Things That Make Me Happy

1) Early morning runs with friends. Here I am this morning with fellow MPH-Nutrition student Jillian:


We ran for 42 minutes on our favorite trail. It was so nice and cool out! Can’t WAIT for fall :)

2) The beautiful rose garden that we ended up in after our run finished.

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(p.s. The picture above was taken with my little point and shoot! :) Check out my tips for taking better point and shoot photos)


3) The discovery of a tasty new breakfast cereal, thanks to all your awesome recommendations in the comments section of my “I’m in a Cereal Rut” post!


This cereal was recommended by a TON of you, so I had to give it a try! :)


Plus, check out the great ingredients list — short and sweet and all things I recognize! Yay!

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4) Yoga. Loving this new studio I’ve been going to! I signed up for a newcomer’s $30 all-you-can-yoga for 2 weeks pass.


I’m especially loving one of the instructors — her classes are HARD power yoga and a great workout, plus she’s very motivating. Check out some of my favorite quotes from her so far:

Don’t settle for your comfort zone.

If you don’t think you’re strong… you won’t be.

And she also says “ya’ll” all the time, heh.


5) The fact that I can actually appreciate yoga! Sometimes I still can’t believe I like it and can calm myself enough to really be present during it. (Check out my post on how I went from hating yoga… to loving it.)


What are some things that make you happy?


I’m off to school — have a wonderful day everyone!


  1. Remember when I hosted a panel about “The Ups and Downs of Pressing Publish” at the Healthy Living Summit in Chicago in August? The session was recorded, and now it’s available online! You can view all of the weekend’s sessions by clicking here. Disregard how much I say “um” at the beginning… I was nervous :)
  2. Check out my new and improved recipes page — I resorted everything in what I think will be more user friendly categories, noted when recipes are vegan, and bolded the recipe that is pictured at the start of each category. What do you think? Any comments or suggestions?
  3. Stay tuned for a GIVEAWAY tomorrow! It’s a good one :)


  1. 1

    Good coffee. Good friends. Chocolate. My husband. Sleeping in. Red Wine.

    Great post!

  2. 2

    Yoga. Trail Running. Special Pens. Double Bubble Gum. Water (on my body). Thanks for all the morning smiles.

  3. 3

    Kayaking as the sun rises. A good work out. Pictures. Backpacking. A glass of wine. Porches. And the swings that sit on them.

  4. 4

    The fact that it’s almost the weekend. Coffee. Friends. And chocolate chip cookies.

    Oh, and adorable polar bear cubs.

  5. 5

    Things that make me happy: trying to be as fANNEtastic as possible! I made the scrambled egg muffins this weekend and had a spinach/banana smoothie for breakfast today! My friends are also addicted to the almond butter banana bars. Thanks for all the yummy inspiration!

  6. 6

    i love coffee, sunshine, smiles, and laughter. those things make me happy :)

  7. 7

    Good choice on the Kashi cereal. It’s also good with warm milk.

    Other things that make me happy: my cat Milo when he’s a big purring sook. Yoga. A good book. My favourite red wine. Travel and vacations.

  8. 8

    Thanks for this post…I love so many of those things too! Also thanks so much for posting the ingredients on the Kashi cereal…I never even look at those boxes because they always had dairy in them so I guess I just wrote them off…but that one sounds super yummy, I’ll have to give it a try!

  9. 9
    Jen Robinson says:

    Did your new friend Jillian go to W&M?? Go Tribe :) that makes me happy! Lol

  10. 12

    I cant wait for fall racing/ trail running :) I love yoga too. there is something about the way i feel afterward that keeps me coming back for more.

  11. 13

    Oooh, some fun pics, Anne! Some things that make me happy: Football, fall leaves, jeans and sweatshirts, runs in the sprinkle/mist (not serious rain), hiking and getting totally muddy, a good yoga studio and instructor, lululemon pants…Oh my list could go on!

  12. 14

    So you have to share with me (not publicly for privacy sake) where these trails are! I moved to Chapel Hill and I never found any fun trails other than one by the library. Since moving to Durham in May, I’m finding more but am always looking for another one!

