The Importance of Sleep + Tips for Sleeping Better

Thank you to Philips Healthcare for sponsoring this post in honor of World Sleep Day on March 14!

Good morning, my friends! This week’s excitement is that I’m gearing up to run the Rock ‘n’ Roll USA half marathon on Saturday here in DC! Who’s joining me? Even though I just did the LA Marathon on Sunday, I LOVE the DC RnR race – it’s my favorite in DC – so even though I knew my legs would be wiped, I didn’t want to miss out and decided I’d do it anyway. Go big or go home, right?! I love the course and that it goes through all the neighborhoods vs. just down on the mall, and it has great crowd support, too. It’s also massive though, so arrive early and be prepared for lines for bag check and porta potties!


So – what am I doing this week to recover and get ready for my second race in less than a week? Well, in addition to foam rolling, icing, some yoga and light walking, one of the main things I’m focusing on is sleep. Primarily: getting a LOT of it! I notice a huge difference in my energy level on runs if my sleep is lacking, so I’m making sure to get in lots of Zzzzzs this week. I’m sure my body needs the rest to repair my muscles after Sunday’s 26.2 miles, too!

Philips Healthcare reached out to me about doing a post for their Sleep Powers Initiative to help raise awareness on the importance of sleep for World Sleep Day tomorrow, and I was all about it. I know very well the role sleep plays in powering everything we do – whether it’s eating healthy, getting in solid workouts, or focusing at work. It’s something I always emphasize with my AnneTheRD clients and I definitely make sure to take my own advice, too!

Philips is committed to promoting awareness of the benefits of healthy sleep and created a cool sleep quiz (click the link to see it in PDF form!) that you can use to assess your daily routine and sleep habits and see if they have some room for improvement. So, how did I do? Let’s see!

My Sleep Quiz results:

1. I answered “B” – in terms of overall stress, I generally know how to manage it but I feel that’s always something to be improved on and I’m certainly not perfect at it. One thing I’ve been working on lately is actually LESS multitasking – I find it leaves me more scattered and less productive than if I try to focus on one main thing at a time. I’m also a huge proponent of taking a short afternoon break – that’s the time when I find myself to be most stressed and tired, and I find even just a 20 minute breather makes a big difference.

2. Oh, attention span – this is so hard in the age of social media! …Wait, what was I talking about? Just kidding (kind of). I gave myself a “B” for this one, too. One big thing that has helped me is closing out other windows on my computer when I’m working on something so I’m not tempted to look at emails or Twitter or Facebook or Instagram or… anything else while I’m working on something. I also don’t have any notifications on for emails or anything, so nothing will pop up even if I do have windows open. This is huge for me for my phone, too – I turned off all the notifications for social media and email. It’s made a really big difference in stress and attention span to not have my phone constantly flashing at me.

3. Energy level gets an “A”! :) One interesting thing about energy that I find is that, counter-intuitively, being active gives me MORE energy. If I’m feeling super tired and lazy and I drag myself out for a workout, I end up feeling way more energized afterward. Try it!

4. For hours of sleep, I’m between “A” and “B” – I usually get between 7 and 8 hours. Sleep is SO important for me, as I’ve already said. I find it nearly impossible to eat well (lack of sleep = give me all the sugar) and to focus if I’m tired. I’m often getting up for super early morning workouts, as you know, so I make sure I’m in bed a minimum of 7 hours beforehand.

5. No snoring here! “A” :)

Results: two As, two Bs, and one A/B – a tie! That puts me between Pro Sleeper and Moderate Sleeper, which makes sense. Check out the quiz to learn more about what that means and how you score!


Once you find out your quiz results, check out this handy infographic with some easy sleep tips to incorporate into your evening routine.

Sleep Tips

I especially agree with #1 – a routine is so important – and of course #2! I know that one of the big reasons I’m able to fall asleep easily and stay asleep is due to exercise. I notice a BIG difference in how easily I can fall asleep if I haven’t been exercising. Wearing myself out is key. :) #4 is an important one for me as well – if I have things on my mind I’ll sometimes get up and make a quick to do list for the next day, just so I can mentally relax and not worry about forgetting things. And lastly, #6 made me smile since Matt drinks “Sleepytime” tea all the time at night. :) I’m not a nighttime tea person but it works for him!

One that I really need to work on, though? #5. I’m often working on my computer right up until bedtime, or on my phone checking emails in bed. So bad, I know, but thankfully I still don’t really have a problem falling asleep immediately. I’ve been trying to get better about taking time to read a “for fun” book again in bed before going to sleep, though, since that always helps me to relax and de-stress. I just need to find a book I’m really into that draws me away from my computer, I guess! :)

And now – I have a giveaway for you guys! Philips has offered a $100 Visa Gift card for one lucky reader to use towards their health. Here’s how to enter to win:

  • Leave a comment with how you would use the $100 towards something that would improve your sleep habits and/or help you towards healthy lifestyle changes.
  • For an optional second entry: take the Sleep Quiz and leave an additional comment with how you did, what it helped you to learn about your sleep routine, and what changes you can incorporate into your lifestyle to improve it!

U.S. residents only, please. I’ll draw the winner randomly and email them directly on Monday! Best of luck – and sound sleeping – my friends. :)


  1. 1

    I need to get on more of a regular sleep schedule!

  2. 2

    I would spend the $100 on a new pair of running shoes! Can’t have too many shoes ;)

  3. 3

    What a great post- thanks for sharing! Sleep is so very important, it is great to hear tips. I will be sharing your blog with my network today! Cheers to sleep! xoxo

  4. 4

    I got mostly A’s on the quiz, so I’m a “pro-sleeper”. I usually get 7-8 hours a night, and always wake without an alarm clock. I sometimes take brief power naps during the day if I did an especially hard work out in the morning and need to work late hours.

  5. 5

    I’d buy nice new sheets!

  6. 6

    I would use the $100 Visa card to purchase some new workout attire!!

  7. 7
    Holly Miller says

    What I do to aid sleep is read right before bed. So I would use the gift card for new books!

