    I didn’t get to go out to brunch, but I did enjoy a yummy green smoothie after yoga :)

  185. 194

    Ready for week 2, going shopping this afternoon!

  186. 195

    Made the cherry/lemon yogurt/spinach smoothie for breakfast this morning. Delicious!

  187. 196
    Katie H. says

    Ready for week 2! Going strong!

  188. 197

    I absolutely love your meal plan! The baked oatmeal for breakfast this morning was delicious :). I can not wait to see what is on the menu for week 2.

  189. 198
    Samantha says

    Made the shrimp orzo dinner tonight and it’s awesome!!

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