Halloween Fun + More Breech Baby Updates

Hi guys! Did you have a fun Halloween?

halloween watermelon jack o lanterns

Matt and I ended up deciding to just put a bucket of candy out with our watermelon jack o lanterns (the other one was lit up by the candy bowl on the steps) and to go out to dinner instead. We figure we are about to be home a LOT so we might as well take advantage of the opportunity for a date night out while we still can, right?!

We hit up our old fave Il Radicchio for dinner. First course: a shared salad. I love their starter salad with pine nuts – I keep meaning to buy some for salads at home because I love the creamy, nutty flavor with the greens and vinaigrette!

dinner il raddichio

For my entrée I did their “make your own pasta” – penne with bolognese sauce (my fave) plus artichokes and sauteed spinach. It was really good and I have a bunch leftover which is awesome – pasta with meat sauce has been a good pregnancy friendly meal for me lately!

dinner il raddichio 2

Fun night out with my best guy. :) We spent the rest of the night on the couch watching the new season of Stranger Things – does anyone else watch that show?! So good, and perfect timing because we watched the Halloween episode (#2) last night!

In baby-related news, after going back and forth and back and forth and actually scheduling the ECV (external cephalic version) for Friday, Matt and I decided in the end to cancel the appointment and amp up some of the gentler/at-home methods for turning a breech baby instead. (If you’re confused right now, read yesterday’s blog post!) I just had this gut feeling that I couldn’t ignore that we shouldn’t do the version – I don’t know why, but I always think it’s good to listen to your gut. So, in the end we decided to not risk it, and to just see if she turns on our own with the other methods. I’ll be spending the next couple weeks doing a lot of inversions, moxibustion, prenatal chiro visits, pool handstands, sitting in a warm bath with an ice pack on my upper belly, etc. Fingers crossed she decides to help us out and turn on her own, but if not, I’m okay with that, too, and we will move forward with a C section at 39 weeks (only 2 weeks away – gah!!). I figure this is a good first lesson in parenthood – when plans and expectations go out the window, do what you can, but also go with the flow, listen to your gut, and be flexible. We’ll see what ends up happening! It’s crazy that it’s officially November – the month we will get to meet our baby!! Everything is starting to FINALLY feel real – and so much more exciting – over here. We can’t wait to meet her. <3

Have a nice day guys!

Did you pass out candy for Halloween?

What was your Halloween costume?


  1. 1

    Matt and I are obsessed with Stranger Things!!! We just finished the seventh episode last night, and we already know we’ll be in withdrawal when we finish the season. ;) Your meal looks fabulous, and I agree about trusting your gut instinct! I think that was a wise decision, and I sure hope she turns! If not, then as you said, the most important thing is just to deliver her safely. Best of luck in this final stretch!

  2. 3

    I love that you turned the holiday into a date night! And this is the third blog I’ve read today mentioning Stranger Things, I really need to catch up and watch this winter!

  3. 5

    Anne I’m happy you decided against inversion. You can’t go wrong trying letting your baby girl decide how she’ll be entering this world 😄 Besides everything else you been trying also consider acupuncture. I worked with someone who tried that. Hoping and praying for you andand baby girl have a safe delivery!

  4. 7

    My daughter turns 1 November 9th. It’s a great month to be born for the holiday season but the huge downfall is months of cold weather ahead. My son was born in June and he got in a ton of stroller rides. She got about 2 in before it turned too cold and I had to wait until end of March! This year she is eating so she gets a full Thanksgiving meal!

  5. 9

    Good luck flipping that baby! I had a C-section in January because mine was Frank breech, tried a lot of things and he didn’t budge. I also chose not to have the ECV, I just had a feeling it wasn’t going to work for us and it didn’t feel like the right choice. The c-section wasn’t as bad as I expected initially but the pain definitely lingered longer than I expected! Hoping to have a VBAC on my next.

  6. 11

    Why do they want to do your c-section at 39 weeks? Why not give her one more week or so to flip over? No judging at here…just plain curiosity! :)

    • 12

      From someone who went through this same thing: it’s much safer to have a planned c-section than an emergency one, so they want to avoid mom going into labor.

    • 13

      I was curious about that too – good question! I guess you can certainly wait longer, but the risk is just that if you end up going into labor, then it turns into a hurried/emergency C section situation with everyone scrambling around, and if the baby starts to descend while still breech it can make it harder to get her out, etc. So basically they aim for slightly before the due date just to be safe!

  7. 16

    I think you may a wise choice as a new mom and dad. I will pray everything “turns” out perfectly.

  8. 18

    Always trust your gut! No matter what happens (natural or C section), you’ll have a team of medical professionals to get your baby into this world safely!

    Just wanted to pass along a tip… start loading up your freezer with meals for when the baby arrives! We loved having soups in freezer bags that we could thaw out and throw in the crock pot or things that could be tossed into the oven. We had some fresh stuff that we were able to pair with the frozen meals but not having to worry about prep and cooking made life SO much easier!

    Whenever people would tell me that they were visiting a new mom and baby and they would ask what to bring, I always said DINNER!

    • 19

      Thanks MaryBeth! I’m not sure I have the energy to pre-cook anything, but I will try! It also doesn’t help that Matt hates leftovers/freezer meals, lol. I think he’d prefer to be in charge of cooking once the baby comes, which is fine with me! :)

  9. 20

    I think listening to your gut is always a good call. Glad you guys had a nice Halloween date night!