  8. 8

    I’d spend the money on work out clothes – I’m training for a half marathon and would love to get some fun running clothes!

  9. 9

    new sheets

  10. 10

    I’d use it for some relaxing teas!

  11. 11

    I would use the money to buy new sheets! We have one set of “good” sheets that I always seem to have the best sleeps in, but obviously we can’t use them all of the time, so I would love to buy another good set of sheets!

  12. 12

    I took the quiz and scored a B – actually answered B to every question. I sleep well for the most part but there’s definitely room for improvement!

  13. 13

    I would send that $100 straight to classpass so I can continue trying classes at fitness studios all around Boston. I’ve been using one for a week and love the variety of classes I am taking now, instead of just focusing on spin and running.

  14. 14
    Stephanie says

    I would use it to buy a fitness/sleep tracker or for pay-per-class workouts like Yoga or Soul Cycle!

  15. 15

    I scored mostly B’s on the test and think I need to eat better/more healthfully to not crash during the day.

  16. 16

    Probably a new pillow – mine is so perfectly flattened out just how I like it right now, but it’s probably way past its prime.

  17. 17

    I would buy membership to a 12-week boot camp, something sure to wear me out so that I fall asleep immediately!

  18. 18

    One thing I need to do prior to going to sleep is shut off my phone. I check Facebook, Instagram, and my email approximately 800 times before falling asleep. However, I have been MUCH better about my sleep habits (and sleep has come a lot easier and more naturally) since starting Whole30 — it’s amazing how much nutrition really does impact everything!

  19. 20

    I scored mostly B’s. I’m with you – I need to turn off the TV/phone before bed and not try to go straight from reading blogs and checking email to sound sleep – it never works out well.

  20. 21

    Definitely would buy some new running shoes! I definitely cannot get enough!

  21. 22
    Jessica K says

    Race registration fees!

  22. 23

    I would spend the $100 toward a new mattress!

  23. 24

    These tips are great! I would use the $100 to buy a few new books (to trade in nighttime TV for nighttime reading), and maybe a nice new set of sheets. Good luck on the RnR 1/2 this weekend! I’ll look for you!

  24. 26

    I would spend the money on new running shoes … A key to a great workout & thus great sleep! :-)

  25. 27

    Yay sleep! I would use the $100 dollar gift card to buy some more yoga videos for relaxation before sleeping.

  26. 28

    Second… I too got a mix of A and B! I think my biggest reminder was pulling myself away from reading blogs, watching TV or checking emails on my phone right before bed! I love reading… But I just have to have the right book going to pull me away from my blogs!

    • 29

      I know, same! If I’m reading something I’m really into it’s not problem, but I haven’t been reading anything that fabulous lately!

  27. 30

    How did you know I needed this this week?! =)

    I would buy new running shoes or new summer/spring running clothes!!

  28. 31

    I also took the test – I got a B/C. Normally my sleep habits aren’t too bad (except for the whole electronics thing – probably more a B with a few As), but my dog has been really sick the last few weeks, so my sleep has been really disjointed. Good news is that he’s on the mend and I only have another week of odd-hour medicine wake-ups. Until then…keep the caffeine coming!

  29. 33

    I scored mostly A’s and B’s. Taking this quiz made me refocus on the amount of sleep I get. I like to think I get 8 hours most nights, but if I’m being really honest, there are some 6.5 and 7 hour nights that slip in. I’m recommitting to bedtime! I think I’ll stop bringing my phone to bed, so that I’m not tempted to stay up late reading news and blogs.

  30. 34

    I’d spend $100 on new pillows (mine have seriously seen better days) and possibly a fancy alarm clock. I use my phone as an alarm clock now, but I’d really love to stop taking my phone to bed!

    • 35

      I was just thinking this (re: an real alarm clock) too! I’d love to not have my phone in bed, but I use it as my alarm clock so I kind of have to at the moment. Good idea!

  31. 36

    I’d use it towards extra yoga classes, which would definitely help with stress!

  32. 37

    I got mostly A’s, lovedd that site!

  33. 38

    I would love to start buying more books to help me relax before bed. I also am interested in trying some nighttime tea! I’ve never done it in the past, but it sounds so warm and relaxing – I will definitely give it a try!

  34. 39

    I took the quiz, and found out I am a moderate sleeper. My mind definitely races at night, and I end up thinking of a million things I need to do the next day. I want to start relaxing more before bed (with no electronics!) so my mind can relax, and sleep will hopefully come easier!

    • 40

      Try the writing down a to do list tip! That REALLY helps me since if my mind is racing with stuff for the next day I’m worried about forgetting something. Brain dump on paper helps big time!

  35. 41

    I just found out I’m pregnant, so I would use the $100 to invest in a Snoogle for when sleeping gets a little more uncomfortable :)

  36. 43

    I would use it to get some new running shoes!

  37. 44

    I would use it for a race registration!

  38. 45

    I got mostly B’s with a few A’s. I have got better about keeping a regular sleep schedule as of late. I agree that stress management is something that you can always work on and I am working to improve on that.

  39. 46

    I got a B. Not great, but I plan to use some of these tips, especially the “quiet time” one.

  40. 47

    I got mostly B’s too on the sleep quiz. I would use the $100 to either get new running shoes – or get a FitBit Flex! The Flex has a sleep tracker and I’d love to know exactly how many hours I’m sleeping and how many times I’m restless during those hours.

  41. 49
    Sarah Evans says

    I would purchase new sheets and a new pillow! That always gets me excited for bedtime. I also love the Sleeptime tea :)

  42. 50

    I would use it on a new pair of cross training shoes (I’m using my old running shoes because I want to keep my new running shoes strictly for running!) I’d also like to try drinking more tea before bedtime. I will light a candle for a little while which relaxes me but pairing it with a cup of tea sounds wonderful :)

  43. 51

    I would buy a Fitbit to track all of my sleeping habits, exercise, amount of time I am sitting (as a desk job – I am worried the time is longer than I think despite my proactive attempts to get up and move).

