Last Pregnancy Boot Camp + Recent Eats

Hi friends! I had one last pre-baby early morning boot camp date with the girls on Tuesday morning!

fitness at 38 weeks pregnant

I’ll be keeping up the daily walks and doing some prenatal yoga and swimming, but at nearly 38 weeks (tomorrow!) I decided it’s time to call it on the early boot camps. I have to modify SO much at this point and I’m getting more and more awkward with the big belly, so I decided it was time. I’m so grateful that my body was up for keeping up these workouts for so long – especially since I haven’t been able to run! They definitely helped keep my spirits up, and I know staying active has helped with me still feeling relatively good this late in pregnancy, too.

Kathleen and Chelsea – keep the weights warm for me and I can’t wait to pick back up our weekly workout dates come January, or whenever I’m officially cleared to get back at it! :)

urban athletic club georgetown

For now, though, I’ll enjoy the extra sleep until the baby comes – although I will miss these sunrise views driving into DC – we had an especially lovely one on Tuesday!


dc morning sunrise

As for food, this week’s craving has been bacon! Matt made a ton of bacon over the weekend and I had enough for two leftover sandwiches. The first was a lunch BLT…


And the second was a breakfast BLT + a fried egg. So good!


I met a friend for lunch at LPQ earlier this week and was actually craving a salad/refreshing veggies, though, so I was pumped about that because it definitely hasn’t been the norm lately. This lentil avocado salad (with some quinoa on the side that I put on top) hit the spot!

le pain quotidien lunch salad

I also whipped up a tasty salmon dinner the other night – we had salmon with yogurt sauce (similar to my Baked Salmon with Lemon Mustard Dill Sauce, but sadly minus the dill since we didn’t have any), leftover roasted potatoes, and garlickly sauteed spinach. Usually by evening I don’t feel that great so Matt has been the one cooking more often than not – he was very pleasantly surprised to come home to dinner ready this night!


In other news, fall is officially here – it’s really chilly out there today! It actually felt really good on our walk this morning, though – I don’t know how those of you who were 9 months pregnant in August did it… cold weather feels so much better. I even had to break out my hat and gloves!

cold fall walk

Back to work… as I mentioned, this is my last big week of AnneTheRD nutrition client meetings, and it’s a busy one.

See you guys back here tomorrow!

p.s. I’m glad many of you liked the look of my Spiced Butternut Squash Muffins from yesterday! An oldie but goodie. :) If you’re feeling the pumpkin instead, check out my Paleo Pumpkin Muffins, Delicious Regular Pumpkin Muffins, or Gluten Free Spiced Pumpkin Pancake – or try the fun Pumpkin Oatmeal Bake or Paleo Pumpkin Oatmeal that I bookmarked recently from friend’s blogs! 


  1. 1

    That is so awesome you are feeling good and were able to do boot camp for so long! The sunrise is beautiful

  2. 2

    Glad you’re enjoying these fall walks! We’ll definitely miss you at our morning workouts!

  3. 4

    You look so great! It’s awesome that you were able to stay so active during pregnancy. That has not been the case for me (due to my Rheumatoid Arthritis) but I haven’t had stomach troubles so I’ve been in lucky in areas where you haven’t! It’s so fascinating to me how different everyone’s pregnancy is! Or even how different successive pregnancies are for the same women!

    Our temps have moved into winter territory – the highs will be in the 20s tomorrow!! I hope we get some warmer weather before winter really sets in. Winter is soooo long in Minnesota so I don’t like it when it starts in November!

    • 5

      Wow, that is seriously cold!! I wouldn’t like that either. I’m sorry to hear your arthritis has been limiting staying active for you – you’re right, everyone’s pregnancy is different with various ailments and ups and downs. :)

  4. 6

    I definitely planned my baby around the seasons (of course we were extremely lucky that it worked out that way). She was born in April and I loved being able to bundle up when I was huge.

    Congrats on keeping up with the exercises! I was so lazy my whole pregnancy; just could not get in to it.

    You’re in the home stretch now! :-)

    • 7

      I feel like dressing while pregnant is easier when it’s warm, though – not hard to toss on a stretchy sundress, or shorts and a tank! Winter seems so much harder because it requires lots more gear!

  5. 8
    Roadrunner says:

    Very impressive to see your dedication to fitness, right up to the end. I’m sure this will pay dividends afterward!

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