Out of the icebox! (& fun facts about me!)

I have arrived in Florida (finally!!!) and it’s AMAAAAZINGGGG!!!!  004

Remember my snow blog? Yeah, now I have a beach blog ;)

I arrived last night after a bit of a delay (obviously… stupid airports) and had a fun dinner out with my family at our favorite pizza place down the street. My parents, brother, aunt, uncle, and grandmother are all here, so we have a full house :)

This morning, my dad, brother and I all went for a lovely run along the water on the awesome used tire trail I blogged about last time I was down here. Running in shorts and a t-shirt on Christmas Eve? Yes, please!!


So in fun news, I received a Beautiful Blogger Award from the lovely Jesse at Jesse Runs NYC! How exciting :) Jesse and I recently discovered our mutual love for all things South Pacific. She studied abroad in New Zealand, and I studied across the pond in Australia (in 2003). During my spring break from school in Australia, I traveled around New Zealand for two weeks with friends. Australia and New Zealand are my favorite places in the world… so beautiful! (Shout out to my Aussie friends reading!)



So for this award, I’m supposed to share seven random facts about myself, and then nominate seven people who also deserve the award.

I hope you’re ready for this serious randomness.

Seven Random Facts about ME!

1) I am a serious adventure sports junkie. I’ve gone sky diving (twice), bungee jumping, white water sledging (when you go into rapids with essentially a kickboard… gotta love New Zealand), glacier hiking, hang gliding, jet boating, spelunking, scuba diving (got certified on the Great Barrier Reef!), and probably more things I can’t remember.

2) I once got out of a speeding ticket by telling the officer how badly I needed to pee. (I wasn’t lying!)

3) My hands are always cold. I may or may not be a vampire. Edward, give me a call.

4) I have a birth mark on the bottom of my left foot. Pretty sweet place to have a birthmark. I think it looks like another foot (see? like the little spot on the left is the big toe?). What do you think?


5) I’m a military brat. I’ve probably moved over 15 times in my life (all around the US, and we also lived in Germany and Belgium), and I was born in Kansas. Now that’s random! Guess that’s why I like traveling so much!

6) I can move both my eyebrows independently of each other. This is a great party trick. I can also wiggle my ears. :)

7) I was the typical bossy older sister. I have one younger brother, and once I convinced him to give me all his money ($10… he was quite affluent) just to play my Nintendo for 30 minutes. What can I say? I’m a savvy business woman ;) (My parents found out, by the way, and made me not only give the money back, but then my dad went out and bought my brother a Super Nintendo. Fail.)

And now to pass this on! I don’t know who has already gotten it, but I’d like to give it to:

1) Evan — because you always comment on my posts and it makes me happy :)

2) Allyson — because I love reading about the beautiful things you knit!

3) Jenna — because we are going to have a HUGE dance party when I get there (5 days!!)

4) Jacquie — because you’re a sweetheart :)

5) Megan — because I heart running with you!

6) Kath — because you were my first “blog world” friend :)

7) Meghann — because I can’t wait to see you in two days! Universal or bust!


Is it seriously Christmas Eve?!? The palm trees are throwing me off!


Hope you’re all having a wonderful day with your loved ones :) I’m off to relax!


  1. 1

    Lol, I’ll have to comment here to keep up my reputation.
    My hands are always cold, too. And I get it from my mom. I think it makes the winter time that much less pleasant

  2. 2

    The weather looks gorgeous in FL! Enjoy your time away from DC :O)

  3. 3

    Aw thanks Anne! I loved reading your facts so I better make mine good!

  4. 4

    Umm I obviously love this, because gah!!!! loooove adventure sports and I had no idea it was called water sledging, so cool!

    But Merry Christmas! Enjoy the Florida and California sunshine!

  5. 5

    Fantastic work. You have gained a new reader. I hope you can keep up the good work and I look forward to more of the excellent posts.

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