7 Healthy (and Delicious) Super Bowl Snacks

This post has been updated with new recipes — check it out here: Healthy Super Bowl Snack Recipes.


Looking for some healthier options for this Sunday’s Super Bowl extravaganza? Here are my favorite healthy Super Bowl recipes. Your guests won’t even know they’re healthy. :)

#1: Healthier Seven Layer Dip

The secret to this delicious dip? Using nonfat plain Greek yogurt instead of sour cream and mayonnaise! Your friends and family won’t even notice the difference… I promise. Every time I’ve made this it’s gone in 10 minutes flat. 

2. Corn Flake Encrusted Chicken Fingers (gluten free!)

This recipe is a delicious alternative to the usual grease laden wings — they’re baked, but you won’t miss the grease because they’re crunchy and packed with flavor from the herbs. Serve with honey mustard, BBQ sauce, and ketchup!


3. Smoked Salmon & Dill Wrap

These wraps made with laughing cow cheese make a really cute appetizer — just roll and slice into bite sized pieces for a healthier, more awesome twist on the usual smoked salmon/cream cheese combination.


4. Hummus Guacamole

If hummus and guacamole mated. Enough said. So good.


5. Pumpkin Bean Dip

This is another favorite and a big hit when I’ve made it for parties in the past. Garlicky and delicious — they’ll never know it’s packed with nutrition. :)


6. Healthy Deviled Eggs

I’m a HUGE fan of deviled eggs, but not the fact that they’re usually drowning in mayo. Try this version made with yogurt and tangy mustard. Delish!


7. Baked Stuffed Baby Bella Mushrooms

One of my most favorite hot appetizers ever. Packed with spinach AND flavor — they will be gone in minutes.


Enjoy! What are your plans for Super Bowl Sunday? Any other great crowd-pleaser recipe favorites to share?


  1. 1

    Definitely bookmarking this, they all look so good! A welcome change from the usual greasy “football food” that so many people think they have to serve at their Super Bowl parties!

  2. 2

    I love stuffed mushrooms and there are SO many great recipes out there – but I’ve never made them myself!

  3. 3

    Oh yum! The chicken and taco dip are right up my alley, looks delicious!!

  4. 4

    I am going to make hummus, a quinoa salad and cornbread muffins to take over to a friend’s house :)

  5. 5

    Just curious Anne, the wrap looks dry, is it?? We are having a big barbecue at the Masonic Lodge Sunday evening. I think I will bring the mushrooms. I hope you are feeling better.

  6. 7

    These are some great fingerfoods! Especially the seven layer dip..:)

  7. 8

    I was just thinking this morning about making deviled eggs for a SB party I am going to this weekend and “wasn’t there a recipe I saw for ones with Greek yogurt instead????” ran through my mind, and then here it is! Thank you, you saved me about 10 min of Google searching for the perfect recipe!

  8. 10

    We are having hot wings but I am baking them. I love the idea of putting the greek yogurt on the 7 layer dip. Sounds great!

    Thanks for all of the great idea. I bookmarked the page.

  9. 12
    Adventurer says

    These all look awesome! Many thanks. Want to eat each one! Go Giants!

  10. 13

    YUM! Those all look so good. We’re going to a friend’s house on Super Bowl Sunday for a potluck, but they don’t watch the Super Bowl. So, it’s not really a Super Bowl party…we just happen to be getting together on that day. But, I’m thinking I’m going to make the stuffed mushrooms as an appetizer. I think they’ll be a big hit!

  11. 15

    I go to the super-bowl party to interact with friends and have fun. I don’t like the game itself so I will root for whichever team is our league. I’m sure the guys would like for their wives to stay home and let this be a stag party, but I say nertz to that.

  12. 16

    Looks good. Thanks! Another idea is to make the always popular Spinach Dip, (the one made with Knorr Vegetable Soup recipe), using Greek nonfat yogurt instead of the sour cream and mayo. Or, just use it instead of the mayo, and use nonfat sour cream. Enjoy!

  13. 18

    Oh man that smoked salmon looks good, as does the mushrooms oh and the deviled eggs. They should invent scratch and eat blogs! haha but seriously it makes me want to have a party so I can make them!

  14. 20

    Love the guac!

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