    • 52

      You should try a standing desk! When I was in offices I used to use a box on top of my desk to put my laptop on for about half the day. It helped!

  44. 53

    I took the quiz and got all B’s except for the last question I got an A. I think this is accurate; (and per my previous post I would love to see what the Fitbit says about my sleeping patterns). I think for me its getting up early to work out and having a hard time winding down in the evening; I just need 1 – 2 more consistent hours a night.

  45. 54

    I fall into the B category mostly! :( My attention span has really diminished the past few months and it is a rare night when I get more than 6 hours of sleep. It has affected my ability to get up for the gym in the morning this week which bothers me! The quiz served as a reminder that I need to prioritize some shut eye!

  46. 55

    I am 24 weeks pregnant and my sleep is poor. I need a body pillow.

  47. 56

    I am in dire need of some new running shoes so I would use the money for that :)

  48. 57

    I want to get a wake up light (how appropriate!).

  49. 58

    I didn’t realize attention span correlated with sleep.

  50. 60

    I would spend the gift card on a month’s worth of barre classes at a new studio that opened near me – I know barre classes will be a great addition to my workout regimen.

  51. 61

    I scored A’s and B’s. I also need to be better about not checking email on my phone before going to bed.

    I would register for another race so I would continue to be disciplined and focused with my training!

  52. 62

    I would use that money towards a better mattress, or at least a comfy topper!

  53. 63

    I would use that money towards new running shoes!

  54. 64

    I took the quiz and got Moderate Sleeper. I usually get the recommended sleep but I’m always tired during the day!

  55. 65

    I would put the $100 towards some new running shoes!

  56. 66

    New workout wear, some small dumbbells, and some running shoes! Now that I’m stronger, I want to start working on running so I can do our community’s 5K Mud Run!

  57. 67

    I would split the money between new sheets and some workout videos!

  58. 68

    I would buy some new New Balance running shoes, I love them and need new ones!

  59. 69

    I would use the $100 to buy a FitBit, so I could track my sleeping habits better using their super cool sleep technology!

  60. 70

    I scored a’s and and 2 b’s. I need to work on turning my mind off when I am stressed.

  61. 71

    I got B-Moderate Sleeper. I’m certain if I had taken this quiz while I was in high school or college I would have gotten C. My sleeping habits have gotten so much better since my life has become more scheduled and structured. It’s amazing what having to wake up at 5:30 every day for work can do for your sleeping habits!

  62. 73

    I would use the gift card to enjoy a carefree date night with my husband so we could get some one to one time without the kiddo!
    Great giveaway thanks

  63. 74

    I would use the $100 towards yoga classes. I always sleep so well after a class.

  64. 75

    I took the quiz and got mostly B’s. I learned that not getting enough sleep can cause me to be restless during the day, not just tired. I think one change I could make is turning off electronics before bedtime – I’m definitely guilty there.

  65. 76

    I would use the money for better running shoes! I’m running my first half soon and have worn out my running shoes already with all the training! Lots of running=good zzzzs for me :)

  66. 77
    Rebecca @ Runner with an Appetite says

    With how quickly I go through running shoes, I’d love to be able to buy a new pair soon. And nothing puts me to bed better than a good, tiring run! :D

  67. 78

    I’m actually in the market for a new mattress so I’d use the gift card toward that!

  68. 79

    I got a tie between A and B, too. Making bed an electronic-free zone would definitely help me get more Zzzs!

  69. 80

    I use a sleep mask and it helps me relax

  70. 81

    I would love a pair of compression socks! Also, I just signed up to run a half marathon in november, meaning my training will start in August…in the sweltering New Orleans weather..yikes! I would love a CamelBak to stay hydrated.

  71. 82

    Loved the quiz, learned lots!

  72. 83

    I would definitely sleep better if I invested in better blinds. Too much light in my room = early wake ups.

  73. 84

    I would definitely use the gift card for some new yoga gear! Doing yoga regularly seems to help me sleep better at night :)

  74. 86

    I learned that my habit of using my phone before bed, while enjoyable, isn’t doing me any good in terms of turning off my brain!

  75. 87

    I got mostly Bs on the quiz! I definitely need to work on shutting off electronics well before bedtime!

  76. 88

    Mostly A’s! I don’t think this is the norm for a college student haha…I value sleep a lot!

  77. 89

    I would love to use the $100 toward group classes, I need a change in my work out routine and I think this would help boost my energy and sleep better.

  78. 90

    i’d use it to treat myself to a pedicure and new running shoes :)

  79. 91

    I choose mostly B’s primarily because the last few months have been crazy with work, class and trying to fit in a social life. Otherwise, I think I’m a Sleep Pro who thankfully does not have an issue sleeping through the night. I just need to force myself to go to bed to get 8 hours, but I think not coming home just to watch TV or browse my computer should help!

  80. 92

    I would use it for my first month at a new gym – would love to get back into working out!

  81. 93

    I answered mostly C’s on the quiz but I am also dealing with a teething one year old which totally disrupts my sleep. Maybe we will be able to celebrate world sleep day with a good night’s rest? (: I would use the $100 gift card for some new running gear- gotta stay in shape – and perhaps some sleepytime tea.

  82. 95

    I just took this quiz yesterday! Great minds… :) I love that Phillips is doing a giveaway! I have been contemplating getting a nicer pillow (a squishy down alternative like they have in hotels) to help aid my sleep, but have been unable to make the “splurge.” I would absolutely use the gift card for that!

  83. 96

    I don’t know if I’d buy running shoes or get a great sports massage….both sound like a great use of $100!

  84. 97

    I would use $100 to take some yoga classes – so relaxing when you don’t have pregnancy heartburn. oo or maybe a massage after our 10 miler!

  85. 98

    First, totally impressed a full and a half in one week. Have such sleep guilt this week though, scared to take the quiz.

  86. 99

    I would use the $100 toward a monthly membership at my local yoga studio – love their vinyasa classes!

  87. 100

    I would probably buy yoga classes too! I love stroga in admo. I just bought a groupon to try it out, and I’m already thinking that I’m going to commit to buy another package when it runs out.

