This Week’s Eats + Trying Solidcore

Another week, another taco! These had chicken, a yummy tomato we picked up at a farmer’s market on the way home from Pennsylvania on Sunday, cheese, black beans, cilantro, guac, and roasted red peppers. 

Yum – thanks Chef Matt!

easy tacos

I’ve also been eating a lot of eggs this week – first up was an egg salad sandwich for lunch.

Sadly Riese doesn’t like egg salad – she makes a big face and spits it out if we try to give it to her. Oh well!

The egg salad was made with mayo, dijon mustard, and ham, and I threw some arugula on the sandwich too. My mom makes really good egg salad – thanks mom!

The second egg feast was an omelette this morning – I was pretty impressed by my mad omelette making skills. ;) Pretty, right?

easy spinach tomato omelette

It had more of the farmer’s market tomato, chopped spinach, chopped dill, and sharp cheddar tucked inside. 

easy omelette with dill tomato spinach cheddar

Riese did really like this – she ate a ton of the cheesy egg portion (not the veggies or tomato – she hates tomato randomly). 

If you’re in the mood for an omelette and want a new recipe to try, have you tried my Apple and Cheddar Omelet? (Btw, it is omelette or omelet? I can never decide how to spell that word so I just kind of mix it up depending on the day… is one spelling more correct than the other?!)

We’ve also been enjoying some pizza this week – Matt and I went out to Alto Fumo (which used to be Faccia Luna – it’s the exact same menu though thankfully) last night after Riese went to bed – we are still staying with my parents so wanted to take advantage! 

alto fumo pizza clarendon arlington va

We had starter salads and drinks (unpictured – I had a glass of prosecco) and then shared a pizza with pepperoni, mushrooms, roasted red pepper, and artichoke hearts. We asked for extra sauce on the side and they just put it on top, but I liked it – the more sauce the better! Anyone else?!

We got a big pizza to bring home the extra so I just enjoyed the leftovers for lunch today. 

As for fitness this week, I’ve been doing my usual yoga thang – I love YogaWorks in Arlington and am going to miss it so much when we move down to Alexandria in late July! For my Del Ray or Old Town area readers – any yoga studio recs? 

In addition to a couple yoga classes, I went to a Solidcore class with my friend Chelsea super early this morning! We’ve been getting a bit bored with our usual boot camp classes and wanted to mix it up, and I know a lot of people really love Solidcore (which is mega reformer pilates) so we thought it would be interesting to check it out, especially since they are on ClassPass (<- affiliate link for $40 off your first class) and we had credits to use up. 

Unfortunately neither of us liked the class, though – it was definitely challenging, but it was pretty boring and the instructor wasn’t our fave… not much positive reinforcement or encouragement, especially since I had to modify a bunch of the poses. She came by to try to adjust me a few times but did so in a way that made me feel guilty/lame for modifying and listening to my body. I’m sure that wasn’t the intention, but it’s how it came across. 

Anyway – I’m sure there are better solidcore instructors out there but the overall class format was just not our fave either way, so I think that’s the end of our solidcore adventure. 

solidcore ballston review

I’m glad we gave it a shot, though – it’s always worth trying something new. Not every workout is for every person – it’s all about finding what YOU personally love, right?! 

I do want to try another regular reformer pilates class (vs. the mega-former) though – I find those a lot more fun (still hard, but the time goes by more quickly) because you are bouncing around on it more. I went to a fun reformer pilates class over Christmas last year while in Matt’s hometown and loved it – the instructor made it fun and energetic more like a boot camp but on the reformers so you were distracted/engaged vs. counting the minutes. If you know of any classes like that in the area, I’m all ears. :)

And now, nap time is almost over and I need to hopefully wrap up a few emails before Riese wakes up! I’m excited because tomorrow afternoon I’m leaving for a quick overnight press trip – I haven’t been on a press trip in aaaaaages and I’m really looking forward to it. You can see what I’m up to on Instagram. :) 

And in the meantime, I’ll be back on Friday with a recipe, so stay tuned!


  1. 1

    Hi Anne!

    Try Zweet Sport in old town for great hot yoga! I am not a fan of Bikram, but the Hatha and Power Flow classes are amazing!

    I am also an instructor at Studio Barre in Alexandria – come on by for a class! We would love to have you!


