Summer Runnin’ and This Week’s Breakfasts

Morning! It’s a hot one out there today, as I found on this morning’s run!


Sokphal and I met up for an early a.m. jaunt around Rosslyn and Roosevelt Island.


Roosevelt Island is nice for hot days since it’s so shady!


We also stopped to say hello to this little guy.


We had a quick race… he won. ;)


It was fun catching up with Sokphal and getting a little fresh air, but man was I feeling wiped this morning! I was glad Sokphal was down for a lower key (and shorter) run than usual. This was about all I had in me!


Isn’t it weird how some runs are way better than others for no good reason? I mean, it makes sense I’m tired today since I’ve been traveling a lot. But last Tuesday, just after running 3 races in a row up in Boston, I met up with my high school BFF Jenny for a morning run, and I felt great – super energized! We rocked out 4 miles with no problem and would have gone farther if we’d had the time. She was in town last week for a quick visit and it was SO good to see her. I crammed in a dinner, another lunch, afternoon hangout, and dinner, and morning run with her before leaving for San Francisco. Had to make the most of her visit! <3


Jenny, please move closer? :)

Anyway! On the eating front, I’ve been loving getting back to my usual breakfasts after being out of town and eating random things the past couple weeks. Yesterday I rocked my favorite Flour Free Breakfast Pancake (<—click for recipe)…


And this morning post-run I threw together a simple cottage cheese bowl. The key to a good breakfast is protein + fiber + healthy fat. Here’s how I did:

  • Protein: cottage cheese
  • Fiber: cereal/oats, fruit (a sliced nectarine, strawberries + blueberries)
  • Healthy fat: chopped pecans

For the cereal, I tossed in a small handful of Mesa Sunrise for crunch, and also added some plain raw rolled oats for chew. Plus a shake of cinnamon for flavor. So good!


And now, back to work. I have a pretty crazy week on tap after playing hooky most of last week, so I better get to it!

Have a good one!

What did you have for breakfast today?

p.s. This is unrelated, but I wanted to put out a call to my fellow DC area dietitians! My AnneTheRD private practice has gotten so busy this year (which is obviously an amazing problem to have!) that I’ve decided to leave my role as sports dietitian at the Endurance Athlete Center. I’m sad to say goodbye to the team there because they all rock, but I just don’t have the time to dedicate to being what they need, especially once their second floor is built out and they have more space for nutrition services. So – if you or anyone you know is interested in the position, please email me! (anne{at} Ideal candidates will be Registered Dietitians, have experience with sports nutrition, and be comfortable running their own private practice within the EAC umbrella. It’s also a contract position, so the opportunity would be best for someone who has a side gig that already makes a decent amount of money. That said, if you put in a lot of time, you could build up enough clients to make it full time. I look forward to hopefully hearing from/interviewing some of you guys, as I’m helping them to find someone awesome to replace me, hopefully by the end of summer. :)


  1. 1

    I had oatmeal with honey and milk today. I rotate between that and a fried egg on toast, or toast with PB and honey. Keepin’ in simple!

  2. 3

    I love how you break down the components of a nutritious breakfast, I mentally checkedthe list:). I had muesli (soaked oats with soy milk and grated pear, topped with raw buckwheat and hemp seeds for crunch) and some goat yogurts with strawberries.

    • 4

      Goat yogurt? Cool! What does it taste like?

      • 5

        The goat yogurts from Redhill farms is my favorite since their goats are humanely raised and organically fed:). It’s rich, creamy and tangy. Perfect with my meusli or mixed with avocado, lemon/sea salt as a dip or dressing!

  3. 6

    I think the humidity just saps all my energy! I usually eat eggs and whole grain toast for breakfast, sometimes with cheese. Sorry to see you leaving EAC, but glad you are so busy on your own!

  4. 7

    I saw your blog post title and immediately starting humming the “Summer Lovin'” song from Grease. Hahaha.

  5. 9

    I love apples and pb for breakfast or eggs and toast.

    I love the pic of you racing the turtle! Super cute. :)

  6. 10

    I haven’t eaten breakfast yet this morning, but I’m thinking it will probably be cereal with half a (giant) banana in it! :) I’m also planning on a run for this evening!