  88. 102

    I actually REALLY need new pillows, so the gift card would be put to good use!

  89. 103

    I am a “B” too!!! I would use the $100 to get some nice scented candles and new shades/curtains. I think that would help me sleep better :)

  90. 104

    I would use the gift card to try yoga. I’m a fitness lover but find it hard to spend money on another “gym” when I’m already paying for one!

  91. 105

    I would used the $100 to purchase new pillows and perhaps some new walking shoes, since foot pain seems to be interrupting sleep lately, and I can only assume it’s due to needing a shoe upgrade. Thank you for the chance to win, Anne!

  92. 106

    I am also running the Rock and Roll USA half this weekend! I don’t know if I’m ready for Calvert hill … it will be my first time running this half! I’m a little nervous.

    If I had the $100 gift card I would probably buy a new pillow and use the rest for some yoga classes to help calm my busy mind!

    • 107

      Don’t be nervous! The hill is definitely steep but it’s nice that it’s earlier in the race — just focus on powering through, and once you’re up it the worst of the race is over! Good luck!

  93. 108

    My stress level this month has been at an all-time high. I think I overcomitted myself to various activities, and that has resulted in anxiousness and not sleeping well. Usually I sleep 7-8 hours, and lately my sleep has been like 6 hours with a random wake up (usually at 3:30am for no reason) during the night.

    If I won the gift card, I would definitely use it to buy a set of these cool gel memory foam pillows I saw at Costco recently, and a bottle of lavender scented aromatherapy sleep spray.

  94. 109

    I took the sleep test and was pleasantly surprised that I chose mostly Bs and one A (not a snorer). Given stress levels as of late, I’d say getting moderate sleep is a positive thing! Also, CATS…cats will be the death of my sleep schedule. Apparently, 4 a.m. is the new 6 a.m.!

    • 110

      Omg YES. We’ve had to start closing Zara out of our bedroom overnight because she was so disruptive in the mornings. I miss having her sleep with us but after a few weeks of basically no sleep, it was time to take action!

  95. 111

    I’d love to use the $100 toward a fitbit or some other equivalent, to track how many steps I take each day (I work in a cubicle and it’s probably not enough!), my sleep schedule- I feel like I am always tired and would love to know if I’m waking up in the middle of the night without knowing, or not going into deep sleep! thanks

  96. 112

    I took the sleep quiz, and ended up with mostly B’s. I do agree that I have been sleeping restlessly lately. I think writing down any worries, or last minute to-do’s into my planner will definitely help relieve all the clutter that is circling around in my mind before bedtime, and hopefully lead to more peaceful sleep!

  97. 113

    I would love to use the $100 toward new pillows!!!!!

  98. 114

    I took the quiz and got mostly B’s. I need to wind down with electronics earlier in the evening.

  99. 115

    I would definitely treat myself to a quality memory-foam pillow. I can never seem to find a pillow I’m happy with.

  100. 116

    I would absolutely treat myself to a juicer and make an effort to drink a glass of green juice at night to help me relax!

  101. 117

    If I won the $100 Visa giftcard I would buy some new bed sheets and a memory foam pillow. I love my memory foam bed and think it has definitely improved my sleep.

  102. 118

    I am a moderate sleeper and should probably work on no electronics for an hour before bed. I am pretty bad at mindlessly watching TV until I notice I’m falling asleep.

  103. 119

    I would use the money towards my grocery bill, so I can stock up on healthy foods that won’t leave me feeling sluggish or too hungry at night.

  104. 120

    I also took the quiz and scored mostly B’s–the one thing it did highlight for me though is that I can control the stress in my life, or at least how much of it I allow to bother me. So, I will also focus on de-stressing at night before bed.

  105. 121

    I would use the $100 towards a monthly yoga membership!! Yoga helps me release stress, and when I’m less stressed, I sleep better!

  106. 122

    I would use the $100 to buy a nice pillow and new bed sheets so that my sleeping environment is as comfy as possible.

  107. 123

    I would buy some yummy tea to have before bed!

  108. 124

    I might use it towards a Fit Bit to track my sleep and wake me up at a good time in my sleep cycle.

  109. 125

    I’d use the $100 to buy some silky pajamas and use the rest towards a massage!

  110. 126

    I got mostly Bs. Honestly, besides not checking my phone before bed, there’s not too much I think I can do to help with my sleep. I have a 2 year old who likes to wake up too early and sometimes in the middle of the night, and I’m pregnant so I wake up a lot.

  111. 127

    I got mostly B’s! I would love to spend the money at Whole Foods on some organic meat for my family! and maybe some new Newton Running Shoes!

  112. 128

    I’d use it to buy workout clothes!

  113. 129

    I got mostly B’s… I’m also bad about using my computer right before bed!

  114. 130
    Meghan C. says

    Regular exercise is definitely one of the most important things I can do to improve my sleep. I fall asleep faster and stay alseep longer if I’m tired out from the day. So I would use the $100 towards my favorite TRX and HIIT classes!

  115. 131
    Meghan C. says

    I took the quiz and answered mostly A’s, which is encouraging, but on the number of hours I sleep I’m more of a B. I’m a morning exerciser so I’m often sacrificing an extra hour or two of sleep in order to fit in exercise, but exercise also help with my sleep, so it’s a funny cycle. The quiz highlights that I just need to make more of an effort to get in bed earlier!

  116. 132
    Lisa Brown says

    Took the quiz and my results were: my risk of sleep apnea is low. I sleep okay with the bed and all but I could use a better angle for my head.

  117. 133

    I was an equal combination of A’s and B’s. I have pretty good sleep habits, but my poor husband has been having some sleep issues the past six months. We’ve tried nearly all of the conventional advice, but to no avail. I think he has a hard time shutting down his mind. I would definitely use the $100 toward a fitness tracker that could track his sleep patterns to see where he’s having the most difficulty.

