Weekend Fun with the Fam

Hello friends!

First things first — looking for some recipes for 4th of July this week? Check out my post from last year: Healthy 4th of July BBQ Recipes. These strawberries are my favorite. :)


Anyway! I had a wonderful weekend and I hope you all did, too! My brother was here in town visiting so I spent most of the weekend kickin’ it with the fam. On Saturday, my dad and I decided to introduce my brother to paddle boarding!


He was a big fan and we all had a blast, alternating between paddling and sitting down and floating. :)



After we got cleaned up, my brother, mom, and I all went to Sweetgreen for frozen yogurt. Perfect treat for a hot day!


Saturday night my family went out to dinner (plus Matt, back from the beach that evening) and on Sunday morning, I met my dad and brother for a very sweaty, very hot run on the C&O Canal.


There was a big storm in DC on Friday night that left a lot of the area without power (Matt and I were lucky ours stayed on, but my parents lost power for about 24 hours and I know some still don’t have it) — there were a lot of big trees that came down, like this one on the trail:




The run was slightly torturous due to the weather — man, it was hot — but we did it! 5 miles in 45:19, just over a 9 min/mile pace.


After we came back, the three of us plus my mom, my grandmother, and Matt all had brunch at my parent’s house!


My mom made a beautiful fruit salad:


And Matt whipped us up a veggie egg scramble!


Real men wear aprons.


Plus bacon, obviously.


Everything was delicious! Here’s my plate, minus the bacon, which wasn’t quite ready yet by this point and I wanted to dig in!


I also had a big homemade granola bar right after our run before showering, so I decided to forgo the toast. :)

We spent the rest of yesterday at the pool before having a quick dinner and sending my brother off to the airport. Such a short (but fun) visit! I’m off to work — have a great day, friends!

Did any of you get hit by the big storms on Friday? I hope your power is back!


  1. 1

    So we happen to be having a 4th party and I’ve been looking for festive easy recipes. Love the strawberry idea!
    Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Matt is totally rocking that apron and those eggs. :)

  2. 2

    What a wonderful weekend with the family. My favorite thing to do.

  3. 3

    Great photos….Woo-Hoo!!! ;-)
    Paddle Boarding looks so FUN!!!!
    I want to play! :-)

  4. 4

    My aunt made those berries this weekend! :) Paddleboarding is definitely one thing I hope to try this summer!

  5. 5

    I want to try paddleboarding! It looks like so much fun.

    I’m in Reston, and we have fallen trees everywhere. I went for a run yesterday morning, and had to dodge at least 6-7 trees blocking the trails. The tree debris combined with the immense humidity made for such a tough run. I gave up after running 2 miles, and walked the remaining 5. Good for you for running the whole thing yesterday!

  6. 6

    Still no power here, arrrg :( Good news is the pool is finally open again, so I think I know where all be spending my afternoon ;)

  7. 8

    Looks fun! How come you never post pics of your dad?

  8. 10

    Brunch is the best! That storm was insane. There’s a HUGEEE tree down in Georgetown :(

  9. 12

    I’m trying paddle boarding in Maui next month – you make it look so fun, I’m excited!

  10. 14

    I love fruit salad. It always looks so bright and happy. Your weekend sounds amazing.

  11. 15

    Sounds like a fun weekend! Glad you got to have some quality time with the fam! :)

  12. 16

    Everything looks so delicious and fiber-licious! I’m especially digging your patriotic strawberries! What a great choice for celebrating the 4th.

  13. 17

    Anne: hello, you had a fun day with your family, there is no nothing better than have time with them. I was seeing that you really looks like your mom and your brother definitily looks like your dad. have a nice next week.

  14. 18


    I was biking the C&O Canal from Cumberland to Harpers Ferry when the storm hit. Well actually we were sleeping at a B&B in Little Orleans…. But we had to finish the rest of our ride (2 days) after the storm hit! We met with those same trees and at times had to take one bike at a time over them. It was hot, but a great experience for us older women to ride 124 miles in 3 days.

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