  7. 11

    I had a nectarine and an egg wrap sandwich at 7:30am and then some fresh mango at 10am.
    It’s noon and I’ve already tapped into my lunch of a big salad with some tuna and a little olive oil and vinegar and some pretzel crisps. I’ve got an Almond/Apricot KIND bar for later.

  8. 12

    There’s nothing better than finding the perfect shady route for a summer run. I need to check out that pancake recipe. I do like throwing together a combo of plain greek yogurt, berries and almonds for a quick breakfast.

  9. 13

    It has gotten so hot! I walked the dog last night around 5pm and it was unbearably hot. I picked the shadiest route so we were only in the sun for 1/4 mile at the beginning and end and I was still sweaty and she was panting for about 45 mins after our walk. It would have been a miserable run. I’m looking forward to swimming more this summer since it’s an indoor pool so I’ll be out of the sun and heat!

    Congrats on your business thriving! It has got to be a great feeling!!

  10. 14

    I had French Vanilla Almond granola and some blueberry soy yogurt, with coffee of course! I know what you mean about the running, there are days when I feel as if I “should” have tons of energy for a run but somehow my feet have turned to lead in the middle of the night. Other days go well. Today I am just trying to outrun deer flies! Keeps me on my toes…

  11. 15

    That cottage cheese bowl sounds fantastic! I typically do greek yogurt as my base, but I might have to change it up!

  12. 16

    I’ve been loving greek yogurt protein pancakes lately. They’re so easy and quick to whip up. Plus they keep me full all morning.

  13. 17

    Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day!! I had overnight chia oats this morning, made with unsweetened vanilla almond milk, banana, raisins, maple syrup, and cinnamon. Mmmm!

  14. 18

    Oats, Almond Butter and Banana, I just can’t get enough.

  15. 19

    I have an angry stomach that won’t let me eat bananas. Makes me so sad, but it’s so painful if I accidentally eat even a little bit (my stomach bloats so much I look like I’m 8 months prego). I’m also gluten-free. Such a pain. Anyway you could think of to make your grain free pancakes other than with banana? Thanks!

  16. 23

    Scrambled eggs (using found love!!!), smoked salmon, half a batch of coconut flour pancakes on the side (so good – topped with hazelnut butter! Fresh strawberries because they’re just awesome at the moment! The travelling definitely catching up on you, I find it the thing that drains me the most!

  17. 25

    Thanks for getting me out there! As for Mr. Turtle…hmmm…we need a re-match! “Can I get a re-play at that?!”

  18. 26

    I’m traveling for work, so I just popped into a convenience store for a berry and Greek yogurt parfait. It was delicious.

  19. 27

    Congrats on building your own practice up! I know it’s a LOT of work, but now that I work in private practice/contractor, I can’t see working anywhere else.

  20. 29

    I’ve been making this yummy breakfast casserole w eggs,kale, tomatoes,mushroom and goat cheese. Topped off with avocado and salsa yum! I make it on Sunday cut it up into portion sizes and eat it all week. Super easy

  21. 31
    Roadrunner says

    Kashi Heart to Heart with a sliced banana! Breakfast of champions. — along with lots if coffee!

  22. 33

    I have been reading your blog for about a year now and your post today really inspired me to subscribe to this blog. It is motivating to read about other runners who have “off” days or “off” runs, rather than solely hearing about success. I had a few bad runs a couple of weeks ago and have stopped running ever since (and replaced it with cycling, zumba, etc.), but I am now motivated to hit the road again and perhaps commit to a low key easy run to see how it goes!

    • 34

      Thank you for reading! You are definitely not alone in having off runs. Can’t win them all! That’s one of the reasons I love mixing it up – helps to prevent burnout. Hope your first run back is a good one, but if not, don’t give up on it. :)

  23. 35

    I had some tasty Granola this morning. It was a treat for me as usual i can’t find a nice gluten free one or they are realy high in fat. this one i bought for hubby and then realised that it was gf so had some myself ;)
    your run looks so nice and i can honestly say i have never seen a turtle when out running/walking or anything else here in England.

  24. 36

    I’ve been lurking on your blog for a while, but your run pictures today totally brought back memories of humid morning runs back when I lived on the East Coast! Sometimes I feel weirdly (and inexblicably) nostalgic for humidity :)

  25. 37

    hahaha I love that turtle :) Hi Jenny!! :D

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