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Hey guys – happy Friday! Before I get into today’s post, here are some previous posts you might enjoy as we make our way into October tomorrow:

    I’m actually going to be in town this weekend – I know, madness! I’m looking forward to a long run that doesn’t involve working all day after it, plus some fun social time with friends and family.

As for this week, we’ve had some yummy dinners. I was testing out a new recipe for the blog (a green tea Mediterranean quinoa – recipe coming soon!), so we enjoyed that with some grilled chicken earlier this week. Yummy!

green tea quinoa salad with chicken

We had some leftovers so I immediately packed them up into a portable lunch for the next day. I pre-cut the chicken so it would be easy to eat without a knife, and threw it all on top of some arugula for a little extra volume and texture.

chicken quinoa salad packed lunch

Plus an orange and an almond butter Perfect Bar for snacks. I also ended up snacking on some roasted chickpeas that were already in my bag!

easy chicken quinoa packed lunch

I enjoyed some more of the quinoa salad last night with my friend Sokphal! She’s having some tendonitis issues and is taking a breather from running – so I had her over for dinner instead! We had some fish (that I marinated in a little garlic olive oil and lemon juice and then baked for 14 minutes at 400 degrees F) with the quinoa salad on the side.

fish marinated with lemon juice olive oil

Plus fresh pineapple that Sokphal brought with her for dessert. :) Yummy!

sokphal tun

On the fitness front, on Tuesday I enjoyed a nice lunchtime yoga class (at Epic Yoga in Dupont) via ClassPass (<- affiliate link for $30 off). wednesday morning, Chelsea and I hit up 9Round via ClassPass – it’s a fun interval kickboxing workout. Only 30 minutes too so it goes by quickly!

9round kickboxing courthouse va

Yesterday morning, I met up with my track group! My first run since the 20 mile training run on Monday. It was POURING rain when I woke up and I almost bagged it but then I thought to myself: “Would I still show up if it was raining the morning of the Marine Corps Marathon?” Duh, of course I would. So, I decided to stop being a wimp and get out there already. Only four of us showed up, and it was raining really hard so our coaches just had us do a straightforward tempo run – 25 minutes – rather than the previously planned hill repeats. It wasn’t my fastest tempo run thanks to the wind and rain but I felt good out there and was glad I made the push! I probably did about 50 minutes of running total between my warm up, workout, and cool down.

Tips for running in the rain:

  1. 1) Wear a hat so rain doesn’t get in your eyes.
  2. 2) Wear spandex shorts or tights vs. regular shorts – avoid that inner thigh chafing situation!
  3. 3) Wear fitted clothes. Loose clothing gets REALLY heavy when wet; baggy stuff may even fall down. No bueno.
  4. 4) Have fun! Pretend you’re a kid. It’s fun playing in the rain! :)
  5. 5) When you get home, take out the insole of your shoes – the shoes will dry more quickly that way!

tips for running in the rain

I’ve got a shorter long run (you know you’re marathon training when… your coach tells you to do a 14 miler and you think: “sweet! a “short” run!” <—insane) on the agenda for this weekend before amping back up to 22 miles for my last intense long run next weekend!

Speaking of Marine Corps Marathon – check out this fun little stats round up that I found in Arlington Magazine this month… crazy that the entry fee was originally $2!

Marine Corps Marathon stats fun facts

Last but not least on the fitness front, I also had another great mobility and stretching session with Paul from Capital Energy Training this week! (Just a reminder we are doing a training/blog exchange so my sessions are free – but we are paying for Matt to work with him now because he’s awesome.) It felt especially good after running so far on Monday… I was SO TIGHT.

trx hip and calf stretch

Matt has been doing some mobility work with Paul related to soccer but has also been doing a lot of upper body strength/boot camp type stuff. Matt’s like, “Oh, so all I have to do is run 20 miles and then Paul will go easy on me in our sessions?!” Ha!

As for today, I’m enjoying a rest day. :) Tomorrow’s plan is yoga… and then Sunday I’ll be tackling that “shorter” long run with my track buds!

Have a fabulous weekend, guys!

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  1. 1

    That pic of Sokphal with the pineapple should be framed. Just so perfect.

  2. 3

    So excited for Pumpkin season!

  3. 4

    Looks like some tasty food! And well done on the workout in the rain. Impressive dedication!

  4. 5

    You can stuff newspaper in your shoes and then will be dry the next day. The more paper the better!

  5. 7

    Absolutely adore Perfect Almond Butter Bars. They have become a bit of an obsession. Turned my Mom on to them as well.

  6. 9

    I used to be so scared of running in the rain but then I lived in Seattle for 10 minutes :)) it’s crazy how you just get used to it. I find the hardest part is convincing yourself to leave your warm, dry house but from there it’s progressively better with each step!

  7. 11

    Green tea quinoa? I’m looking forward to that recipe! It is so nice to not worry about having to work all day after doing a long run, considering all I can think about is laying on the couch! I actually really like running in the rain – well, if it’s not pouring super hard. But a light/medium rain is fun and refreshing!

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