Five: A Random Blog Survey

A couple weeks ago, my friend Julie posted a “five” themed blog survey on her site and I thought it would be fun to mix it up today and play along with a similar variation. I’d love if you guys did the same – either in the comments or on your own blogs! Thanks to Julie for the idea – and for the graphic below. :)

Five: a Random Blog Survey!

FIVE - A Random Blog Survey

Five Most Popular Recipes on my Blog

5 minute no bake PB granola bars

Five Talents I Wish I Had

  • Piano playing
  • Guitar playing
  • Website Coding/Developing
  • Graphic Design
  • Running a 5 minute mile ;)

Five Favorite Non-Recipe Posts on my Blog


Five Places I’d Love to Visit

You’ll notice the theme is all spots that are great for outdoorsy adventures – my fave! :)

  • Alaska
  • Hawaii
  • Patagonia
  • Iceland
  • New Zealand (I’ve already been there while studying abroad in Australia but I’m dying to go back again!)

Five Foods I Eat Every Day

perfect microwave banana oatmeal

Five Movies I Can Watch On Repeat

(Apparently I love holiday-themed movies…)

  • Love Actually
  • Forrest Gump
  • A Christmas Story
  • Elf
  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Five Favorite Nutrition Posts on my Blog

Top 5 Nutrition Mistakes Runners

Five Best Health Tips

  1. Get enough sleep
  2. Slow down while eating (see also: How to Eat Intuitively | A Guide to Mindful Eating)
  3. Add veggies to meals for added volume
  4. Make fitness fun (see also: How to Love Exercise (or at least not hate it))
  5. Put no foods off limits (you’ll want them more!) – but only indulge when it’s worth it – not just because something is there/you’re bored/stressed/whatever (see also: Because Being Healthy Means Not ALWAYS Being Healthy)

Five Things I Wear (Almost) Every Day

  • The greatest slippers ever
  • My wedding and engagement rings :)
  • This wrist watch (Christmas gift from my mom back in 2014 that I’ve been obsessed with ever since – love having a real watch so I’m not always looking at my phone for the time and then going down the rabbit hole of email/social media)
  • Lip balm (this one is my fave)
  • My Oakley Sunglasses


Five Beauty Products I Use Every Day

(For more of my faves, see this post: Favorite Natural and Organic Beauty Products)

Five Books I Want To Read (or Have Just Read/Am Reading)

Your turn! Pick a category or a few and share your answers! :)

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  1. 1

    I love surveys! My top 5 movies I could watch on repeat would be: Stepbrothers, Home Alone (I’m including both 1&2), Ace Ventura, The Sandlot (classic!), and Now and Then (hello Devon Sawa!). Five foods I eat everyday would be: oatmeal, avocado, greens, dark chocolate, and Justin’s almond butter.

  2. 3

    Five foods I eat every day….roast nuts, avocado, salmon, eggs, spinach!!!

  3. 5

    Ah yes! Another Iceland fan! It’s such a beautiful country and one of my top 3 to visit!

  4. 7

    Five Talents I Wish I Had
    • A promising singing voice
    • Ability to write more/better poetry
    • Home organizational skills
    • Ocean wave surfing
    • Being a uphill hiker

    Five Foods I Eat Every Day
    • Coffee
    • Eggs
    • Spinach
    • Almonds
    • Baby carrots

  5. 8

    I agree on wishing for the talent of guitar playing! Good thing you have Matt around, he’s got that covered!! ;)

  6. 10

    Alaska is one of my top places to visit, too! My grandparents have gone several times and all their pictures are so pretty!

  7. 12

    I love this post, so fun!

    5 Foods I Eat Everyday:
    1. Coconut or almond milk
    2. Nut butter
    3. Banana
    4. Eggs
    5. Chocolate!

  8. 13

    Loved the Nightingale! I’m currently reading A Memory of Violets and it’s awesome…I’m almost finished and am going to be very sad when it’s over. Also, the lip balm comment reminded me of last week! Must have lip balm always! Haha :)

  9. 15

    I love these kind of survey posts. The bonus is that it reminds me of some of your other posts that I enjoyed! :-)

    I almost forgot…five movies I could watch on repeat:

    The Sound of Music
    Love Actually
    Pitch Perfect
    The Rookie
    Working Girl

  10. 17

    This is fun! Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was such an incredible movie.
    I am revisiting your sugar article, because lately I cannot get chocolate off my brain!
    Five foods I eat/drink everyday: dark chocolate, eggs, peanut butter, unsweetened almond milk, & onions (almost- I put them in all my savory dishes!)

  11. 19

    5 Places I want to visit! (picking 5 is hard! lol)

    1. Azores, Portugal – been here a few times but love visiting my family there and could go every year!
    2. Puerto Rico
    3. South of Portugal then take a boat to Morocco
    4. Prague
    5. Bermuda – been there but want to go back. FAVORITE vacation spot so far (besides Azores, obviously)

    • 20

      Ooo yes, I’m dying to go to Portugal, too! And Morocco! I can attest the others place on your list are great — lucky to have been to them!

  12. 21

    Wonderful lists, Anne, thanks!

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