Marathon–Registered! Plus, Outdoor Yoga, Runs & A Dinner Out

Well, my friends – it’s official!!!! I will be running my first full marathon on November 16 in Richmond, VA. :) I just registered this morning. Eek!


Thank you all SO much for the enthusiasm and helpful tips on my “Never Say Never" post – your excitement was contagious. :) Let’s do this – bring it on, marathon!!

Regarding location, we were originally thinking the Savannah Marathon on November 9, but my running buddy Karen realized she had a potential conflict for that weekend, and a TON of you guys recommended Richmond as a great race with awesome crowd support. A lot of you also recommended the Marine Corps Marathon, which I would LOVE to have done given that I’m such a DC girl, but unfortunately it’s in October and only 1 week after I’m scheduled to do the Tough Mudder with a bunch of friends. Um, yeah. That would be a terrible idea. So given all that – Richmond it was! My brother hadn’t signed up for Savannah yet so he’s going to come to Richmond with us instead, too. Hizzah! I can’t wait to share my training adventures with you guys. Thanks, as always, for your support and love! :)

In other news, it’s been a busy and fun week! Amidst all sorts of blog/freelance work and AnneTheRD clients (some new and some follow ups… both in person and virtual), I also made time for some fun friend outings. On Wednesday night, I met up with my girls Heather and Gena for outdoor yoga in Dupont Circle!



Every Wednesday night at 6 p.m. starting in May and ending in August, Lululemon Logan Circle hosts an outdoor hour long yoga class in Dupont Circle! It’s free and awesome. This Wednesday was the first night and the weather could not have been more perfect. Outdoor yoga it was!



It was so fun doing yoga outdoors! I’ll definitely be back. It certainly wasn’t as zen as a studio class would be (there were some rather distracting/hilarious characters in Dupont Circle that night), but it was so awesome to be outside on such a gorgeous night.

Here are Gena and I rocking out in pigeon pose – one of my favorites, especially when I’ve been running a lot!



After the class, Gena and I said farewell to Heather and headed over to Sweetgreen for dinner! We brought our salads back into the circle to dine al fresco. Lovely night! My salad included mixed greens, spinach, crispy kale, chickpeas, tofu, broccoli, quinoa, sweet potatoes, and balsamic vinaigrette. So good!


I also got in two great runs this week! The first was a 4 miler on Thursday morning with my friend Lauren. My first run since the Nike Women’s Half Marathon on Sunday and it felt great to get back out there!


And the second was a 5 miler this morning with my friend Kathleen!


We ran down by the river and onto Roosevelt Island – one of my favorite routes.


Blurry trail action shot:


The miles flew by. :)


The other fun thing I did this week was a couple dinners out! Matt was out of town for business for most of the week so on Tuesday night I went out for happy hour with friends, and last night my mom and I had a fun girls night out dinner date at Juniper in Foggy Bottom!


Look, a picture of me in normal clothes with my hair down! I know, I don’t recognize myself either.

Juniper is located inside the Fairmont Hotel – I’ve been there once before and I love it.


They have a beautiful outdoor courtyard where you can have dinner or just get drinks/appetizers, so we sat out there. Perfect night for it! There are Christmas lights on the trees that get turned on at dusk – so pretty. And I love that it’s in a courtyard so you don’t have all the loud city traffic.


We started with one of their summer Beetinis – that’s honeycomb on the stirrer from their rooftop bee hives – cool, right?


And we ordered some of their Whole Wheat Walnut Honey Bread, too. That’s honey butter on the side – amazing. We had them wrap up the leftover bread and I finished it off this morning for breakfast with some PB&J!


For my starter, I couldn’t resist the oysters! I LOVE oysters in summer. Slurp.


And for my entrée, I had the Cobb Salad, which had bacon, avocado, steak, lobster salad, tomato, and mixed greens. Um, yes – it was as epic as it sounds.


My mom had a really good salmon entrée – no picture of it but it was awesome. I’m a big fan of the menu at Juniper – lots of variety with a focus on fresh, local, and seasonal. They also offer a lot of varied dietary options – they have a whole section of the menu for specialized diets like vegan, macrobiotic, diabetic, heart healthy, raw, and gluten free. Cool, right? I’d highly recommend this place – especially on a beautiful night when you can sit in the courtyard!