  118. 134

    I would use the $100 towards an alarm clock! I would to invest in one that gently wakes you up as opposed to the blaring honking noise on the one I use now :)

  119. 135
    Lisa Brown says

    I would use the gift card to improve my head angle by buying new pillows; i hate the ones I have now – too firm and hard on my head, need softer ones to lower my head angle.

  120. 136

    I took the sleep quiz and answered mostly A’s. I’ve always been a huge advocate of getting plenty of sleep (at least 8+ hours per night). Even in college, I avoided pulling all nighters, knowing that sleep > studying ;)

  121. 138

    I would use that $100 towards new pillows. Ours are older than I care to admit!!

  122. 139

    I took the sleep quiz. Had a couple on the line A/B but mostly B’s. Lots of stress going on right now which is making me a little too restless during the night.

  123. 140
    Jessie C. says

    I would put it towards a Vitamix purchase. We drink fruit and veggie smoothie daily, a great blender would help our healthy living.

  124. 141
    Jessie C. says

    I got B’s mostly, am a moderate sleeper. I learned the tip of Quiet Time that can help for a better sleep.

  125. 142

    I would use the $100 gift card toward fitness classes and a personal trainer. I run and bike but can’t seem to focus on core/ weights.

  126. 143

    I took the quiz and answered mostly B’s :(
    I thought it was funny that on the attention span question I actually did have to re-check what the question was. I guess I got a C on that one.
    I think I need to be better about not checking my phone once I get into bed. I should probably keep it on the other side of the room, but I just.can’t.stop!

  127. 144

    i would buy a fitbit, i keep hearing great things about them

  128. 145

    I would buy some new pillows and sheets. I believe that making your bed as comfortable as possible makes for a great place to get some solid sleep.

  129. 146

    I need to be better at putting away social media when I am heading to bed.

  130. 147

    I would definitely use it on some new work out clothing since I think that really helps improve my sleep

  131. 148

    What a fun giveaway! Thank you! I would use it towards a month if yoga, since that helps me “de-stress” and sleep better :)

  132. 149

    I would buy some new pillows with the money. I have used the same one for a while now and I know a new would would improve my sleep.

  133. 150
    Elizabeth V says

    I would use it to help pay for my monthly gym membership. It’s not cheap but it is a priority for me to belong to a gym!

  134. 151
    Melissa a says

    I would use the gift card towards a new bicycle. Bicyling would be another healthy activity option and would make me even more exhausted at the end of the day for a better nights rest. Thanks for the offer!

  135. 152

    I took the quiz and got mostly B’s. I know my sleep would improve if my husband slept better. He tosses and turns a lot and it wakes me up throughout the night. Maybe improving our room temp and new pillows would help him and as a result help me sleep better.

  136. 153

    I would put that money toward a 10-class pass to my favorite spin studio!

  137. 154

    I took the quiz and answered mostly C and was not surprised by the results. I already know that I’m a poor sleeper and have been wanting to fix this lately!

  138. 155

    I got mostly Bs. I’m a moderately good sleeper. My mind is always wandering. I definitely like your idea to get up and make a “to do” list. I also need to put the phone away!!

  139. 156
    melissa a says

    I got a got mix of A’s and B’s. Id guess that I’m a “pro sleeper” without taking the quiz but apparently I have a few areas I can work on. I think watching Netflix before bed is my problem!

  140. 157

    I would use $100 to buy a new comforter (ours is quite old and makes me itch sometimes) and new workout clothes.

  141. 158

    I would use the money to buy some new running shoes

  142. 159

    I love this Blog about sleep. I just took the Sleep Quiz and also scored a “Mostly B’s.”
    I’d love to with the $100 Visa Gift Card! I would use it towards buying a better pillow (apparently mine isn’t that great), and also some “Sleepy-time Tea,” and perhaps a new pair of pajamas (mine are pretty old. I appreciate the information to buy some that contains Chamomile (which is what I think of with “sleep tea,” but also Catnip and/or Valerian in it too. Interesting! I hope I win the giveaway!

  143. 160

    #5 and #7 would definitely help me — I try to only read before bed but really need to be sure I am not checking my phone!!

  144. 161

    I would definitely invest in a better pillow. Mine is old (and probably grosser than I really want to think about), plus I tend to overheat at night and I know there are pillows that can help with that.

  145. 162

    I’d use the $100 for new running shoes! I’ve been so active the past year that my poor sneakers ran out and now it’s hurting to do exercise in them. :(

  146. 163

    I got two As and three Bs, so I’m a moderately pro sleeper. Unfortunately, I think is the best I can do right now. I work full-time, have classes until wicked late two nights a week, so it seems as though I can’t physically get to bed before 11pm. I try to work out at least three times a week right now; I’d like more, but there’s only so many hours in the day. Dumb day, being all short this semester! I think this proves I’ll need to properly space out classes/time for the following semesters.

  147. 164

    I put essential oils on my pillows to help me sleep

  148. 165

    I would use the $100 to some new pillows, mine and the husband’s are super old!

  149. 166

    I would use the $100 for drapes to cover the windows. I feel like if it covers the light from outside and the room was extra dark that would benefit sleep!

  150. 167

    Great quiz, i’m A’s

  151. 168

    I can’t function without ATLEAST 8 hours of sleep! I would spend it on some new running shoes, I always sleep better after I’ve had a great workout.

  152. 169

    I would definitely use it towards new pillows! Mine are so old and hard.

  153. 170

    I would buy some essential oils to get me relaxed before bed!

  154. 171

    I pretty much got all B’s, except that I usually have pretty high energy levels. I attribute that to coffee consumption and daily exercise. Otherwise, one of my biggest goals for the next few months is to wean myself off of social media outlets in order to create less distraction on projects at work or school. I’ve already deactivated Facebook, and surprisingly haven’t felt any urges to get back on.

  155. 172

    Awesome giveaway! I’d use the $100 to invest in new running shoes, since mine are old and I want to stay active!

  156. 173

    I got A! One thing I need to remember is make sure I don’t nap too long during the day!

