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Hi guys! Can you believe this little one is 11 months as of yesterday?! Ahhhh! I can’t believe in just one month she will be a year old!

We celebrated her 11 month birthday with a playdate at my buddy Mary’s house! Riese was more interested in trying to climb their stairs than she was in playing with Mary’s 21 month old, but it was still fun. :) Mary fed us some delicious butternut squash soup and sandwiches while we were there – thanks Mary! The sandwiches had ham, cheese, tomato, pickles, avocado, and sprouts – delicious combo. I haven’t bought sprouts in ages – need to bring them back into the sandwich rotation!

Anyway! It has been a whirlwind of a week over here because FNCE, the huge annual dietitian conference, was going on here in DC from Sunday to Tuesday! I’ll be back with some recaps of the FNCE action and sessions I attended, but for now I’ll recap some pre- and post-FNCE fun, starting with a run on Saturday morning.

marine corps 10k training

I met up with a couple of my track buddies for some casual morning miles. 4.17, to be exact!

My big first postpartum race, the Marine Corps 10k, is this Sunday! Eeee! Matt and I are very kindly being sponsored for the race by our friends at The Watermelon Board – if you’re running the 10k or the full marathon, be sure to check out their booth near the finish area for some watermelon samples! Watermelon is the best after a run… so great for rehydrating!

And speaking of watermelon, with Halloween coming up next week, are any of you planning to carve a watermelon instead of a pumpkin? Matt and I carved watermelons last year (throwback to me being super pregnant! that feels like FOREVER ago) and it was really fun – especially because then we had tons of watermelon to eat afterward! ;) Give it a shot – you can check out The Watermelon Board website’s “carving” section for some inspiration.

carving watermelons

If you do end up carving a watermelon and want some recipe ideas to use up all the delicious watermelon you have leftover, check out my 10 Packed Lunch Ideas Featuring Watermelon post from last month, as well as The Watermelon Board’s recipe section of their website!

Anyway! I’m excited for the race – it will be fun to toe the starting line again after so long! No time goals, just looking to have fun out there. :)

As for other fun lately, my grad school friend Elle was in town for FNCE and stayed with us! Such a treat to get to spend time with her. Our friend Steph from grad school was also in town (just randomly – not for FNCE – yay for timing happening to work out!) so the three of us grabbed dinner together on Saturday night right after Elle arrived. Loved catching up with these ladies!

We grabbed a drink at BABA in Clarendon before heading to dinner upstairs at Ambar. It’s a small plates place and we ordered a ton of stuff and shared. I only got one picture because lighting was dim and I wanted to focus and enjoy the company, but it was delicious!

ambar baba clarendon

Have a fabulous day and I’ll see you back here tomorrow with my first of a couple FNCE recaps – I’ll start with the social stuff tomorrow and then get into the educational sessions next week!


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    Very nice to see you able to enjoy various outings and runs with friends while also enjoying motherhood!

  2. 2

    Love seeing the three of you together!

  3. 4

    Wow, 11 months has flown by! I made it to one day of FNCE this year and really enjoyed exploring DC!

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