Best Month Ever.

Man, what a whirlwind the past 3 weeks has been! You know that VH1 “Best Week Ever” show? Well, this has basically been my best month ever. I have been on SO many fun trips! If you’re new to the blog (and wondering if I ever do anything besides travel and play), I’ve been on vacation the past 3 weeks after a busy summer of class and my first dietetic internship. I’m in school at UNC-Chapel Hill to get my Masters of Public Health in Nutrition; I finish up December of 2012 and will hopefully become a Registered Dietitian shortly after! My second year of grad school classes start TODAY — eek! To learn more — check out my about me page!

Just for fun, let’s do a little reminiscing :)

In the past month, I:










In between those trips, I also made a surprise visit to Great Harvest Charlottesville and spent some wonderful time seeing family and friends in D.C. (where I was living before I moved to Chapel Hill)!


Man, what a freaking whirlwind, right? I am SO lucky to have had such a wonderful break, but it’s time to get back down to business! I’m off to class — we have Medical Nutrition Therapy today — one of my favorites.

Have a great day! Want to see more? Check out my freshly updated travel page. :)

Also, my recipe page is all updated! Here are the new dedicated recipe pages that were created for my most recent recipes:


healthy mashed potatoes


Off to class I go! Have a great day :)

What fun places have you traveled to lately? Or, where do you want to go?


  1. 1

    Man, that’s a month for you?! That’s like a year of activity in my slow moving world!!

  2. 3

    Wow! Does look like an amazing month! Hope this streak continues! :)

  3. 4

    Has it been 3 weeks already. It doesn’t seen like it. Good luck in your 2nd year. Keep us posted on all the fun things at school. Have a great day.

  4. 5

    What an exciting month so far! I loved reading all these posts. Have fun in class :)

  5. 6

    What a fun and fantastic month!! I love it!

  6. 7

    It definitely looks like a good month! I am so happy that I got to meet you at HLS. :) I traveled to Cabo this month and it was pretty flippin awesome. I want to travel to Italy next!

  7. 9

    Wow, what a crazy month it’s been for you! Sounds like a lot of fun, though!

  8. 10

    Loved following along with all of your adventures, Anne. :) I’m heading out in a couple of weeks for a week-long road trip–starting with Boston and up into Canada. I can’t wait!

  9. 12

    You did have the best month ever lol!

  10. 13

    Beautiful photos of the scenery!! We are on our way to California as I type this…so excited to see the beach!!

  11. 15

    Geeeze girlfrand!!! And I thought MY month was amazing! I especially love the beer-jumping picture. Talent.

  12. 16

    What a fun month! All I did this month was move! :( And start drivers ed, which is good!

  13. 17

    Just thinking about my internship is giving me a headache right now. Hopefully someone is leaving milk and cookies out for when you get home from school.

  14. 19

    Smith Mt Lake is SO much fun. I havent been this summer which sucks because I went constantly last year. The last 30 days has been crazy for me. I visited friends in WV, went to Pittsburgh to see U2, came home, went to DC to see Britney Spears, came home, went to WV to visit my parents, came home, and went to Tampa to see my new “home”. Its been crazy!

  15. 21
    Phi Nguyen says

    Love your blog! You’re so inspirational and bound for success–writing due dates on calenders and just loving life. You’ve inspired me for graduate school! Thanks for sharing.

  16. 23

    I tried you Hidden Veggie Cherry Lemon Smoothie, and it was delicious. Thank you for the recipe. This will be one that I repeat often.

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