  157. 174

    I answered mostly B’s to the quiz. I think the main thing I need to work on is setting a routine for going to bed and waking up at a consistent time. My sleep schedule is all over the place, and it’s definitely affecting my energy levels!

  158. 175
    Katherine M says

    I would buy blackout shades! I live in a condo and now that the sun is rising earlier, it gets briiight in there!

  159. 176
    Katherine M says

    Also, I took the quiz and got mostly A’s – I guess I’m a pro sleeper!

  160. 177

    Honestly, I do a pretty good job of getting sleep but lately I’m having a hard time STAYING asleep. I’m trying to cut down/ out on caffeine but man, that’s rough!

  161. 178

    I would use the $100 toward new running sneakers! I’m training for my second half marathon (the Shape half in Central Park!) and feel like I’ve worn out my old ones.

  162. 179

    I took the sleep quiz and got mostly As and Bs too. 1) b 2) a 3)b 4)a+b 5)a. Sleep is something I have definitely prioritized over the last year. As I get older, I realize that I can’t function at my optimum when I get less than 6 hours sleep (oh to be a college kid again). And since I’ve become addicted to working out in the morning between 530/630 (I feel so much better throughout the day and feel like my mornings are 10x more productive), I’ve come to like 10pm bedtimes!

  163. 180

    I would spend the money on a relaxing massage! I’m a go go go person and I know that I need to just stop and relax sometimes!

  164. 181

    I took the quiz and got mostly B’s. Since in started using a sleep tracker I discovered I get less than 6 1/2 hours of sleep a night-something I definitely need to change!

  165. 182

    Traveling to DC for a conference and the half. Having a hard time trying to figure out how to dress. Shorts? Pants? Weather says 40’s. I’m coming from CT and used to 20-30’s.

    • 183

      I always err on the side of underdressing because I tend to overheat, so I’ll probably do shorts + compression socks + t-shirt, and wear a long sleeved shirt or arm warmers at the start that I toss. Good luck!

  166. 184

    Exercise makes my sleep regular

  167. 185

    I would use the $100 towards buying a fitbit! I have heard so much about them recently and it seems like are an awesome way to keep track of healthy habits and sleep!

  168. 186

    I would definitely invest in some blocking blinds … the natural light in the front of my bedroom is gorgeous in the morning, but I think it sometimes interrupts my sleep!

  169. 187

    I’m mostly B’s

  170. 188

    Also, I took the quiz and I definitely need to cut down on the electronics before bed (my phone and email). I used to read much more as a way to unwind and I need to get back to that!

  171. 189

    I have always been good about maintaining a steady sleep schedule. While everyone else yawned over all-nighters in college, I felt lame because I never once pulled one! I always got in my 7 hours. Definitely felt good, and still does! I love feeling great most mornings.

    And I would totally use the gift card to buy a nice PILLOW- one that stays nice n cool : )

  172. 190

    I would buy a new mattress pad for my bed! I recently got a new mattress that is just way too firm for my taste. Some nights it’s hard to get comfortable on it… so a fancy padded topper would be awesome!

  173. 191

    I would definitely invest in some new workout gear to motivate me to get up in the morning and run during these cold winter months!

  174. 192

    I have a pretty good mattress and pillow, but there is a LOT of light pollution in my neighborhood, and it isn’t very quiet. I would buy a really nice sleep mask and earplugs.

  175. 193

    I got mostly B’s- none of this was surprising, but I have gotten a little lazy lately with my sleep habits. I use my fitbit alarm to remind myself to stop watching tv, turn off the computer and get ready for bed. But now I need to refocus on reading before bed instead of checking my phone!

  176. 194

    I think I might use the $100 towards a Nike FuelBand or FitBit! I would love to be able to track my activity (and sleep) and make positive changes where I see fit!

  177. 195

    I love the idea of investing in an amazing new blanket for my bed. Nothing like a good cozy blanket to help you fall fast asleep :)

  178. 196

    I am a moderate sleeper – I need to work on getting enough sleep every single night of the week, not just some nights.

  179. 197

    I would love to use the $100 to get one of those fitbit things that tell me how deeply I actually sleep. I’ve found myself extra tired this week and I’m not sure what the culprit is!

  180. 198

    I took the quiz and I’m at a solid B…I need to learn how to get to bed earlier…5:30am comes quickly when I don’t turn off the light until 11pm!

  181. 199

    I would get a really nice pillow that feels wonderful to sink my head onto :)

  182. 200

    I scored mostly B on the quiz :)

  183. 201
    Elizabeth says

    I would buy new workout clothes to inspire my exercise routine!

  184. 202

    I would use the $100 to purchase a FitBit. I would be really excited to use its sleep tracking feature. I’ve always wondered about my quality of sleep. I’ve been to doctors to talk about my lack of energy and constant tiredness. I eat fairly well and exercise, which I know definitely helps with my energy levels, but it would be nice to learn about my sleep quality.

  185. 203

    I scored mostly B’s. I have dealt with low energy and tiredness for awhile now. I have seen doctors to try to figure out the culprit with no avail. A sleep study may be the next thing on the docket.

  186. 204
    Charlotte says

    I would buy new pillows!

  187. 205

    I would use $100 towards some new sheets! I think it’s a scientific fact that you sleep better with pretty sheets ;)

  188. 206

    I scored a B on the quiz, but I definitely have room for improvement when it comes to sleep! I need to get better about dealing with stress – most nights, I can’t stop my mind from racing :/

  189. 207

    I would invest the prize in black out curtains for my bedroom. I think it would make a huge difference!

  190. 208

    I would spend the money on black out curtains- my room gets hit by the sunrise each morning and I can never sleep in!

  191. 209

    Definitely get a good night sleep after a good workout!

  192. 210

    I would get a new pair of running capris!

    I try to turn off my electronics and read in bed. It really helps to relax me!

  193. 211

    Great quiz

  194. 212

    I would buy new sheets for the new bed I just bought!