    ALSO I LOVE Franklin Street Yoga!! I often drive the 20 minutes in to Chapel Hill because I love Lori so much!

  13. 15

    good food, good friends, laughter, running, mindless television, my cat, my ipod, and my mind.

    Love to start the day with a gratitude list!

  14. 16

    Am I the only guy reader around here? :(

  15. 18

    Reading your blog makes me very happy! :-)

  16. 20

    All your things that make you happy just show off your healthy lifestyle. :)

  17. 21

    So awesome that you are acclimated to your new town, school, yoga, running buddies, etc. This is going to be such a great semester for you! I think you are taking a test today – good luck!

  18. 22

    Currently, I hate yoga. But, hey, I went from hating running to loving running, so… I’m going to let you inspire me! I’m going to try yoga again.

  19. 24

    Sleep.Run.Chocolate is my motto for happiness.

    All kidding aside, my family, my friends, my fiance are what makes me happy.

  20. 25

    ice cream, the feeling after a long run, reality tv! haha

    love that picture of the rose! it is fantastic!!!!!

  21. 26

    My alone time. My family. 70 degree weather. Hugs. Awesome bloggers!

  22. 27

    I love your blog also Anne. As an older American, I appreciate your love and respect of you family. I really like that. Too many young people don’t appreciate their family until they need something. You are refreshing. Your blog has helped me so much with my diabetic diet, which I have shared with my diabetic dietitian. I have lost 25 pounds since July 10th with some of your recipes and exercise tips. My glucose numbers are now under My control. Without getting too sappy, I love fall so much. It means more family gatherings and I get to see my kids, who are scattered around the USA. Keep up the good work.

  23. 29

    I just found your blog courtesy of your whole wheat pumpkin raisin muffin recipe on SparkPeople. I love the great photos and inspiring food – YUM. I can’t wait to keep reading to find more exercise tips as I continue my journey to drop 30 pounds by Christmas (currently down 9 pounds after 3 weeks.) I am very proud you are starting a new carrer pursuing your love of getting people healthy. I look forward to reading more great content!

    • 30

      Yay! Welcome to the blog :) Good luck in your journey to lose 30 pounds by Christmas! You can do it :) And congrats on already losing 9 of the pounds!

    • 31

      Honey, if I can do it you can. There is no one who loves to eat more than I do. My mother was Italian and boy could she cook and I used to cook just like her. But not anymore. You can do it.

  24. 32

    Great friends, beach runs, drinking coffee up at our cottage or on the beach, seeing my husband after a hard day or a good day, playing with my nieces, laughing & spending time with my family, yoga.

    I got happy just writing these things out.

  25. 33

    Friends. The Louisville Cardinals. Half-melted ice cream. Europe. The feeling you get after a long, hard, & sweaty run. The feeling you get when taking a cold shower after that long, hard, & sweat run. SUMMER! :)

  26. 34

    That little point-n-shoot never lets you down! Those pic are gorgy :)

    For the moment. I’m always content when 1) running or 2) staring at, hiking around, or taking pictures of the mountains.

  27. 35

    I love your list! I agree that early morning runs are the best way to start the day!

    I wasn’t able to make it to the summit this year, so I’ll definitely have to check out the video! So glad it’s available to watch!

  28. 36

    OMG very very crazy. Jillian and I interned together last year in my hometown while she was at William and Mary.

    Crazy world. I love her she is great! We used to be running partners as well.

    Good cereal choice :)

  29. 38

    Afternoon cup of coffee.
    Finding inspirational quotes.
    Getting fun packages in the mail!
    Earning a good grade on a test that I studied really hard for.
    Cooler weather and wearing comfy pants :)
    Any type of baby animal, because they are just so dang cute :)

  30. 39

    That trail looks so nice and pretty, and so fun to do it with a friend.

  31. 40

    I just got done watching the video from Healthy Living Summit on“The Ups and Downs of Pressing Publish”. I thought you did a great job. the topics were really great. I’m so bummed I missed out on going. Hopefully next year :)

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