Whole Wheat Carrot Cake Muffins

These Whole Wheat Carrot Cake Muffins are probably my most favorite muffins, ever — and they’re vegan, too! They are really moist, sweet but without much added sugar, and contain lots of nutritional power from the whole wheat pastry flour, walnuts, raisins, carrots, and applesauce. Yum!

whole wheat carrot cake muffins

Whole Wheat Carrot Cake Muffins (vegan)

Ingredients: (makes 12 muffins)


  • 1 & 1/2 C whole wheat pastry flour (not regular WW flour)
  • 1/2 C brown sugar
  • 1/4 C chopped walnuts
  • 1/4 C raisins
  • 2 tsp. cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp. nutmeg
  • 1 tsp. baking powder
  • 1 tsp. baking soda
  • 1/4 tsp. salt


  • 1 & 1/2 C unsweetened applesauce
  • 1 C shredded carrot (about 1 large carrot or 16 baby carrots worth)

Preheat oven to 350.

In two separate bowls, mix dry, then wet, and then combine, adding wet to dry and stirring gently until the mixture is uniform-ish. The batter will be pretty wet because of all the applesauce — don’t worry.

Spoon the mixture into a non-stick or sprayed muffin pan. Bake 25 minutes — fork check near end to make sure they are done! 

vegan carrot cake muffins

Nutritional information per muffinCalories: 115, Fat: 2 g, Protein 2 g, Carbs 22 g, Fiber 2.5 g.

For a healthy breakfast, pair one of these muffins with something that has some protein and healthy fat, like a thick smear of almond butter and a sprinkle of hemp seeds! Not vegan? These also pair well with a couple hard boiled eggs, a whole milk latte, or some Greek yogurt or cottage cheese. Enjoy! :)

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  1. 2

    Question, I used the “print friendly” button and ended up with a gigantic recipe printed sideways. Is there any way to alter it? I was going to reprint by making changes and using print preview but didn’t see an option.

    • 3

      That’s odd… no one else has mentioned it doing that! Unfortunately since it’s a plugin I can’t edit it… :( I’ll look into other options, though.

  2. 4

    Anne, do you think spelt flour would be an okay substitute? Trying to eat through all of the flours I have before buying more :)

  3. 6

    Just wondering if you have a calorie break down for these muffins? Thanks

  4. 8

    And speaking of using different flours…..I know your recipe says “NOT regular WW flour” but I belong to an awesome, year-round full-diet CSA and I loathe spending money at the grocery store. Just had a friend diagnosed with cancer– he awaits kidney surgery but had a surprise quadruple bypass in the interim. Also diabetic— he needs to bulk up. I want to try these with my WW flour………..will advise how that turns out. Any advice going in will be welcome!

    • 9

      No worries! I’d recommend doing half WW and half white flour, though – the only reason I said don’t use all regular WW is because they will turn out VERY dense. A half/half mixture would be better! I hope your friend likes them – sorry to hear about the cancer and bypass :(

  5. 10

    Hey, thanks– your site is really great and I so enjoy it—– and how I would LOVE TO go back to school to be an RD! Maybe someday….

  6. 11

    I just made a recipe today VERY similar to yours (adapted an allrecipes carrot cake recipe to be healthier and lower in fat), then I stumbled across yours! Must be the season for carrot cake :-) Yours look delish!

  7. 12

    I just made these today – they were delicious! Here is the nutritional information I calculated in case you are interested:
    Calories: 113
    Fat: 1.9 g
    Protein: 2.3 g
    Carbs: 22.1 g
    Fibre: 2.5 g

  8. 14

    oh I love carrot cake! These look lovely :)

  9. 15

    FYI – I made this is rural France where I couldn’t find whole wheat flour at all. I used regular white flour and it turned out great!

  10. 17
    BarbaraBirder says

    The muffins came out perfectly! Is there a vegan-no oil/butter-frosting you could suggest? I planned to freeze some muffins but there won’t be any leftover!!

  11. 18

    Hi Anne! Can you please tell me what is sprinkled on top of the muffins? Does it go on before or after baking? Thank you!

  12. 20

    Looks like a healthy and delicious way to use up my whole wheat pastry flour!

  13. 21

    Oops, I used regular whole wheat flour instead of pastry flour, which may explain why mine turned out a little rubbery (i.e. not fluffy)…? The taste is good, though. I sprinkled a mixture of 1 part ground flax seed and 1 part brown sugar on top, which is tasty and adds a nice texture. I will try these again w/ the correct flour. Thanks!

  14. 22

    I made these for a Mother’s Day brunch. I followed the advice to use half white flour as also did not have the WW pastry flour on hand. This was a successful tip. The muffins were very good, enjoyed by all, moist, flavorful, and just the right amount of sweet. Thank you for a permanent addition to my recipe file.

  15. 24

    Made these with 1/2 all purpose flour and 1/2 regular whole wheat and they turned out really good!! They had a really nice texture, and one would never guess that they are vegan! Will definitely be making these again :)

  16. 26

    I baked these muffins today according to the recipe and they were just delicious! I can’t wait to make another batch and share with my friends. (I also made the 5-minute peanut butter granola bars and they were amazingly tasty, too!). Thanks for your healthful (and accurate!) recipes.

  17. 28

    Made these at 4 a.m. this morning, cause I’m pregnant and couldn’t sleep ha! Ummm delicious! I didn’t have pastry flour, so I used 1 cup AP white and 1/2 cup WW regular flours. I also threw in 1/4 cup dried coconut flakes and used almonds instead of walnuts. I’m so impressed with this recipe. Can’t wait for my family to wake up and enjoy them. Thanks!!

  18. 30

    Would it be possible to use spelt flour instead? I can’t find WW pastry flour over here, but I think spelt has a lower gluten content than normal WW flour.

  19. 32

    For anyone in the UK who can’t easily get hold of unsweetened apple sauce I just grated one apple and added to a mashed banana and a small amount of veggie oil and it seemed to work fine. Not quite as healthy but a decent compromise I think. Thanks for the recipe, would love it if you could do some that had more ingredients that are easy to get hold of over the pond!

  20. 33
    Michael Sheridan says

    How would this recipe work for a loaf of carrot bread instead of muffins (cooking time?). Has anyone tried this?

    • 34

      I’m sure it would work well and would just require longer baking time! Give it a shot — just put a fork or toothpick in it often and see when the fork comes out clean!

  21. 35

    I made these today. I didn’t use brown sugar or raisins. I used 5 dates soaked in 1/2 c warm water blended in a food processor with two whole apples. Also I added two shredded zucchini. Yummy. Thank you for the recipe.

  22. 36

    How many days is the shelf life of this muffin?

  23. 38

    These look incredible! We just did a similar recipe in the test kitchen and I’ve been looking for a vegan option. Thanks! and thanks to the visitor that posted nutrition info way back when!

  24. 39

    these are yummy I used a big muffin pan and double up it makes about 5 big muffins… thise is my new go to breakfast with come soaked chi seeds. next time I will mix the chia seeds in and see how this works

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