  2. 2

    I’ve never done SolidCore but people seem to either love it or hate it, and if it’s not for you, it’s pretty expensive to continue doing. The people who love it seem to really, really love it though, so good for them.

    I’ve done pilates at Fuse Pilates, and I really like their ladder class – it’s kind of like mat and reformer together.

  3. 3

    I love extra sauce on pizza! I hate when you get a non saucy bite

  4. 4
    juliette says

    there’s a yogaworks in old town on i think the 900 block of king street. mind the mat in del ray is also great.

    sculp’d on queen st in old town has great pilates reformer classes and they are on class pass as well, i like them much better than solidcore.

  5. 5

    I was always too intimidated to try Solidcore! There’s one not far from Del Ray but we only ever went over there to eat at Mason Social (or Sugar Shack, or the speakeasy inside) instead! :) As far as yoga, I went to classes at both Mind the Mat and whatever studio is attached to the South Block smoothie bowl place. I didn’t find my groove at either of them, but I also wasn’t really in a yoga place at that point either, so nothing against the studios.

  6. 6

    There’s a great hot yoga studio near Del Ray- Zweet Yoga (They’re on ClassPass). One of the owners opened Grateful Kitchen a few blocks away- it’s worth checking out for a drink/bite to eat after yoga.

  7. 7

    Those tacos sound perfect, and you did an amazing job on your omelet! I have no idea which is the proper spelling, but I, too, flip flop between the two. I just give them both love. ;) I’m all for saucy pizza and thick dough! There is not much more upsetting than a really lackluster workout class that leave you feeling blah or unfulfilled. I love Barre3 for many reasons, but the instructors are always so positive, helpful, and I never feel less than for taking modifications sometimes. Good for you for trying, though because you never know until you do!

  8. 8
    Amy Dearborn says

    that pizza looks heavenly; SolidCore is also not my jam. (OTF all the way baby! :-)
    good luck with the move! how is Zara the cat doing?

  9. 10

    That omelette is pretty! I tend to use the double t spelling but both are accurate. I feel more French when typing omelette (I’m a huge Francophile). Paul loves scrambled eggs but we haven’t given him an omelette yet. I will have to try that one of these weekends. Maybe I can sneak some things into it without him detecting it!

    I’ve tried Solidcore and wasn’t a huge fan either. It was challenging but the class kind of dragged. I prefer classes that are a bit more high energy! I did some one-on-one reformer sessions when I was injured and I kind of hated them but they were one of my few options as my foot was in a boot thanks to a stress fracture. It made me realize how inflexible I am and how weak some of my muscles were!

  10. 12
    Michelle says

    I know the answer to your spelling dilemma. Partly because one of my majors was French (who knew Spanish might have been a better option) Omelet is the American spelling while omelette is the British English spelling of the French word. The French spell it omelette or alemette. So spell my way you wish, none of it is wrong!

  11. 14

    Mind the Mat in Del Ray (also has a Clarendon location) is the absolute best – fabulous instructors and a great variety of yoga, Pilates, and other classes!

  12. 15

    Aw such a bummer that you didn’t like solid core! I am *obsessed* with it in Chicago – which surprised me as I have never done pilates. Totally can understand how the teacher can make or break the class though.

  13. 16

    I go to Radiance Yoga (on Prince Street and S. Washington) in Old Town and love it. Was just there with a friend for a fabulous lunchtime flow today! Highly recommend, especially Yuki, but Winnie is great too. They are hosting an Ayurveda workshop on Saturday if you’re in the neighborhood!

  14. 17
    Juliette | Namastay Traveling says

    Old Town reader here! Refresh is one of my favorite studios in the area, right on King Street. But Ease Yoga and Mind the Mat are also AWESOME in Del Ray. You’ll love this area! It’s beautiful.

    • 18

      One of my favorite instructors at YogaWorks mentioned Refresh – I’ll definitely check that out in addition to those others!

  15. 19
    Meghan W. says

    Agree with everyone mentioning Mind the Mat! Lots of great instructors for yoga, Pilates, barre, and Pilates boot camp. You may want to try a HAWT Pilates class there at some point and could ask the studio to get a recommendation on the type of instructor who would fit you best. It’s mat-based but very challenging, in a good way. And yes – in a heated room, so also hot temperature wise!

