Pittsburgh Trip Finale + Cyber Monday Deals

Hi friends! Matt and I are making our way home from Pittsburgh later today – we decided to skip the major traffic and stay one extra night. We’re working from his parent’s house until this afternoon when we’ll push off and take turns finishing work in the car!

I did a little work this morning, then treated myself to mid-morning yoga class at Salt Power Yoga, a cool spot in Sewickley (the town outside Pittsburgh where Matt’s parents live) that I discovered this weekend and enjoyed on Saturday, too. So happy to have found this place – they offer heated vinyasa flow classes that remind me a little of CorePower Yoga, except friendlier and local. :) They even offer free mats AND free yoga towels (<—my fave one, which they had!) for use during class. Winning!

salt yoga sewickley

Post-sweaty yoga class juice at Salud Juicery? Don’t mind if I do. This place is awesome, too, and right down the street in downtown Sewickley. I got a juice with spinach, kale, lemon, apple, cucumber, beet, carrot, and ginger – plus a smoothie for Matt, back at the house. :)

salud juicery sewickley

In other fitness news, yesterday Matt and I got in a good run! It was cold and overcast, which I love for running. Refreshing!


The roads were totally empty and we did a nice big (hilly, oof) loop. It felt very peaceful – we had the trees all to ourselves, with the exception of a few deer. :)


I was feeling pretty sluggish on our run on Thanksgiving day and felt much better on this one, which was nice. Felt good to get moving after so much delicious food and relaxing! 6 miles, done.


We ended our run in town and treated ourselves to lattes at a cute new spot called Adesso Café, right off the main street in Sewickley. They just opened 2 weeks ago and serve organic and fair trade coffee/espresso – sweet! We shared a biscotti, too – delicious and tasted very fresh/homemade.


Post-run lunch with Matt’s parents was a leftover Thanksgiving turkey soup! Hit the spot. I love turkey soup. :)


And now, lest you worry it’s been all workouts and healthy eats up in here, check out our Saturday night feast! Matt’s brother Chris and his wife Jess were still in town and Matt and his Dad made use of the leftover turkey fry oil and made us homemade chicken wings, sweet potato fries, and potato chips!


It was delicious, as you can imagine, although Matt put the BBQ wings in the same bowl as the extra spicy wings and my mouth was on FIRE! Worth it. :)


Last night, our crew was down to just me, Matt, and his parents. On the menu: kabobs!


Plus a quinoa/brown rice mix, some roasted veggies, and an unpictured side salad. Yum!


Time to get back to work before having a little lunch and then hitting the road!

Have a great day, my friends! I’ll leave you with some Cyber Monday deals (FYI: some affiliate links included) if you’re looking to do some online shopping today. :)

Cyber Monday Deals

    Any other good deals I should know about?
    What was your best/most creative use of Thanksgiving leftovers this year?


  1. 1

    Those wings look delicious!!! LOVE chicken wings!!! Sounds like you guys had a nice weekend!

  2. 2

    Your comment about Pittsburg and the hills made me laugh. I live in central PA and I joke that I don’t need to schedule hill workouts because everything is a hill in PA.
    We always go to relatives so we never have any leftovers which is great because I have no will power but bad because I can’t repurpose any leftovers.

  3. 3

    Oh my gosh that’s so funny–my best friend is from Sewickley, and I go there with her often to visit her family and girlfriends from high school! I didn’t think anyone else had heard of that town! I love the little shops, it’s so cute! My husband and I hosted Thanksgiving at our house for the first time this year and I had quite a bit of leftovers….they just went to my belly. Ooops!

  4. 7

    Love turkey soup!

    Best use of Thanksgiving leftovers was not made by me BUT I enjoyed it at my family friend’s house! She whipped up brunch for us on Friday and made Thanksgiving quiche (full of random roasted veggies and leftover turkey) and these fun Thanksgiving cranberry rollup things (leftover crescent roll dough filled with brie cheese and the leftover cranberry sauce she made). It was all delicious and I kinda liked it more than Thanksgiving dinner!

    Hope you guys had an easy drive home!

  5. 9

    Too funny, Anne! My husband and I were in Sewickley this Thanksgiving too! (His parents live there and he grew up there). I was running downtown on Thursday and was wondering about the Salud Juicery- will have to try it next time we are visiting! Love Sewickley- such a cute little town :)

  6. 11

    yum! i love ginger in smoothies & juices! and that place looks fantastic! (okay, fannetastic! not intended haha but i couldnt help myself ;) ) i’ve got my eve on the scarlette o’hara or strong side!
    as for leftovers, well, my mom makes the cranberry sauce/jam/compote or whatever (haha) with cranberries, apples, and oranges. i made a berry crisp for dessert (OBSESSED with crisp/crumbles!!) and am thinking that using the leftover cranberry concoction would make a lovely crisp :)

  7. 13

    Wonderful runs/workouts — and love the smoothies, not to mention the turkey soup. Nice!

  8. 14

    My best use of leftovers is kind of boring… but I’ve been eating cranberry sauce on toast in the morning!

    Re: Pittsburgh yoga, If you’re ever looking to hit up a yoga class in Pittsburgh proper, you should check out the Yoga Hive. I used to live in Pittsburgh, and the Hive is owned by my former neighbor! It’s an awesome community w/wonderful teachers. They have two locations & I’d be happy to give you specific teacher recommendations if you ever wanted them. That’s nothing against Salt (I’ve heard it’s awesome), just wanted to give you another recommendation!

    • 15

      Thank you! We’re always staying in Sewickley so it’s not super convenient to pop into the city unless everyone is going/it’s a big outing (it’s about a 30-40 min drive), but appreciate the rec!

  9. 16

    Hi! I’ve never posted before, but have been reading for a while. :) I am still catching up on posts from the past couple of weeks so am a bit tardy, but was super excited to read this because I live in downtown Sewickley just a few blocks from Salt Power and Salud! Maybe I’ll see you around sometime!

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