  195. 213

    I scored A’s and B’s. I’m a pretty good sleeper but rarely sleep through the night. I’d like to learn ways to do that

  196. 214


    Great post! I am friends with Chris Huessler – The Run Westin Concierge who goes around to all Rock n’ Roll races to support runners staying at the Westin Hotels. You should link up with him before the race!
    What I would do with a $100 gift card is to register for another race! I can’t help it I just love to run!

  197. 215

    I would buy more books for my kindle! Reading is a great way to unwind before bed!

  198. 216

    I got a B. I just don’t get enough sleep. I need to be better about going to bed earlier!

  199. 217
    Elisabeth says

    I would use the gift card for either new running shoes or a Fitbit Flex, which I’ve been wanting mostly to track my sleep!

  200. 218
    Elisabeth says

    I scored a mix of As and Bs. A big part of my problem is that I work night shift in a hospital, which means sleeping during the day & not keeping the same sleep schedule every day.

  201. 219
    Nicole Jenkins says

    I would love to use the gift card towards a Fit Bit. I just discovered these and think it would be so helpful and motivating to see how active you are in a day.

  202. 220

    I try my best to get good sleep, but I can’t always. I would use the money to sign up for a lot of races. Nothing helps me sleep like a good run!

  203. 221
    Nicole Jenkins says

    I am a pretty solid sleeper and definitely make sleep a priority. I can totally tell a difference in my energy, motivation to work out, and healthy habits when I exercise regularly. The one habit I need to work on to improve my sleep is turning off my computer well before I am ready for bed. Like you, I am often on my computer in the evening and I know this isn’t the healthiest habit.

  204. 222

    I would use the gift card to buy new pillows for my family! A good pillow definitely helps with sleeping well!

  205. 223
    Christina C says

    Mostly A’s!

  206. 224
    Christina C says

    I would buy blackout curtains!

  207. 225
    Patricia S. says

    I think I would buy either a FitBit, new Pillows, or some new Blinds for our bedroom to Darken our room more so that there is less light coming in. Good luck in the race this week. I love your website. :)

  208. 227
    Patricia S. says

    I scored mostly B’s.

  209. 228

    I would use the money to buy a lightweight blanket for summer instead of my comforter.

  210. 229
    Roadrunner says

    Awesome post, thx!!! Good luck on the Half!

  211. 230

    I got mostly Bs. One thing I have realized is the importance of routine. I’m always going to bed and waking up at different times. I need to work on that.

  212. 231

    I took the quiz and got Bs. I realized that I need to be better about giving myself time to wind down before bed – reading is a great idea!

  213. 232

    I would use the money to purchase a fitbit to monitor my daily activity and sleep!

  214. 233

    I’d put the money to groceries… Less worry about money equals better sleep ! Haha!

  215. 234

    I would buy a fitbit to help track my activity and sleep patterns!

  216. 235

    I would use the gift card for new pillows. I am a stomach sleeper and my pillows are not useful!

  217. 236

    I would buy new pillows!

  218. 237
    Charlotte says

    I took the quiz and got almost all B’s which was interesting!

  219. 238

    I have awesmoe pillows

  220. 239

    Great quiz, generally Bs

  221. 240
    Tess Moore says

    I “heart” sleep!! Getting the right amount always helps EVERYTHING!! I would use the gift card to purchase new pillows for my family.

  222. 241

    As a new momma, sleep is hard to come by but we are working on it : )

  223. 242

    I’d use the gift card to purchase a fitness tracker, I’ve been considering one for awhile since I believe the Fitbit and Jawbone versions track sleep activity as well as physical activity.

  224. 243

    I would spend it on a few yoga classes or yoga DVDs. I think incorporating more stretching and meditation would help me sleep and recover better from workouts!

  225. 244

    By taking the quiz I confirmed how few hours of sleep I really get during the week. 6 hours just isn’t enough! I need to at least get 8

  226. 245

    Took the quiz and I’m a “Moderate sleeper”. I definitely need to work on getting more sleep at night-always too groggy in the morning!

  227. 246

    I’m a firm believer in exercising to ensure healthy sleep. I’m always been a not-so-good sleeper…even when I do exercise…but it’s MUCH better when I do. So, I’d put the $100 towards paying for yoga classes and registering for rnning races!

  228. 247

    I got mostly “b’s” on the sleep quiz, but it definitely just depends. I try to read before bed, but before bed I’m almost always on my computer. Also, I get up at different times all throughout the week…definitely need to get on a better schedule! Thanks for this post Anne and good luck in the half this weekend!

  229. 248

    So many choices – but probably either yoga classes or a deep tissue massage.

  230. 249

    New shoes! Both my running shoes and nanos probably need to be replaced soon.

  231. 250

    I’m a moderate sleeper. I think turning off TV/putting my phone away and having some quiet time before bed will help me sleep better.

  232. 251

    It would go to buying healthy groceries for my dorm room!!

  233. 252
    Stephanie K says

    I need to be better about winding down before I go to bed. I think using the money towards some books would help! That way I won’t be messing around on my phone before it’s time for bed.

  234. 253

    I would use it to put towards my fall marathon race entry (haven’t decided which one yet), but I had to cancel my spring one because of an ankle injury and I have definitely noticed that the injury/ lack of working out has definitely hurt my sleep :(

  235. 255

    mostly Cs and Bs :(

  236. 256

    I was all A’s and B’s on the quiz but I’ll lean toward B. I get 6 hours of sleep per night, sometimes more, but sometimes less. I need to do better!

  237. 257

    Oh sleep. Precious sleep. I have yet to catch up on sleep from this past weekend. It seems to be the thing I always push back. *yawn and pass the coffee*

    If I had $100 to help with my sleep, I would either purchase another technogel pillow (for my youngest as he always attempts to steal mine)… or purchase a device that can record how well/poorly I sleep each night. :)

  238. 258

    I’d probably break down and invest in an electric toothbrush. :)

  239. 259

    Wow, great post and giveaway! I would use the $100 toward a quality pillow. I have TMJ and always struggle to find a pillow that lets me fall asleep in a comfortable position.