    Also would recommend Radiance Yoga in Old Town. I did some prenatal yoga there a couple years ago and it was great.

    • 20

      I have to echo the HAWT Pilates class recommendation at Mind the Mat! It’s killer in a good way and I also love their hot power flow classes. Now, I’m just ready for Bagel Uprising to open nearby :) I would also LOVE to find a reformer Pilates studio near Del Ray. Extra sauce always with pizza as it’s the first thing I noticed in your picture!

  16. 22

    I also love Mind the Mat. There are lots of class choices and the instructors are amazing. If traditional Pilates reformer classes are what you want though, take a look at Studio Body Logic in Del Ray, right by Cheesetique.

  17. 23

    Zweet Yoga is a fantastic hot yoga studio near Del Ray (a few blocks from the Braddock Rd metro station) and it’s on ClassPass. One of the owners recently opened Grateful Kitchen near by which is worth checking out for a drink/bite to eat after yoga.

  18. 24

    I really enjoy Reformation Fitness in Shaw! I am also not a fan of Solidcore – the community there feels very cliquey and I agree, very little positive reinforcement.
    For Alexandria, I really enjoy Barre3 in Old Town! I haven’t found a yoga studio I love in Del Ray, but hear great things about Mind the May so you may want to check it out.
    Del Ray is home to my favorite indoor cycling studio in the area if that’s your thing – Ascend Cycle. The community is so positive, welcoming and encouraging, and the instructors are great. It’s also a local, woman-owner business which is always so wonderful to support. Y’all will love living in Alexandria!

  19. 25

    I have been to the Solidcore on Glebe, across from the mall a few times. Each class was totally different and there wasn’t really an explanation as to why. I thought I was going to the same class each time. I didn’t love it and I had the same experience with the instructors not really being accepting (that is the nice way of putting it) of modifications….like dropping to my knees on a plank. I felt seriously shamed even though I was actually just copying the woman next to me. It’s still nice to try something new once in a while. I want to try the SoulCycle that just opened in Clarendon.

    • 26

      Yeah, that’s the one we went to – meh! Totally agree on feeling shamed for modifying! Also, being on my knees for like 15 minutes since there wasn’t another modification option for all the planks didn’t feel awesome on my knees…

  20. 27
    Stephanie says

    I take classes at Sculp’d (formerly Pilates Pro Works) in Old Town for reformer pilates and absolutely LOVE it! They have their own version of the reformer, kind of like Solidcore has, so definitely not traditional pilates, but you get a great workout on it. All instructors I’ve had are great, but Natalie will always give your core a beating and Christine isn’t afraid of the heavy springs or glute work. Definitely worth a try!

    Also, I know you’ve done Orangetheory a few times, but the Old Town studio is THE. BEST. if you’re looking to continue with that at all. Take a class with Brandon and you’ll never look back haha. Welcome to the area :)

    • 28

      Oh sweet, I’ll have to check out the Old Town OTF – I still have about 6 or 7 classes left in my package I think!

      • 29

        The Potomac Yard studio is walking distance from Del Ray – I recommend John’s classes, I miss them so much! (And being walking distance from an OTF!)

  21. 30

    I like how you said that not every workout is for every person! Such a good reminder. When I started classpass and was trying all the different studios, I would sometimes get down on myself for struggling in some classes or feeling like I didn’t “get” a certain workout that other people rave about. I have to remind myself that the purpose is just to stay active, get stronger, and move my body – not to be the best in every class or feel like I’m loving everything!!! Through classpass I discovered that I LOVE spin classes and bootcamp classes, and do NOT love barre or zumba/cardio dance. And that’s totally fine and I’ll stick with what I like!

  22. 32
    Roadrunner says

    Best wishes for a great trip!

  23. 33

    Adding another voice recommending Mind the Mat! Also I love that they are very plugged into the Del Ray community. If you want to check out the fitness options, next weekend is Well Ray ( – lots of free classes and events!

  24. 35
    Kelly Bielen says

    I really like 532Yoga north of Old Town – beautiful, calm studio and great teachers. I have taken their restorative class most often so I’m not sure about the more challenging classes, but I recommend checking it out!

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