Morning! Matt and I stuck around town this weekend – one of the highlights was a hike with the dogs on Saturday morning! 

hiking 30 weeks pregnant

I’m definitely slowing down out there but so glad that my body is still up for hiking – as you guys know, I love it almost as much as I love running. :)


There is a huge tree blocking part of the path, though (it’s been there for awhile) that you have to go under – and man is it getting harder to shimmy under it with a big belly in the mix! Oof!

hiking while pregnant

The dogs had a blast out there – so much fun that we had to immediately go to the dog washing place afterwards because they were a mess. Ha! They were so tired the rest of the day – Freyja didn’t want to move from the couch and was right in the way so I used her as a foot rest… she didn’t seem to care!


As for food on Saturday, I had a tuna sandwich when we got back from hiking – I mixed the tuna with dijon mustard and sauerkraut and it was a really good combo!

tuna salad with sauerkraut

Saturday evening, I met up with my college buddies Kathleen and Sarah for an early dinner at Union Market. We ordered basically the entire menu and shared everything. :) My favorite was the mini lobster tacos! And the kale caesar – yum.

union market dinner

Sunday morning I enjoyed one of my flour free spiced pumpkin pancakes (<- recipe). it’s basically my regular flour free breakfast pancake with pumpkin added. :) I hadn’t done the stovetop version in awhile (I usually do the microwave variation) and it had been so long I forgot to use our small omelette sized pan! If you’ve had trouble with flipping this pancake, the key is the smaller pan. I had some trouble flipping it but it still tasted good. Enjoyed with a side of the Washington Post travel section – my fave!

flour free pumpkin pancake

They had an article on Chapel Hill this week! Aw. Meeeemories! (For new readers, I got my masters in nutrition at UNC-Chapel Hill… see also: my Ode to Chapel Hill/farewell post.)


We spent all of Sunday getting stuff done around the house. I broke for an early lunch around 11 – I threw together a grain salad bowl with greens, microwave brown rice, canned beets, and canned lentils topped with a homemade balsamic vinaigrette. I threw some smoked salmon in the salad, too (I’ve done my research and I’m cool with having smoked salmon while pregnant), but I wasn’t really feeling it with this combo so I picked it out and saved it for later. My stomach is so picky right now!

grain salad bowl

Matt and I hit the container store for storage stuff to organize our attic better (we have to move a bunch of stuff in there since we’re losing a room so it can become the baby’s room, and the attic was a total mess) and then went to Whole Foods for groceries. By the time we got there around 2, Matt was hungry and I was up for a second lunch – I had a BBQ chicken sandwich with some green juice and kombucha on the side that I shared with Matt. (And yes, unpasteurized green juice and kombucha are two other things that I know are debatable during pregnancy, but I’ve done my research and I’m okay with it.)


We came home and got a ton more re-organizing done (we still have a LONG way to go, though – so jealous of people who are organized enough to have the baby’s room done super early – ours is still a total disaster and the furniture isn’t even here yet anyway since we just finally picked it out).

We took a break for an easy dinner – Matt made us grilled cheese sandwiches and we had some tomato soup on the side. It hit the spot! I’m having a hard time with food again as I mentioned in my 30 week pregnancy update… it’s worst at night but starting to creep back into the rest of the day, too. Boo… I feel like I have to force myself to eat because I know if I don’t I’ll feel worse, and I do feel hungry, but nothing ever sounds good.


At least bread and cheese always seem to be a safe bet… and omelettes! Friday’s dinner was a tomato and cheese omelette – check out the his vs. hers, lol! His also had peppers, mushrooms, bacon… I don’t even know what else, but it was intense! I was like… please leave mine as plain as possible – I really wasn’t feeling so hot on Friday night in particular!

his vs. hers omelettes

I will leave you with two recipes I want to try, though: chicken tacos with homemade tortillas (tacos are also still usually a win right now… might have them again tonight!) + buffalo cauliflower wings (I think Matt would love these given his love for buffalo flavored anything)!

And two blog posts from around the web that I loved recently (along the same theme): one of those days + you can have hard days.

Have a nice day guys – and stay tuned for my brother’s final Colorado Trail post tomorrow! (If you missed the first two parts, check those out now: Through Hiking the Colorado Trail Part 1 + Through Hiking the Colorado Trail Part 2.)


  1. 1

    Matt’s omelet has me dying laughing! Lol! Intense is an understatement!

  2. 3

    Long time reader here who lives in Alexandria, VA! I’m wondering if you could share your favorite local hikes! We love hiking with our pup (who I actually think goes to the same doggy daycare as Ashe!), but prefer to do less crowded trails because we’re working on some leash aggression with her. We just did Riverbend Park on Saturday which was great! Anyway, it seems like you know of some good spots so would love to hear more :)

    • 4

      Aw fun, doggy daycare buddies! Freyja has some leash aggression as well so we also prefer the less crowded trails – highly recommend checking out Potomac Overlook Park! We will have to check out Riverbend next. Thanks for reading :)

  3. 5

    I’m sorry you haven’t felt well! I haven’t either, but I’m on the mend. I too think that omelet comparison is hilarious. Hope you feel better this week!

  4. 7

    I read something recently about how the U.S. goes a little crazy telling you everything to avoid during pregnancy while apparently in European countries- there are less limitations and you can even have alcohol. Would love to hear more about your research/if there are any guidelines you are following closely (I personally haven’t done any research but I haven’t been pregnant)

    • 8

      Yeah, everyone is way more lax in Europe… I recommend reading the book “Expecting Better” for more on the research/what you actually should avoid vs. what they always still just tell people to avoid that they don’t necessarily really need to because it’s not backed up by the research. :)

  5. 9

    That is one full omelet! LOL. Hope you are feeling better.

  6. 11

    I love how outdoorsy you two are! Inspires me to get out of this busy city and spend more time outdoors. Tomato soup and a grilled cheese sounds incredible right now!

  7. 12

    Grilled cheese and tomato soup is always a winner, no shame!

  8. 14

    I’m surprised by your attitude towards food recommendations during pregnancy. My OB told me to avoid tuna until I’m done breastfeeding. There are so many different beliefs out there though! This is not to come off as a negative comment at all either. I wish I had had the ability to loosen up a bit during pregnancy-I was in the hospital for the last few months of it so never really had the chance to enjoy the big belly!

    • 15

      I certainly take things seriously and have done my research (highly recommend the book “Expecting Better“) to determine what I’m comfortable (and not comfortable) with during pregnancy. For example, I’m still enjoying kombucha because I think the benefits outweigh the potential risks (so long as I’m getting it from a reputable source, of course). But I’m not taking any medications or anything (I know some people do tylenol, but for whatever reason I don’t feel comfortable doing that), and I’m not comfortable with food dye, either. Basically, I think it’s really just up to deciding what you’re personally comfortable with and weighing the pros and cons – but in a low key way, though, because I think a ton of stress about every decision is not good for you or the baby either. :) Congratulations on your new addition!

  9. 18

    I thought the loaded omelette was half a pizza! 😆

  10. 20

    Also keen to learn about the trails you like best in the DC area! Sounds like a great weekend.

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