Happy National Registered Dietitian Day!

Happy National Registered Dietitian Day, my friends! I thought in honor of the “holiday” today I would share some of my best nutrition tips and RD-related advice here on the blog from over the years, plus links to some of my favorite fellow RD bloggers.

It’s crazy to think that I’ve been a dietitian for 3 years now – how time flies! In December 2012, I graduated with my Masters of Public Health in Nutrition from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In February 2013, I took and passed the exam to officially become a Registered Dietitian and shortly after started my own nutrition counseling private practice (! Since I changed careers to become a dietitian and was coming from an unrelated field, it took me 3.5 years total to complete the prerequisites, required coursework, and internship hours. It was a long road but clearly it was worth it – and in a few months, I’ll have been a dietitian for longer than it took for me to become one. :)


I love being a dietitian. As you guys know, I’m not your typical dietitian in that I tell clients to quit calorie counting and throw away their scales and stop trying to eat perfectly or follow rigid plans (because being healthy means not always being healthy, in my opinion). I love helping others to improve their health in a balanced, sustainable, and non-stressful way through Intuitive Eating. I love networking with and meeting other like-minded dietitians. And I love that I worked hard and really earned the credentials to back up the advice that I give.

A couple quick tips:

  1. RD and RDN (Registered Dietitian Nutritionist) are the same thing. Interchangeable. But if someone is just a nutritionist without the “dietitian” part in there, that’s very different. To be a dietitian you have to do years of science-based coursework, a long internship program, and take a national exam. “Nutritionist” on the other hand can kind of mean anything – some have great credentials and extensive education, others may have just done a quick online course. Unfortunately there’s no real standard, so education and qualifications can vary greatly in the “nutritionist” umbrella. Just fyi.
  2. It’s spelled “dietitian” with two T’s and no C. :)

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Nutrition-Related Posts

Here are some of the best nutrition hot topic focused posts I’ve written over the years.

what a dietitian eats

For Those Who Want to be Dietitians

Here’s How to Become a Registered Dietitian (coming from an unrelated field). When I first started looking into becoming an RD back in 2008, it was really frustrating because the information out there was confusing and not that helpful, especially for someone like me who wanted to become an RD from an unrelated field, not having taken much science in undergrad. So, once I figured it all out and was in grad school, I wrote that page to help others who were in the same boat. :) See also: how to pass the RD exam.

For Dietitians That Want to Start a Private Practice

I created a blog page on this topic: How to Start a Nutrition Counseling Private Practice.

I also highly recommend the book Making Nutrition Your Business – it was really helpful to me as I planned my business launch.

Two other books that were released more recently that I would recommend are Welcome to the REBELution: 7 Steps to the Nutrition Counseling Practice of Your Dreams and Pursuing Private Practice: 10 Steps to Start Your Own Business (<- the author of that book, Jennifer McGurk, was kind enough to answer questions from me when I was starting my own practice back in the day – love that she has come out with an official book now)!

Great Blogs Written By Dietitians

There are a TON of great blogs/websites written by dietitians on the web, but here are just a few of my favorites that are frequently updated and feature great recipes and balanced nutrition content (with an intuitive eating/non-diet mentality focus). Some of them are recipe blogs/websites, some are lifestyle, some are a mix like me!

    If you’re a dietitian blogger or know a great dietitian-written blog, please share a link to it in the comments! :) Fellow dietitian Lindsay (already in the list above!) also has a great post from last year’s RD Day with links to pretty much all the dietitian bloggers on the web, if you’re interested: Dietitians Who Blog.
    Have a great day – and happy RD day to my fellow RDs! Thank you for working to make the world a healthier place. :)


  1. 1

    Happy National Registered Dietitian Day to you!

  2. 2

    I’m a dietitian blogger :)

    Happy RD day, fellow UNC grad! :)

  3. 4

    Happy RD Day to one of my favorite blogger dietitians :) Thanks for sharing your tips for private practice- that’s a goal I’m striving to make come alive this year!

  4. 6

    happy RD day friend. And thanks for the link love! I totally dropped the ball this year. Thought it was Friday and was totally planning to update the RDs who blog post!

    • 7

      Happy RD day! I was wondering if you’d be posting a new list or updating the previous one — it’s gotten huge! So many great blogs!