  240. 260

    I’ve been working hard to go to bed and wake up at around the same time – it’s so hard! I would put the money towards new running shoes. Running, and staying active is a big contributor to my sleep quality.

  241. 261
    Natalie P. says

    I would actually use the $100 towards some new sheets and a new comforter! We let our dog sleep in our bed so we have extra blankets for her and nothing matches and its a big mess….does not even look like a relaxing place to sleep!

  242. 262
    Natalie P. says

    I did the quiz also, got moderate sleeper, and while I really think watching TV helps me fall asleep (ie old episodes of Scrubs are so funny and take my mind off everything)….I think I have to go to bed just earlier….I average 6.5 during the week but sometimes its really closer to 5!

  243. 263

    Gift card on running shoes or a massage for sure – both sure to contribute to a great night’s sleep :)

  244. 264

    A moderate sleeper – mostly Bs. Not terribly surprising – anxiety is my downfall. I either can’t wind down or wake up way early because I feel frantic to get going!

  245. 265

    Oh sleep- my relationship is crazy! I go through insomnia cycles!! I have found that my stress manifest it self through insomnia! I always notice that if I don’t sleep I don’t work out, which in turn makes it harder to sleep at night because I’m not tired, I tend to crave more junk food, I get in sour moods, and it’s hard to go through my day! If I won the GC I would use it to continue to pay for my Yogaglo subscription- a restorative practice always helps me sleep, I would buy some more calming tea, and I would buy one of those eye covers :) Thank you!

  246. 266

    I need a new pillow and new running shoes!

  247. 267

    Took the sleep quiz and I got all Bs and one C; I’m a moderate sleeper! I know I need help with number 5 and number 4. It’s so hard to put my phone done during my bedtime routine. Mostly because now that I live in the east coast, my bedtime is usually prime time in the west coast so all my friends and family want to talk to me. “Everything” is happening at that time :) I also need help with number 4! I tend to do ALL my thinking/stressing late at night. It’s hard to quiet down my mind so maybe a journal might help! I have no set bedtime so perhaps I need to work on setting a time to go to bed! Thank you!

  248. 268

    I got a B! Need to work on routine :)

  249. 269

    I would use it on new running shoes–exercise helps me sleep, too!

  250. 270

    With the gift card, I would probably invest in a new pillow or possibly get a massage on a particularly tiring day

  251. 271

    I got mostly B’s on the sleep quiz. I read on my phone or ipad in bed each night with the light off and I’m sure the blaring light isn’t helping me fall asleep….

  252. 272
    Heather Cory says

    I would spend $100 on books! Reading (not on my phone) always helps me fall asleep faster and I feel like I sleep better.

  253. 273

    I would use it to buy a new pair of running shoes.

  254. 274

    I took the quiz and answered mostly B’s. I’m going to try to maintain a sleep schedule and go to bed at the same time everyday.

  255. 275

    I would use the card to get more cute athletic gear! I know I’m more motivated if I have something new to wear

  256. 276

    I took the sleep quiz and got moderate sleeper. Which makes sense because I’m a student with a crazy schedule, so getting a routine down can be tricky. I’m trying though!

  257. 277

    I would buy new pillows. Mine are so old!

  258. 278

    I scored mostly B’s (moderate sleeper).

  259. 279

    with the $100, i would put that towards buying a spiralizer! i know theyre not that expensive, but thats on my list now. and probably some workout clothes :)

  260. 280

    i took the quiz and got all Bs, 1 C 1 A, but id have to say im a B-C girl!

  261. 281

    I would buy some new workout clothes or maybe a new fitness tracker/heartrate monitor!

  262. 282

    i got mostly Bs! :D slightly on the C side though…

  263. 283

    i’d use it to buy a yoga class pass! i find yoga really calms me, especially night classes i could go to after work

  264. 284

    I think I would spend it on workout gear!

  265. 285

    I took the quiz and got the below normal sleep! Eeekk! I know I have to to more sleep! I need to make sure I am
    Creating a better habit . I know I am tired but sometimes I just can’t turn my mind off.

  266. 286
    Mary Mcgeehan says

    I’d buy an awesome blender! I want to incorporate more veggies and fruits in my diet and I’d love to have a blender that actually worked! A bullet blender would be sweet

  267. 287

    I would use the GC for new sneakers to use for springtime running!

  268. 288

    I got B’s so im a moderate sleeper – I need to have a better sleep routine

  269. 289
    Laura Jacobson says

    Oh I would use the money to buy a bike! I would love to get more exercise, I think that would help me alot at night to get a better night sleep!

  270. 290
    Laura Jacobson says

    I took the quiz and got mostly b’s and a few c’s! I do need to get a better night sleep each night. I would love to get more exercise biking after dinner. I think that would help me be more tired at night and would be great for overall health too!

  271. 291
    Jennifer Henshall says

    I would use the gift card to buy more comfy sheets. I am in desperate need of some new sheets and know that $100 could get me a nice pair or two!

  272. 292
    Jennifer Henshall says

    I got mostly Bs on the quiz. As a busy mom of two, I was happy, but not too surprised, to find out that I was a moderate sleeper. Since having my daughters, I don’t sleep as soundly as I used to. Comes with the territory I guess!

  273. 293
    Natalie S says

    I would use it to buy some sleepytime tea!

  274. 294

    I’d use the gift card to pay for yoga classes!

  275. 295

    I would stock up on sleepytime tea. Just checked my tea and coffee cabinet and couldn’t find a single decaf option. Oh dear! :)

  276. 296

    I would buy passes to my favorite yoga studio!

  277. 297

    I would spend it on some new running shoes! I’m due!

  278. 298

    Yes, sleep is so important! Unfortunately my sleep quality is rather terrible. I may be in bed for 9 hours, but only get 5-6 hours of sleep. I’d use the $100 to try Bikram yoga. I’m always looking for more stress relieving options!

  279. 299

    I’d use the giftcard to try out a new workout class (I’m in a rut)– maybe a barre class or a spin class?

  280. 300

    I got mainly Bs on the quiz. One A and one B… not perfect, but not too terrible!


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