  10. 21

    I think following your gut/heart is the way to go! I hope baby flips around but whatever happens, you’ll get your beautiful baby girl and your physicians will make sure she comes into the world in the most healthy way possible. I have an ‘it would be nice’ birth plan but I know that the whole birthing process is pretty much out of our control, especially for something like the baby being breech. Hopefully the inversions and such work, though. It’s worth a try, right? I would have been nervous to do the procedure you were considering as well – especially if it might result in a c-section anyways.

    We did not dress up for Halloween but my husband handed out candy. It was cold here in MN (32F) so opening and closing a door and letting all that cold air in was not appealing to me! It was fun to think about how we’ll have a 7 month old baby at this time next year! I got a prenatal massage after work which felt so good. I’m already having lower back pain which is surprising as my bump isn’t that big. It was a ‘hurt so good’ kind of massage as I asked her to use as much pressure as she need to in order to work out all the knots and tightness.

    • 22

      Wow that is really chilly!! I’m obsessed with prenatal massages right now. I had some lower back pain earlier in the pregnancy but it went away – sometimes it depends on where the baby is sitting, no matter how big! I hope it feels better soon!

  11. 23
    Roadrunner says

    Wise and thoughtful move, I think. And the right attitude, too!

  12. 24

    That sounds like such a great dinner! And I love your attitude with choosing to move things along naturally :)

  13. 25
    Christine Rode says

    You are right with throwing your plans out the window sometimes when it comes to babies and kids. You have no control sometimes! I had a birth plan and a doula and still ended up with an unplanned C section after 2 days of labour. The health of the baby and mom are more important! My baby is now 18 and in college, but I remember his birth like it was yesterday. Best of luck!

  14. 27

    Listening to your gut sounds like a good decision. One section of town really goes all out with decorations on their brownstones (butcher shop, photography studio, ghostbusters jail, etc) so it is a festive time had by all including the cops who were helping to keep everything safe.

  15. 29

    Our son was breech and then I kid you not the day before our scheduled c-section, we went in for a pre-op ultrasound and he had flipped! And then I ended up being induced because he was late. Keep the faith that there’s still time for the baby to change positions. It does happen.

  16. 31

    Good for you for going with your gut! Thinking hopeful thoughts for you that your baby turns around soon :)

  17. 33

    that’s so fun that they serve the build your own pasta like that!! and that is a huge(!) bowl, yay for leftovers :) does it still taste.. fine, even though you assemble it all in your plate? (vs heating on a pan for a minute? interesting!)

  18. 35

    I delivered a frank breech baby boy 2 weeks ago today via scheduled c section :) it honestly wasn’t as bad as I had imagined. It turned out I had a heart shaped uterus, so nothing would have made him flip (and I tried everything including an ECV). In the end the only thing that matters is a happy healthy baby! Good luck and congrats!

    • 36

      That just happened to one of my good friends earlier this week (the heart shaped uterus thing). I’m so glad your baby is healthy – congratulations on his arrival! :)

  19. 37

    Hi Anne! I’m just discovering your blog! I also live in the DC area. Old Town Alexandria more specifically. Nice to e-meet you!

    I just recapped my Halloween too, and it was similar to yours with ending with Stranger Things. My boyfriend and I are on episode 3. It’s SO GOOD.

    We also strolled around our neighborhood with our pup, Tuki, and it was so nice seeing so many families out and about trick-or-treating!

  20. 39

    Good luck with trying to get baby girl to flip! I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you :)

    Also, if you are interested in trying acupuncture, I see an amazing acupuncturist in Georgetown who I’ve loved and would recommend. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll e-mail you her info!

  21. 40

    My due date was a day after you last year (11/22) and my daughter was born at 4:30 in the morning December 1. Still a chance you’ll have a December baby if she flips ;) Though I wouldn’t wish a super late pregnancy on you! Enjoy these last few weeks :)

  22. 42

    Listen to your gut! I had 2 c sections, narrow pelvis, and it’s not a big deal. Yes it’s surgery and having a regular delivery would of been great but it’s not the end of the world. All that matters is that you and the baby are safe. Since you’re so active you should be up and walking, it hurts a ton at first but after the first days didn’t take morphine, I like to “feel” what’s happening and helped me not push it too much, but walking around after helps. I stuck to ibuprofen. Just focus on the prize after the surgery, your baby girl! Good luck. The hospital sends you home with mesh panties but I also bought “granny patties” beforehand because I didn’t want my pants or anything rubbing over the incision.

  23. 44
    Anne Taylor says

    We just had our little girl August 15th. She was breach 4 weeks out, not breach 3 weeks out breach two and a half weeks out, and not breach when she was finally born 2 weeks early. The doctors talked about trying to turn her with a version, but we decided to do what we could on our own and not put her (and me) through that process. As it turned out, my blood pressure spiked and she was born by C-Section anyway! The point is that she kept turning on her own, and we are so glad we did not have them intervene. Good luck with your little one. I hope you see as much joy as we have!!

  24. 45

    Listen to your gut but I had the external cephalic version done. I had a lot of fluid around my small baby and made sure to discuss fully with my OB that I wanted nothing done beyond a gentle nudge. If the baby wouldn’t move with gentle pushing I wanted to stop. He literally patted her butt and she rotated around on her own. Best of luck to you!

  25. 46

    You have such a good attitude about the possible scheduled c-section. My first baby was breech and I was devastated. I had this perfect scenario in my head of a natural birth and I was so upset it really ruined the last several weeks of my pregnancy. I tried everything including the version which didn’t work. In the end, when I finally got to hold my little girl for the first time, it didn’t matter at all how she got there! I did get to have a VBAC with my second baby but of course that didn’t go as planned either :) Good luck – there is nothing quite like the birth of your first baby. It’s such special time!

  26. 48

    Always good to go with your gut!! So excited for you two, count down!!

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