  5. 8

    Happy RD Day Anne!!! I’ve been meaning to email you and say congrats for everything you have done with your career! Remember when we spoke maybe 3 years ago? You have done so much since then! I’m so impressed and not the least bit surprised. :) I just came out with a new book on private practice, Pursuing Private Practice: 10 Steps to Start Your Own Business and my next book Pursuing Private Practice: 10 Steps to Grow Your Own Business is coming out the end of April! ( I absolutely love helping RD’s reach their dream goal of having a private practice. It’s the best job! I would love to send you a copy to review if you want to? Just let me know. Happy RD Day to all the amazing dietitians out there! We rock.

    • 9

      I actually just got your email newsletter and added that book to my list of recommendations in this post before seeing your comment — great minds think alike, apparently! :) I don’t need to see the book to know that it’s great since you wrote it! Thank you again so much for your help and the time you took answering my questions 3 years ago — it meant so much to me. I’m sure your book will be a huge success and a great help to many!

  6. 11

    Happy RD Day! Great post! I am a dietitian blogger but currently it’s been more of a running blog while I am training for the Big Sur marathon. Trying to make a conscious effort to post more nutrition stuff! I love your blog, keep up the great work!

  7. 13

    Happy RD Day! My coworker and I are Dietitian bloggers at . We are fairly new, but love reading other RD blogs!

  8. 15

    Happy RD day, lady! Thanks for including me in your list of fab blogs! All my faves :)

  9. 17
    Heather Caplan @ Real Talk RD says

    Love all of these lists! Good stuff all around :) Happy RD day!

  10. 19

    Happy Dietitians Day! Technically my day isn’t until next week. Don’t know why US and Canada can’t just make it on the same day!

  11. 21

    Happy RD day Anne! Great list of amazing dietitians there :)

  12. 23

    Happy RD Day to you!! Thanks for including me in that great list!

  13. 25
    Roadrunner says

    Congratulations — on your day — on all that you have achieved over the past three-plus years

  14. 26

    Wow!!! Thanks for including our blog in your post! We’re just so giddy to see BeTrulyNourished up here :) Happy RDN day to you too! And Melanie & I took the RD exam in 2013 as well :) It was a good year!

  15. 28

    Yessss. Two Ts, people!! When I give interviews I make a point to spell dietitian.

  16. 30
    Stephanie says

    I’m a big fan of PreventionRD’s blog and recipes.

  17. 32

    Thanks for including me! What a good post to celebrate RDN day. I have loved following your journey to RD and all the things you do these days. I’m especially loving the recent growth of non-diet dietitians in our field–such a good community. Hope to meet you IRL one day! Are you going to SCAN symposium this year?

    • 33

      I’m loving all the non-diet mentality dietitians, too – so many great blogs out there! Unfortunately I won’t be at SCAN this year as we’ll be on vacation. I went last year though and loved it! I should be at FNCE, though. :)

  18. 34

    Happy RD day! It’s definitely motivational to see posts like this while I’m in the trenches! (I’m in the UNC program and met you for a quick second at that Vapiano happy hour in January).

  19. 36

    Continue to love your blog! Question: You and your hubby seem to have a lot of wonderful, fresh, healthy ingredients on hand for your meals that you are able to pull together quickly. Do you meal plan recipes in advance, and then shop each week? Or do you just use what you have on hand from your regular staple of ingredient options? Just curious how you pull that all together so beautifully.

    • 37

      Thank you for reading! We do a combination of Blue Apron (3 dinners per week) and then I buy a lot of standard staples that we use all the time at the store so we always have fresh stuff on hand to throw together our easy favorites. I always buy stuff for breakfast (bananas, eggs, oats, milk, sprouted grain bread, etc.), stuff for lunch salad bowls (greens, veggies, avocado, canned beans, 90 second plain brown rice, lemons for my dressing, etc.), and then sometimes stuff for either 1 planned dinner (a recipe I find online or am trying out myself to share on the blog) or just stuff to make our standard favorite dinners – chicken, veggies, quinoa, spinach to serve under meals, etc. We also usually have frozen veggies on hand. So yeah — I don’t really meal plan, just make sure we have some of our standard favorites around and available! Blue Apron helps a lot — and we go out to dinner 2 to 3 times a week usually too.

  20. 38

    Happy RD Day (a day late)! Hope you had a great day! Fellow RD Blogger !

  21. 39

    Happy RD day!! :) Thanks for including me in your list!

  22. 41

    Congratulations Anne the RD :D Proud of you my friend! :) big hugs!

  23. 43

    I can’t believe it’s been so long for you! I love you’re approach <3 I'll hopefully be there in ~3 years!! :) :)

  24. 45

    Yay for RD bloggers! Great post Anne! :D

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