My mom and I also shared a small dessert but we ate it before I thought to take a picture. Oops! :)

Time to get back down to work – and then to pack up because Matt and I are headed up to Pittsburgh this weekend! We’re excited to see his parents, to hit up the Nationals vs. Pirates baseball game tomorrow, and to relax! We might bring our bikes up, too – looks to be beautiful, weather-wise.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. 1

    A cobb salad with steak and lobster?! Holy cow sign me up! I would also love to do yoga outside like that on a nice night!

  2. 2

    You will LOVE Richmond. They hand out gummy bears at miles 16 and 22. How can you go wrong? Plus, the mile+ downhill finish is the best.

  3. 6

    I SO want to do outdoor yoga! That looks like so much fun. Good luck with your marathon training! I’m sure you’ll rock it :)

  4. 7

    I loved DC when I was there for a week. I’d love to go back again. And when I do, I’m getting that salad!!

  5. 8

    Congratulations on signing up for your first marathon!

    Free outdoor yoga= amazing!

  6. 9

    Congrats on registering!! It’ll be my first time running the Richmond Marathon, too! I hear it’s a great course. Best of luck with training!

  7. 11


  8. 12

    Congrats on taking the marathon plunge! They are addicting!

  9. 13


  10. 14

    Awesome – good luck with training – and ENJOY!

  11. 15

    Amazing! This will be such an exciting adventure. Richmond is a super friendly, hilly, beautiful course.

  12. 16
    Hunter says:

    Hooray for mother-daughter dinners, that place looks amazing. Congrats on your marathon registration, I’m so excited for you!

  13. 17

    Gorgeous pics all round! That yoga looks like so much fun outside; we wouldn’t have the weather for it here in Ireland! I also want to dive head first in to your salad! Sounds awesome!

  14. 18

    Outdoor yoga looks amazing! I’m a new reader & fellow RD – great blog!!

  15. 20

    Congrats on the marathon! It will be an experience you will never forget! And of course, you will get addicted and want to run another:)

  16. 21

    Outdoor yoga sounds like so much fun! I’d love to try an outdoor class sometime.

  17. 22

    CONGRATS! That is exciting that you’re doing a full!!!

  18. 23

    Yayyy on registering for the marathon! Can’t wait to hear about it. :)

    That cobb salad looks delicious. Any salad with seafood is automatically a winner in my book!

    Have a great weekend!

  19. 24

    How exciting! Congrats on signing up for your first marathon! I’m so excited to do yoga on the green once I move to Omaha.

  20. 25

    Ooh, yay for your first marathon!! We’ll be on the same training schedule, I’m running Philly November 18! I always said I’d never do a marathon either and ran for almost ten years before my first one- Philly will only be my 3rd, and I still say EEEK! every time I sign up. :)

  21. 26

    SO excited for you! That marathon is on my birthday so it must be a good luck sign :) Can’t wait to follow your training and compare notes on fall marathons/trainings! That food looks amazing – I’ve been venturing away from wine more and more for fresh summer cocktails (trying to hit all of EaterSF’s best cocktail spots in San Francisco this summer!) and I love how refreshing and light they are!

  22. 27

    Glad you officially signed up! That restaurant looks great, anywhere with outdoor dining is a plus (until it gets too hot & humid)!

  23. 28

    That is, by far, the best-looking Cobb salad I have ever seen!

  24. 29

    So excited for you – hooray for marathon #1! It still gives me the chills and excitement buzz to have signed up for my first. And now I can’t wait to sign up for another. :)

  25. 30

    Congrats, Anne! Can’t wait to follow along as you prepare. I’m just starting to get into running, and seeing everyone sign up for races is inspiring me. I’ll definitely be starting small, but am hoping to catch the running bug like everyone else ;) Do you have any songs that motivate you? I find music helps me a LOT.

    • 31

      Yay you will definitely catch the running bug! I actually don’t listen to music when I run (since I always run with friends!) but during races that have music along the course I love a good rap song. :)

  26. 32

    So awesome that you’re running Richmond–such a great first marathon. You will love it. Good luck with training!!

  27. 33

    Congrats on registering! That is the hardest part (until you get to mile 20!). I have heard great things about Richmond, too!

  28. 34

    Being outdoors & yoga are two of my favorite things so naturally outdoor yoga sounds like bliss to me! And that courtyard is just so beautiful – so thankful that spring is well and truly upon us!

  29. 35

    Congrats on the marathon sign up! That’s one big scary click to make, I’m sure (I would never know! Haha).

    Last April when I was in D.C., I stayed at the Fairmont and LOVED Juniper. One morning at breakfast, I saw Barbara Bush (the younger one) there and suddenly felt a little out of place, but the food was incredible :)

  30. 37
    Turner says:

    I totally take that Dupont outdoor yoga class sometime!

  31. 41

    Happy Marathon training!

  32. 42

    How exciting! A marathon! Will this be your first?? Or are you a seasoned veteran??

    Also, you just inspired me to Google outdoor Yoga in the KC area–I’m excited to have found a couple options. How wonderful for the spring/summer months.

  33. 43

    Congrats on signing up! You got this :)

  34. 44

    I love outdoor yoga it is so relaxing and peaceful :)

    That honey bread you had looks delicious.

  35. 45

    Congrats on signing up for the full marathon! After finishing my first 1/2 marathon earlier in April, I find myself itching to train for a full marathon. it’s crazy because it’s something I never thought I’d want to do…

  36. 46

    Congrats on signing up for your first marathon! I actually signed up for the Marine Corps one for my first marathon and I’m so excited for it! Best of luck with your training :)

  37. 48

    Congratulations on such a big decision, Anne! That is so inspiring:) P.S. WW Walnut Honey Bread and oysters sound divine !!

  38. 49
    Caroline says:

    Hey Anne, love this post!
    I have a question for you about calorie intake. I noticed your Garmin computes your calorie expenditure for your runs. I am wondering how you use that information. As an athlete looking to maintain my current weight, I am usually at a loss for how to fuel after an especially long run or hard endurance workout. Do you make a deliberate effort to “make up” those calories through your diet? I tend not to be super hungry after a hard workout and I want to make sure I’m not doing my body an injustice!! Any advice? :)

    • 50

      Honestly, just listen to your body! If you’re hungrier, eat more. If you’re not, don’t! It will tell you how much it needs. I don’t count calories or even look at the Garmin calorie count – I just go by how I feel.

  39. 51

    Congrates on your sign up! I would love if the area around here would do an outdoor yoga season!

  40. 52

    Hi there!

    I am so excited I came across your blog lately. I am a fellow DC-er (I live near the Zoo) and I love seeing all you do around the city! I just told my best friend about free yoga in DuPont and I think we will be trying it out soon :)

    Have a great day,


  41. 54
    Roadrunner says:

    Bravo on Richmond! Great stuff. And well done on the runs and the wonderful evening at the restaurant inside the Fairmont Hotel. All very nice! Best for a super week —

  42. 55

    I’ve never done yoga outside but it sounds SO much more refreshing and awesome! Congrats on the marathon sign-up–I know it’s hard to pull that trigger! You’ll kill it! :)

  43. 56

    Congrats on your upcoming marathon challenge! Cannot wait to read about your training for it. I don’t consider myself being a runner but I did run my first full marathon last August in Helsinki, Finland. I had an age crisis (I’m 44) and I had to prove myself that I can do it. I haven’t run much since but I’ve started thinking if I could do it again (age crisis is history). Now I’m planning on running the Stockholm Marathon (in Sweden) in May 2014 =o)

  44. 58

    Congrats on signing up for the marathon! I know you’ll do great and I can’t wait to keep up with your training. I noticed you run with a Forerunner 305 – I’ve been looking into getting a Garmin but it’s so confusing trying to pick which one! Do you have any recommendations? As long as it keeps track of distance/pace/splits I’m a happy camper but the tech descriptions don’t make it that easy…

  45. 60

    Hey Anne, I read this quote in a NYTimes article and wanted to pass it on: “Dr. Webner recommends that casual marathoners run three days a week, mixed in with non-weight-bearing exercises like elliptical workouts and swimming, to minimize the risk of injury.” It’s from this article:
    I think you can definitely train for a marathon with three days of running and plenty of CT! Good luck :)


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